After Returning to Elementary School with My Memory the Result Was to Create a Harem

Chapter 17: Sakazaki Kaede
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Chapter 17: Sakazaki Kaede

Beautiful and Composed Maid-san

~Prequel Edition~

“……What does this mean?”

Staring at the screen of the personal computer, Kaede Sakazaki opened her mouth wide unintentionally.

Satsuki’s stock account that she had been managing. Satsuki’s share management had been entrusted to her by the master of the house to study the market. However, the amount in the account is clearly increasing.

By nature, the essence of stock is not in its trading. That said, the growth in the account in recent months is extraordinary. Clearly, assets management has been conducted here through stock trading. (TN: to be honest I know nothing about this)

In terms of just money, it is but a few hundred thousand yen, but Sakazaki narrowed her eyes as she knew that it is unlikely Satsuki personally did all these.

“So, it’s him?”

It’s hard to believe it so suddenly. He is four younger than Satsuki after all. However, the results did not come from Satsuki’s personal changes.

“Hmm. Should I interrogate you just a little bit?”

There are many other things she wants to ask too. But since she couldn’t just delude herself forever, Sakazaki fixed her dress’s hem and stood up.

Sakazaki turns his feet towards her master’s room, with her tongue licking his lips.

“So, Sakazaki huh?”

Satsuki turned to Kyouichirou while lifting her tea cup. He nodded and brought a delicious sweet cookie to his mouth.

“Yes, Sakazaki-san. She’s a beautiful woman. But a bit scary.”

Kyouichirou brought up the iron-masked beautiful maid Sakazazi while chewing on the delicious and high-quality powdered snack. They’ve met many times, but Kyouichirou still doesn’t know how to act around that woman.

It is true, however, that she had taken care of everything well. On the days he stayed till it’s late, she sometimes send him home by car, Kyouichirou asks Satsuki if something should be done about her.

“No, she is my servant. You don’t have to worry about her.”

To Satsuki, Kyouichirou is an elementary school boy. She gently placed the cup on the table, as she finished her tea.

“Rather than that, you’re really interested in Sakazaki ……Do you like mature onee-sans?”

“Eh? No, that’s not the case.”

Kyouichirou scratches his cheeks, feeling Satsuki’s mood getting a little bad.

Certainly, she is beautiful and has a good style, but she is not his onee-san. She’t not only just a few years older, but about two years younger than the original Kyouichirou instead. She should be as old as college students?

“I have you, President.”

Satsuki’s cheeks loosened involuntarily to Kyouichirou’s muttering. She lifted her teacup so as to deceive him with a fake cough.

“N-Natsumi-san and Tsubasa-san are there too.”

On the surface, Satsuki’s cheeks were inflated while her inner soul is full of joy. Although each one’s role is different, Satsuki has the confidence that she can best fulfill Kyouichirou’s sexual desires.

But in fact, Satsuki is the one Kyouichirou hasn’t done much with.

“……But to Sakazaki-san, I can’t imagine myself doing that kind of thing with her.”


Satsuki replies strangely to Kyouichirou. When she thinks about it, the age difference with Natsumi is already there. Satsuki cranks her neck, finding it strange that Kyouichirou thinks she’s out of his range.

“Right, I guess it’s the right time to return?”

“Oh, I’m sorry for keeping you till it’s late Kyouichirou-sama. But where has the enthusiasm you had when you take me go to?”

Satsuki laughs at Kyouichirou who emits a weak sound. But the truth is, Kyouichirou didn’t think he is a good partned for a debate with Satsuki. Also, the iron-masked maid felt too much for him.

So, since he don’t intend to be with that person, he will be lying down.

But thinking of Sakazaki’s beautiful body, Kyouichirou lower body heats up. He is aiming for harem from the beginning after all. And since she is such a beauty, he don’t mind having a partner like her.

Satsuki puts her hand on her chin after confirming that Kyouichirou’s lower body have reacted.

Since it is what my favourite goshujin-sama wants. Satsuki began planning in her head while Kyouichirou did not notice.

“Can you come again after a month?”

Kyouichirou threw the last cookie into his mouth, saying that he would come again without having to be reminded.

“What are you planning to show me?”

“Fufu. I hope you would like it.”

As he walked down the hallway of Satsuki’s mansion, Kyouichirou tilted his head.

He have met Satsuki since then, but this is the first time he have been to the mansion in a month.

Kyouichirou walks down the corridor with excitement wondering what delicious treats she will give him.

“Speaking of which, I don’t see Sakazaki-san. Is she on a day off?”

Suddenly, Kyouichirou notices that he hadn’t seen the maid who would always welcome him at the entrance. Soon, it would be the usual time she came to ask if Satsuki would have tea.

“Sakazaki is fufuー You will understand if you look in here.”

To Satsuki, who smiles intimidatingly, Kyouichirou made an appropriate smile.

He don’t know what she meant, but he walks behind her for the time being, as she seemed to have so much excitement as they move.

“I’ll be glad if you like it.”

They stood in front of her room. Stepping forward, Satsuki smiled and put her hand on the door knob.

The doors of the room opened quietly.


Kyouichirou immediately stood dumbly at the sight that came into his view.

“It’s been a long time, Kyouichirou-sama”

The woman in Satsuki’s room is definitely a familiar woman.

Kaede Sakazaki bows deeply toward Kyouichirou. Looking at her actions, Kyouichirou turned back to Satsuki, confused.

“Um, Satsuki?”

“Please, come in”

Satsuki just smiles and urges Kyouichirou to go into the room. As he went forward, Satsuki firmly locked the room.

Kaede’s body trembles at the sound of the key locking the room.

“Um, Sakazaki-san?”

Kyouichirou asked because he had never actually familiarise himself with Kaede’s face.

And the Kaede’s face, which he isn’t even familiar with, seemed to have been dyed a little red, like she’s ashamed.

“I have a present for Kyouichirou-sama today.”


Kyouichirou looked back at Satsuki who is smiling. He do not catch the flow of the conversation at all. It shouldn’t be his birthday today.

After walking pass Kyouichirou who is having such silly thoughts, Satsuki opens her mouth toward Kaede.

“Say your greetings Sakazaki. Just as I taught.”

On Satsuki’s order, Kaede’s face seemed to be begging. However, after seeing Satsuki’s expression, Kaede realises that she cannot escape.

Looking once at Kyouichirou, Kaede breathed deeply. Then she put her hands on the hem of the maid outfit.

Slowly, Kaede’s long skirt rose.

“I am Kaede Sakazaki, meat slave of Satsuki ojou-sama. T-today, please use me as you want.”

Saying that, Kaede puts the hem of her skirt in her mouth. As it is, she protruded her hips to show her lower body.

“How about you, Kyouichirou-sama? Do you like it?”

Kyouichirou puts his palm on the smiling Satsuki’s head. She squinted happily as she is stroked.

Kaede’s eyes looked incredible as she saw the state her master is in.

“Good girl, Satsuki”

Kyouichirou is praising Satsuki from the bottom of his heart.

“Ah~ nfuu. Please don’t look too much.”

Kyouichirou shouted hee~e, hearing at the sloppy sound Kaede is making.

Kaede is currently masturbating with a vibe in front of Kyouichirou. Her legs are stretched out to her crotch while she is shaking the vibe in and out of her.

“To turn that Sakazaki-san to such a pervert. How did you do it?”

“Fufu, Sakazaki can’t resist me after all. Keep attacking her for about a month, and violà.”

Kaede’s face turns red at Satsuki’s explaination. Probably, Kaede thought, that she have an inclination for this from the beginning. She regretted so much that she wanted to beat her self from one month ago, when she signed up for this.

“A month ago, ‘I don’t mind. I’m not busy anyway. And it seems interesting too,’ she said.”

“Oh, you promised you won’t say that, ojou-sama.”

Kaede facial tone reddens farther, while Satsuki has a lush smile. Kyouichirou stared at Kaede’s body while his heart is pounding excitedly with a ~dokidoki.

Not just the front. There is also an anal plug behind. It means that Satsuki would probably have worked hard to develop the ass hole.

Kyouichirou glanced at Kaede, and his impression of her had made a 180° turn.

“This child is so beautiful, yet she doesn’t have a lover. Do you know why?”

“Eh? No, why?”

Kyouichirou’s head starts to wander at the sudden question. She definitely is a beauty. Kyouichirou turned his eyes to Kaede, thinking if her body had any hidden problems.

Satsuki beckons Kaede, who is shyly looking down. In response, Kaede opened her mouth with ashame.

“Wuu, it’s because I’m a pervert…… T-that. Sho, shota.”

Kaede’s eyes seemed to bled tears. Satsuki picked up a book on the desk, saying that she should help since Kaede couldn’t finish her confession to the end. Kaede raises her voice, but Satsuki hands the book to Kyouichirou.

“This is one of the books that came out of this girl’s room in large quantities.”

“Eeー what’s this?”

Kyouichirou turned the pages of the book in a flurry. He understands the situation somehow from the contents drawn there.

The contents of the book were an ero-manga in which a woman is fucked by a boy in elementary school.

At the height of shame, Kaede’s face trembles.

“Hey Sakazaki, please explain to Kyouichirou-sama how much of a pervert you really are. What are the thoughts you hid behind that iron-masked face of yours.”

“U, uu~. O, ojou-sama. That is……”

Satsuki narrowed her eyes to the feeble looking Kaede. She opens her mouth in a hurry, while Satsuki exhales a little.

Satsuki encouraged her to continue.

“I, Kaede Sakazaki, was dreaming of getting fucked by Shota penis. I am a pervert.”

“Not only that”

While Satsuki’s excitement reach the peak, tears finally seep into Kaede’s eyes.

“Uu~. I was masturbating with Kyouichirou-sama as a side dish. On the day I sent him home by car, I was masturbating in the car.”

“Huh? Is that so?”

Kyouichirou is surprised at Kaede’s confession this time. Her thoughts behind her cool face.

“Why don’t look at this child’s SNS account? It’s just topics about young boys that would make you wonder in amazement ……umm, here it is. It’s a post from the day Kyouichirou-sama came last time.”


Kyouichirou unintentionally voice his surprise at the screen of the mobile phone shown by Satsuki. He stared at Kaede, saying that people are nothing like their appearance. Feeling too much shame, Kaede has no intention but to be silent.

「K-ichiro came again!

Today is shorts!

Aa~, K-ichiro-kun’s

Shota p♂nis,

I want to pull down

his shorts and suck

~> <」

“Is she terrible?”

“Are you stupid? Isn’t the key problem that she is a stalker?”

Seriously berated, Kaede can’t get any redder and she looks down. Certainly she would not be a decent lover.

“Well, thanks to these, things went smoothly. When she heard that she could do these stuff with Kyouichirou-sama, she started to become genuinely confused.”

“He heeー”

Natsumi also has the shota fetish, but not this extreme. At best, it adds to her sense of guilt and immorality. Kyouichirou take a good look at Kaede, who had fallen too far.

Feeling his stare, Kaede turns her gaze to the side. Of course, with such things exposed, she will not be able to meet his eyes.

“Alright Sakazaki, please beg Kyouichirou-sama. The elementary school penis you have always dreamed of. Go ahead.”

Satsuki tells her that, and Kaede finally prepare herself, seemingly giving up any thoughts of being reluctant any further. She started taking off her maid clothes, and dropped them off on the floor.


Kyouichirou remarks Kaede’s appearance with surprise.

Kaede’s body, the model-like beauty, is scribbled with ‘Hentai Maid’ Satsuki wrote it in a strange way.

“Fufu, no further makeup necessary. Now, start begging. Kyouichirou-sama is waiting.”

Kaede took a step before Kyouichirou. Right in front of him, she open your legs vulgarly.

She moved her vibrator, and desperately turned to Kyouichirou and voiced outー

“I’m sorry it’s inexcusable, but, penis, your penis, please let me have it.”

Sakazaki has nothing else she could do. She has to go to her customer, and show him her foolery.

“Nbu~tsu. Ju~yubu~tsu, nmuu~tsu”

With a sloppy ji~yupojiyupo, Kaede accepted Kyouichirou’s cock in her mouth.

For starters, Kyouichirou grabs her head when his meat stick is accepted inside her mouth.

“Hehe, it’s your long-awaited Shota-penis. You should give Kyouichirou-sama your gratitude by sucking.”


The anal plug is pulled out from Kaede’s asshole. Her body shook intensely in response to the stimulus.

“Until a month ago, it was a cute ass. What do you think? It is a sloppy ass hole now.”

“Nbu~u~tsu, nn~tsu!?”

The plug is put in and out loud enough for her to hear the sound, and Kaede releases moans while holding a cock in her mouth. In such a state, her body sticks to Kyouichirou, to which, his meat stick lengthens in increased excitement.

“Well, she’s just 22 years old and sucking on a shota-penis. I guess that’s the qualities of a total pervert alright ……Satsuki, do you mind if I make a toy out of her?”

“Don’t mind her. Please commit her as freely as you want.”

Kyouichirou’s words gradually get Kaede’s crotch wet. However, no matter how much she likes shota, the embarrassment she feels is far greater than she imagined.

(No way, no way. Kyouichirou-kun’s penis. I’m really sucking it)

Kaede is sucking hard on Kyouichirou’s specialty than is bigger than she had imagined. While breathing through her nose, she struggled to accept the current situation.

“Isn’t Kaede a virgin?”

“It seems that she had a lover once, but that’s just a hobby. It didn’t last long.”

“She too perverted after all.”

Kaede’s head panicked at the fact that she is being fucked while people are talking about her own inclination and male experience like some small talk.

Shame and excitement mixes, and the hot stimulation hitting Kaede’s tongue hits her body repeatedly.

“Nbu~tsu, obuu~tsu”

Because Kaede is an adult, Kyouichirou isn’t gentle on her. Kaede is shedding tears on the serving of meat stick that is pushed deep into her throat.

“Hey, breathe in.”

“~buhaa~tsu. Haa~tsu. Fubuu~tsu!?”

He let her breathe and put his meat stick in again. While enjoying the feel of Kaede’s mouth covered with saliva, Kyouichirou picked her nipples with both hands.

“Fubu~tsu, Nbuu~tsu”

“Ahaha. Letting me have such an erection. You have a really erotic body.”

Kaede look at Kyouichirou’s smile at the upper edge of her vision. While his lower body swells in her eyes.

“Both front and back are usable. Thank you, Satsuki.”

“It’s not a big deal, but I’m glad if you liked it.”

Satsuki gladly started to insert and remove vibrators and plugs alternately. The inside of the vagina and the asshole are turned out, and Kaede raises a muffled voice over the meat stick each time.

“Nbufuu~tsu. Obu~tsu, gubuu~tsu”

The tall body of Kaede is already an eye-catching style by itself. Kyouichirou enjoyed, laughing aloud as such a beautiful woman is crawling as if she were a domestic animal.

“It’s amazing that she has thin breasts. Her nipples are sloppy. Sakazaki-san, you’re the type that pulls your nipples when masturbating?”

“Nmbo~o~tsu. Fuo~tsu, Ooh, obu~ooh~tsu”

Kyouichirou pulls Kaede’s nipples suddenly while pushing his meat stick to the back of her throat. Not as much as Natsumi’s, but much longer than average. Kaede tries to answer the embarrassing question, but without waiting for what she has to say, Kyouichirou laughs.

“Oh, obu~u~tsu. ~pua~tsu, haa~tsu. Hii, hiu~tsu”

“Hey, do you like your nipples getting pulled that much? Answer me.”

Kneading Kaede’s nipples and releasing his meat stick for her inhalation. Kaede opened her mouth, taking deep breaths, her heart pulsated quickly to helpless shame.

“Ah~ ahii~tsu. Yes, that’s right. Fu~tsu, u~u. My nipples, I had always been pulling them. Ah~tsu, aah~u, ojou-sam~a ~tsu. Nhiii~tsu”

Even when released of Kyouichirou’s meat stick, Kaede’s lower body is bullied by Satsuki the same. Kyouichirou put his hand on his chin to think of what to do with Kaede, who is a suspiciously sharp and clear person.

“Can I bring Sakazaki-san home today?”

“Oh, no problem. She will be off duty tomorrow. Use her as much as you want.”

Kyouichirou nodded with a smile at Satsuki’s reply. It is convenient to have Satsuki nearby, but he find it more desirable to have the first time one-on-one.

And he felt better for Kaede who won’t have to work.

“I’ll borrow her for a little overnight.”

“Ah~tsu, ahi~tsu. Cum, cuming ~u”

Kaede’s body shook in a nervous way, but she felt inevitable excitement for her treatment that had just been negotiated.

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