After Returning to Elementary School with My Memory the Result Was to Create a Harem

Episode 2: Mizuhara Natsumi
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Episode 2: Mizuhara Natsumi

The Next Door Onee-san

~First time~

“It’s been a while since Kyou-chan last come to my home.”

Natsumi Mizuhara took off her blazer then hung them on the back of a chair, told me to wait for a moment, then disappear into the kitchen.

I take a look at her room. There were a lot of pretty accessories, a bed with a light pink sheet and bookshelves packed with shojo-mangas and CDs.

Kyouichirou was visiting Natsumi’s room. As expected, his memory of this room is ambiguous. However, the sweet fragrance of the girl, felt from around, made Kyouichirou’s heart beat a little faster.

Natsumi’s secret act the previous night. Kyouichirou, who had witnessed that, had a strong determination.

I’ll create a harem.

He repeated those words in his heart over and over again.

‘What are you even thinking of’ someone might say that.

But that’s what I want to do in this life.

There was something that convinced Kyouichirou that he was the only one that could pull this off.

The elementary school years that should never come again come again.

I am here with the memories of things yet to come, but before that there is something I can do only now.

‘That’s right, money and status can be earned later, but it is not so for this elementary school years.’

I didn’t have much confidence in my appearance ten years later, and it seemed too difficult to obtain anything but money then.

‘Calm down. I’m an elementary school student. It will absolutely work. No, I can do it.’

I calm down the rampaging heart and regulate my breathing.

Perhaps today will be a turning point in this second life.

“Sorry for the wait. I made barley tea.”

Natsumi has returned with a glass in both hands to which I return my best childlike thanks.

“Your mother and father aren’t home today? It’s been a while since Kyou-chan had a meal here, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Today, my parents aren’t home. My dad is on a business trip and my mother seems to be returning home late. Usually I would quietly stay at home but I definitely can’t miss this opportunity.

Natsumi sat down on her bed, smiling. Since I was sitting on the carpet on the floor, my eyes could sneak a peek under Natsumi’s skirt.

Light blue panties can be seen between her healthy thighs.

Natsumi probably doesn’t care about my eyes. She was just sitting normally, showing her underwear quite defenselessly.

Seeing that things are like this, I’m convinced that it can work.

“Mom will be home a bit late today, so onee-chan will prepare dinner for you.”

‘Just leave it to me’ Natsumi’s smile seemed to say. My smile is a bit cramped but I couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement.

I take a look at Natsumi. She have healthy looking skin. Her hair is tied on the side, just like yesterday, and the swelling of her chest is large for her small physique.

“Ano, Natsumi onee-chan. There is something I really want to ask you about.”

Cut it out. Stop beating so fast my dear heart, I cannot be impatient. Wait, was my voice shaking?

“So there’s this thing…there’s something I don’t understand.”

Natsumi’s face is still like the shining sun. She surely wouldn’t have ever imagine the words that Kyouichirou is about to say.

“…yesterday, evening, I, was up late.”

At that moment Natsumi’s smile solidified as Kyouichirou’s voice spun these words.

“That. I saw it.”

There, I stare at Natsumi. She does not break her smile, but her forehead is slightly sweating.

“Uh, Kyou-chan? That, what did you see?”

Her voice is shaking. She wish it might be about something else. Her voice sound like she’s clinging onto to that faint hope.

“Eh, Natsumi onee-chan was naked. Then…”

It was only a murmur towards the end. Right now, there is no point in threatning her.

I’m just an elementary school kid.

“Um. That… That…”

Natsumi was visibly panicked. She hurriedly tried to make an excuse, but he said that he had seen it. He can’t be fooled.

“Its okay. I won’t tell anyone.”

When Natsumi is on the verge of tears, I send out a lifeboat.

Even if he push on any further, he would not know what to do anyway. And if she eventually cried, it would be troublesome.

“Really? Kyou-chan?”

“I promise. I won’t tell anyone. I know that it’s very embarrassing.”

I pretend to be an innocent child and try to say it a little bit meanly.

Natsumi’s ears turned red like in a manga and then look down.

“…so, what Kyou-chan is saying is?”

Natsumi asked while looking down. she don’t know what to say immediately, but I was relieved by my her words. All trace of impatience seemed to have disappear from my voice.

“Um. This is the thing.”

Saying that, stand up and go right in front of Natsumi.

“Kyou-chan. This is…”

In front of Natsumi, there was Kyouichirou’s pants with a bulge that is easily spottable.

He put his hands on the hem of his pants and slide them down right in front of her.

“Kyo, Kyou-chan !?”

Natsumi raised a surprised voice, but her gaze was firmly fixed on the object in front of her.

“After seeing Natsumi nee-chan yesterday, it got bigger and bigger, and it doesn’t get smaller at all.”

He look up at Natsumi with a teary face, as if he is in trouble. From her seat, Natsumi raise her face a little.

“So that’s it. Really sorry, Kyou-chan.”

Natsumi stared at his crotch, as though it was a big problem. I could immediately catch on what she is thinking.

My thing had swelled to an unusual size and stood brilliantly pointing upward.

It is big even if the comparison is not an elementary school kid’s. For some reason, my thing had always been big even in my past life. I was seriously wondering if I was sick, and when I was little, I had a comlex about it.

“Is my penis strange after all?”

I ask Natsumi with a teary face.

Natsumi has been watching my meat stick for a while, but she look away in a hurry.

“Tha, that’s not the case at all! It’s just that, it’s a bit big……maybe.”

Natsumi’s eyes quickly flick back and forth between my cock and my face. She seemed a little impatient. It seemed that something unexpected appeared and she was seriously thinking that I was worried. I guess she’s deliberately choosing words so as not to hurt me.

“It, it’s okay! It’s good to be big. It may be a bit embarrassing now, but later you will be glad it is big.”

Natsumi’s encouragement makes me laugh.

“Natsumi nee-chan, do you like big ones too?”


I pout and thrust my hips towards Natsumi. It’s a bit embarrassing, but it is more fun to tease Natsumi.

“Um. Onee-chan, too, thinks, the bigger, the better.”

Natsumi’s face grow red down to her neck. I knew from last night that she would have no experience. Even though she was doing such a ridiculous act, it is the first time she saw the real thing.

“It’s been hurting since yesterday, it keeps growing bigger and bigger. Natsumi nee-chan, can you help me?”

I made my plea to Natsumi. It is important to let her choose.

“Eh? Umm……hold on a minute.”

Natsumi shook her head as if she were in trouble. Whatever she may be thinking isn’t shown on her face. But I have been feeling that gaze that has being pouring onto my dick from a while ago.

“For a case like this, I learned what to do at school.”

Suddenly, he leans toward Natsumi.

“Kyo, Kyou-chan?”

I smoothly raise Natsumi’s thighs and slide my knee under Natsumi’s skirt.

I felt an unexpected sensation at the tip of my knee. It’s a little damp.

“Kyou-chan. Wa, wait, what are you doing?”

Since he was suddenly in control, Natsumi began to feel impatient. I have to take this chance.

“I have to do this, other means are useless. That’s what I’ve learned.”

“Eh, eh !?”

I put my hand on Natsumi’s waist which seemed to surprise her and pushed myself down steadily. But contrary to my thoughts, she surprisingly don’t resist.


I take away her lips. Natsumi opened her mouth in surprised and I forcibly push myself in and out tongues entangled.

“N~an Um~un……Pu~a”

After stirring inside her mouth for a little while longer, I pull myself back.

“A~n U~n……no, no, no good, Kyou-chan.”

Due to the suddenness of everything going on, I guess Natsumi head can’t quite catch up with the proceeding events.

However, her cheeks are blushing slightly, and her eyes staring at me seems to be melting a little.

Then I put my hands on her skirt.

“No, not there.”

Natsumi who is now completely teary, desperately press down on her skirt.


Still, I find a gap and hook my finger on her underwear. It’s very warm inside her skirt.

“I should do that with only someone who is important to me and whom I love. Kyou-chan too, will someday…”

The moment I hear Natsumi’s desperate voice, something inside me want to be a little mischevious to her.

“I like you!!”


Natsumi give me a surprised look. I don’t even know why I say it so loudly.

“I’ve really really liked you for a long time! That, I’ve liked Natsumi nee-chan for a long time!”

Shortly after, I’m surprised at mysely. What did I say now?

I turn around to Natsumi in a hurry. She look at me with her eyes wide open.

“……so that’s how. I didn’t know. I’m really thankful Kyou-chan.”

Natsumi said but, she smiled at me and hug me strongly.

It’s so warm and soft.

Ah, that’s right. I’ve always wanted this. I’ve always been longing for this.

I never realise it all that time, that I’ve always liked this girl.

Something warm flow down my cheeks.


“Kyou-chan. It’s kinda embarassing, so don’t stare too much…”

Right before me, Natsumi was lying on her bed the same way she was last night, in a form without any clothes on.

Her white skin was already excited with a little blush, or sweat gradually forming, and I can easily see that the front of her chest was getting hard.

“Natsumi nee-chan is beautiful naked.”

“No, that’s not true. My chests are not that big.”

Natsumi shrugged and put her hands in front of her chest, her face blushing from the sudden praise.

I look at Natsumi’s chest. It have a good shape and was softly spread apart by gravity.

It may not be huge, but it’s not small. It is on the bigger side for a first year high school student. I wonder how big her friends’ are.

“Natsumi nee-chan. Can I play with you like earlier.”

“Nn~ fu~a Aa~ waiii~t, Kyou-cha~”

I pinch her nipples and raise them up. Natsumi let out an unbearable voice as I squeeze and pull her nipppes.


If there is an easily noticeable place on Natsumi’s chest, it is her nipples. It is considerably longer than that of the general public’s. It might be due to her always using her nipples as violently as she did last night. The nipple are stretched out and erect, and are slightly dyed pink.

“Natsumi nee-chan, your nipples are long. Aren’t they about 2cm long?”

“Aaa~ such a thing. Hi~yaa~tsu~u Au~~.”

Natsumi look at her chest then turned her face away, embarrassed at the stiff nipples between my fingers.

“Nu~u. My nipples. They feel good.”

“Fu~n. So, I pull and it stretches just like this. It’s amazing. It’s stiff and looks a little like a dick.”

I want to bully her just a little bit. But since I am just an elementary school kid, I warned myself not to go too far.

“Tha~that’s not the case~. Fu~a. Kyo-chan is mea~n. Aa au~u ~tsu!”

But it seem to be just needless worry. Natsumi was messing around with her right nipple and was already completely absorbed with them. Apparently, her nipples are like a switch to make her horny.

“You must be frantic here too?”

I lightly lifted Natsumi’s clitoris with my finger.

“Hauu~uu~tsu! There’s a bean there Kyou-cha~n!”

That instant, Natsumi’s body body twitch a little.


“The~ther~e. Where Kyou-chan is touching. Oo~~ aa~u~~uu~”

I twisted it a little while raising a question. It’s her clitoris. She’s so cute that a smile unconsiously grew on my face.

“Ha~aa~uu~u Na~aa~~aa~a.”

Every time I squeezed her clitoris with my fingers, Natsumi’s body sloppily shake up and down while moaning lewdly all the while.

Natsumi’s clitoris was as big as her nipples. The hood was completely turned over, and the erect part is really red and ripe.

“Are you not ashamed? To feel so much with an elementary school kid’s finger.”

Natsumi’s face is dyed red, but then, she show me surprised expression.

“I~I’m sorry, Kyou-chan. But somehow, Kyou-chan~ somehow you seemed a little different from usual~”

Natsumi twisted her body. She seemed embarrassed to have just shown her silliness. Her eyes gets really teary.

“It’s fine. I find Natsumi nee-chan really cute. Hey, I want to do it soon.”

In fact, I was about to reach my limit. After all, the nee-chan I long for so much is right in front of my eyes with such a lewd appearance. It’s stranger to not get excited.

“……okay~, but before that.”

After a quick glance at the meat stick that had swelled to the limit, Natsumi’s face turn red then took something out from the side of her bed.

“It’s no good if you don’t put this on properly, okay?”

It was a condom. Natsumi opens it and tries to help me put it on in an awkward manner.

“I I’m sorry, because it’s the first time onee-chan use it.”

Natsumi awkwardly help me put on the condom. To think she put such things beside her bed, and she’s still is a virgin.

“…all set, let’s do it, Kyou-chan.”

Natsumi, when she’s all done, finally decided to invited me. However, in her eyes, the feelings of expectations and anticipation for the things to come are clearly visible.

I nod once and slowly push myself inside Natsumi.


“Aa~u, aaaa~ It feels good Kyou-chan. It feels so good. Ou~uu aaa~.

30 minutes later. There was the figure of Natsumi straddling on top, waving her body back and forth all over me.

“This onee-chan feels good. Is Kyo-chan feeling good too? Fuu~ ooo~o oo aa~n.”

“Uun, yes. It feels good, Natsumi nee-chan.”

Taking Natsumi’s virginity was light and easy. There was no blood and only a little pain. I thought it wasn’t her first time, but then I remembered that it used to be like that sometimes, and Natsumi was like that.

In less than 10 minutes, Natsumi feel it in her pussy, then I was pushed down just like that.

Because I didn’t think that she would actually actively do it with me, I was a bit nervous at first.

“Nfuu. Aa aa~. Kyou-chan’s, Kyou-chan’s penis. I will make it feel even better. It’s okay. Aa aan~uu.”

Natsumi says so while pressing her waist against mine. She keep on talking with me all the while.

“Inside onee-chan. If you get bigger, you will feel better. ~a. Aa, a~u. N fu~uuu.”

But perhaps, I worried for nothing. Natsumi had probably remove all qualms about this act from her heart.

After all, she is waving her body on top of an elementary school boy she is familiar with. This isn’t something someone would normally do.

“If Kyou-chan feels good, then I feel good too. Aa ~u, oo~o, so that it will feel even better, onee-chan will do her best. I’ll do my best for Kyou-chan.”

I look up at Natsumi who is now completely disheveled on top of me. Her face is no longer the bright smiley face I am familiar with.

The person on top of me, with her mouth sloppily opened and panting hard with an unfocused gaze was not someone I was familiar with.

When i reach that realisation, a tremendous pleasure hit me.

Only I know the real face of Natsumi nee-chan. That fact shook my body hard from the bottom of my spine.

“A~tsu! A~a, aa~u~aaa!!!”

Then, I thrust up hard at the butt of Natsumi from below. Just like that, I keep piercing and piercing so as to make Natsumi bounce on top of me.

“Aa! N ~a! Kyou-cha~n. Aa aa. It hits till the back ~uu. What is this. N o aa~.”

Natsumi began to open her mouth like she’s broken when i start to move. Placing my hands next to my head, I move my hips fiercely like a wild beast.

“Aa. Uun. Aaa~. It’s so amazing. Your penis feels amazing. Kyou-chan, let onee-chan help you too. Aaa~. Just a little more. Aaa~ nn haa~aa”

I grab and twist both of her nipples that were bouncing in front of me.

“Aaaaaaa~!! fuaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaa!!!”

I stretch them as much as I could, then thrust them back in as deep as possible.

“Aaa~tsu, cuming, cuming cuming cuming. Aaa, aa~aa aaa. Un uu aaa.”

Right then, Natsumi’s body begins to spasm. And everything that had accumulated in Kyouichirou blow out.

“Aaa, it’s out. Kyou-chan. I can feel it even through the rubber ~aa.”

After cuming, Natsumi’s pussy repeatedly contract tightly, and it seeme to not want to let go of the meat stick that was still firm inside.

“It’s was completely filled. Then it gets a little smaller. Kyou-chan’s dick is really good. You’ve worked hard for onee-chan Kyou-chan.”

Natsumi was enjoying the afterglow of our sex with the face of a girl who was totally in love.

The idiotic experssion Natsumi shown me is beautiful. It is different from her usual, but this is also another true side of the girl I love.

I’ll be honest, I’m glad that she’s my first lover. Her warmth reminds me of the feelings that I had long forgotten.

But, I wouldn’t stop here.

“Thank you very much, Natsumi nee-chan. I’ll tell my mother that you’ve completely healed my penis.”

I will never forget the face of Natsumi when she heard those words.

“……Eh!, wha what are you saying, Kyou-chan?. You haven’t talk about your onee-chan to anyone, right?”

“Of course not. I haven’t told anyone about yesterday. And I won’t tell anyone about Natsumi’s shameful masturbation from yesterday.”

From Natsumi’s face, It feels like all her blood was suddenly drained. Then she look down at our parts that were still connected and suddenly realise what she had been doing.

“Eh, no way. Kyou-chan, this is…”

“Ano, Natsumi nee-chan was furiously moving on too of me. Then desperately shaking your hips straddling on an elementary school kid. I was a first for me. It still feels somewhat unreal.”

I confess to Natsumi what was on my mind. I really fell in love with the side of Natsumi I just discovered, which I didn’t know was there before.

But I would have been terribly traumatised if I really were an elementary school kid. Won’t I become totally scared of women?

“Waah, I’m sorry. I’m sorry Kyou-chan. I’m really really sorry.”

Natsumi who finally realise that she had done something that’s absolutely ridiculous, apologize in tears. And she doesn’t seem to have come to pull her toughts together just yet.

At this chance, I don’t have to pretend to be a good child anymore.

“Really now, it’s okay. You helped heal my penis after all. And if Natsumi nee-chan do as I says, then I naturally won’t talk about it to anyone.”

Saying that, Kyouichirou turn and smile towards Natsumi, who have a hard time believing that he is just an elementary school kid.


“Can you hear me Kyou-chan?”

“Yes. I can hear you, Natsumi nee-chan.”

I can hear Kyouichirou’s voice coming from my earphones.

Right now, as usual, I am completely naked and spreading my legs in front of the glass door.

If there is something different, then it’s this earphone and the light that illuminates the room. Also the figure of a person that can be seen in the next house.

“After I see you do something like yesterday again. I think I’ll get bigger again.”

As he laughed while he was saying that, his face is not that of the boy I’m familiar with, then I realized I couldn’t escape anymore.

‘He’s an elementary school student anyway and he can be managed.’ It is true that I had such a thought when I was committing with Kyo-chan.

And to think that, all by myself, I was so excited. I can’t help but think that I was such a bad woman.

“You just have to explain what you’re doing. It’s easy, isn’t it?”

And so, I touch my clitoris while stretching one nipple with my finger.

“Waaaa. An. Uuu~. My nipples. Onee-chan like it when they are pulled. And my beans, pulling them will get them bigger too. Haaa~n.”

Well I really can’t help it. My body welcome this situation to it’s heart’s content. The touches even feel two times more pleasureble than usual.

“Then rub them like a penis. Ooo. Aa aaa~. Are you watching? Kyou-chan, are you looking at your onee-chan?”

“I’m watching. The scene of Natsumi onee-chan masturbating, I’m watching it properly.”

Hearing his voice, my waist shook in a frenzy. Then I moan passionately. The opponent is Kyou-chan. I knew him since he was a baby, and is still in elementary school.

“Forgive me. I’m sorry, Kyou-chan. I feel so good. Onee-chan is a really naughty girl ~o. Ua~a. Aa.”

Both my nipples and my clitoris are erect to the fullest. And they are being seen. He can see all my shameful places.

I couldn’t stand it. So I turn around and point my hips towards Kyou-chan.

“Aa, I’m spreading it. Kyou-chan, my ass hole is completely exposed in front of an elementary school kid.”

I open and close the hole and my hips on purpose, while feeling the cold air.

“Wow. Everything is visible. Natsumi nee-chan. The back and the front are both spread loosely. Amazing!”

The voice coming from the earphones seemed to be stirring inside my head.

“Kyou-chan’s, please give me Kyou-chan’s penis~. Your elementary school penis~. Aaa, I want it. Un Aa aa~.”

I remember what was in me this evening. It was hot, hard and big. I want it again, I want it to make me feel good again.

“Ah, that’s no good Natsumi nee-chan. It’s suppose to be same as yesterday. What is it that you always think about?”

All of a sudden, Kyou-chan’s angry voice was heard at the phone.

“Did you always masturbate while thinking about my dick? I’m glad about that, but it would be a really serious trouble.”

I get what he’s saying and get myself together. However, the person I usually imagine seemed to be all sort of people, but despite all that… before I knew it, I felt extreme pleasure run from the back of my body.

“Penis. Please, penis.”

I crush my clitoris with one finger and stir my inside with my other finger.

“Aa, aa. Penis. Anyone, anyone. Any penis is fine. Onee-chan aaa~ is fine no matter whose penis it is.”

I stir it in the place like I remembered. Aaa~! Good. If I keep going like this, I should reach the peak as soon as possible.

“Aa~a uu~u aa~. Hiii~ii, I dont know anymor~ee.”

My head then becomes pure white. I feel like Kyou-chan is saying something, but I don’t understand them anymore.

“It feels good. Ah, haa~, what is this. How is this even possible? Uu~, aa aa~. Cuming cuming cuming.”

Kyouichirou’s laughing voice did not reach Natsumi’s ear.

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