After Returning to Elementary School with My Memory the Result Was to Create a Harem

Episode 5: Mizuhara Natsumi
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Episode 5: Mizuhara Natsumi

The Next Door Onee-san

~Date Edition~

It is still chilly despite the arrival of spring.

I see no clouds in the sky when I look up, and on days like this, it will be warm enough to grab lunch outside even without a jacket on.

The weather forecast predicts a fine weather, but they could always be wrong. Seeing that it is sunny, I breath a sigh of relief.

“Kyou-chan, sorry to make you wait.”

Kyouichirou was checking the weather when he heard a voice behind him.

It’s a warm voice. Kyouichirou knows of only one person with such a warm voice.

“Sorry I’m late. It took quite a while to get ready.”

Turning back, there is Natsumi Mizuhara rushing over panickingly. She is wavering a little bit, probably because of the heels she’s wearing which she seemed to be unfamiliar with.

“Steady now Natsumi nee-chan. We don’t want you to fall down here.”

Kyouichirou stare at her figure with warm eyes. Natsumi says she fine, despite clumsily walking still.

“Your heels, it doesn’t have to be that high you know. What were you thinking?”

“This is because Kyou-chan said that high heels are nice. Don’t you worry now, your onee-chan will get used to it in no time at all.”

Natsumi appeals that she is okay and puff out her chest. To the best of Kyouichirou’s knowledge, Natsumi had never worn heels before, but he can’t help but think that she looks absolutely stunning with them on.

I glance at the bag hanging on my shoulder. How much is there in my wallet again? I think I can afford to spend it today because I had enough extra income. And while we’re at it, I should buy high heels for Natsumi too.

“Although it’s nice, you should let me know if your feet get hurt. I won’t know of it if you don’t tell me”

“I said it’s fine, Kyou-chan is a worrywart.”

Natsumi stood next to Kyouichirou fidgetingly. He’s senses nearly goes crazy for a moment, taking in the sight of her he’s not familiar with.

“Ahaha. Kyou-chan feels expecially short today.”

Beside him, Natsumi give a dazzling smile, seemilgly pleased with the height difference that had increased after she wore those heels.

“It’s feels really different.”

Kyouichirou feel quite surprised too. Naturally, Natsumi feels way taller than usual. But the visible changes are more than just that.

First, her legs seemed extremely long. It’s probably the so called ‘heel magic’, it gave a deceptive feeling that her thighs are especially thick too. Natsumi’s height is in the early 150 cms, but it reach 160 cm with the heels. So it is natural that her impression feels a bit different from usual.

Usually, tall women originally have a large skeletal frame, so most of them do not seem very delicate. However, Natsumi is oozing out the aura of a soft and plump woman, while still keeping the fine and slim line of her body she’s already had. She is so cute other girls will feel unfair.

“So, Kyou-chan. How do I look?”

Natsumi twisted her legs to muffle her heels. She’s not just looking for my impression about her heels it seemed. Kyouichirou know what she’s expecting.

“Its a little embarrassing to voice it out, but…”

Natsumi wore a skirt on her waist. It is green like the colour of a kiwi, with frills fluttering softly. Black polka dots are scattered around it, it suits Natsumi really well.

“You look great. And really cute too Natsumi nee-chan.”

“You really think so? Thanks Kyou-chan.”

Really now, Natsumi looks really good in those skirt. Being just the right wear to go out with in this season.

“……you, cannot see it, right?”

So, if it is a skirt this short, I wanted to check on something.

Natsumi’s skirt only reach the crotch of her legs, how many centimeters above the knee should it be? The underwear is hidden, but only barely. It will be visible if she move it even a little bit upward.

“Turn around.”

Natsumi does so when I told her to. Under her skirt that flew up lightly due to her spin, I can see the white fabric underneath just as I expected.

“I can see your ass……”

Natsumi shyly twisted her butt. Near the hem of her skirt, the border between the thighs and buttocks is visible. I can’t see the underwear despite her buttocks being visible. But thanks to that, people will be able to see a sexy lump of meat fluttering with every step she took.

“Your underwear aren’t visible so it’s okay. Natsumi nee-chan has such beautiful legs, so you have to proudly put them out for all to see.”

Kyouichirou really mean it. Natsumi is short and she seems to think that she is growing too slowly, but that’s not true. Natsumi has a fine and slim body, but the places that should be thick all have appropriate amount of meat attached to them.

Especially so in her lower body, she have a seemingly contradictory physique, with thin legs but plenty of flesh on the thighs and buttocks. The ankle to the knee are thin and lean while the thighs are strangely voluptuous. I wasn’t sure of it before because she only wore long skirts so far, but with short skirt on, I can enjoy the sight of her meat as much as I want.

“Is that so? It’s embarrasing, but I’m fine with it if Kyou-chan likes it.”

Today I am going out on a date with Natsumi, which is something I had been planning for a long time. Of course, it won’t end up being just a date.

Natsumi doesn’t usually wear clothes that expose a lot of skin, as is the case with the skirts I mentioned earlier. And naturally such clothes do not have the right disposition for a proper exhibitionist play.

On today’s date, I am going to help Natsumi experience as much shame as she wanted.

Her clothes were altered by Kyouichirou in her room. However, actually putting them on, she felt quite astonished.

The skirt were from when she was a junior high schooler, and at those times, she wore them with spats or drawers or the like underneath. Natsumi has grown, so it is practically a complete do-over to her style.

But just this is not the extent of what I planned for today, and I’ll get to them soon.

But first things first, let’s get on the train.


“There aren’t many people here today.”

Natsumi look back towards the ticket counter. And now that I look around, the area feels really quite and wide. The name of the prefecture we are currently in clearly says that it is a city, but now I get a vague feeling like we are in the suburb. Or, there are fewer people right now because it isn’t a weekday and students and office workers aren’t here.

“Careful, there’s moss on the stairs.”

I have to be attentive because of Natsumi’s disoriented steps. That and the stairs to the platform being unexpectedly steep.

“I’ll be fine. There’s a handrail here after all.”

Natsumi climbs up the stairs but she is clearly not used her heels yet.

Moving up, the inside of her skirt is completely exposed too quite obviously.

It could barely cover anything on flat ground. And when she climbs up the stairs, Natsumi’s primp ass is plainly visible from below. She feigns an uncaring attitude towards the skirt that’s fluttering by pretending to be distracted with her heels.

Natsumi is wearing T-back underwear so at first glance, she seemed to not be wearing them in the first place. The front side of her underwear is white and frilly with a cute and innocent feel to it, but the back side is thin enough to be mistaken as being just strings.

Looking even closer, I can see her ass hole which they had failed to completely hid away. A girl dressed like that is going up the stairs with shaky hips, which meant that she will only be slowly moving up.

Glancing backwards, Kyouichirou wonders if he is going to work on a holiday, an old man in a suit was staring preoccupiedly at Natsumi’s butt. That is till their eyes crossed and he turned away, but his expression easily give away on he saw.

A few passengers are waiting for the train at the platform. All of them are salaryman-like uncles, including that old man just now. I’m glad, everything seemed to be working out well.

“Speaking of which Natsumi nee-chan, your butt was plainly exposed on the stairs.”

He calls out to Natsumi who is now worried about the skirt fluttering in the wind.

“Eh? No way…… You should’ve told me earlier if you noticed Kyou-chan.”

Natsumi’s face turn red, and swiftly look around.

“Why? Isn’t that great? Have you already forgetten about today’s purpose? Shouldn’t everyone be looking at Natsumi nee-chan’s cute appearance today?”

Kyouichirou talked about his plans for today to Natsumi already. Back at home, she naturally felt embarassed about it, but she was rather motivated to act. However, it seemed to be more embarrassing than she had thought, and her face tells just how restless she felt.

“Uuu. It is too embarassing after all. Kyou-chan, can’t I just use a normal skirt today?”

Natsumi makes a clumsy suggestion. I don’t mean to push her too much, but I’m here today to help her go through with this. I can’t back out here.

“Nope. This isn’t just a date. Natsumi nee-chan, are you going to break your promise now?”

Natsumi’s hesitation stops when she heard the word ‘promise’. Today’s date had been planned out 2 days ago. It’s probably because of her pride as an onee-san, she is very weak to the ‘promises’ she made with me.

“…Uh. I understand. This onee-chan will do her very best.”

Natsumi seemed to be resolved as she rests her hands on the button of her top. Her top is a cardigan of dark blue wool. It is there to prevent the little chill that may creep up on her. Then I remove the wooden buttons on the chest one by one.

“Ah, aa~ This feels really good, Kyou-chan.”

Below the cardigan is a white blouse.

A white laced cloth appeared from under the buttons, and the squeezed outline on it looks really alluring. The lace-work in some places gives a feminine feel. This is one of my favorite clothes from Natsumi’s wardrobe.

Underneath her blouse are Natsumi’s prided breasts. The elongated nipples Natsumi boast of having are visible.

“They hid way less than I had thought they would. Kyou-chan, this isn’t bad? It will be fine?”

The white blouse didn’t do enough to hide Natsumi’s pink tip. As she says, it is pretty much transparent. I can easily tell that her nipples are erected just giving a quick glance.

“Now now, isn’t it fine? After all, Natsumi nee-chan’s nipples can keep maintaining this fully erected shape. It really gets me excited to see them like this.”

I poke Natsumi’s nipples with my fingers. A hard feel is transmitted.

“Hi~u. T-that’s because Kyou-chan attached something like this.”

Natsumi looked down at her chest. Beyond that is her red-pink colured compact nipples.

The nipples had a small metal ring attached to them.

The nipple can stay erected because of the ring that tightened gently around it. Made of fine wire, they are a set with the ring connected to small hearts. This adult accessory is used to keep the nipples in an erected state.

“Really, where did you buy them from? Because of these things, your onee-san’s nipples……ah, rub it.”

Natsumi attaches three sets to each one of them. Of course, usually only one set is required, but this much was needed to keep erect all of Natsumi’s long nipples. I had to spend quite a bit for them.

“Recently, you can conveniently purchase anything by mail. And well, thanks to these your nipples are getting longer and longer.”

I stare at Natsumi’s chest. Her nipples can be over 2 cms long, unlike a normal nipple. The hard and erected nipples has created a tent as just the thin blouse itself isn’t enough to hold them down.

“U~n. It’s really shameful.”

“Oh, the train’s here. Let’s get on board.”


The train seemed to be as empty as the platform. There are only about three passengers. After two more stops, it will reach a slightly larger station, so there will be some influx, but won’t the operators be in a deficit if this keeps up?

Natsumi doesn’t particularly mind if there were a few passengers or not.

If you don’t get what I meant, then look around. Now that there are only a few passengers, it can be said to be a perfect opportunity. I will do what I can do now.

Inspecting around, I saw an old man sitting near the door in a corner seat of the coach. He pretends to wipe his sweat with a handkerchief, but it is plainly obvious that he keeps giving peeks at Natsumi. He glanced at Natsumi’s ass and repeatedly looked out the window with a happy face. Are you going to act that way now?

Kyouichirou despise him strongly in his heart. No wait, he shouldn’t.

He seemed to be a good old man. And if it is that old man, it might be a nice way for Natsumi to throw away her tension.

A salaryman who works hard supporting the country should be rewarded, even if only by a little.

“Natsumi nee-chan, come closer.”

Natsumi was happily looking out of the window without noticing about the uncle’s gaze.

“Yes Kyou-chan? Oh, there’s a field besides the track. Who took care of them?”

“Well, won’t that be the grandmas in the area? More importantly, lean closer.”

Kyouichirou lean in too and starts confiding his plan to Natsumi.

“Hmm? What……eh? ……uu~u. Yes, I understand. ”

While listening to Kyouichirou’s story, Natsumi’s cheek turned red as she nodded.

And then to play my part appropriately, I blankly look up and stare straight ahead. I can see my reflection on the window glass, and unintentionally peek at Natsumi’s chest. As she glanced back at Kyouichirou, he didn’t miss her blush and her expression beginning to be tinted with excitement and expectations.


I had good luck today since the morning.

Sitting in the corner seat, Yoshinori Tajima recalled what happened at the station that morning.

Thinking back, today should have been a holiday. I didn’t have any particular plans for this day, but it would have been a valuable opportunity to sleep in until late noon. When I realised that I lost such a chance due to a subordinate’s mistake, I feared the day won’t turn out well.

However, maybe God saw me softly stepping out of my bed so as not to wake my wife who was still sleeping, and having finished my breakfast without making so much of a noise. Fearing the noise it can bring about, I even avoided using the oven, and simply ate the bread. I was upset and nearly started whining, but by living modestly and seriously, I believed that life will pay me back with good.

Then, I saw it. It was white, but definitely a T-back. Closing my eyes, I recall the sight of the panty from the morning.

The sight of the tight ass and thighs that seemed to be sucked in involuntarily. I am ashamed to get caught, but I regretted not having gone a little closer even more.

If I think about it, there was a time when my wife also desperately invited me in that kind of underwear. She was still young, and I was assertive on the moves I made to her.

It is regrettable that my wife is just a remnant of what she use to be in those days, but I am also mad to be on pretty much the same boat. I now have a beer belly, with receding hairline. An appearance my wife would probably never imagine I would have. Perhaps I should be grateful that we could still remain a couple all these years, even if it is just out of a whim she still invited me to do workout at night.

I know this isn’t anything to exaggerate about, but I’ve never had a chance to peek inside a girl’s skirt recently. Not surprisingly, this is quite unlikely to happen. When was the last time I saw a high schooler’s panties in a shopping mall escalator? It feel like its been more than 5 years or so.

I made a quick glance towards the door.

There, the girl the I saw earlier on the stairs stood. The stairs confuses my judgement on the length of her skirt before, but now I can confidently declare that her skirt is too short. The flesh of the buttocks can be seen. It would be all the more pronounced when walking up the stairs.

These days young people had baseless pride in their looks. But, surprisingly, she looks very serious despite her beauty. She didn’t dye, sticking to the natural black colour for her hair, tied up into two tails on both sides. She still retains her youthful fitness but has a strangely glossy lower body, while being just a high school student, or so I guesses.

Even with those clothes on, if you put aside the length of the skirt, she looks like a cute and well-mannered girl. She seems to be wearing high heels, but not the pin heels type. She gave a very healthy impression, with frills all over her dress. She doesn’t have dark makeup on, and she seems to be a good child who can be called an ideal daughter.

He was there too on the stairs, but is it her otouto that is standing next to her? He is probably a senior elementary schooler. Not very young, but still a boy nevertheless.

She probably went out with her otouto on a day off. I guess she is a good onee-san. With good looks to boot.

Then, is she not aware of her extremely short skirt? With T-back panty on top of that? Maybe it is trendy at school right now. An innocent girl who doesn’t realize she’s seen as a woman, and might become prey to molesters.

I lift my hand up with a hankerchief on it and take quick glances at the ass of the girl. Great. Really a sight for sore eyes.

Suddenly, my eyes met with the little boy’s.

My heart nearly jump out of my throat. He however looks forward in an instant and deliberately gaze out of the window.

“W-well, now. Where was the document asked by that Nakatani guy?” (TN: a random surname)

I rummaged through my bag trying to find a document that is unlikely to be there. My voice sounded deliberate. But if I don’t say something like this, I feel like I would curse at my reckless self.

The girl didn’t seem to notice my gaze, but her otouto seemed to have noticed it several times already. Speaking of which, her otouto seemed to whisper something secretly to her earlier. I wonder what he said at that time.

Calm down. There was an upset, but I didn’t do anything wrong. I neither took pictures with my mobile phone, nor do I use a mirror to look inside her skirt. I just saw it. Yes, I just saw it. I just happen to be riding on the same coach as them, that’s not a crime now, is it?

But just in case, I don’t stare at them anymore. Reaching that thought, I sigh a little, disappointedly. No, this is fine. It’s more than enough of a reward for a lazy office worker like me. Thank you Mrs. Onee-san. Thanks to you, it seems this uncle will be able to do his best today.

But humans are a creature of greed. Just one last time. I thought so and glance at the girl’s direction.

The girl is looking right back at me.

This time I thought my heart would stop. Not only the face, but her whole body is facing here.

‘Not good.’ I thought.

It always ends up this way. Even after failed draws in pachinko and mahjong, I keep saying just one last time.

I can hear the sound of the girl’s heels clacking. I don’t know if I should look away now, the girl is approaching here.

Cold sweat flowed out. The news of a molesting accusation I just watched on TV goes through my mind. I may have not touch her, but my life will be over if she starts raising a scream. Even if I am not arrested, the aftermath will be disastrous if the company is informed.

And in no time at all, the girl’s thighs jumped into my field of view, that is in spite of me facing down. The tight thighs I had seen on the stairs.

In other words, the girl is now standing right in front of me.

Cold sweat seemed to be oozing out of me for a while now. I remember my wife’s words, “Don’t do something stupid.”

So, timidly, I raise my head. I couldn’t think any further for a few seconds after that.

I gasped in shock.

Right in front of my eyes, the girl’s face, completely different from what I had imagined jumped in.

“……fu~. Nn~uuu~”

Her cheeks were blushing, albiet shyly, and occasionally, she moaned a little with teary looking eyes.

I tried to look away, but stopped when I realise she does not seemed to hold malicious intentions.

Her hands held onto the of the strap of her bag with both hands, which just ends up emphasising her chest more.


I suddenly release a strange voice. The girl’s body trembles, as if responding to it.

Her white blouse. The fabric is quite thin when viewed close up, it is nearly transparent.

My head wasn’t keeping up with my sight.

But after a few seconds, I finally understood. In front of my eyes stood a girl with no bra.

It is the girl’s nipples that is visible through the blouse. I can see it through the cloth. It is a pink color unique to girls. The blouse stood firmly like a tent that had been erected.


The sound of the train shaking and rattling. The sigh of the girl. Time seemed to stop for a moment.

“Natsumi nee-chan, I am sitting down here.”

Just how absorbedly was I staring at the girl? It is the voice of the bright looking boy that breaks the silence.

He is the otouto who was next to the girl. I guess he came over because his onee-san does so. Sitting in the opposite corner, he take out a mobile phone and starts playing a game with it.

“Kyo, Kyou-chan. We’re getting off right away. Stop the game.”

The girl looks back at the boy. With that movement, the skirt floated slightly, and the fabric I saw on the stairs come into view. I wonder if the girl’s voice sounds a bit, awkward?

“Nah, it’ll be fine. It’s just for a little bit. Look at this. This guy is super strong.”

“Hmm, eh… That’s right isn’t it.”

The boy called Kyou-chan can’t possibly imagine his onee-san’s silliness. He started bragging about his mobile game data to the girl. Does the girl know of the content, or is she just giving the boy compliments thoughtlessly? No matter how you look at it though, she’s a good onee-san.

That’s right. The girl in front of me is a good onee-san.

Her protruding ass shakes while pretending to look into the device in the boy’s hands.

Her lifting her ass high does not make any sense. With such a skirt and pitiful string-like underwear, the shameful part of her body that was suppose to be hidden are completely visible.

This is so many times closer than that time on the stairs. They were now just right in front of me.

So this time, I will move closer, and a little more closer, as close as I can go. Just a bit, closer.

I am already leaning forward before I even realised.

My eyes and nose. At such a distance, I can feel the warmth of the girl, albeit subtle.

“What kind of skill does this one have? Everyone seems strong.”

The girl is still chatting cheerfully with the boy. The boy would reply seemingly inattentively. But as for the girl…

“…eh, hair!”

Various imaginations goes around my head as I muttered unintentionally at the discovery that appears in my sight. The girl’s body jumped in surprise briefly.

But despite that, her waist were never lowered. Her ass is sticking out and is shaking along with the train.

More than half of the ass hole is visible. She can’t hide them with the underwear that was too thin. The hole of the girl is so close to me that I can see and even distinguish her wrinkles.

It’s not just the ass hole though. The fabric also digs into the girl’s secret place, and the faint stain on it clearly indicate that the girl is wet.


I feel like I can hear such sounds. From her crotch area with her pubic hair exposed, I had a hallucination of such squeaky sound coming out every time they were shaking.

“A~tsu, a~u……fu~n, a~tsu, a~tsu”

Suddenly, the girl’s put her hand into her underwear.


This time it is not a hallucination. The pretty flower of the girl are sloshing and stirring.

“A~tsu, ……n ~u. N~uu.”

Her fingers were stirring around her vagina, still keeping her waist protruding outwards. Three fingers, including the middle finger, index finger, and ring finger, repeatedly entered and leave the girl’s place.

By now, the thin underwear completely failed to play its role. It slips to the side, and the area that is wet with a guchu~guchu sound spreads in front of me.

The love juice of the girl splash at the tip of my nose.

So this is what this young woman smells like. I thought to myself

The girl moved her middle-finger and fore-finger alternately to make a loud noise on purpose. The hole of the girl is expanding vertically and horizontally alternatingly.

“N n ~tsu, a……aa~tsu. A ~tsu, aa ~tsu, aa ~u ~u.”

Her body starts to shake and spasm a little. During which, her butt hole repeatedly opened and closes. The beautiful pink color comes in contact with the air outside, which is unlike the surrounding area that are slightly brownish.

“A ~tsu, n ~tsu. N ~u ~u. Aa, aa ~tsu, n fu~uu.”

The movement of her finger speed up. The thumb joins in, and she began to squeeze her ripe, red-coloured clitoris. It can be seen that it is hardened and rebounds with every force that comes from the fingers. It is very long. Most likely about half the length of the little finger.

“N funn fuu ~tsu, aa… a ~tsu a ~tsu……aa ~a ~a.”

Her fingers had completely entered inside. After being dragged out, they immediately returns to entering right back again.

Getting slimed up, her fingers pinching her clitoris moves faster as well. Using two fingers, the index finger and the thumb, she rubs her bright red clitoris sliding over it like masturbating a penis.

“A ~tsu a ~tsu, no good……a ~tsu, cuming, cuming.”

Such meaningful words come out of her mouth. I look at her otouto, he was completely immersed in the game with earphones in his ears. He didn’t notice his onee-san’s idiotic actions.

His onee-san is doing something very embarrassing right in front of this uncle. Such thoughts swiftly pass through my mind. I found my crotch getting extremely hot.

“N ~u, N u ~uu. Aa, a ~tsu, no good…… just like this ~ aa ~tsu.”

She then sway her hips, and her legs gradually spread. Spreading her crotch along with it.

Look at your onee-san spreading her crotch shamelessly. Stirring her wet pussy in a mess and masturbating in front of this uncle. Every time I imagined such childish yet obscene thoughts, I found my crotch pulsating. How many years has it been since I last felt this excited?

“A ~tsu a ~tsu, cuming. I’m cuming, a ~tsu, a ~tsu, ……cuming~”

For an instant, her body shook as those words were coming out of her mouth. The girl’s body faintly trembles, and a warm, wet liquid splattered on my face.

The next station is right around the corner.


The girl and the boy got off at the next station. It is a big station. She might buy her otouto another game at a shopping mall there. The food there is delicious and they will be having lunch together.

For an instant, I was struck by the urge to go after them, but my feet do not move. Today I have to follow up on my subordinate’s mistake. I am a responsible adult with a job on hand.

I stare down at the phone I lowered from my neck. A folding phone, my longtime companion.

I will give something to my subordinate as a present. And tonight, I will whisper gentle words to my wife. I should buy a cake on the way home.

Yoshinori Tajima glanced at the crowded train with a refreshing feeling.

To each their own they use to say. That girl will probably be doing something unimaginable where they went to.

I glanced at my watch. There are three more stations before I will be getting off.

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