After Returning to Elementary School with My Memory the Result Was to Create a Harem

Episode 6 Shindou Tsubasa
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Episode 6 Shindou Tsubasa

Boyish upper-grade(wo)man

~Playground edition~

“Phease help us Kyouichirou-kun. We can only count on you.”

After school on a sunny Friday. The air was strangely wrapped in tension at the usual playground.

The pirate playground. This playground is a heavenly sanctuary for children everywhere around this area. On the vast playground, various equipments had been installed. Of which, the site where a pirate ship was buried in the middle of the playground is a very important landmark.

There, Kyouichirou receives zealous stares from the eyes of his classmates on his back.

“Kyouichirou-kun, please. If you lose, we will not be able to use this place.”

“This is the only park where the (cannon)ball can be used. So you can’t lose, Kyouichirou.”

Kengo and a boy in a baseball cap offered juice to Kyouichirou. Their eyes are akin to those a hero would recieve when appearing to save those in a pinch.

“You summoned me here all of a sudden. Really, you guys are irritating.”

Kyouichirou glares at the dozen or so boys surrounding him. They trembled, but not everyone were scared of him.

“I’m sorry to call you here on an errand. Everyone lost already. The opponent is a sixth-grader and we all got beaten. Quite badly too.”

A few boys stared at him with a grimacing expression, patting the back of his best friend Kengo. Their faces doesn’t look so good.

“So you’re their boss. Isn’t it too unfair to compete with you junior students to bet for the rights to use the playground?”

He gave a query to the boy standing in front of him, who gave off an imposing aura. Kyouichirou is sure that he is the leader of the other group, although he isn’t so big.

“That’s right. I beat them all, single-handedly even. But there’s one thing you should know though, that guy over there was the one who started it.”

His sharp eyes gave a relaxed stare at Kyouichirou, to which he replied,

“Eh? You’re a girl?”

“That’s right? My name is Tsubasa Shindou. And I am a girl. But so what? By the way, as soon as he realised that I am a girl, that stupid one over there suggest, ‘Let’s play Bokemon, we will bet the rights to use the playground.'”

As if she was accustomed to being mistaken as a boy, Tsubasa laughed away and pointed at the boys behind me. When Kyouichirou look back, everyone avoided his gaze awkwardly.

“So, you guys. You challanged a girl and lost. But instead of feeling guilty about it, you even got me involved in this? I am ashamed.”

Kyouichirou shakes his head rebuking his classmates. Kyouichirou, who have memories of being an adult, felt that he was a bit more manly that when he was this age previously.

“Hold it. Why are you emphasising the fact that I am a girl? If you think you’re better that me just because I am a girl, then you are the one that’s an idiot.”

As Kyouichirou was reprimanding the boys behind him, a upset shout came from an unexpected place.

“Eh? N-no. I have no thoughts like that. I just don’t want to bully girls…”

“You’re being ridiculous! I am offended. Come on, let’s battle. If you lose, I’ll have you follow my orders for a week. We’ll make an oath. ”

Apparently, Kyouichirou’s words seemed to hit right at Tsubasa’s sore spot, and her eyes were glaring at him in anger.

“An oath?”

“That’s right. In the middle of the playground, I will have you run 3 laps while shouting, ‘I am a weak guy who lost to a girl.'”

Imagining himself running around in the playground, Kyouichirou shrugged umcomfortably.

“Well, I don’t care about such a thing. And what’s in it for me?”

“Don’t you worry. If I lose, I’ll listen to whatever said. I can even be a gofer for you.”

Kyouichirou’s movement halts for a moment at Tsubasa’s declaration.


“Yeah. I’ll do anything. But I’m not going to lose anyway.”

Kyouichirou take a good looke at Tsubasa for the first time since he got here.

Short but smooth hair. Her sultry eyes and a plump body. I couldn’t tell just looking at her T-shirt and shorts, but she is definitely a girl. Her small body will surely feel plump and soft.

“What is it?”

“No. It’s nothing.”

Her small face and eyebrows looks pretty from up close. She look like a boy because of her expression and appearance, but she is a pretty girl. Her voice is pretty cute too.

Kyouichirou stared at Tsubasa with sultry eyes. No one, including herself, is aware of Tsubasa’s cuteness. After all she is still a child, and it would be wrong instead for someone to notice a child’s appeal.

“Alright, fine. Let’s do it. Instead, if I win, I’ll have you follow anything I say for a week.”

“We don’t have to say it anymore. I’m going to win anyway.”

Tsubasa take out her game console, glaring at him. However, her expression only seemed cute to Kyouichirou.

Black desires began to sprout on his chest. He cannot afford to lose this game.

“We will pit 6 characters each. Aim is to wipe out the opponent’s party. Is that fine?”

While everyone was watching, the gong signalling the the start of the battle resounds from their console.


“Awesome. He beat everyone with just 1 character.”

“As expected of Kyouichirou. He shows no mercy.”

“Isn’t it just foul play?”

A dozen a minute later, there was an awkward mood.

“This can’t be. It’s the strongest party onii-chan gave me.”

In front of Kyouichirou, there is the figure of Tsubasa with her shoulders drooped downwards.

The result is Kyouichirou’s overwhelming victory. He wipe out his opponent’s party while still having everyone in his. A complete victory.

“Co-coward. That was such a foul play.”

Tsubasa criticise Kyouichirou and his hangers-on. The fact that Kyouichirou classmates did not defend him tells the way that he secure victory isn’t exactly an honourable one.

“Why? I don’t use legendary characters. I stick to the rules.”

The tactic used by Kyouichirou was so-called saddle. He intentionally put forward weak characters but with special characteristics that will make all normal attacks ineffective. The tactic itself isn’t hard to pull off if one knows about it, but it is impossible for a child to know such a special way of fighting. (TN: I translate to the best of my ability but I don’t play Pokemon so I can’t be sure if this tactic is even possible)

In his defense though, Tsubasa’s party was too strong. She said she got it from her onii-chan, who seemed to really like games. The party was something close to the strongest party possible. Kyouichirou could very much lose the match hed he let down his guard for even a second.

“……Argh. A loss is a loss. The playground is yours. And I’ll do as you say.”

Tsubasa raise her head. Although she glares at Kyouichirou with a teary face, she clearly admits her loss. She seemed to have a really competitive spirit.

“I can’t accept that, our guys started this farce in the first place. I also want to be alone. Let’s resolve this peacefully. Why don’t you just alternate who gets to use the playground every day?”

He looked back and glared. Kengo and his buddies nod their heads in approval.

“You’re fine with that? Aren’t you a pretty nice guy. I’m sorry about earlier. I was rude because I thought you were disparaging girls.”

Tsubasa cheered up a bit hearing Kyouichirou’s suggestion. They gave a handshake and he saw her smile for the first time.

As Kyouichirou expected, her smiling face is cute. And being cute is perfectly fitting for her.

“Ah, of course. You will still do anything I say for a week.”

Kyouichirou smiles brilliantly while squeezing her hand, the people behind him raise criticisms but he ignored them.


Kyouichirou stare at Tsubasa in the pirate ship when there was no one else.

The sun is now setting, and red light is pouring in from the ship’s window.

“We are to only one not leaving yet. What is it that you want?”

Right now, Kyouichirou and Tsubasa are alone in the ship. The others are already on their way home.

“Aren’t you suppose to do anything I ask starting today?”

Kyouichirou stare at Tsubasa with a smile.

Tsubasa’s puzzeled face looking back at me is so cute.

Kyouichirou decided to make a harem, but he wasn’t interested in elementary schoolers. Kyouichirou, who is popular with the girls in his class, had never reply their confessions affirmatively, and of course had never lain his hands on anyone.

To be honest, they were too childish for his taste. For Kyouichirou, his classmate girls were just cute, and not worth his while.

“Yes, that’s right. What do you want me for?”

Tsubasa put her guard up when she heard Kyouichirou’s words. She is a strong minded girl. However, she can’t help but be timid given the weird vibe that can be felt from him.

Tsubasa’s eyes staring at Kyouichirou turn into a scowl.

Kyouichirou was a little excited. Tsubasa is different from the other kids.

He can’t quite tell what he feel right now but if he were to give a guess, he would say it is a love at first sight.

He never thought that he would fall in love at first sight with an elementary schooler, but something like that can be experienced if one had lived for a long time right?

He don’t know if he really is in love, but Kyouichirou is definitely attracted to the girl in front of her.

“Now, you should take your clothes off and show me your boobs.”

Kyouichirou said while staring at Tsubasa.

“Huh? my breasts? ……are you really telling me …to show you my boobs?”

She didn’t register what Kyouichirou was saying immediately. But right after, she yelled with her arms over her chest, hiding them, with her eyes opened wide in shock.

“Y-you. Retract your statement now. Otherwise I’m leaving!”

Tsubasa reproach Kyouichirou while blushing.

“What now? You said you would do anything I said. Are you breaking your oath already?”

Kyouichirou too glared back at Tsubasa with reproachful eyes.

“B-but you said. You really are telling me to show you my boobs…”

Tsubasa’s cheeks dyed red and she turn downwards. She gripped at the hem of her T-shirt and stare at her feet.

“My point is, you don’t really want to look at my breasts do you? You just wanted to bully me because I am boyish. You’re terrible.”

Tsubasa’s lips tightly closed shut as she become teary. In front of Kyouichirou, her small shoulder began to quiver.

“That’s not the case! Tsubasa is cute.”

After seeing the situation, Kyouichirou regretted rushing things too much and he shouted out reflexively. Tsubasa is boyish. I thought that if I asked with the oath as an excuse, she would do anything I said.

“…Eh? Cute? Me?”

Tsubasa faced Kyouichirou, surprised by his words. She felt bewildered as it is the first time she’s been complemented as being cute.

“Yes ……I’m sorry Tsubasa. I tried to take advantage of the oath. I’m really am terrible. Because I find Tsubasa so cute. When you said that you would do anything, it was all that I could think of.”

Kyouichirou rose and moves in front of Tsubasa. She was trembling, but she didn’t refuse his advance.

“Oh? That’s just strange. I’m not cute. Stop bullying me. You lied like that so you can tease me.”

Tsubasa quivered as she put her hands in front of the approaching Kyouichirou. He ignored it and drove Tsubasa to the wall.

“It’s not a lie. When I saw Tsubasa I thought, she is really cute. I was so thrilled in the game because I like Tsubasa.”

Being cornered against the wall, Tsubasa gaze back hard at Kyouichirou.

“W-wa-what are you talking about? Wait, just a moment. This is the first time I am told that I’m cute. Everybody says that I am boyish. Neverthelss.”

Tsubasa does not try to match her eyes with Kyouichirou while her face is only getting redder as time pass by. Feeling shy, she tries to break out of Kyouichirou’s hold.

“That is just in everyone else’s eyes. I find Tsubasa very cute.”

Kyouichirou gently stroke Tsubasa’s hair while saying so. Tsubasa’s shoulders quivered greatly.


Kyouichirou smiles at her reaction and move his mouth closer to Tsubasa’s ear.

“I’m sorry about this. But to be completely honest ……Cute little Tsubasa, I want to kiss you. May I?”

Kyouichirou seal her lips, not waiting for Tsubasa’s reply.

“K-kiss. Wait, wait. You can’t do that ~tsu ……N ~tsu.”

The soft lips of Tsubasa gently touch Kyouichirou’s. Their saliva wet their lips as they carefully align against one another. A pleasurably ticklish feeling spreads to their spines .

“……n ~tsu. Fu ~a, n. ……n ~tsu.”

Tsubasa’s stiff body gradually relax. Her eyes were closed, and their lips slowly began to move away.

“N ~tsu ……n ~tsu ……a, n.”

After confirming that Tsubasa stiffness has completely gone away, Kyouichirou releases his lips.

“Fu ~a ……kiss, we kissed, you.”

Tsubasa mumbles stupidly, staring at Kyouichirou. And she immediately turns red to the tip of her ears.

“Ah, it happened so suddenly, it was my first time.”

She protests with her eyes, but his expression is shy and it seems she don’t dislike it.

“You don’t like it that’s it’s with me?”

I watch intently at Tsubasa. She still do not look at me.

“I don’t hate it, but I only met you today, and you, I was told I am cute for the first time, but I didn’t think you would go for a kiss. I don’t even know anymore.”

Tsubasa speaks swiftly, seemingly confused. She pondered about how to respond to Kyouichirou while frantically pinching her fingers in front of her body.

“Because, I can’t believe it. What is cute about me? Such a thing is not possible.”

Tsubasa’s heart wavers in doubt. She is a boyish girl. A boy her age had never told her that she’s cute.

“You are cute. See, here.”

“Kya ~tsu.”

Kyouichirou grab Tsubasa’s wrist and press the palm of her hand against his chest. Tsubasa was surprised at his sudden action, but immediately look right at Kyouichirou’s eyes in surprised.

“Feel it? My heart is beating so fast right now. It is because I kissed Tsubasa. I am excited to kiss a cute girl like Tsubasa.”

“U, un. It is pounding hard.”

Tsubasa feels Kyouichirou’s heart beating frantically with her palm. Not only that, Tsubasa’s heart throbbed, feeling his warmth transmitted through her palm.

“……I was told that I am cute, it was really the first time it happened. I kissed a boy. T-this feels like a dream.”

Tsubasa fervently stare at Kyouichirou. She sometimes look away shyly, but Kyouichirou find such action dear and lovely to no end.

“Thank you very much for today. And I’m sorry about earlier. You can forget about the bet and the oath. Let’s play again some othe time.”

Seeing the sun already setting, Kyouichirou try to bid farewell to Tsubasa. I am merry today. It’s been a long time since I last felt like this. What was the last thing I felt before my previous life ends?

“I’ll send you home. Next time, let’s go out somewhere to play.”

He grabs Tsubasa by the hand and tries to take her home. However, Tsubasa do not move.

“……Ah! Aa-afterall, a loss is a loss, and I think I have to keep my promise.”

Tsubasa opens her mouth to voice out her thoughts.

She shake her hand free and hold onto the hem of her T-shirt.

“You told me to show you my breast?”


Tsubasa stood in front of Kyoyichirou.

She calm her quivering body down and try to match her eyes with Kyouichirou.

Her face is bulshing red, with teary eyes while heatedly standing in front of Kyouichirou.

“Cute Tsubasa. They are so pretty. Tsubasa’s is cute, even your boobs are cute.”

With a rolled-up shirt, Tsubasa’s small bulge are exposed.

“That’s not true …I’m sorry that they are not big. I am as flat as a boy’s.”

Tsubasa mutters shyly, staring at her own chest.

It’s not big, but Tsubasa is still an elementary schooler anyway. It’s going to get bigger in the future gradually, and Kyouichirou is more concerned about its beautiful shape.

Tsubasa is slightly tanned so I didn’t notice, but the bare skin under her clothes are as fair and smooth as white porcelain. Her breast are cute, pretty, lovely, and fair. The nipples are really a beautiful cherry-colored pink, and the shape of the breast is small but firm.

“Don’t say that. They are lovely. Tsubasa is too cute and I’m going crazy.”

Kyouichirou trace his fingers on her fair skin. As he move along the chest line, Tsubasa feels strange and starts to gasp a little.

“Hii ~ya ~tsu, n ~tsu. Re-really? My boobs aren’t weird?”

Tsubasa keeps quivering, and ask Kyouichirou anxiously.

“They are not weird. Rather they are very cute. Look, your nipples are getting hard.”

Kyouichirou gently stroked her nipples, which was standing upright at the tip of the bulge, with his fingers.

“Hya~. Don’t say weird things like that. A, hii~u …n ~tsu, there. It feels really weird there.”

Kyouichirou’s fingers pat her skin while Tsubasa release a high-pitched voice every time he touch her nipples. Her chest seems to pass on a pleasurable feeling.

“Are you okay? You don’t have to force yourself to keep the oath.”

Seeing Tsubasa desperately shrilling, Kyouichirou calls out worriedly.

“I’m good. It’s an oath so, I will keep it. I’ll do what you say for a week…… So tell me what else you want. Even if you want to keep treating me like a girl, I’m fine with it. ”

Tsubasa is embarassed, but she said so while staring at Kyouichirou. As she felt that it is futile to say otherwise.

“… I understand, but if you really don’t like it, just say it. I don’t want to force myself on Tsubasa.”

Kyouichirou gently strokes her neck while looking her in the eyes. Tsubasa giggled, then nodded.

“Then, there is one thing I want to hear you say.”

Tsubasa’s heart trobbed.


I cannot say anything. For some reason, my voice does not get out of my throat.

His face is in front of me. A face full of expectations. His eyes, which had been so sharp before, now had an innocent glitz like a boy his age.

“…Ki, yo …Kyo, uu.”

I desperately tried to release my voice. I am embarrassed. But why? Even when I showed him my chest, I didn’t feel as much nervousness.

I recalled my actions up to now. First the kiss. Then my nakedness.

My heart is pounding hard. It is the first time I am so excited.

Boyishly. I have alwary been living like that. Onii-chan often said that I looked like an otouto.

I was fine with it. The other girls my age were hard to deal with and I enjoyed playing with the boys more. Everyone were good friends to me.

I am not girlish at all, I thought that every day as I see my short hair in front of a mirror.

I thought kisses and love and the like were a thing from a world that has nothing to do with me.

…this is me we’re talking about after all.

But he says I’m cute. He kissed me.

I showed him my bare skin.

I showed him my chest. I’m not confident about them, my tiny breasts.

He sees them all. His eyes are staring hard at me.

My heart feels like they’re about to burst. Suddenly, I felt something tracing aroung my chest.

Tap, tap. He pat them then stretch them.

In front of him, my nipples stiffen up. It is embarrassing. I wonder why.

Then I realise, I am a girl after all.

I almost cried. Such a realisation came about like a tide.

My breasts. He saw my breasts.

When I was conscious such a thing, I felt that it was not good. Each time his eyes pierced at my chest, my back shook.

His fingers traced the part that’s bulging out.

Surely, I really feel like a girl right now.

It was like my body was reminding me I am a girl. it felt good.

Every time he touched it, I turned into a girl. It gets hot after he did that for a while.

I want him to touch everywhere. I want to be a girl with all of my heart.

He is there right in front of me.

“You always say it weirdy. Call me by name. Kyouichirou.”

That smile sees to just change my heart.

“……Ki yo ~uuu”

It doesn’t come out. I just can’t call out his name.

I am so embarrassed. From the time of my birth till now, I had never been as embarrassed as I am now.

He is waiting for me patiently with a gentle smile.

I want to make him delighted. I want him to say it again. I want him to tell me that I am cute.

Maybe, just to hear him say I’m cute… I’m timid that I might do something very embarrassing just for that, and I want to do it.

But I can’t call out his name.

“…Ugu. I’m, I’m sorry …Why. I want to say you name…”

Tears came out. It was too late when I realise. His lamenting voice came at me.

“Hik, u ~u. Why? …sorry. I’m sorry.”

I can’t help it. Surely, I have became a girl. I can’t believe this. I can’t do anything about it.

“It’s alright. You don’t have to push yourself …I’m sorry.”

I felt his arms around me.

It’s warm. A boy’s arms felt so warm.

“…Kyou, Kyouichirou.”

All of a sudden, I can move my lips.

A moment later, Kyouichirou hugged me even more strongly.

“Kyouichirou …Kyouichirou.”

I called out his name.

“I’m here, Tsubasa.”

Then I heard his voice.

“…Fu, fu ~u ~u ~tsu.”

My body shook. I don’t know why, but something wonderful happened.

“Tsubasa is so cute.”

Kyouichirou’s lips kissed me.

“Fu ~a ~tsu …Kyou, Kyouichirou.”

His hands entered through the gap of my shirt.

Before I knew it, his hands were lifting up my shirt and grabbing my chest in front of him.

“Touch it. Here, make me a girl. More. Make me even more like girl.”

As I said that, he moved closer to my chest.

“Yes …I will.”


I was kissed. On the chest. Then the tip.

“Ha ~a u ~tsu ……kiss, kiss!”

“Chu. Chu. Hamu ~tsu.”

“Hii, hii ~a. A, ~aa. He’s sucking …Kyouichirou is sucking. My boobs. He’s sucking on boobs.”

His lips are sandwiched between my nipples. Every time he take it in, an unknown, strangely pleasurable sensation stir around my body.

“Tsubasa’s nipples, they are so cute. I love them. They are nice, and wonderful.”

“Nn, nipples. Don’t say that naughty thing. Fu, fu ~a. Hii ~u ……hii ~a u ~tsu.”

A naughty word came out from his mouth. My body is all in for it though.

“That’s not the case at all. Please say it too Tsubasa. Chu ……rero.”

His tongue licked my nipples.

“Hii ~a. A, ~a hii. Ni-nipple. A, ~a ~a. My nipples are licked.”

The slimy feeling spreads from my nipples. Kyouichirou’s soft tongue pushed down on the hardened nipples.

“My, my nipples are cute? Aren’t my nipples strange?”

I asked Kyouichirou as I am trying to calm my quivering body. Then, my nipples started to expand even further.

“They’re cute. Tsubasa’s nipples are so cute. There there, good girl, good girl.”

Kyouichirou’s fingers stroked my nipples. Stroking gently like he was patting someone’s head.

“Ah, A u ~u u.”

At the tip, the moment his fingers rubbed the tip of my nipple, my body twitched.

“……Ah, no good. N, u ~u ~u ~tsu.”

A thrilling sensation ran up my back from around my butt. And before I knew it, I thrust my chest towards Kyouichirou.

“Fua …Ah ……~a.”

The sloppily sloshing sound reverberates throughout my head.

It doesn’t feel like this when I touch it myself.

“Tsubasa is so cute.”

The affectionate word come forth from his mouth, and his fingers pinched the tip again.

I’m become a girl.

Despite desperately halting her feet from trembling, Tsubasa flashed a smile that is the best one she’s had today.

“…more. Make me become even more like a girl.”

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