After Returning to Elementary School with My Memory the Result Was to Create a Harem

Chapter 16: Shindou Tsubasa
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Chapter 16: Shindou Tsubasa

Tomboy Upper-grade(wo)man

~Bedroom Edition~

“Tsubasa, you’re in a really good mood.”

On the way home after school, Kyouichirou wander his eyes to Tsubasa who is walking with a happy mood next to him. Waving her arms, she seemed really happy.

“Hehehe, that’s because, I didn’t think Kyouichirou would know it. Even I didn’t remember, so whom did you asked, Hayami?”

He had no business with Natsumi and Satsuki today. At that opportunity, Kyouichirou invited Tsubasa to a date after school. He is glad that it made her expression brighter, but the date didn’t seem to be the only reason. Kyouichirou felt something strange at the full-bloom smile of Tsubasa and froze his expression.

“Oh, that…… Is there something today?”


Tsubasa stops moving. Where did her bright smile go, the luster seen from her eyes just a second ago were lost too.

“……I see. So you don’t know. Then there’s nothing to say.”

“Sorry Tsubasa”

Tsubasa droop her shoulders, sad and weakly. She seemed to cry a little. This is Tsubasa. I must have said something really awful to make even her cry. Kyouichirou spins his head in full speed to think of the cause.

“Ah. No way…… Tsubasa, today is your birthday?”

There is no couple-related events today. Tsubasa also said that she is not interested in anniversaries many times already, and it isn’t Christmas either. So there was only one possibility.

“U, uー”

Tsubasa nodded. Her entire body seems to shake too. Kyouichirou felt disappointed in himself.

It just meant that, he had never heard of Tsubasa’s birthday. Kyouichirou thought that he would get a heads up about it from the girl, but Tsubasa did not talk about it, so he forgot to even ask about it.

“Uhー why didn’t you say it? I would have prepared many things.”

“Uuuー That’s because, Ky~ou, Kyouichirou. Never talks about it. You didn’t even try to find out.”

Kyouichirou seemed to have slipped due to his negligence. While he was disappointed at himself, tears finally flowed down Tsubasa’s cheeks. She tried to endure, but her sobs were leaking out from her mouth.

“Uwaー S-sorry, Tsubasa. It’s okay. It will be okay!”

“……What, what’s okay? What?”

Fuguー Tsubasa stares at Kyouichirou, a little upset. Certainly, Tsubasa had her faults. But she can’t afford to retreat here.

“There’s still time. It is still Tsubasa’s birthday. I’m going to entertain you! To start off, let’s go for a date?”

It was already planned that they have a date today. He have no choice but to entertain Tsubasa to recover from his blunder.

“……How is that any different from usual?”

“I know ……Ah, but will your parents be okay? It is your birthday after all?”

That’s when Kyouichirou thinks about Tsubasa’s side. If ther daughter’s birthday is today, they might be preparing a sumptuous dinner. Then it would be bad to be out till it’s late.

“……My mother and father aren’t home. They’re away for work.”

“Aー yes, that’s right.”

He had heard that Tsubasa’s parents won’t be coming home today due to work. Kyouichirou is increasing the nunber of blunders he made. He wonders if there could be more reasons for Tsubasa’s bad mood.

“They said that we will have the birthday party on Sunday, but today is my actual birthday……”

He can say it is a bit fancy, but Tsubasa droop her shoulders. After all, although they will celebrate on the weekend, the child’s feelings of desolation will not be gone. Adults are paralyzed to events such as these, but Tsubasa is an elementary schooler and have not had her birthday celebrated ten times over.

“That’s why, you will stay over today.”


Kyouichirou presented a special idea to Tsubasa. For some reason, she had not yet spent the night with him. Kyouichirou felt that this is the perfect time.

“I’m going to stay over? Kyouichirou’s house?”

“That’s right. My parents just happens to be away too. I just need to say a word to Natsumi nee-chan.”

By the way, Kyouichirou’s parents are staying away for another six months, till their wedding anniversary. Recently, they often went out at the same time because they learned to leave Kyouichirou to Natsumi. Kyouichirou doesn’t mind, after all, Natsumi’s side are also fine with it.

“Stay over. In Kyouichirou’s room…… Wait, wait a sec.”

Tsubasa take out her phone while her face turns red. Apparently, her mood is completely fixed now. Relieved, Kyouichirou strokes his chest. He emailed Natsumi about the situation to give her a heads up.

“A, anikiー I’m staying over at a friend’s house today ……un, yes yes. So don’t worry. Oh, I’m going back to pick up some luggage…… Yeah, got it.”

Beepー Tsubasa turns off her phone call. At that moment, her countenance turned serious.

“Please wait. I’ll go change clothes. Wait ……Hehe, I love you~”

Just like that, she kissed Kyouichirou’s lips and Tsubasa ran to her home in a dash. He sees her off, feeling that she is fast. Even among the school boys, no one is faster than Tsubasa.

“……I have to hurry.”

Anyway, Kyouichirou who just escaped his plight is deeply relieved.

“Hehe ……How about it? Is it nice?”

Kyouichirou is fascinated by the Tsubasa he met again.

There is the usual hair ornament for starters. That alone is cute, but today, she has something decisively different from the usual.

Tsubasa happily turns around. Then, her skirt on her waist fluttered. Her healthy thighs are exposed, and Kyouichirou is surprised.

“S-skirt. You had it on…… You look great. Tsubasa is so cute.”

“Oh, really? ……Hehe. Ehehe. Y-you’re making me blush.”

Kyouichirou, who is appreciating her, doesn’t seemed to be just giving flattery, and Tsubasa happily twirls her body. This is the first skirt she herself had actually bought, other than the ceremonial uniforms. She bought it herself, but she couldn’t muster the courage to wear it.



Suddenly, Tsubasa leans her body on Kyouchirou’s chest. He is a little concerned about the traffic, but that is drowned out by the following words from her.

“Today, my girl’s part, you can love it”

Kyouichirou’s heartbeat accelerates to the Tsubasa who turned red and shiver minutely.

Kyouichirou shyly scratched his cheeks, as if he had no idea on how to treat Tsubasa.

“Wait, Tsubasa~ ……n~”

While the noisy sounds of the arcade were echoing, Kyouichirou and Tsubasa are in a bright, white room. Tsubasa said that she wanted to take some photos at the photo booth.

“Nmu~ n~ ……don’t like it?”

However, the screen displayed ‘Put Money’. Tsubasa kneeled in front of Kyouichirou and accepted his penis with her mouth.

“I don’t hate it. It’s just unusual for Tsubasa.”

He stroke Tsubasa’s head. She does not often invite such things outside of school. Apparently, it seems a like today is different.

“But, if you keep seeing such a skirt, you’ll want it.”

“Ah~ sorry.”

Apparently, he was staring at Tsubasa’s skirt. He apologized, but she keeps widening her mouth in front of him and he couldn’t do anything about it.

“So, if you can’t stand it. Ah, use my mouth. Today you can be a bit rough.”

Something hurts in Kyouichirou’s heart, seeing Tsubasa struggling to widen her mouth. He don’t think he should, but since she was saying it, he wants to do it just for a little bit.

“I’ll indulge myself then. Tsubasa, you’re really naughty recently.”

“It’s because of Kyouichirou ……Nm, ubu~ Mu~, mu ~uuu ~tsu”

Tsubasa’s tiny mouth desperately accepts Kyouichirou’s penis. Breathing through her nose, tears slowly accumulate in her eyes.

“Nmu~tsu. Mu~ mubo~tsu. ……Puua~tsu. Nbuu~tsu”

Tsubasa’s mouth only gets more committed though. Her eyes turned more teary, and drool flowed to her chin. A little amount has accumulated on the floor.

While rubbing on her palate, Tsubasa carefully moved her head. Apparently, she have a pleasure spot on the upper part of her mouth, and she felt it when she’s rubbing against it.

“Ha~ a~ah~tsu ……I really like it, your penis. My head hurts.”

“Why don’t you touch yourself like usual?”

Kyouichirou suggested to Tsubasa who had been licking his cock with a shaky face. From a while ago, every time she moves her tongue, her waist had been moving faintly.

“Eh? No, um. B-but today I’m dresses like a girl. So……”

Tsubasa’s thighs become stiff. At that, Kyouichirou is convinced. It’s embarrassing to do the usual because she’s dressed like a girl.

“It’s good. Show me your cuteness. Tsubasa is cute no matter how.”

“Uh. But I’m concerned about it. That’s, it’s pretty embarrassing.”

Kyouichirou smiles and Tsubasa’s face dyed red. However, she flipped over her skirt.

“Uwaー I’m surprised.”

“……D-don’t look too much.”

Kyouichirou takes sight of the scene that emerges.

Under Tsubasa’s skirt were tiny strings with a small piece of cloth.

“Behind…… T-back. What happened?”

When he asked Tsubasa to turn around, her white butt were almost completely exposed. An enchanting sight indeed, but much too extreme of a choice she will come up with herself.

“Natsumi-san and I bought this last time, so…… Is it strange?”

Indeed. Kyouichirou recalled the face of his onee-san. He remembered that they were out together once.

However, he have to thank Natsumi this time. Feeling so, Kyouichirou pulled the strings of Tsubasa’s panty.

The pink cloth covering the secret part of Tsubasa comes off.

“Ah~tsu. Ya~a”

At that moment, Tsubasa’s love juice fell on the floor like drool. As usual, Kyouichirou scoops by his hand the love juice that is of a greater amount than Natsumi’s or Satsuki’s.

“Nmmー it’s sweeter than usual. Do you feel it that much?”

“Oh, that’s…… A bit, yes.”

Tsubasa’s face is dyed red to the ears in shame. However, she turned around and confirmed Kyouichirou’s licking. Kyouichirou has a secret, that he likes to lick their body fluid. As he happily licks what has come out of her body, Tsubasa’s embarrassment and shame runs deep inside her young body.

“Can you be like a boy today?”

“Uu~ But I wore a skirt.”

Certainly, it seemed to overturn her expectations. However, to the laughing Kyouichirou, Tsubasa protruded her hips outward. At this point, Tsubasa’s switch has already been flipped.

“Haha. I(ore) wore a skirt. It’s seen by Kyouichirou.”

Recently, Tsubasa likes to play as a boy. Although it’s a little different from his hobby, Kyouichirou doesn’t say anything because he knows she has been worried about it.

Kyouichirou felt that Tsubasa has a strange charm to her instead, which made him hooked on her just that much.

“I’m rubbing my penis, look at it. I’ll masturbate. Ah~tsu. Hii~u~tsu”

Tsubasa protruded her waist and push out her clitoris. Even though love juice is dripping, she doesn’t seem to care.

“Oh, I(ore) am wearing a skirt. Rubbing my penis. Ah~ ah~tsu. No, no good. Kyou, Kyouichirou will hate me. Hate me”

With tears in her eyes, Tsubasa strokes her clitoris with her finger. Kyouichirou gently hugged her from behind.

“I don’t hate it. It’s cute. Look, look more like a girl and shake your hips.”

“Uh. Re-really? ……Na~tsu. Ah~tsu, Aaah~tsu”

Tsubasa moves her hips back and forth as the voice whispered by her ears. They were irresistible, and she felt pleasure.

“Uaa~tsu. P-penis. My tiny penis. Uu, u~uu~tsu. My penis is melting uu~uuu”

Looking at Tsubasa’s waist twitching, Kyouichirou thought, she hate being touched when she’s playing a boy anyway. So, he kneeled down to her.

“Hey!? Wait, wh-what are you doing~tsu?! ……Hii~tsu”

A little kiss to her butt. Pukunー Tsubasa’s cute ass shook.

“What I want to do is make Tsubasa’s ass hole feel good. I’ll make it like a girl’s pussy…… Na~a”

“That’s, such a thing. Fua~tsu. Aaaah~tsu”

Tsubasa trembles as her ass jiggles. In fact, Kyouichirou knew that Tsubasa feels a little irritating on her ass. But thanks to Satsuki, he has become rather confident and familiar with the ass hole. Or so he heard from Satsuki.

“Even though you are a boy, you played with you ass, didn’t you?”

“I’m, I’m sorry. Ah~tsu, hiii~iii~tsu”

At one point, Tsubasa asked Satsuki how to develop the ass hole. Satsuki misunderstood that Tsubasa, who could not be used in front is interested in the back. Kyouichirou understands why Tsubasa is interested in the ass.

It is because boys also have it.

“Hey, be honest. You bullied your ass hole.”

“That’s only because…… Ah, uuu~tsu. Just a little penis is enough~tsu. Hiii~iii~tsu”

Kyouichirou uses his tongue to pierce Tsubasa’s asshole, as he is used to. His date however, does not have a student council president like asshole. For Tsubasa who just started training it, his technique is a pleasure Tsubasa could not imagine.

“Puhaー Your penis has already stopped. Look, its all slippery~”

“Ah~ no~. Not, right now…… Hi~tsu. Hia~tsu, oh ooooo~tsu”

The moment her clitoris were rubbed by Kyouichirou, the light seemed to flicker in front of Tsubasa. Her feet shake and love juice splatters on the floor irresistibly.

“You’re a boy, but you’re cuming with your ass. Alright. Nmー Nmmmー”

“Ah~, don’t do it. Cuming. I’m cuming from my ass”

Tsubasa shakes her head seemingly reluctant to the idea, but she definitely does not hate it. Kyouichirou pushed up her clitoris just to finish her up. At the same time, he extends his tongue.

“Hya~tsu. Cuming. I(ore). I’m cuming with my penis and ass hole. Hii~i, cuming ~uuuuuu~tsu”

Tsubasa’s body twitched ~bikuku as she seemed to jumped.

Her love juice gush out to his face, but Kyouichirou looked at her lovingly.

“Ah~tsu, aaah~tsu. My penis feels good ~iii. Ua, aaaah~tsu”

A quick glance at the clock tells it’s around 10pm.

At the end of the day, after dinner, we have been obsessed with engaging each other in Kyouichirou’s room.

“Nubuー Chuー Naahー”

“Ah~ aah~ So good. Kyouichirou, it feels good.”

I have Kyouichirou suck me like I’m a boy. He licked me already until the evening. My heart beats so fast I felt bad for it.

His birthday present is a cute mini skirt. We picked it together and got it bought. I thought it was a bit short, but Natsumi-san said, ‘Kyou-chan is an ass fetish.’ ……It should have something to do with that but, what is fetish?

“Fufu. Your nipples are standing. It’s like your a girl.”

“No, don’t say that. Kyouichirou is the one who changed my(Ore) body.”

In addition to the presents, Kyouichirou said that he will do anything I asks of him, saying it’s my birthday.

I wondered what to ask for. Of course, the first thing I thought of is ecchi stuffs.

But I am a bit reluctant to order. I might do something strange again.

“Af-after all, you prefer girls? A girlish girl is better? ……”

Kyouichirou smiles at me. I’m surprised.

“I love Tsubasa, even if you are boyish. Tsubasa is a pretty girl, and Tsubasa is a healthy boy, I like you both.”

My body responded intensely. It jumps, the area aroung my penis especially so.

‘Just for today, love me as a boy’

The request for my birthday suddenly pop up in my mind.

I don’t even undersstand why I asked for this.

It was very embarrassing.

“Tsubasa’s penis is stiff. It’s so big that it is easy to lick.”

Kyouichirou spread the hole beneath the pants I’m wearing with his fingers.

Nothing is hidden by the pants anymore.

“U~u. Oh~tsu, ooh……”

Kyouichirou is, my boys’ part, beneath the pants.

Expanding the hole right before that, Kyouichirou licked my penis.

“I’m too embarrassed. U~u. Ah~ aaah~tsu”

“Nn? Should I stop?”

“No way. I’ll be angry if you quit. Hii~ fuuuu~tsu”

There is a black school bag on my back. Wearing Kyouichirou’s pants, I’m being treated as a boy. I also wore blue and white socks for the boys.

I am thrilled. I feel like my entire body is being wrapped and everything feels so good I’m going crazy.

“Oh, My ass hole~. My ass hole~ lick it~tsu”

I didn’t care about embarrassement anymore.

“Oh, My ass hole~. My ass hole~ lick it~tsu”

To Tsubasa whose shyness seemed to have died, Kyouichirou spread her buttocks with both hands and shaking them.

Kyouichirou sees it and smiles with satisfaction. Trunks still hung on her thighs. This hides the girl’s parts of Tsubasa and only the boy’s part were visible to him.

“I want to be licked by Kyouichirou. Please, I had been frustrated every night. Please, please lick me.”

Her asshole that is spread out is definitely a beautiful pink color. She seemed to have received toys for beginners from Satsuki, and she seemed to have already feel it there. After confirming that, Kyouichirou put lotion to his finger and apply them there.

“……?? Kyouichirou, what are you……? Kufu ~un~tsu”

“Don’t worry. It’s okay. I’m good at loosening the ass hole.”

Surprisingly smoothly, Tsubasa’s ass hole accepted Kyouichirou’s finger. He laughs with a smile to his partner that felt quite excellent, although she is a small elementary schooler that is.

“F-finger, it’s a lie. No, oh~. Ah~ afu~tsu…… Nu~uu~tsu”

Kyouichirou slowly unravels Tsubasa’s ass hole with one index finger. From her state, it doesn’t seem like it will take much time.

The black school bag on her back is so cute.

“Ua~tsu. Oh, ooooh~tsu. My butt, my ass hole feels so hot ~hiii”

Twenty minutes later, Tsubasa’s ass hole is completely loosened. It swallows 3 fingers and makes an obscene sound.

The already huge trace of wetness is spreading on the sheets.

“Uu~ my(ore) ass will be broken ~uu. It will be transformed into Kyouichirou’s liking ~uu”

“What are you talking so much about, when you’re making your waist dent out so much?”

Tsubasa is shaking her waist every time Kyouichirou stirs the inside with his fingers.

“Hey, I’m going to squeeze your penis. Nobody else is here, so you can be as loud as you want.”

“Ah, aaaaah~tsu. That’s too much ~aaah~tsu. Cuming ~uuuu~tsu”

Tsubasa’s love juice that blew out from the front wets the trunks. She had reached the peak so many times that they don’t know how many times it is anymore. If a real boy ejaculates, it will end, but Tsubasa do not. She had been to the peak of pleasure over and over again.

“It’s already aah~ Kyou, Kyouichirou. It’s no possible anymore ~haa. Last, the last time ~uu”

Tsubasa tells Kyouichirou her last request with a totally blank face. She desperately lifted her ass and appealed to break her ass hole and clitoris one last time.

“Okay…… I love you, Tsubasa”

“Me too, I love Kyouichirou. Ah~ aaaah~tsu. Uu, uuu~tsu”

Kyouichirou pick up her ass hole on the back and her clitoris from the ground up at the same time.

“It’s okay, cum. Chuー”

“Oh, oooh~tsu. Cuming. Hiii~ uuu~tsu. Ah~ aaah~tsu”

Tsubasa’s butt jumps up, and she stretch out her toe seemingly as a sign of her climax. Kyouichirou picked up her clitoris too.

“Now, cum!”

“Cum, cuming ~uuu. Cuming ~uuu”

From Tsubasa’s girly part, an intense feeling of exuberance and comfort came out.

“Tsubasa, happy birthday”

“What, why so suddenly……”

Kyouichirou smiled gently to Tsubasa while lying down in bed. Tsubasa embarrassedly buried her face in the pillow.

“No, it’s your birthday, and the day is almost over. I’m have to say it.”

“……Thank you”

The time is 11:50. Soon, Tsubasa’s birthday will be over.

Tsubasa’s eyes wanders to Kyouichirou.

“……Ah, I don’t like it?”


Kyouichirou look back at Tsubasa with a serious gaze. She opened her mouth a bit uncomfortably.

“Yeah, boys’……it’s different. I don’t want to be a boy.”

“I know. It’s okay, I like all of Tsubasa.”

Kyouichirou kisses Tsubasa on her cheek. She gently hugged him, saying that it felt nice.

“Sometimes I feel insecure. I’m not very cute…… I’m sorry about my breasts. I’ll try my best to be girly, no at least one-tenth as girly as the girls around me. Any more than that seems……”

Kyouichirou thinks differently, but there’s no use just telling her she’s cute or what not. Though, it’s natural for Tsubasa to worry about her chest since they don’t seemed to get bigger.

“I’m glad I am a girl…… I love it.”

Tightly, Tsubasa embraces Kyouichirou. He slowly stroke her head.

“……So umm, it’s still my birthday?”

Tsubasa suddenly shouts. The clock says it’s 11:58. Still OK.

“Umm, I want to ask for another one……”

Tsubasa’s face, as she grabs the shirt, is so red he can tell even in the dark. Kyouichirou look at her face.

“Hey, if you don’t say it quickly, your birthday will end.”

“Yes, so I will say…… That, umm”

Tsubasa quickly glances at the watch and resolves, preparing to raises her voice.

Tsubasa is so embarassed she can’t even look at Kyouichirou’s face. She slowly approach him and open her mouth.

“I want you to bully my girls’ parts too.”

Is that possible? Tsubasa stares at Kyouichirou expectantly.

Kyouichirou gently push her down.

The birthday isn’t over yet.

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