After Returning to Elementary School with My Memory the Result Was to Create a Harem

Episode 3: Shijouin Satsuki
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Episode 3: Shijouin Satsuki

The Ojou-sama Student Council President

~Ass edition~

“Nn~, something wrong?”

Kyouichirou Sanada was absentmindedly staring at the skies of the early spring.

Walking to school in this elementary school student’s body could take quite a while. It’s been a long time since it took me so long to reach school. I haven’t had such a calm and slow time since forever. It’s only because of the experience I’ve had as an adult that I can have such outlook.

“Good morning, Kyouichirou-san”

I felt a light push from my back as I was having such thoughts.

“Oh! Kengo. Good morning”

Kengo, who was my best friend in elementary school, greeted me with a smile.

Kengo always had a very cheerful look. It’s already been 2 weeks since I came back here, and I realise so much more just how much of a muscle-head he is. But I’m glad knowing that my past self had such a friend at all.

“Bokemon. Teach me about it again! I played as you told me to and I was super strong”

Kengo insists with his nostrils flairing up. Bokemon was a game that was popular when Kyouichirou was a child.

And recently, a sequel titled Bocket Monster SM (Sky & Moon) was released.

The game was simple with the goal of catching monsters, nurturing and making them battle. However, there are many hidden status and parameters that children could not understand, and it is almost impossible for kids to beat adult players by only raising them normally.

Utilizing his knowledge as a grown up, Kyouichirou had long since stood at top of the throne among his ‘peers’. And no, it is not an exaggeration, for he is very much a hero among the elementary school kid’s where being amazingly good at games is all that matters.

“Well if you insist. I’ll come see the party at luch break”

Being an adult inside, you might have thought that I would get annoyed with all these but… I enjoyed it a lot actually.

Kyouichirou was pretty much invincible, and he was now respected by all his classmates. Of course, he not only have excillent grades, but was also surprisingly outstanding in sports.

I even think that I use my body way more than I use my head to study. And with my experience of having payed basketball till university, It was pretty one-sided when I played against the other kids.

The number of love letters I’ve recieved is already in the double digits and even girls from another classes confessed to me. All of these were just unthinkable in my previous childhood.

In addition to being liked by girls, Kyouichirou also enjoyed reigning over the boys. After all, he never enjoy the boss treatment in his previous life.

“Oh!, excuse me. I recieved an email.”

My second life is going really smoothly.

I take out a slim phone from the pocket in my pants, still ringing all the while. Then slid across the screen with my finger to unlock. I could somehow find a touchscreen phone in this era. However, it doen’t have a particularly good operability.

“A mobile phone, I’m envious. I want one too. I wounder if I should ask my grandpa.”

Kengo folded his arms then think about it seriously. He knows well though that his parents won’t buy it.

I sneakily peek at my phone. The sender was Natsumi Mizuhara.

Title: Is this fine?

Text: As per Kyou-chan’s orders, I went to school today without panties on.

Its really embaressing but here are the pics.

I am really sorry about yesterday.

And I will be in your care tonight.

Your Onee-chan.

I opened the attached file.

It was a pic of Natsumi with her skirt lifted, her waist protuding and her crotch pouting forward.

The reflection of a mirror from the selfie tells that the shot was taken at a school hallway. I guess she deliberatey chose a less popular place, but it’s already a very bold act. She blushes shyly, but still opens her legs as he instructed, completely exposing her secret place.

The pic is a bit dark, but when looking closely, I can see the love juice dripping from her crotch.

Kyouichirou was actually concerned about Natsumi’s future.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Natsumi is completely compliant with Kyouichirou. After all, even when he ordered for something like the one in this pic, she will obediently comply albeit shyly.

But yesterday, when I told her to move to the garden to do her masturbation act as usual, she argued against it. It was the first time she’s shown any form of rebellion. So, as a punishment, I strip her naked, dumped her in the garden, then make her shake her waist with a dildo inserted in her pussy. The result was a very pleasing sight.

Natsumi, while waving her waist with her crotch pushed forward, was in tears from shame yet she was unmistakably excited. And less than five minutes later, she squeezed her nipples, then while desperately suppressing her voice, began to thrust the dildo in and out of her crotch.

Apparently, the possibility that someone may be able to see her foolishness is giving her extreme excitement. And thinking back, her first masturbation experience I saw was like the imitation of an exposure play.

“I will gradually move to the next step from here.”

Half a month has passed since we first met again.

During that time, Kyouichirou’s relationship with Natsumi was progressing more smoothly than he had imagined.

The masturbation show, which is held every night, is becoming more intense every time, and nowadays, a dildo that I bought online has been used during such acts. And, Natsumi who has now learned to completely put it in her pussy, is asking me to do it in her back hole too.

Natsumi basically obeys the instructions issued by Kyouichirou, and even though there are times when she seemed a bit reluctant to do them, there are also many times too when she enjoyed the situation more than he does.

“Hmm? Is something going on?”

However, unfortunately, I have no plans to effectively train Natsumi’s back hole in the near future.

Natsumi was a virgin just two weeks ago. So even though she was already quite well versed with sex itself, there are still times when her delicate parts will feel painful after the excitement cools down. I’m okay with anal and all, but I still don’t think she is ready to use her back hole just yet.

“And not only that, I want another woman soon.”

It’s not that I’m tired of Natsumi though. And, I can take my time to develop her sexually. Natsumi seemed to no longer have any qualms mentally that bar me from proceeding with it, but her physical aspects have to take their time.

In the first place, Kyouichirou takes Natsumi as the first step towards making a harem. He don’t have to stick to Natsumi alone. He will be an elementary school student for another year more. During that time, Natsumi’s training should be carried as is, while finding the next target simultaneously.

“What’s over there?”

Kyoiuchirou was approaching the front gate of the school while thinking about various things.

“””Good morning”””

Looking ahead, I saw that some students are giving their greetings to the students coming to school from the front gate.

“It’s a greeting campaign. The middle school student council are doing it every year around this time.”

Didn’t they did it too last year? Kengo’s expression to Kyouichirou seemed to say so.

Kyouichirou checked his memories then remember the greeting campign, an event whose significance seemed extremely questionable.

“Umm, we do have a middle school?”

Sonohara Private School where Kyouichirou attends is a rare kind of school with both elementary and middle school together. The elementary and junior high are under the same management group and are located adjacent to each other, and most students go to the junior high school by the elevator system.

The school buildings are separate and there is basically no opportunity for elementary and junior high school students to mix in their everyday school life. However, some committees and school events were to be held together by both schools.

The school grounds are divided, so for most students, it was just another school next to theirs.

However, they are free to come and go whenever, and those with siblings in the other simply went over sometimes to deliver some items and what not.

Kyouichirou turned his eyes to the group giving the greetings.

“Good morning”

When he heard a particularly clearly resounding voice, he stopped his feet.

Straight black hair that extends to the chest. The brilliant eyes with a confident presence that look straight forward, and filled with immense dignity.

A body that is quite grown for a junior high school student. Nearly 160cm tall? Her chest is also big enough to show its presence above the blazer.

And above all, a really beautiful face. It is most likely that the word bishoujo was coined just to describe someone like her. Her sharp and aggressive look is another type of cuteness that’s different from Natsumi’s whose smile is like the sun.


Kyouichirou faced down while a happily smiling expression was on his face.


Kyouichirou tear apart the paper on which he collected information.

It was currently math class.

As per the information gathered earlier that morning. She seems to be the student council president of the middle school.

I thought it was obvious. She has that kind of atmosphere after all. And it’s not uncommon for a nice girl like her to be the president.

Shijouin Satsuki. Surprisingly, she seems to be from a quite well off family, an ojou-sama so to say. The heavens seems to really bless her birth.

It seems she is in third grade of junior high school and has no siblings. Well, that is all the information I could collect during break though.

“Now then, how should I go about with this?”

Kyouichirou realize that he was currently feeling an immense excitement, the likes of which he has never before experienced is swirling inside him.

The situation is different from the one with Natsumi. Now I am planning to threaten a girl I have never even talked to before.

Immorality, the feeling of immorality runs through my back. It is a feeling that I have never tasted in my previous life.

Kyouichirou is full of unfounded confidence. The third grade of junior high school, from the viewpoint of a fifth grade of elementary schooler may seemed quite adult-like. But to put it in other way, she’s just a child from the viewpoint of an adult.

I am an invincible elementary school student. And even if it doesn’t work, I can just search for another game. I tell myself so and pressed down my body, which was lightly shaking.

For now, I need to grab hold of her weakness.

It doesn’t have to be a huge secret or a crime though. A really trivial thing could collapse the world of a junior high school student easily.

“Okay now, I choose you!”

Kyouichirou stare at the small electronic device in his hands and laugh.


“Oh, I can see it. It’s great. I didn’t gave much thought when I bought it but I made the correct choice back then.”

Kyouichirou is staring at the computer screen alone in Natsumi’s room.

He is checking on the video of the small camera he set up the previous day. Incidentally, Natsumi went shopping for dinner earlier.

He wants his own personal computer, but it is hard for an elementary school student to simply get it. After all, it is a risky thing to do this task in someone else’s PC.

“Well, it’ll be fine, won’t it? I just need patience.”

Kyouichirou went to the student council room on the third floor of the junior high school building after school the previous day. To be more specific, it is the women’s toilet just before the student council room.

Perhaps because the floor was where the student council room was located, the particular restroom wasn’t used all that much by anyone other the student council members.

The inside was small with only two private rooms. In the private room near the wall, there was a stand for placing toilet paper installed at the corner of the ceiling, which is just convenient for setting up a camera.

Kyouichirou cleverly hid the camera and secretly recovered it today after school.

I stare at the screen while fast-forwarding. Simply thinking, I wouldn’t be able to see her if she didn’t go to the toilet, and use the toilet with the camera.

Kyouichirou sigh, feeling that it is going to be a long battle. And if the camera is found, things can get awkward. So if possible, he want to get results as quickly as possible. After all, it is inevitable that an elementary school student – Kyouichirou would keep wandering around in the junior high school building for seemingly no paticular reason.

“Oh, I’m quite lucky.”

The door of the private room reflected in the screen opened. The moment he sees the person entering, Kyouichirou spills a smile. He stop the fast-forward then pressed the play icon with the mouse.

The guest was naturally Shijouin Satsuki. The one he was expecting.

When Satsuki entered the private room, she closed the door and locked it. Although toilet voyeurism is not Kyouchirou’s hobby, he definitely is starting to feel a little excited.

At this point, the first stage of the operation, the step of seizing Satsuki’s weaknesses, was as good as successful already. For a child of her age, excretion scenes, whether large or small, will be a sufficient threat.

“Alright. I don’t really want to see anything from here on so……hmm!?”

I try move the mouse over the seek bar so as to stop the video.

However, an unexpected sight was projected on the screen of the PC that Kyouchirou is watching.

Satsuki lifts her skirt and sticks out her ass. Her right hand seems to be attached to her asshole.

For a while, Kyouichirou just stared at the screen silently. As he kept looking at it, laughter gradually leaks out. Kyouichirou couldn’t not faintly laugh.

“Kuku, haha. Seriously. Haha.What in the world is this!”

The development in the screen is something that he totally welcome with all his heart. For some reason, Kyouichirou was even frustrated that the development was way too convenient for him. Kyouichirou just dumbfoundedly just click his tongue.


“Here, did you write this?”

In the student council room after school, Shijouin Satsuki stare at the boy in front of him.

Yes, The boy nodden in confirmation.

“I see. I’m grateful.”

The boy smiles. He had a really gorgeous smile.

Shijouin Satsuki was in trouble. She usually does everything very quickly and precisely. But she didn’t know what to do exactly about her current predicament.

On her hands was a piece of stationery.

She dropped her eyes on the letter and sighed.

Love letter. The contents of the envelope she found at her desk earlier in the morning should definitely be called that.

The folded stationery contains a polite letter filled with words full of passion and love.

The content is so passionate that Satsuki, who received the love letter, blushed unintentionally.

Recalling such thongs, Satsuki’s cheeks starts to slightly blush.

“No, first of all, I’m sorry, I didn’t think that it would be from a child like you. I am quite surprised”

A polite and clever tone. Properly used kanji. Rich vocabulary. The atmosphere of a letter seemingly as if it was written by an adult man. Satsuki even thought that the sender might be from the same grade, or maybe one of the teachers.

However, standing in front of Satsuki is definitely an elementary school student.

Clear eyes. Smooth black hair. Body line that is still thin, and if you were to compare physical strengths, you will not lose even if you are a girl, like Satsuki. The ultimatum is the school bag carried on both his shoulders.

After school, I visited the student council room, as was stated in the Love Letter. Today the student council has less work and thus, the members other than Satsuki had already returned home. Satsuki was a bit worried as something she totally did not expected is happening.

She was happy about the letter, but she was trying ro politely refuse. However, she never imagined that an elementary school students would be the one to show up. She didn’t know how to best turn him down.

She take another peek at the boy. He have really pretty eyes. Eyes filled with expectations.

“First of all, could you give me your name? You didn’t write it in the letter.”

The boy raised his face in response to Satsuki’s voice.

“I am called Kyouichirou Sanada.”

He said his name in a clear voice.

“I see. Kyouichirou-kun. Well, listen carefully. I am very happy with the letter. I am thrilled with the beautiful and well written words. Thank you. But I can’t respond to Kyouichirou-kun’s feelings. ”

Satsuki choose her words slowly and carefully. She is just a junior high school student. And she was never taught the correct answer to a situation like this.

She bend a little to adjust her eyes to Kyouichirou’s height. ‘He is a smart child.’ Satsuki thought, that he should understand.

“…so does that mean you are not going to be my lover?”

Kyouichirou opened his mouth looking right into Satsuki’s eyes. Satsuki nodded her head.

At that moment, she felt that Kyouichirou’s eyes suddenly look cold, like he became another person altogether.

“I see. How disappointing…really. Oh, please take this.”

Kyouichirou said that as he hand over an envelope. It looked the same as the envelope she recieved earlier that morning.

Satsuki received it carefully.

I wonder what it is. Why would he give another letter when he already knew that it’s no good? Why even bother?

“Please. Please open it.”

Kyouichirou smiles at Satsuki. She wonder what it could be. An unknown and inexplicable feeling suddenly pass through Satsuki’s chest.

Is he really an elementary schooler?

Prompted by Kyouichirou’s eyes, Satsuki slowly open the envelope.

“Ah, it’s not a letter but a photo…eh?”

Satsuki froze.

“Ugh. If at all possible, I didn’t want to use that.”

She move her eyes and stare at Kyouichirou in front of her.

To Satsuki, he no longer felt like a little boy.


Immediately, Satsuki’s face become really pale.

Her hand holding the picture is shaking. However, her eyes staring at Kyouichirou were neither those of anger nor fear, but just pure curiosity.

“This…what is this about?”

“Well, I was surprised. Our beloved student council president is a pervert who was pleases herself with her ass-hole.”

Satsuki’s body trembles. Sweat oozes on her forehead and her breathing becomes visibly rough.

The video I checked yesterday showed Satsuki taking out an anal plug from her ass-hole.

Satsuki enters the toilet and puts her hand on the anal plug after putting down her underwear. The anal plug which had been plugged until then, comes out of her protruding ass.

Satsuki’s purpose was to pee, but she was worried that the anal plug might fall. So she kept it in her hand while doing her business.

Of course, it was also recorded that when she returned it to the hole in her ass after finishing her work, she even put it in and out several times to make it comfortably stay there.

“No. This can’t be. What is this?”

Satsuki stares at the picture in her hands, finding it hard to believe. But it is definitely her who is in the photo. Inserting and removing her favorite plug, all the while playing with her clitoris lightly with her other hand.

Her secret that she is masturbating everyday. The photo that proof of her act is just lying there in her hands.

“I think that you have a smart head on your shoulders President-san, so…You know what to do don’t you?”

Kyouichirou laughed in front of Satsuki for the first time today.


“Fuu~. Please. Don’t stare too much.”

Satsuki was bending down while naked in the student council room after school.

Crouching on the desk, where the plate- the student council president – is placed.

It was the desk where I always work. But now, I pose myself with my legs open and my ass sticking out.

“How could you say that? Wasn’t it President-san who told me to look? Oh, is this the anal plug? You really put it on even today.”

Kyouichirou is sitting on a chair watching Satsuki’s foolishness all the while carefully examining her asshole.

“I don’t truly know what it is because I’m just an elementary school student. Care to explain what it is President-san?”

Kyouichirou gives instruction to Satsuki on the desk, smiling and laughing all the while.

She would rather not. But even so, Satsuki can only follow do as he says.

“Oh, please spread your ass so that I might see it better. Right, right. Something is hanging down from the front, but let’s pay that no mind.”

Hearing Kyouichirou words, she is so ashamed, to the point of wanting to just die. Tears are already running down her cheeks. It was the first tears Satsuki shed since her elementary school graduation ceremony.

“…This is an anal plug. It is used for opening the ass hole and also plugging it.”

With every word coming out, her foot trembles, her ass swayes and waves. Right here, in front of a boy still in elementary school, she reveals her secret that she has never told anyone before.

“I can tell that much if I just look at your ass. What I wanter to hear though is, your grades are good, you are cute and beautiful. In addition, you are an ojou-sama who our school is even proud of. Yet why is it that a thing like an anal plug is present up your ass hole?”

Hearing Kyouichirou’s words, the hole in her ass tightened involuntarily. And when Satsuki was tightening against the plug, a thrilling sensation runs through her spines.

She can hear Kyouichirou’s mocking.

The fact that She had to be compliant with an elementary school boy’s orders makes Satsuki feel something hot inside her chest, though she should have been sad about it.

“I…Satsuki is playing with this because Satsuki feels good with her ass. Satsuki spreads her ass with a plug and the inside of her ass will feel full and comfortable. Satsuki feel more when Satsuki tighten it. Whether Satsuki is in class, at work in the student council office, or even when Satsuki is talking to the teacher, Satsuki will always feel good and comfortable by tightening her ass hole!”

Satsuki sped up her thrusting and pulling so that she may feel even more pleasure from the whole ordeal.

With every word spat out, the thrilling feeling from her back continues to grow.

I will make sure to thoroughly embed this scene in my head.

“Oh, the student council president is masturbating in front of an audience.”

Kyouichirou’s words resonate throughout her body. ‘That’s right. I am the student council president. I am suppose to be a role model for every student.’ Satsuki had such fleeting thoughts but they only help to ignite her body even further.

“I got wet so quickly. No way! I didn’t even get wet during the entrance ceremony last time. Even though, both my parents were present back then”

It fells exceptionally good. At the entrance ceremony the previous month, the anal plug was in her ass too as she was delivering her speech to the students.

Of course, I didn’t tighten it, but just putting it in feels very good already.

“Did you really do that? That’s quite a shock then. No way, even during the morning greetings too? Who would’ve been expecting, ‘this person is secretly masturbating using her asshole’?”

I can hear the stinging voice of Kyouichirou. Yes, everyone is having great expectations from me. My father, my teachers, and everyone in the school are counting on me and expecting great things from me.

“What would everyone think of if they saw the current state of President-san as she spread her ass and widen her butt hole? The sense of betrayal they will be feeling will be immense.”

That’s right. Everyone will be extremely mad. My life will be over if it is known to everyone that I have done this perverted thing.

Even just a single post of those pictures, if seen by them bring her world to an end.

Neither my father nor my teachers, neither my fellow student council members nor my classmates, will take my side.

“……how…pleasurable. I~it feels so good. Just a littl~e bit more. So goo~d.”

Thinking that far, Satsuki’s face blurred, filled with regrets.

Satsuki no longer knew whether to be mad, ashamed, or even sad.

I am in the student council room and I am atop the President’s desk and naked, though it is only so for the lower body. Both my butt and ass are exposed, and I’m sticking out my ass over the desk.

I let a boy much smaller than me do this to me. He even said that he likes me.

“What was it again earlier? Didn’t you like me? What was that about?”

I turn around to look at Kyouichirou. He didn’t answer though because he was suddenly asked a question.

I was somewhat upset with that.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Look, this is the student council president’s nakedness. Don’t you wanted to see this. You should look at it carefully. Go ahead. Do as you like. Come on! You don’t have to be shy!”

Satsuki shakes her waist in front of Kyouichirou, as he didn’t do anything.

The plug hit Kyouichirou’s face and he turn away in a hurry.

Quickly looking back, Kyouichirou stared at her with his eyes wide open.

“What’s that face. You’re an elementary school kid. You are way younger than me. Do you think I’d start crying? Yes I was crying. But how about now? Look over here.”

I got off the desk. What am I even doing? I don’t even know anymore.

Satsuki heard the sound of something inside breaking.

Everyone, everyone come take a look at my foolishness.

“Wa wait a sec. Shijouin-san? Is it over…eh!?”

I hold Kyouichirou against the chair he is sitting. He was surprised and resisted, but I didn’t lose to an elementary school kid in terms of strength.

I threw him down on the floor of the student council room.

“Hey, lookie here. This is your favorite student president’s asshole.”

I straddle over Kyouichirou’s face and press my lower body against his face.

The wet area hit Kyouichirou’s forehead, and an obscene sound was heard.

“Fufu, did you hear that? I’m this wet because of you. Look look~. What’s the matter? Everything leads to this moment you know?”

She swing her waist over Kyouichirou’s face and rubs her love juice all over his face with a guchu~chu~chu~guchu sound.

Kyouichirou could barely breathe, but Satsuki couldn’t care less about such things and soaks her love juice all over his face.

“You think it’s okay to threaten a girl like that. Really now. You are an elementary school student. You are just an elementary school student!”

When Kyouichirou’s nose rubbed against her clitoris and she feel comfortable, Satsuki began relentlessly rubbing against it.

Just like that, with Satsuki straddling over him, Kyouichirou had no choice but to stay like that.

“N, aaa~. I’m only doing what I should do to this elementary school boy. First he confessed to me, then he threatened me. A, aaaaaa”

Satsuki lifted her waist up and the plug shakes pointing at Kyouichirou’s eyes.

Her love juice drips into his mouth.

“Puaaa. Shi, Shijouin-san. I’m sorry about that. I’m really sorry.”

Kyouichirou tries to escape in a hurry, but Satsuki’s arms easily hold him down and she seemed to have no intention to release it.

“No, no. What are you saying? Look over here. I have been threatened by you. So I had no other choice. I’ll show you~.”

Satsuki suddenly contracts her muscles around her belly. I’m scared when I think about what she’s trying to do. But I can’t escape anymore. And she didn’t listen to my begging either.

“No way. I, for real. A, a, aaa. N~uuu.”

Suddenly, the root of the plug begins to peek out of Satsuki’s ass hole. Each time Satsuki puts more strength into her belly, the plug is pushed out of her ass hole little by little.

“Fun~uu. It’s out. My butt plug is gonna be completely put out in front of an elementary school student. Fun~nnn. Fun~uuun.”

Looking at Kyouichirou’s confused expression below, Satsuki put more emphasis to her asshole…

“Did something scare you? You’re frightened aren’t you? Fufu, that’s no good. You have to see your favorite President-san pull out the plug.”

Satsuki adjust the position of the plug so that it will protrude to right in front of Kyouichirou. The protruding plug nearly hit Kyouichirou’s face.

“Funn~uuu. A, it’s out. It’s coming out. Look. Look! Nn fu~uuuuu!!”

The excitement of Satsuki increases further. Perhaps this boy under him has never seen a woman like this. It will surely become a trauma. He even had a favourable impression of me. Such a woman should put more strength into her ass…

“No good. I, am not good. Treating an elementary schooler like this. I shouldn’t. O, uooooo. Oo, uooooo~oo.”

Zu~pott~. The plug falls on Kyouichirou’s face with an amazing momentum.

“Uwa. Wa, wait……N, mu~u.”

The moment she squeezed the plug out, Satsuki’s asshole was pressed against Kyouichirou’s mouth.

“Oo~. Aa~. Amazing. The tongue of an elementary school student is licking my ass hole. Oo, hoo~o.”

Satsuki even shake her waist up and down unintentionally.

Kyouichirou’s tongue moving around in her ass hole felt very good.

“Ooooo. Hoooo. Aa~mazing. This is so good. Your tongue feel so good. Nn~ ooooo.”

This is the tongue of an elementary school student. Although it is not long, it is small and it goes all around the ass hole.

Satsuki’s head is already filled with only thoughts of pleasure. Everything that she usually care about doesn’t matter anymore.

School. Grades, her parents. Such a thing is not needed here right now.

“Hey, aren’t you glad. You should stick your tongue out more. Come o~n. Nn~ooouu.”

Kyouichirou was struggling. He put his tongue out, lick Satsuki’s ass hole, and breathed in desperately.

“Nn~hoo. Everyone, every single one of them are stupid! My teachers, my father, and everyone else! Hooo~oo.”

Satsuki’s waist moves faster. Then her left hand starts to stimulate her clitoris.

“You as well, you are an elementary school student. What do you think you were doing, threatning me? Nn ho, hoooooooooo.”

Satsuki didn’t really care how Kyouichirou is like right now. He had desperately tapped on her thighs since a while ago in his attemtp to get some air. But ‘just suffocate from my asshole.’ Satsuki thought so.

I don’t care about him. Others no longer matter to me at all. As long as I can feel good, I don’t care about anyone else.

“Cuming. From my ass. N~ho. Hoo~o. Cuming. Against an elementary school student. Me, the student council president. N~o, oo~. This is a crime. I feel so guilty. So~ goo~d. Aa~ma~zing. I~ am~ sow~ry~. Nhoooo~o. Cuming, cuming. Nhooooo~ooo. Sho~ goooooo~~dd!!”


Satsuki was sleeping on the floor in a relaxed manner. However, the expression on her face is somewhat refreshing and she seems to be very satisfied.

“Th-this is. She may have been more dangerous that I thought. Was it a mistake to put my hands on her?”

Kyouichirou was grateful for the air he can finally breathed, and was worried about his future school life.

In the student council room with only two people, only the calm sleeping breaths of Satsuki could be heard.

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