After Returning to Elementary School with My Memory the Result Was to Create a Harem

Chapter 18: Sakazaki Kaede
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Chapter 18: Sakazaki Kaede

Beautiful and Composed Maid-san

~After Edition~

“Uwaー ……really?”

“I am ashamed. Sorry.”

Kyouichirou opens his eyes wide seeing the sight in front of him.

It took 15 minutes to drive by Kaede’s car and Kyouichirou was guided into a room of a relatively modest apartment.

Kaede looks down, ashamed. Kyouichirou loses his words at the miserable state of her room that is way too shocking.

Empty cans of shochu-highball scattered everywhere, with piled up magazines scattered on not just the table but also on the floor. Underwear and pajamas that remained as they were stripped off, while on the contrary, the vibes and rotors were left on the bed neatly, telling that they were used all the time.

Kyouichirou looks up at Kaede’s face while staring at the leftover convenience store lunch box on the table.

“It’s shocking.”

“U, ~uu. I never cleaned.”

Where does the usually clean and excellent maid go to? The dirty and cluttered Kaede’s room is just too different from the image Kyouichirou had of her.

“Not like this. I imagined a room with more, black tea and documents? A cool room like that.”

“That’s right. I’m not a normal human being.”

In short, work and private life seem to be completely different. Or rather, Kyouichirou have this reaction because she is just too good at work.

Kaede glanced up, standing in very ordinary clothes, not the maid outfit, in T-shirt and jeans.

Just based on her clothes, she is a woman you can find pretty much everywhere, except for the ripped jeans that are a bit erotic. But, a beauty with a style like hers are rare.

“Okay, let’s get started.”

Yoisho, Kyouichirou dropped his school bag beside Kaede’s bed. Her heartbeat jumps at his action.

“Um, that. Really? ……”

~mojimoji, Kaede rubs her legs together fidgetingly. With Satsuki absent and being with Kyouichirou alone, Kaede recognized the anomaly of the present situation.

“If Sakazaki-san do not like it, I won’t. I don’t like to force someone you see.”

Answered Kyouichirou. They had already played for a bit but, it is ultimately up to Kaede. After all, Kyouichirou has no hobby to force someone.

Kaede is relieved at Kyouichirou’s words, but she grabbed her shirt.

“So, it means that, if I’m fine with it……”

Softly, Kaede’s voice came out. While slowly, her lower abdomen gets hot.

“Yes. If Sakazaki-san wants it, I’ll commit you. I may look like this, but I’m good at it. I’m fine with anything.”

Kyouichirou’s laughing face has the feel on an innocent elementary school boy. However, Kaede’s head jolts at the unimaginable implication the line he just said had.”

Kaede gazes at Kyouichirou with a rough breath while suppressing her throbbing heart.

It really is something strange, no matter where you look, he is definitley an elementary school boy. But such a boy says with a smile, ‘I’ll commit you’

Kaede is about to laugh at the ridiculousness of her circumstance.

“It’s hard to commit with jeans on, right?”

She can’t step down anymore. While putting her hand on her belt, Kaede feels like leaving herself to immorality. She seemed to hear something breaking in her heart.

“Yes yes, spread it out. With your crotch.”

“L-like this?”

Finding it funny, Kaede is puzzled by the feeling that her breathing no longer seemed like it’s hers.

She’s breathless. But she can’t help it. The reason is simple.

In her room, she is naked with her ass hole widened towards a boy.

Her legs are spread wide and both her ass hole and the pussy hole are shown to her back.

“It’s pretty hairy. It’s cute.”


Furthermore, it’s to an elementary school boy.

The one she deluded herself with every day. She couldn’t remember how many times she comforted herself with such.

However, reality is different from the imagination she’s had so far. Kaede is desperately filled with an endless wave of shame.

But she kept enduring.

“It’s dripping down. Really, what an execptionally sloppy work.”

“U~u. I’m really sorry.”

~guchui~yuguchu, Kyouichirou’s finger entered Kaede’s vagina. The rough part of the entrance is stroked, and her legs shuddered.

“You like little boys, right? Are you still excited?”

“Ah, nu~u. Y-yes. That’s right. N~tsu”

The voice criticising her belongs to the elementary school boy. Kaede stares at her hardened nipple, wondering how she is being bullied to such an extent by a child.

She’s excited. There is no way she could deny it. A cunning boy is tampering with her crotch and is dripping love juice on the floor.

“I’ll lick your ass hole. So now, spread it.”

“Eh? Wait, Kyouichirou-kun!?”

Suddenly, her buttocks were spread apart. While trying to look back in a hurry, she is pushed forward.

Suddenly getting bowlegged, Kaede’s face turned red at her new posture.

“N, rero~o. Nmu~tsu”

“Hii~!? U~, no way. Auu~ oh~tsu, hiuu~tsu”

Kyouichirou’s tongue enters Kaede’s ass hole slightly. She gasped and moaned for the first time.

No way, I didn’t expect it to be licked. Certainly, her butthole was developed by Satsuki, but Satsuki did not lick it.

“N~chu. How does it feel? Letting an elementary school boy lick your ass hole?”

“T-that’s. Nfu~tsu fu~tsu. No, no way no way ~tsu”

It’s just ridiculous. 22. I am 22 years old.

Kyouichirou’s is a genuine elementary school student. Such a child is now licking my ass hole.

No way no way, repeatedly crying that out, Kaede stared at the window in front of her. The window is fully open. The curtains aren’t opened, but if they do, it may be possible to see her foolery from the nearby buildings.

“Your clitoris is hard. Really, you’re too different from the first impression I had of you.”

“He, heu~tsu. I deeply apologise ~tsu.”

He squeezed the sensitive clitoris. The stimulus cause Kaede to reach a light climax.

Kyouichirou laughed, and carefully treat the clitoris while picking Kaede’s vagina.

“Nhi~tsu, nhi~tsu. Uu, uu~u. Ngu~u”

“Hurry, say it. It would be bad for your body to endure any further. Say it already.”

Kyouichirou’s happy voice reached Kaede who is desperately trying to suppress her voice. Her partner is an elementary school student, she can’t say it. Kaede shuts her mouth to the best she can afford.

“Nfuu~. Nfu~tsu, ugu~u ~tsu. Hii, Hii~”

“Nー Do your best then. Well, the night is long. Please do your very best, Sakazaki-san.”

While enduring the girl’s part that is being picked up, Kaede suppresses her trembling excited body.

The time is just passed 7 o’clock night time.

“Ah~tsu, ah~tsu, Cum, cum~. I’m cuming again”

12:00 midnight, Kaede’s shout is echoing in the apartment.

Kaede stares at Kyouichirou on the bed, while spreading her mushy body.

“You cum again. Look, please report.”

“Hii hee~tsu, ooh~tsu. I cum. Penis, Penis just make me cum again”

While holding a lot of Kyouichirou’s meat stick in her vagina, Kaede’s body convulsed at the climax she don’t know how many times she had had today.

How is this possible? Why? Kaede looked up at the ceiling with a blurred head.

『Sex, please. With me』

Kaede recalled. A few hours ago her body was so messed up. Her ass hole and vagina hole, exhausted by the fingers and toys, eventually surrendered to Kyouichirou.

A 22 year-old adult begged for an elementary school boy to have sex while spreading her crotch by hand. Begging ‘please’.

(Y-you’re too good ~tsu. Why~? How~?)

She thought sweetly, that’s right. After all, he is an elementary school boy. She thought so somewhere in my heart.

Even when she was begging for sex, Kaede had the delusion of trying to take the initiative in the middle.

“Hey. What was going on? Please explain it just a bit.”

“Ngu~u ~tsu. Elementary school student’s penis ~uu. Nn~tsu, nu ~uu ~tsu”

Kaede was violated by Kyouichirou, who is more than 20 cm shorter than her. 3 shots have been shot inside already, albeit with condom on.

All the semen in the condom were carefully licked.

In front of Kyouichirou, who had a satisfied smile, Kaede turned over the condom and desperately drink from them. After that, of course, Kyouichirou himself is also cleaned with her mouth.

“Ahi~tsu, ahi~i ~tsu. P-please forgive me. I won’t be able to go back. I’m with an elementary schooler. Nhii~tsu”

“Isn’t it fine? You like Shota, right? I’ll fuck your ass later. It’ll be raw at that time.”

From Kyouichirou’s side, he had already experience Kaede’s conflict with Natsumi. If he hit her hard, she will fall to where she can’t get back from.”

Therefore, Kyouichirou turned his mobile camera to Kaede, feeling that he have to tread carefully. These tools are great excuses for women as well.

“Hey, Sakazaki-san. I’m recording. Smile smile.”

“Wha? Hi, hiu~tsu. No~ no~. Ngu~, nhaa~tsu”

Persistently, Kyouichirou will hit Kaede’s weaknesses he had discovered. Worrying about the camera, Kaede shouted in a quivering voice.

“To, to be recording ~tsu. Nhi~tsu, nhiii~tsu”

“No, for now, I have to record it. I would be in trouble if some strange words leak out. Now, introduce yourself.”

Tightly, Kyouichirou squeezed her clitoris. Immediately, Kaede’s back jumps greatly.

“Ah~tsu, ahu~i ~tsu. I see. I understand. Wait~ wait~tsu”

Kaede realized that something had changed about Kyouichirou and hugged herself while crying. If she goes any further, she will be begging to a little boy.

I can’t help it then. Thinking so, Kyouichirou kissed Kaede’s cheek.

“Kaede Sakazaki, 22 years old. Fu, I normally, do maid work.”

Kaede reflected on the screen smiled shyly.

Kaede, who is naked and wears only high heels for some reason, spreads her legs on the desk where empty cans are scattered, with ‘peace’ sign towards the camera.

“This is my house. Here, I’m going to commit a boy.”

Iron-masked beauty is really befitting of her. Kaede look cool. She endures shame and opens his mouth to the camera.

However, Kaede’s cheeks are dyed vermillion red when she began to say the say the words. Resolving herself, she move her lips further.

“M-my partner is K-kun, elementary school student. I sucked his penis, a-and he licked my ass hole. Of course, I already ate him many times.”

Fuーfuー, Kaede’s breath is getting rough. She’s not making things up. No matter how much he attacked, Kyouichirou is an elementary school student. From the public perspective, Kaede is still the one commiting Kyouichirou to this act.

“I’m going to eat K-kun’s Shota-penis with my ass hole…… N-now, K-kun, come over here.”

Kyouichirou approaches Kaede. Grabbing his erected cock, Kaede started sucking it.

Is it because it is in front of the camera? Kyouichirou’s meat stick grows bigger to Kaede, whose iron-masked beauty does not fade.

“N~tsu. Fubu~u ~tsu. Fubu~tsu, ji~yubu~u ~tsu”

With her mouth shut tight, Kaede sucks Kyouichirou’s specialty vulgarly. As she pulled out, Kaede stared at the camera while stroking with her hand.

“Sho-shota penis, so cute. Now, I’ll eat it with my ass hole.”

Kyouichirou lays down to signal that, and Kaede straddled his crotch. He zoomed in the camera on the ass hole.

Kaede’s ass hole, which is spread out, is projected on the screen. Without minding that, she further widened her ass hole with her fingers.

“I am the one who commits a Shota, please enjoy.”

The moment she sat down, Kaede’s iron-masked beauty melts for an instant. After seeing it over the screen, Kyouichirou grinned.

“N, nnooo~ooo ~tsu”

Kaede’s resounding voice tells that the night has just begun.

“Yes President. It’s me”

「Ara Kyouichirou-sama. How was it?」

The next day, Kyouichirou scratched his cheek as Satsuki’s voice came out of the phone. She answers Satsuki’s question as though troubled.

“Ahー that is. You’ll have to excuse me”

「Excuse me?」

Satsuki is confused in response to Kyouichirou’s voice. He don’t know how he could explained, so he put his phone forward.

“Nnoo~oooh. Ah~tsu, ass, my ass. Nnoh~tsu, Nnoo~oo ~tsu”

While showing off her asshole that is completely turned up, Kaede’s waist is waving back and forth. The iron-masked beauty has completely melted, and every time Kyouichirou meat stick rubs the mucous membrane, an incredible pant and moan resounds.

“Sakazaki-san. It’s Satsuki.”

“N a~tsu, afuu~tsu. O, ojou-sama ~tsu”

When he brought his mobile phone close to Kaede’s mouth, she made her best outgoing voice. Nevertheless, there are no traces of a fine maid at all.

「Ara Sakazaki. It sounds like you have a lot of fun」

“T-that kind of thing. Nha~tsu, oh~tsu, oha~o ~tsu”

~zurururu, Kyouichirou slowly pulls out his meat stick from her ass hole. Apparently Kaede likes it as it’s pulled out.

「Today is Saturday, and it’s Kyouichirou-sama’s day off. Okay. I’m coming too, so cum 10 times from anal sex by then」

“Hii~tsu, hiio~tsu. Ojou-sama. Such, nh, fu~tsu, oh~tsu, oha~a ~tsu”

The cock is put in again and Kaede moans. Being put in naturally means being pulled out again.

「Hereafter, you are a sex toy belonging to me and Kyouichirou-sama. Fufu, don’t worry. Your salary will be raised accordingly」

“Nnoooh ~tsu. S-such a ~tsu. Ohi~tsu, ohi~iiii~tsu”

Her entire head only thought of her ass hole, and it turns pure white.

Remembering her proud and lovable master, Kaede realized that she could only be swept away in the inevitable pleasure.

“You heard her, as President said…… 10 times? I understand. I’ll help you out”

“Nhi~ii ~tsu”

Kyouichirou receives the message from Satsuki. Kaede released a low moan as her clitoris is rubbed.

The clitoris, which had been completely reddened, had been let untouched for several hours.

“Nnoooh ~tsu. Ah~tsu, aaahn ~tsu. Nn ~oh ~tsu, don’t. Hi~ Hihihi ~tsu”

Finally, Kaede laughs as Kyouichirou licks her ears. He turned up her clitoris after a bit of an effort because she was too tall to lick.

“As expected, only the ass would be tough. I’ll keep quiet to Satsuki…… So let’s do our best?”

“Hi, hi ~uu ~tsu. Like, like that ~tsu. Ah ~tsu, cum ~tsu. Cuming ~~tsu”

Kaede’s body keeps twitching little by little as it is rubbed. Kyouichirou blame the sensitive clitoris without mercy.

“Okay okay, with that, 9 to go. The next one is coming right up. How slippery.”

“Ngu~tsu, Ahi~tsu. Hi, Hihi ~tsu. Hii ~wait ~tsu, I just ~cum ~tsu, ah, aaah ~tsu. cum~ cum ~u. Cuming ~uu”

Kaede can’t even stay on all fours. Kyouichirou keeps rubbing her clitoris while violating her ass hole, as she spreads her legs like a frog.

“I’ll use the pussy once more.”

“Nnoh ~tsu, nno~ooh ~tsu. I’ll die. Hi~nnya ~uu. Higuu ~tsu. Cuming~u”

Clamping on the sheets, Kaede tried to preserve something that is about to break, but trembles as she realise she couldn’t do anything about it.

“Nnoo ~tsu, nnooo~oh ~tsu”

As it was pulled out, her ass hole that keeps spitting out sperm, doesn’t look anything like it used to be.

“Ojou-sama. There is a dinner party scheduled next month……”

“Argh, that troublesome grandfather. Okay. Keep my schedule open.”

Skillfully, Sakazaki glanced at the rearview mirror while holding on the steering wheel.

Unlike usual, a stranger boy sits beside her master.

“Umm, about that? uh”

“What’s wrong?”

While Kyouichirou is sitting on the seat with an upright posture, Satsuki stares at him rather curiously.

After all, until late afternoon, Kyouichirou played with Satsuki and Kaede. He endures his intense sleepiness because of the activity he continued through the day.

Satsuki has also been assaulted on the veranda of the apartment. She sucked Kyouichirou’s cock with semen dripping from her ass hole on the veranda.

“Are you tired? I’m really sorry, Kyouichirou-sama. I wasn’t careful.”

Sakazaki, dressed in maid clothes, looks into the rearview mirror out of concern. While driving a car with large engine displacement, Kaede turns the steering wheel to the destination while maintaining keeping her iron-masked beauty visage. (TN: raws says Sakazaki and Kaede separately in 1 paragraph!)

“No, it’s fine. Ahaha”

This woman is scary. With that in mind, Kyouichirou sent a dry laugh to the view seen from the back seat of the red sports car.

“Fufu, how strange Kyouichirou-sama”

Seeing Satsuki tilts her head while laughing happily, Satsuki gave a weak smile.

She knew why her master gave a smile like that.

Unlike her usual self, she is giving praise.

Thus, Sakazaki treasures the proud experssion of her master, which will always remain in her heart. Her iron-faced beauty visage is broken in such a tiny way that the other two wouldn’t see.

The sports car runs on the road, humming as its passengers are laughing.

“It’s already late. Let’s eat somewhere.”

“Nah, ramen is good. Let’s go for tonkotsu ramen. Kyouichirou-sama is fine with it right?”

Sakazaki opens her eyes wide in surprise to her master’s proposal. Next to her master, the boy said, ‘anywhere is fine’.


The girl’s eyes are opened wide this time when she heard the sound leaking from her mouth. This is rude, thinking that Sakazaki slowly tightened her lips.

“Then, shall we head to the ramen shop?”

Was there a ramen shop where this car could be parked? With that in mind, Sakazaki stepped on the accelerator of the car.

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