After Returning to Elementary School with My Memory the Result Was to Create a Harem

Episode 4: Shijouin Satsuki
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Episode 4: Shijouin Satsuki

The Ojou-sama Student Council President

~Threatened Edition~

“Nmmm. Umuuuuu.”

The inside of my mouth feels really warm. It doesn’t have much heat, but it seems like his dick is going to burn my inside.

I, Satsuki Shijouin turns my eyes upward. For my opponent, it would have been an upward glance.

“Now, President-san. The first shot is coming.”

He stroke my head. His fingers stroking the hair is a little bit rough. But even so, my cheeks turned red as if I was feeling shy.

Kyouichirou Sanada is looking down at me with a gentle smile.

“Nnu, Muu. Mmmmn”

Sucking at the thing I am holding so that it stood firmly. An obscene sound of Jupo~jupo~ resounds in the room.

“N~oo, this is amazing. It feels so good. Where did you learn to to do this?”

His smile wavered. Although he can still afford to do so, his fingers strokes my hair more awkwardly than before too.

“Nfuua. Nm, porn. N~chu. This is the first time I see the real thing. N~aa mmnnn.”

Now I’m licking at his erection. Holding it, sucking it, while making a nasty sound.

His thing is so ferocious, unlike what you would expect from his appearance. It is huge. Even if my mouth is filled and I hold it in to the back of my throat, not everything would fit.

“Nubuu. Muguun, ntsu…… nyubu~… Byu~yuuuu.”

I slowly and deeply take it in. Stick my lips to his thing and then suck it.

I use not just my lips though. Inside my mouth, my tongue licks his gland carefully. I put my tongue at the foreskin, push it aside and peel it off.

“Uwaaan. N nnn~.”

His mouth tightly shut. Then softly. In a low voice. The kid in front of me starts to groan.

When I saw such a sight, my lower body becames hot. My asshole tightened involuntarily and the sensation of the foreign object in my mouth gives me intense stimulation.

Then I unconsiously move my waist.

“Nnubuu, ummu…oh, ooooo~”

As I am slurping, I sloppily fiddle with the already drenched dildo in my ass hole.

“Nn, oh……Nbuoo……Nuoo. Ooh, ooo”

It’s not as big as his, but it is still oversized. It looks really similar to a penis, having a number of folds. And it mercilessly slip through my ass hole. Since the dildo was glued to the floor, it slip out of my ass hole just by lifting my hips.

“President-san is really no good. Aaa, to spread her ass hole so much. I too won’t hold back anymore.”

He sneered then pierced his hot and hard cock, till the back my throat.

“Nnbuooo…umbu, ooh. Nnbuaaaa~.”

Then my throat is suddenly violated by a hot and hard feeling. Giving me an illusion that not only my mouth but also my head had been pierced through.

My tongue shuddered and saliva overflowed from my filled mouth.

“Now then, I’m going to use President-san thoroughly. Please use your tongue properly.”

Saying that, he grab my hair and my head with both hands. I realise what he is going to do so I give a glare. However, that is not enough to stop the boy.

“Nnbuu, nngg, gubu, umbuu……Nmmboo.”

He move his waist. Pulling it in and out over and over again, piercing the back of the throat. I feel breathless yet unbelievably excited, my body jerks and warmth spreads though it even though it should have been uncomfortable.

“Nuo, ooh. Rero…pua. Nbu…nchu. Nbuuu~.”

As he instructed, I don’t forget to entangle my tongue with his cock, which is erected and hard. He push it to the limit and blame my head mercilessly. I use my entire tongue, lips and throat to swallow his cock.

“Oh, good. It’s the best, President-san’s mouth pussy. I’m not gonna be able to endure it any longer.…I’m gonna put it out.”

He moves his waist more intensely. I can feel his meat stick swelling in my mouth.

“Nmmm!? Mm, myaaa. Gubo, Nn~nnm hyaa~Nmbb oon, Gobu! Nbupoo!”

The huge chunk of meat burst. I shrug my mouth so that I can take it all. I don’t know exactly what was coming out though.

“Nubbu, Gubo……Nuoo, N gubu. Aaah……Nn~bogoo. Gububu, ngubo!”

The hot thing blew in my mouth. Semen hits the back of the throat, and the heat flows into my nasal cavity as well after spreading in my mouth.

“Nubbu, Nbuuu! Nnggnn, guu~tsu!!”

He does not stop moving while he is putting it out. The semen that has been put out is stirred in my mouth and they spread everywhere inside. The semen irritated the back of my throat and I unknowingly moved my head back and forth.

“Jubo, Gubu. Gububo, Nbubu……Nmbpo. Amazing, Gubo. Good aah!!”

It feels like my head is going blank. An elementary schooler’s semen. The semen of a boy smaller than me spreads all over my mouth.

“Gub, gogho……nngoou, gu.”

I swallow it all. The hot, mushy liquid passes through my throat. I can feel it. It’s moving down. Making me feel hot even to my stomach.

“Nggu … Nm~pua. This is, this is an elementary schooler’s, ummn~. Nchu, Nchuu~ou.”

Pero. There was still some remaining and as if to get every little bit out, I sucks his still hard rod.

“Wai- Hahaha, President-san sure is amazing. Do you want to hold my dick so much?”

He gently stroke my hair. However, every time my tongue moves, his hips jerk. Is it sensitive when he just put it out? His face doesn’t have the usual composure.

“Nubuu……Hmph, you threatened me so it doesn’t matter whether I want to hold it or not. Nombu, Nbu. Juboro, Juboro”

That’s right. Who would like to hold a thing like this. If not for the photos taken the other day, I don’t want to be even near anything like this.

“Aah, wai~ Presiden~aah wait. Great~ but~.”

His hips jump and try to escape backward. However I pulled him back holding his waist.

“I’m going to Ngu, Nyan. I might get addicted to this. My dick feels go good”

I hold his penis to the back and rub it with the mucous membrane of my throat. It had just cum, but it would be released again at any time now.

“President, no good. Stop~nmm”

I use my entire mouth and I suck hard on his dick. My tongue stimulated the back, and the drool that filled my mouth gently leak out of my mouth and fell to the floor.

He really is a cheeky one. Even though he is an elementary school student. Although he is way smaller than me.

“Nmbu, how amazing. So good~”

“Ah, uh, uh……oh!”

His waist jerks and spasm. His feet trembles and the second shot of sperm was released into my mouth.


Kyouichirou Sanada was holding his head.

In front of him, Satsuki Shijouin, the student council president of Sonohara Private School, is in her underwear with her back facing him .


Satsuki’s voice sounded a bit cold. She turn around and give him with an unapproving gaze.

“A girl is about to change her clothes, so you should look away.”

“Eh! Uh, sorry.”

Kyouichirou meekly obliged, whether it is becaused he feel pressured by her gaze or not.

‘But you already showed me your foolishness though.’ I thought that but didn’t voice it out. A woman’s heart can be so complicated.

Kyouichirou sighed thinking back on how this happened.


“Is Kyouichirou Sanada here?”

Satsuki who opened the door of the classroom said so, dignifiedly as she had always been.

The noisy classroom momentarily turn quiet in response. It was just before the end of lunch break, a time when the children were suppose to be filled with lively voices.

“That’s the student council president…”

Someone muttered faintly. For elementary schoolers, middle school students were like residents of a different world altogether. Basically, they never even step into their classrooms, and so it feels really abnormal for her to show up here.

Time seemed to stop in the classroom in response to her suddenly appearance. And after a short pause, their gaze focused on one boy.

On Kyouichirou Sanada that is. The person whose name had been called.

“Kyouichirou. Did you do something wrong? Isn’t that the student council president?”

Kengo, who is sitting at the desk next to him with a portable game console in his hands, whispered to his ears.

Kyouichirou who heard him just fine was starting to have cold sweat breaking out.

Yesterday’s wild session. Kyouichirou wanted to forget about it. He had been pushed down in the middle of the act by Satsuki in the school’s student council room. After that, Kyouichirou, who photographed the sleeping Satsuki, threatened that she forget about the events of that day.

To be honest, the absurdity of Satsuki was unexpected for Kyouichirou. Finding out about the anal plug she put on to school, he imagined a certain amount of such perverseness, but he didn’t expect her to go so far.

And frankly, Kyouichirou did not have the confidence to control the woman named Satsuki Shijouin.

That’s why before leaving Satsuki in the student council room then, he left behind a note that wrote “Lets forget about today’s event. I’m really sorry.” If the days passed on without any movement from Satsuki, that would have been the best…

“Hello Kyouchirou-kun. Thank you very much yesterday.”

Apparently even in this second life, it seems that life would not go as he wanted.

When she spot Kyouchirou in her line of sight, Satsuki walks straight to where he sat.

Kyouichirou was alerted, while Satsuki Shijouin stands with a confident smile on her face.

“He, hello…did you need something?”

For the time being, let’s exchange greetings and see how things go. It was completely unexpected of her to come into the classroom of the elementary school.

“No. It’s not like that. I just wanted to thank you for yesterday.”

She said with a blooming smile. A smile that was too perfect to hear about such a thing from. Sweat goes down Kyouichirou’s cheeks, as he felt that he couldn’t just accept those words.

“Umm, You’re welcome. You don’t have to let it bother you. Really.”

“Please come to the student council room after school today. I want to thank you generously.”

She said. So, well, I tried to run away with my school bag on my shoulders. However Satsuki’s hands grabbed my shoulder with a smile that would not seemingly not break no matter what, then stop him before he could move even a single step.

Ugh! It seems I won’t be escaping from this.

Kyouichirou had no choice but to oblige.


That was why Kyouichirou was still in the student council room today.

‘Ugh, why did I come here in the first place? And why did I do that to President-san in the first place?’

Kyouichirou was greeted politely in the student council room while he feared that he might be retalliated on by the student council president – Satsuki shijouin whose cheeks were dyed red.

Kyouichirou stood in front of the president, who was waiting with her arms crossed, in a disorderly manner.

“Um, that…can you dispose off the photos please?”

Satsuki speak first. Oh, is it about the photos?

“I can’t do that. I’ve done such things after all. And I don’t know what kind of retaliation President-san would have. I swear I’ll never show it to others though. I still want to keep living as I current do.”

Kyouichirou really mean what he says. He unexpectedly grabs a woman who was too much for him. He would very much like to return to being strangers. But he wanted to keep the pictures as an insurance.

“I see. So that means, in the future, you’re going to keep threatening me like before?”

“Eh, no. President-san can forget about it, I’m not going to threaten you…?!?”

But Satsuki seemingly isn’t listening to him at all.

“Wai-wait, President-san, wha-what are you doing?”

Satsuki, whose eyes turned teary, was staring at him with a reddish face, as if she was going to from the embarrassment, while raising her skirt.

Cute flesh-coloured underwear decorated with white lace. From this distance he can clearly see, the underwear was already drenched and her feet were shaking.

“Aren’t you going to threaten me again, just like before? You’re going to embarrass me and mess me up again aren’t you?”

Satsuki’s voice was shaking, and her expression was that of one who is halfway crying already. If anyone sees this scene, they will definitely think that Kyouichirou is threatening Satsuki. However, today’s Kyouichirou had no memory of threatening her.

“He-hey, yo-you aren’t you satisfied with this? Look, this is the one I use at home. You’ll mock me again right? And make a fool out of me again.”

Satsuki turned around. Her skirt was rolled up to her back, and the white, well-shaped ass was exposed.

The panty is digging into the valley of the buttocks. T-back. But that’s was not the thing he focused on.

The flesh-colored T-back panty cannot hide the large protrusion at all. It was not an anal plug but a dildo. It seemed to have a large suction cup as well, which was carefully reproduced to look like the balls of a man.

Thanks to that, Satsuki’s asshole is completely out of sight. However, the sight of an artificial stick that peeks out from the gap of the cute underwear is extremely arousing.

“I’m always masturbating with this. And I slip a plug on the hole that was spread from this. Don’t laugh. But as you’ve already know, I am a dumb pervert.”

Satsuki spread her legs slowly while saying so. Her legs were slightly lowered and she protrude her ass outward. Satsuki’s voice sounded very excited.

At this point, even Kyouichirou understood Satsuki’s intentions.

“In other words, President-san, wants to be messed up again.”

Satsuki’s body trembled.

“That’s not the case, you had seized my weakness so…and since I can’t do anything about it, I have to do this.”

“Hmm. So you’re doing this because I threatened you.”

“Yes, of course. Otherwise, why would I this… hii~n?!”

I pushed the dildo a little with one finger. There was quite a reasonable resistance. The size of the dildo is quite big after all.

“It’s really amazing you know, this one here. It even have balls. But didn’t you say that it was a dildo? The ass is not where you put it in you know.”

“Fuu~. Bu-but that’s because, if you unplug it, the hole will open…”

“Haha, right. I’ll have to insert something if I open it. Is your ass already addicted to the feeling? Your ass hole had already completely transformed into a sexual organ doesn’t it.”

Every time Kyouichirou uttered those nasty words, Satsuki’s body trembled. It may be unconsciously but, she has been spreading her buttocks apart with her hands for a while now as well.

“This sucker is there so you can play solo, right? I’m a little curious though. You don’t mind showing me how you use it right?”

The thrill-filled smile of Satsuki who heard the words faded out from the inside of the student council room.

“Hmmm, mmn, fuaa~. Oo, ooh.”

Every time the dildo was pulled out, the ass hole perks up and made an obscene ~yopo jupoto~ sound.

It is a pretty egg-shaped dildo. There is a nasty lookin fold all over the place, and every time it is pulled out, it takes out some meat from hole in Satsuki’s butt and slide it outside.

“Uwaa… It’s a little bit out of the ass hole. You’re shaking your hips and now you’re practically masturbating.”

Kyouichirou stared at Satsuki, sitting down with her crotch still open. She sit down, fix the dildo to the floor and her butt hole, then move her waist up and down as if to show it off.

“Tha~that’s. Wuuu~ Hooo~oo, ooh. it’s moving up. In front of an elementary schooler, I’m drilling it into my ass hole. Fuuu~n.”

Satsuki’s expression was like that of a girl having sex. The moans that came out every time the dildo moved never stopped. Love juice was dripping from the front hole even though it haven’t been touched, and the clitoris was completely rolled up and erected.

“I’m~ haa~ I’m being seen. In front of an elementery schooler, I shouldn’t have been doing this. Nuoooooo~ooo.”

Apparently, showing her silliness to a boy who still have another year to go in an elementary school seemed to have excited Satsuki to no end. It felt like she fueled her sexual arousal with the feeling of guilt born from doing the extremely immoral thing.

“Oh, it looks like President-san is going crazy. I think that only this president would feel so much from doing it in the ass though.”

“N~haaa. Fuuuu~n. I’m~ I’m sorry. I’m sorry that my ass hole is so mess up, and that I’m masturbating with it. N~hmmm.”

The movements of Satsuki’s hips become even more intense after she heard the words of Kyouichirou. The meat of her butt hole pulled out is a beautiful pink color. They seemed to clamp so tightly that if you put your dick in, it will feel extremely amazing.

Kyouichirou moved in front of Satsuki. He was a bit reluctant at first, but he wasn’t a man who would stay simply in front of such a beautiful girl like Satsuki. His meat stick in his lower half was already erected in full.

“Fuuu~eh? No way. That’s not possible.”

The bulge in his pants was pronounced enough for Satsuki to easily noticed. By the way, the previous time, Kyouichirou only licked Satsuki’s asshole, and she had never seen Kyoichiro’s penis.

“What’s the matter, President-san? It looks like he wants something no?.”

“Oh, that’s……haaa~.”

He rolled down his pants and underwear all at once and exposed his cock in front of Satsuki. Satsuki gasped lightly, at presumably the first real thing that she put her eyes on, but her hot and aroused gaze was poured overflowingly onto the cock.


Satsuki who saw the thing of Kyouichirou gasped. But that was only natural, for a really vicious looking guy, the likes of which you will not imagine from the appearance of Kyouichirou came out in front of her after all. It would be impossible to not be surprised.

“Thank you for your praise. This is the dick of the elementary schooler who likes the president, what should I do with it? Shall I put it up your ass?”

Gokuri. Satsuki seemed visibly excited by Kyouichirou’s proposal, and swallows her spit as she stares at him.

“…it-It’s too big.”

However, Satsuki, after looking at the size of Kyouichirou, turned him down apologeticly.

Certainly, the dildo used by Satsuki is quite large, but Kyouichirou’s dick is even bigger. Satsuki’s limit must be the dildo, it would be painful to accept it.

“I see. Well, it can’t be helped. Mine is big, and I don’t want to break the president’s ass either.”

Kyouichirou has no hobby inflicting pain onto a girl. After enjoying Satsuki’s absurdity today, he thought that he can just use Natsumi-neechan to resolve his desire, and tried to put it back into his pants.

“Oh, that… I can’t do it with my ass, but…”

Satsuki said so when it seemed that the meat stick was about to be stowed away. Apparently, Satsuki was also curious after seeing a meat stick for the first time.

“Hmm. I didn’t know that you want my dick so much already.”

“That is, that, that…”

Satsuki’s face turned red as she looked away. She was too embarrassed to propose it herself.

“It’s alright, don’t be shy. I have threatened you so you can only do as you are told. Come on!”

Said Kyouichirou, while Satsuki looked up with trembling eyes.

“Yes, I am threatened now, right?”

“That’s right. Please beg for it obscenely. Or else I’ll do it forcibly, or should I publicise the photos instead?”

Kyouichirou stroked Satsuki’s hair. She opened her eyes wide as if she was shocked for a second there, but her eyes staring at Kyouichirou began to heat up fervently.

“Yu-You’re a terrible guy. F-forcing to do something like this. But since I’m under a threat right now, I can only do as you said.”

Satsuki mumbled as if to convince herself. In the meantime, Satsuki’s body was visibly burning up. The love juice had already created something like a puddle on the floor.

Satsuki opened her mouth toward Kyouichirou.

She opened her legs wide, and pinched her erected clitoris with her left hand.

She parted her mouth wide and sticked her tongue out, while her right hand grabbed Kyouichirou’s cock.

“Wow, its amazing… this thing. It’s so hard and big, please put it inside Satsuki’s mouth.”

Touching the cock with a somewhat surprised feeling, Satsuki’s shy face was dyed with interest and astonishment.

“Hmm. It’s kinda cute, more than it being naughty or vulgar…… Now then….”

Satsuki pout her waist outward. The offered meat stick was now only a distance away from her lips.

“Uuu. This…this, please give me this cock. Satsuki will use her mouth. Satsuki who feel good from her ass will. Please. Put it inside. Fuck Satsuki’s mouth with your dick. “

Kyouichirou felt a thrilling exaltation at the sight of Satsuki begging with tears.


“I thought it came out as a little cute.”

“Did you say something?”

Kyouichirou thought that he heard Satsuki’s voice from behind.

In the end, Kyoichiro’s thoughts about Satsuki changed a little. At first, Satsuki was only awkwardly licking, but she felt different 10 minutes later. Maybe she really does like to be bullied? After all, Satsuki seemed to be completely submissive to Kyouichirou after her she was completely turned on, after her switch was flipped.

Well, the result turned out to be pleasing, and he can find another way to associate himself with Satsuki in the future. But Kyouichirou can actually be relieved in this aspect though, as Satsuki does not have any thoughts on denying his advances in the first place.

‘Well, I’ll have to think of something’

Having come to this point, Kyouichirou can’t help but be a little greedy. Seeing the horny side of a beautiful girl like Satsuki, Kyouichirou didn’t think that it’s impossible. He just have to think of a way to take the initiative.

“President-san, can’t I turn around already?”

Kyouichirou inquired without looking back, feeling that Satsuki would be done changing her clothes soon.

She didn’t give an immediate reply.

“You can’t turn around okay?”

Then suddenly, Kyouichirou felt a pleasant warmth in his back.

It took a while before he realise that he was hugged by Satsuki.

“You’re a terrible guy you know, to bully me to that extent.”

I can feel Satsuki’s sigh near my ear.

“Fu~a, un…take these. You can use them to threaten me again.”

Satsuki’s uniform and underwear hang on her arm that she moved in front of me.

The softness and warmth I can feel on his back conveyed the current state Satsuki is in.

“You don’t need to take a picture today.”

Kyouichirou has no way of knowing just how Satsuki’s face looked like at that time.

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