After Returning to Elementary School with My Memory the Result Was to Create a Harem

Episode 8: Shijouin Satsuki
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Episode 8: Shijouin Satsuki

The Ojou-sama Student Council President

~Falling Edition~

Kyouichirou opened his mouth wide in amazement as he glanced around the area.

“Wow, it’s really amazing.”

Kyouichirou can’t help but exclaim at the scene he had just seen, and the one he’s currently seeing.

“I felt only vaguey lately but, President really is an ojou-sama.”

Kyouichirou is impressed at the comfortable feeling the sofa he’s sitting on gave him.

“That’s so? Thank you very much.”

Satsuki smiles a little and heads to the corner of the room.

Even just moving to the corner, one have to walk about the size of the living room in Kyouichirou’s house before reaching there. Kyouichirou is gritting hard at the unfairness of the world while looking at the furnishings entering his sight he didn’t event understand what purpose they serve.

“I was surprised at the vastness of the site and the huge gate, but the one I’m most surprised by is the presence of maid. You employed a real maid.”

Kyouichirou is talking about the woman who greeted him at the gate. He even doubt for a second about whether this place is within Japan.

“Maid? Oh, you mean Sakazaki. That girl is more of a care-taker than a servant. She had been with me since I was little.”

While rummaging arounf her closet, Satsuki moves the clothes that were neither western-styled nor traditional-japanese clothes to one end.

“Eh? She is like your onee-san?”

Kyouichirou is lightly surprised at the relationship that has been going on for a way longer time than he expected. At first glance, she seemed to be in her 20s, but she took care of Satsuki when she was little? Kyouichirou felt that it would only be appropriate to call her an onee-san, taking into account the duration of the years they’ve spent together.

“Well, yeah. My older sister and my friend. My ally, and sometimes my biggest enemy. I don’t really know how to think of her actually.”

Satsuki picks up a skirt and hold it in front of her waist. Kyouichirou somehow felt that her tone was a bit, sour?

“Isn’t it a good relationship? You seemed to be fine with her.”

Kyouichirou is now used to reading Satsuki’s flow of action and turned his back to the closet. After confirming that, Satsuki dropped the skirt she was wearing on the floor.

“I’m not fine at all. Jeez, why are you saying something crazy. You’re an elementary schooler alright.”

Satsuki makes a point and joked about his age. Although, he is not exactly a normal elementary school student, but yes, he is an elementary school student indeed.

However, Kyouichirou is a little uncomfortable when he arrived at the thought that to Satsuki, a junior high school student, his inner self shoud be an old geezer indeed.

“Oh. by the way, this is the first time I am showing off this piece. How is it?”

Kyouichirou only felt more terrible as his thoughts goes farther. Meanwhile, Satsuki finished changing clothes and approaches him.

“How do I say this……it’s lovely.”

Kyouichirou turns towards Satsuki and is immediately dazed.

He can tell at a glance that the wine-red skirt is of good quality. Satsuki picked and spread at the hem, making it sway and flutter.

“Fufu. Thank you. What’s wrong? You look like a pigeon who’s been shot by a peashooter. (TN: wide-eyed in shock)

Satsuki enjoyed his reaction wholeheartedly.

“Umm, no. It’s just, what can I say. You are lovely to death.”

His words didn’t changed much, but Kyouichirou can’t say anything else.

Slim dark blue blazer, with frills on the neck and wrists gracefully worked together and adds to her elegance, to transform her into a refined beautiful girl.

Her skirt is fluttering as she moved, and her bare feet peeking from the raised hem are absolutely dazzling.

“I had always find President neat and dignified. But now you’re so lovely and sweet.”

“Forgive my discourtesy. I will wear lovely clothes like this more often.”

Satsuki’s voice seems to be delighted. Unlike the dignified president at school, she had an innocent chuckle, one that is appropriate for a girl her age.

As he was immersed in her beauty, they heard the sound of a knock from the door. Satsuki turns around letting go of the hem of her skirt.

“Ojou-sama, I brought you tea.”

The knock came from Sakazaki-san. Kyouichirou remembers her voice from when she greeted him at the gate. She have a voice that is sharp like a knife and would not be so easily forgotten.

“Thanks for the hard work. I’m fine with this for today. Please leave me unattended until he returns.”

Satsuki gave a cold reply to Sakazaki-san who opened the door and entered. Sakazaki-san noted Satsuki’s changed clothes and bowed, while turning her head to look at Kyouichirou. She place a silver tray with black tea on the table next to the door, quietly. She soon retracts her eyes off of Kyouichirou, then quietly faced Satsuki.

“What’s the matter? You can go down now.”

Satsuki cries out strangely to Sakazaki-san. Did she feel something different from usual?

Sakazaki-san opened her lips to Satsuki with an incomprehensibly uneasy expression.

“Young lady. It’s about the master, at the end of the month……”

Kyouichirou did not miss Satsuki’s eyes widening in bewilderment as she hears Sakazaki-san’s words. However, it comes as quickly as it goes.

“I know. He wont be coming home …again. ……I’m fine with it. I didn’t expect him to in the first place. Thank you, you can leave already.”

As Satsuki said that, Sakazaki-san bowed deeply and disappeared beyond the door.

As she close the door, Sakazaki-san carefully look one last time at Kyouichirou. However, his thoughts remain hidden behind his poker face.

“…your father?”

I call out to Satsuki who is standing with a blank expression.

“Yes. He contacted earlier saying he would come home for the first time in a long while ……Well, he’s a busy person. What else can I do about it?”

Satsuki’s voice seems really lonely, and Kyouichirou felt sad for her.

“That said, you have been looking forward to it haven’t you? It’s hard being rich, he even left his daughter feeling lonely…”

“Do not talk badly about papa!”

Kyouichirou’s words were overwhelmed by Satsuki’s voice. His body trembles unexpectedly.

“……um. I’m sorry. But, it’s no good. It has always been like this ……I forgot that I shouldn’t be expecting anything.”

Satsuki’s voice sounds frustrated. Kyouichirou feels sad for some reason about Satsuki who does not want to show a weak side even at a time like this.

“Why are you afraid of having your expectations let down all the time? You’re not gonna change, are you?”

Kyouichirou rises his voice and approached Satsuki in a threatening manner.

“So what should I do? It’s not like I can change anything by whining. So it’s for the best to not waste time worrying.”

Satsuki stood strong, with the strength she’s gained trying to be strong and upright through all these years.

Kyouichirou felt Satsuki’s loneliness and he stroked her head, tiptoeing to reach them.

“……then who should be worrying for you?”

Satsuki’s face distorted, as he hit right where she’s hurt. She can’t understand her heart.

“You shouldn’t keep pushing yourself. It’s too painful to see.”

Kyouichirou keep stroking Satsuki’s head, feeling his toes hurt. Unexpectedly, Satsuki doesn’t try to shake him off.

“What’s with that. Does it look like I am pushing myself?”

Satsuki looked right at Kyouichirou while wondering what his response would be like.

“I am just telling you that, President, you’re misunderstanding that you are an invincible honor student.”

Kyouichirou looks into Satsuki’s eyes, and her eyes were already gazing back. She tried to keep a strong front but Kyouichirou do not miss the unsteadiness behind them.

“I’m so annoyed, President. Even when I feel like I’m right, you always have such a stubborn look.”

Satsuki’s expression froze at his words. It is the kind of face one makes when they recieve words they’ve never expected to be told.

“……wh-what is it so suddenly? Don’t act like you know what kind of person I am.”

He already took his hands off her head. Her gaze is wavering, and her voice is anything but powerful like they usually are.

“There is a saying, shoot yourself in the foot. You know of it don’t you, President? But, do you know what kind of person you are?”

Puting his arms around Satsuki’s waist, Kyouichirou noticed her body was shaking slightly.

“That, that not what I mean. I am……”

Without waiting any further, Kyouichirou pushed down Satsuki’s body right there.


“……this lowlife. I’ve forgotten for a second there that you are such a person.”

Satsuki flopped down on the table placed in the center of the room, with her ass protruding.

“Yes, yes. This is who President is. You can push her down if you force her a little. A mighty honor student indeed.”

Satsuki’s cheeks dyed red in shame. She despise herself for being so easy.

“This is only because, you do it so suddenly……”

She raise a protest, but Satsuki’s voice echoes weakly in the room. She too knows that she can’t really make an excuse.

“Hey. Why do you seemed to like this all of a sudden? Or were you unexpectedly an M?”

Kyouichirou puts his hands on Satsuki’s skirt, as if he had no ears to hear her protest. The unusual feel of the clothes rustling slightly boosted Kyouichirou’s excitement.

“Eh, M you say. I’m not like that…… ~tsu.”

Turning over the skirt at once to reveal Satsuki’s ass, Kyouichirou smiled when he saw the proof of her excitement in her panties.

“What is this? There is something hard in your ass.”

Kyouichirou speaks to Satsuki menacingly while tapping them lightly.

“N ~tsu ……you knew already. You can do as you like. I can’t resist you anyway.”

Satsuki’s body is getting heated up, but he turned his head away denying her.

“No, I don’t. I don’t know what’s in the asshole of the honor student and student council president Satsuki Shijouin. I would be thankful if you could enlighten this ignorant one.”

Kyouichirou feigned ignorance as he gently stroke her to make her reach the peak.

“I will explain ……you’re the worst. You won’t die a peaceful death, you.”

Satsuki glanced at Kyouichirou and raise her ass a little higher.

“Oh, of course, please show me properly, otherwise I won’t be able to make much sense out of anything.”

She hesitated a bit when she’s about to open her mouth. Satsuki bit her lips, but gave in when he put his hands on her panty, and move it down to her knees.

“This is fine isn’t it. Here, look over here.”

Satsuki’s lower body is exposed to the open air thanks to Kyouichirou’s action, and the smell of a female in heat wafts out.

There is a shiny metal there, seemingly made of stainless steel, like the ones for medical use. Satsuki’s asshole has been expanded to many times the normal size.

“Aa, it’s an anal plug. I keep it there all day long ……this should be enough right?.”

Satsuki shyly shakes her raised butt. She want to stop already, she feel the juice dripping out from her front hole, forming a thread as they fell down.

“Don’t wanna. I suddenly want even more details. Did you bought it yourself? Could you tell me the size and things like that?”

Kyouichirou urged Satsuki for more while tapping the anal plug with his finger.

Satsuki’s back shook lightly, but she continued to squeeze her voice out immediately.

“N ~tsu, u ~u. The diameter is 5cm…~tsu. The base is 3.5cm.”

Satsuki’s embarassed and frustrated voice enters his ears. However, Kyouichirou is not kind enough to stop there.

“U waa. I’ve never known about this before, but isn’t it a bit too big? A junior high school student can have such a wide ass hole. It’s totally a hole for doing something totally erotic. Ah, right, what about the price? ”

While laughing happily, Kyouichirou asks Satsuki the next question. In the meantime, he scooped the love juice with his finger and stroke her clitoris.

“Fu ~u ~u ~tsu ……Aa, hii ~u.……12,000 yen, it cost 12,000 yen!”

Satsuki’s jaw jumps up every time he strokes her clitoris. Apparently, it seems to have become very sensitive.

“12,000 yen! Wow, it’s very expensive. The toy that expands the ass hole cost 12,000 yen. As expected of an ojou-sama. The thing in your ass hole is also a luxurious item.”

Satsuki’s shame only increased as she continuously gets berated by Kyouichirou. She is made to recall the extravagance of the item in her ass hole which only drives her to feel even more shame.

“U ~u. Don’t say so much ……A ~u ~tsu, hi ~u~u.”

After confirming that a weak sound came out of Satsuki’s mouth, Kyouichirou sped up his hands playing with her clitoris. He move over her back and whisper into Satsuki’s ears.

“You put an anal plug into your ass hole, and gets so wet. Is this something a good girl who is an honor student should be doing?”

Satsuki’s mouth was already loosely opened and her consciousness faint, but they returned for a moment when she heard his words. Kyouichirou’s words ring about in her head and her face distorts as she began to cry.

“What are you upset about this late in the game? Haven’t you already noticed? While doing the student council president work, you keep this thing in your ass. Even on days I’m not there, didn’t you play with this asshole in the student council office?”

He saw Satsuki’s face steadily breaking down. Kyouichirou opens his mouth and continues to mercilessly beat down on her.

“Can you call such a child a good girl, or an honor student. Can I call you that?”

Satsuki shakes her head when he asks. She move her hands to cover her ears desperately, so as to not hear the rest.

“Being that kind of child ……you should be called a bad girl.”

Kyouichirou throws his voice towards Satsuki’s ear, holding her arms down to stop her movements.

“No, no. I’m not like that……”

“Sure you are! Can you call yourself a respectable president, when you roll up you skirt and spread your ass? Pushing down an elementary schooler at the end, and letting him lick your ass hole? If this does not grant you the title of a bad girl, then what would?”

Kyouichirou swiftly pulled out the anal plug from Satsuki’s ass hole while giving such an obstinate speech. There is a loud sound when the anal plug pops out with lotion from Satsuki’s asshole.

“N oo ~o ~tsu, ……o, oo ~o. That’s not true.”

Satsuki burst out in shock, and refuted Kyouichirou’s words.

However, the lotion drips from the ass hole like love juice, and the beautiful red interior is visible from the hole that’s widened.

“That’s the absolute truth ……but President, don’t you think so too that the only reason you’re a bad girl is your ass hole?”

Kyouichirou speaks to Satsuki while lowering his pants.

Satsuki’s heart was filled with immense anticipation in response to his action. Then an unknown and almost unpleasant sensation travels down Satsuki’s back.

“W-what is that? ……~tsu, n o ~tsu, n ho ~ooo ~tsu!!?”

Before she could finish her words, Satsuki’s body was filled with tremendous pleasure. Her body trembles with a heated sensation that is different fron the usual half-assed simulation she’s used to experiencing.

“Nho ~o, o ~oo o. N-no way. This is, nn ~o ~u ~tsu.”

Satsuki confirmed what is entering inside in her crotch. She saw the sight of her hole tightly clenching to the object.

“Pe-penis ~tsu. It’s a penis ~tsu ……n ~o ~tsu, please, wait. Now is……O ~tsu, n ho ~o Oooooo …tsu.”

Satsuki desperately tries to surrender to a new pleasure while moaning with a beast-like voice. It’s no wonder though, it is the first time her ass hole is immediately filled with another one just at it got pulled out. Especially so because the plug got replaced with a real meat stick.

“Uu a, it swallows my penis so easily, with a ~gucha ~guch sound too, this President’s anus. Look here, this is the self-proclaimed honor student.”

Kyouichirou moves forth while enduring his first anal too.

“O oh ~oo, ogu ~u ~tsu. N oh ~tsu, ho ~tsu, oo~. N ho ~ooo, n oh ~ooo ~tsu.”

Satsuki doesn’t have any form or manner of decency anymore. When she’s poked, she raise her voice and moved herself backwards.

“President, think carefully. You may look down on others and think that you are right, but if we put this thing in your ass hole, President becomes like this. Did you have a better understanding of who you are now?”

Kyouichirou keeps his waist up and continues to push on Satsuki upwards without retracting his waist.

“N oh ~tsu, that, that’s not what I thought so…… Nn~noooooo.”

Satsuki recieves Kyouichirou’s condemnation while desperately shaking her head. Every time she is thrusted upwards, her body convulsed and she feels immense arousness rising in her.

“I’ve alwars thought, everyone else are below me. So I didn’t depend on anyone, I didn’t show any weakness. But I am frustrated that nobody knows of the side I didn’t show……~tsu.”

Satsuki shakes her head in response to Kyouichirou’s words. She suddenly got teary and her voice nearly turn to sobs, and the strength she’s had up to that point disappeared.

“It’s different. I’m ………uu, because everyone ……everything goes……”

A voice resembling sobs overflowed in the room, and Satsuki stopped trying to cover her face as she finally burst out.

“There, there. Whether you are a good girl ……or even if you are a bad girl, President, I like you all the same.”

Kyouichirou’s waist stopped moving, and hugged Satsuki from behind. His hands as he touches Satsuki’s head are very gentle.

With that touch, Satsuki felt that something in her head was cut off.

“……U~u, higu ……Everybody, everyone else are stupid. Everything about me. They push anything and everything to me and expected me to push through. They never knew how I felt, nobody cares about my feelings at all.”

Complains keeps spilling out from her lips. Satsuki tries to stop, but her mouth did not act as she wished to at all.

Kyouichirou silently listens to Satsuki’s complains as she let out all her resenments. Every time he moves his hands, Satsuki felt something in her crumbling down.

“Whatever it may be, for me, they thought that I would be able to bare them anyway. Sakazaki, my teachers, my classmates, the student council members……even papa. I hate them all. I have everybody.”

Satsuki felt Kyouichirou’s warmth on her back, and realise that despite all the curses and complains she spat out, there was only one person she left out.


Comfortably warm, I can feel his body’s warmth. As I calmed down a bit, I began to feel the sensation lingering on my hips again.

“It’s okay. You may hate everyone, and you may be a bad girl ……but President is fine just the way she is.”

His hands rubbing my head felt comfortable. I wonder why he was doing something like this to me when I am so terrible.

“……Hic, why? Why is that?”

I can’t stop my tears from falling. Even at such a time, my body is wholeheartedly welcoming him, I am terribly confused why my heart is aching this way.

I wonder when it all began. From some point in life, I didn’t expect anything from those around me.

I wonder when it all began. No matter how hurt I may be, I pretend to not care about them.

I wonder when it all began. No matter what happens around me, I felt so detached from them all.

“……U ~u. It feels so good. Why, how does it feels so good?”

My body burns. The heat gathers in my ass hole. Pleasure runs through me every time I tighten them.

“That’s because President is a bad girl. Even at times like this, your ass hole feels comfortable. It proves further that you are a bad girl.”

He, who had been silent until then, slowly began to stir my inside.

“Ah, oh ~oo. Haa ~tsu. Ha ~aaaaa.”

As he pulled out slowly, my ass hole rose along. My body reacts to the sensation of his rubbing agitatedly.

“N haa ~a. Oh, oh ……Haa ~a ah, oh!”

He pulled it out completely, then ram it back in violently. There are no trace of gracefulness or elegance in my voice.

“Oh, h~oh ooo ……I’m, I’m a bad girl? …… I ……maybe I’m really a bad girl?”

I shouted. It feels thrilling. Then something swirled inside me.

“What do you think? You don’t have to keep saying it …it’s alright, I don’t hate you at all.”

I can hear his voice. His cheeky and impertinent voice.

He knew about it from the beginning. He somehow found out, then threaten me. If I wanted it, he came to me.

I raise my ass in front of him.

I open my legs. I show him all of me.

Then I spread with my fingers.

“I am. I am ……a bad girl.”

A shock ran through my body as i voiced that out. My body trembles and squirms. In front of him, I am spreading my ass.

“I’m ……Satsuki is a bad girl. She is a bad girl who happily spread her ass hole and let a cock penetrate it. She is a bad girl who feels good in her ass and raise her moans like an animal.”

Every time I said those words, arousing heat spreads throughout my body. To my heart and even my head, the heat violated everywhere.

“My ass hole, I only have thoughts of my ass hole. I think about my ass hole at school and in class. I am a bad girl. Satsuki is a bad girl.”

Shaking my ass as if to invite him. Shaking my waist while swaying and expanding the hole in the ass.

“Hey, I am a bad girl. I feel good with my ass hole. I put in a big plug, then tighten it to feel good.”

Right where I am, I am leaning down, then pouting my ass hole in front of him.

“Even when I’m in front of the teachers, even in front of everyone in the class, I put them on all the time. No one noticed. Unlike how I have been in front of you, no one noticed.”

Facing back, his face was smiling happily and meanly. Really, he is a cheeky and impertinant person.

“That’s why ……thats why”

Right now, to such a person…

“Inside Satsuki’s ass hole, please. Fill it with your penis.”

He penetrated hard.

“Ooh, o guo ~ooo. N ~oh. Oh oh haa~ haa~n”

It feels good! He ram it in. His, his huge dick. It feels good. It feels good! It feels good! !

“Haa ~tsu. Oooooh. It feels so good. It’s good, penis feels good. It feels good. Nhaaaa~aaaaa.”

His thing is inside me, in my ass hole. This is all I need. It just feels too good.

“President. There is something that bad girls have to do.”

He push it in. He dragged it back out. Again and again. He did it many many times.

“I’ll do it. After all, after all I am a bad girl. That’s why!”

My body jumps as I Imagine what I will say.

“Please. Please punish me. Please punish Satsuki’s naughty ass hole with your dick.”

I shake my hips. I said it. I really said it. I finally admitted it.

“Well done. What a bad girl, this Satsuki!”

He begins to push his hips violently. In the back, it hit an important place.

“Oh, ohooo~o. Na ~aha ~tsu. Haaa, oooh, n.”

Deep in the rectum, the uterus beyond it is shaken directly. Sparks scatter before my eyes, and my head gradually becomes pure white.

“Hey, say it. So that everyone can hear it. What kind of person is Satsuki?”

I can’t catch my breath. My body really feels only pleasure.

But I have to say it. I have to tell everyone I am a bad girl.

“Satsuki is a bad girl. She’s a bad girl who loves to put a dick in her ass hole. Nha ~o, ho ~ooh.”

I can see various people in front of me. What would they think if they saw me as I am now?

Even so, I. I am……

“Look. I’m sorry everyone. I’m sorry for being a bad girl.”

I am a bad girl.

“……Ehehe, I’m sorry. Everyone, I’m really sorry. Papa, I’m sorry. Satsuki is, you see, she love it in her ass hole. Ehehe, I am a bad girl. Satsuki is a bad girl who loves to have a dick in her asshole.”

There was a sound of something getting peeled off.

“A short while from now, there will be cum in my ass hole. I will be punished with a dick and it will spit out sloppy white stuff. Because I am a bad girl. I will be screwed in the ass hole. Ehehe”

Turning back. My eye met with his.

Oh, what a cheeky and impertinent face!

Treating me as he like.

“Oh, ogu ~tsu! Nhooooooo ~ooooh ~tsu! Nha ~tsu, haaa. Aaahhh.”

Letting me make such an animal-like voice.

“Ooh, penis, In my ass, a dick! Aaaaaah, haaaaa~ah ~tsu.”

Making me shake my hips like this.

“The Punishment Penis! O ~ooh, it’s amazing! Aaaah ~ah haaan ~tsu.”

Crumpling up my precious clothes like this.

“Oh ~tsu. Ohoo ~tsu. Aa, a ~tsu. A, aaa ~a.”

Making me say such vulgar thing.

“Oh, ooo ~o. Nhaa~tsu. Aah. Cumming.”

To so strongly take a hold of my heart.

“Cuming. Cuming, I’m cuming. A, aaa ~a.”

Ehehe. I love You.(Daisuki)

“Oh, Oooo~o ……Cum, cuming.”

The moment his hot thing is released, my consciousness is gone.


Kyouichirou is a little confused by the warmth he felt in his arms.

He glances down and raises it again reflexively.


Satsuki embraced Kyouichirou’s arms and smiled happily.

“Um, President?”

Kyouichirou asks timidly as the change in Satsuki is too sudden.

“No. Not like that. Why don’t you call me Satsuki when we’re alone? Say my name.”

Satsuki shakes her head playfully. Kyouichirou’s eyes go round, seeing her childish expression that cannot be imagined from her usual self.

“…Uh, Satsuki”

“Hehe, yes.”

Satsuki gives a bright smile. Speaking of which, Kyouichirou has never seen Satsuki like this.

Kyouichirou looks at Satsuki again to check that it really is her.

“That being the case, Satsuki, why don’t you try calling me yourself? When we’re alone, you can do so too, right?”

At this time, Kyouichirou says what has been on his mind for a long time. After all, there seemed to be no else whom she could be just Satsuki with, excluding himself that is. Kyouichirou regretted not noticing earlier.


The words from Satsuki’s mouth surprise Kyouichirou even more.


Surely, Satsuki didn’t just call him Kyouichirou-sama.

“Nm, hmm. Kyouichirou-sama ~a.”

Satsuki’s body feels hot. He can feel it, his right arm extends into her skirt after all.

“…uh, oi”

Feeling worried, Kyouichirou lightly poke Satsuki’s forehead. Honestly, Kyouichirou is not confident that Satsuki is responding as she desired.

“N ha ~a ~tsu. I apologise, Kyouichirou-sama. Satsuki is a bad girl. She will show you her ass right away.”

Flipping over her skirt, while her face is burning. The dildo is completely sucked into Satsuki’s asshole when he inserted it.

“…Kyouichirou-sama, is Satsuki a bad girl?”

When Kyouichirou looks a little bewildered, Satsuki peeks into his face with anxiety.

“I don’t hate you. Satsuki is my, you’re important to me …that’s why. Umm”

Putting it that way, Kyouichirou once again realizes the strangeness of his relationship with Satsuki.

“…Satsuki is a slave of Kyouichirou-sama. A slave who can be punished in the asshole if she do bad things.”

Rather than Kyouichirou who do not know how to put his thoughts into words, Satsuki clearly declares with her usual temparament.

“Eh, but that is.”

A bit too excessive, Kyouichirou hesitated to reply. He is ashamed of how timid he gets when he’s planning on making a harem.

“I’m good even if I’m not you lover. But instead…”

Satsuki leans forward and put her lips near Kyouchirou’s ear.

“So, the punishment that you won’t be able to do with your lovers, Satsuki will recieve all of those in their stead.”


“Sakazaki. Send him home”

Satsuki speaks with a dignified voice.

“Acknowledged…… Is ojou-sama feeling well?”

Satsuki’s voice seemed to be more transparent than usual.

“Please don’t concern yourself with that. I have works that had been piled up. Instead, send him off politely. He is an important friend.”

Her spoiled behaviour from earlier can no longer be seen in her actions.

“…Is that so. I understand. Please leave it to me.”

Sakazaki-san smiled just a teeny-weene bit, perhaps surprised at Satsuki’s bright look.

“Alright Kyouichirou-san. I will send you home by car, can you tell me the way to your home?”

Looking at them, Kyouichirou began to wonder if the event leading to this point were just a dream.

But as it stands. He remembers Satsuki’s body temperature and comfort, her moan and her smile.

“Ah, wait a bit.”

Satsuki halts Kyouichirou who is heading to the entrance to a stop.

“Yes, President?”

Kyouichirou looks back, and his line of sight moves to where Satsuki stands.

“It was fun today. See you at school.”

Seeing Satsuki’s expression, he thoughtー

I’m beat.

Kyouichirou shrugged as if saying, ‘it can’t be helped.’

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