After Returning to Elementary School with My Memory the Result Was to Create a Harem

Chapter 15: Shijouin Satsuki
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Chapter 15: Shijouin Satsuki

The Ojou-sama Student Council President

Female Pig Edition~

“Hey, Takatsu-kun. Mobile games in school violates rules.”

Satsuki Shijouin slapped her kouhai’s head who is concentrating on the screen in his hands. The scolded boy looks back to her like he just steped on dog poop.

“Ah, President. You’re back?”

Four members remained in the student council room after school as they were busy preparing for their approaching cultural and sports festivals. The secretary who is caught skipping work turned his mobile phone off and pocket it in his uniform, fearing punishment.

“It looks to me like, while I was away, you were more focused on swiping the screen than work. Really, where do you think this is?”

Satsuki glares at her kouhai, arms folded. Takatsu pouted slightly, getting upset.

“But President. Everyone’s doing it. Besides, it’s not in class, no matter when we have a break……”

He said so, but in fact, he had been stealing his teachers’ eyes all day. He rebelled unlike he usually would, because his game is currently in the middle of a raid event.

“……Fu~u. Takatsu-kun. If you are just another student, I wouldn’t be able to point it out as a mistake, but you are a student council executive member at this Sonohara school. Each one is supposed to be a role model for the other students. Isn’t the cell phone itself supposed to violate the school rules? Even worse, here is the sacred student council room, if you want to play games, don’t get angry. Go home now. As long as you completed your works on time, I won’t complain.”

Satsuki presented Takatsu new papers for his new work. Aggregation of various data to create a journal. If he wants to do it at home, there is no reason he can’t do so.

“……I’m sorry”

Upon receiving the documents from Satsuki, Takatsu bowed, apologically. Takatsu himself is aware that Satsuki’s words were true.

It was Satsuki who picked Takatsu, whose behavior was not so good, to the student council for his reasonable competence. Before this event, Takatsu had been able following Satsuki well. Of course, he have never been mad at her while doing his jobs.

“It’s good if you know that. Be careful.”

Satsuki apologized to Takatsu without minding him anymore, and clapped her hands to the other members who were watching the event. They immediately rush back to work.

“Everyone it’s enough for today. You’ve all been busy lately and it don’t seem like you can concentrate anymore. I’ll do the rest, so you should leave today.”

Takatsu turned his head down as Satsuki’s words fell upon his ears. The other officers, too, felt Satsuki’s mood and put their work in their bags.

By the time the other members were ready to return home and left the student council room, Satsuki looked down on the documents on her desk with her usual expression.

“President, seened to be in a bad mood recently. I felt it many times already.”

“You’re an idiot. Don’t say that out loud. What if someone hears it?”

The Treasurer and Vice President are aware of Satsuki’s mood. Today, even though Takatsu is the cause, Satsuki’s frustration is evident to them.

“But, she’s in an especially bad mood these days. We’re all so busy, so I don’t really blame her though.”

Since about half a month ago, they were busy preparing for the school festival. So, everyone feels the pain of the increasing work. Satsuki’s work itself is on a completely different word though.

“……I mean. It’s my fault. I didn’t meet President’s expectations.”

The two people walking in front look back on hearing Takatsu muttering. It’s so inanimate and weak that you might suspect he’s going to die right there.

“Ta, Taka-chan, it’s fine. You can’t help that. Taka-chan, just finish your job.”

The treasurer girl pats Takatsu’s shoulders. It is a well know fact to both of them that Takatsu is inclined to Satsuki.

It was Satsuki who picked up Takatsu, who was said to be able to go to only high schools with lower grade requirements because of his personal misconducts and misbehaviouirs. But thanks to this, Takatsu is able to obtain a position commensurate with his abilities and evaluation from teachers.

“No, I was just decieving myself. The student council room isn’t a place for me. I was deluding myself because of President.”

Back in the Sacred Student Council Room, the words and gaze he experienced earlier gouged Takatsu’s chest. Somehow, he felt like returning to his old mud-covered life.

“No, it’s okay. President, she will appreciate those who did their best. Let’s get this job done and show her something good.”

“That’s rightー Takatsu, as he said, President may have been upset that we are too spoiled lately. She may be acting like that to motivate us. That person would do that much for us.”

Encouraged by his two colleagues, Takatsu’s shoulders rise a little. For now, let’s start by going home and deleting the app. With that in mind, Takatsu slowly move his heavy gait toward the school gate.


In the quiet student council room, the sounds of an animal permeates.

“Here, Satsuki. Please say hello.”

Having a bright smile, Kyouichirou turned his phone camera at Satsuki.

“Kyou, Kyouichirou-sama. Th-this look is really……”

Satsuki squirms shyly with tears on the corner of her eyes. Kyouichirou nodded at her being ashamed of her appearance, which is rare for her.

“What happened? Is there something wrong?”

Satsuki trembles at Kyouichirou’s taunt. She turned her head down and follow his orders from earlier.

Satsuki is now a pig.

Not metaphorically. She really is dressed as a pig.

“Bu, Buhiー”

Cheap pig’s nose and ears, with pig’s tail curled out of the buttocks, fitted to her asshole with its plug. She is blindfolded and turned into a blind pig.

Satsuki, who does not wear anything else, crawls on all fours like a real pig, walking around on the floor of the student council room.

“Hey, you have to find it. Pigs also have jobs.”

Kyouichirou, sitting on a chair with his lower body naked and at the corner of the room, filmed Satsuki crawling around in the distance with his camera app.

“Buhi, buhiー ……Where is it? Uu ~u”

Like a pig searching for truffles, Satsuki desperately tries to find Kyouichirou’s meat stick. Of course, Satsuki, who didn’t have a nose for that, is moving on all four feet to get to it somehow by relying on his voice.

“Buhi, uu ~u……”

Every time she takes a step, the plug in the pig’s tail shakes. Satsuki was swaying from side to side with her big breasts swaying along, and she felt like she really is a pig.

“……bu, buhiー, buhiー”

The number of times she make the pig’s cry, which she was ashamed of at first, is repeated more often. Every time she does, something thrilling ran through her back.

In the student council room, Satsuku is now screaming in the voice of an animal, with the mouth she just used to scold her kouhai, saying it is a sacred place. No, she is below a real pig though. She is delighted with the act and her crotch is getting wet.

“N ~oo ~tsu!?”

Suddenly, her butt hits the desk’s leg. The anal plug is pierced all the way in and Satsuki is instantly conscious of the pleasure it brings about.

“Oh, ooh ……Buhi~i. Bu, Buhi, ~yoooh.”

Unintentionally, she squeeze her ass hole. Lowering her waist, she ignored Kyouichirou’s orders and concentrated her consciousness on her asshole.

“Ah, ah ~aah. N ~oo~tsu, ooh ~oo……”

Seeing herself getting so humbled, Satsuki’s heart felt a terrible self-hatred. She couldn’t even keep the duty of a domesticated animal.

“I’ll be punished ~uuu. Such a bad female pig. I’ll be punished ~uuu. Buhi~! Buhi~i!!”

Heading to Kyouichirou, who should have been watching, Satsuki shouts in a pig like voice. A pig. Satsuki is below a pig. With such thoughts ringing in her head, Satsuki starts putting her anal plug in and out with her own hands.

“N hoo~oh. Buhi~, Buhi ~ooh. Bu, pig ~aaah. Buhi ~ii”

Panting because of her asshole, Satsuki’s face is blushing intensely and she heard footsteps approaching slowly. Kyouichirou is recording the face of the girl who is supposed to be the owner of this room, making electronic sounds coming out from his device.

“I’m sorry~yyyy. I couldn’t find the dick, I couldn’t find it. I want to plug my ass hole in and out, I can’t take it.”

Satsuki senses Kyouichirou nearby and raises her face with a blindfold on. He get down in front of Satsuki.

“You’re really a useless sow, Satsuki. You can’t even do something this easy.”

Right then, Satsuki jumped at Kyouichirou with all four limbs. He staggered and is pushed down. Satsuki then find the meat stick.

“Hey, that’s a foul.”

“Fugo! Fugo! Here. Here, I can smell the dick.”

Satsuki squeezed Kyouichirou’s penis to her mouth while pushing her nose against it.

“Nubbu, Nbubu. Habu~!”

Kyouichirou hits her ass with a slap as Satsuki sucks with a vulgar sound. A good sound resonated.

“Hii ~yau~tsu!”

Surprised, Satsuki lifts her mouth and jumps up. Kyouichirou hits her butt 2 more times.

“Hi~yun! Sorry. I’m sorry!”

Satsuki haven’t recieve a punishment in the form of a spanking. She lightly panicked feeling the heat of her burning butt.

Kyouichirou sees the situation and laughs while he keeps spanking her. Being careful not to touch the delicate parts, he dyed Satsuki’s white ass red.

“I have to punish the female pig that haven’t been disciplined well. Really, I guess you only have the mating thing in your head. But don’t worry Satsuki, I’ll gladly become your owner as well.”

“I’m sorry. Bu, buhi~i ~tsu! Buhi~ii ~tsu!!”

Satsuki desperately continues to apologize because of the unfamiliar spanking she si recieving. Each time, a sweet humiliating feeling shakes her uterus tightly, making it quiver.

Every time it is cursed, feeling that she is below a pig, for some reason, Satsuki’s crotch gets wetter and wetter.

“Before recieving punishment, you have to apologize properly.”

Such words are sweeter than anything to the current Satsuki.

“Buhi, Buhi~”

Right now, I am looking at the floor of the student council room. The reason I bow down is to apologize.

“I’m sorry.”

Naked, wearing only the pig’s nose, ears, and tail. With nothing but such shameful appearance, I’m down on all fours.

Ordinary prostrate would be many times better. I lift my buttocks up, shaking it right and left, and sit on the ground with three fingers sticking to the floor.

“Hey, keep going. I have to shoot it properly.”

Juun~, my crotch gets wet from his words. I’m about to die from shame. What would he benefit from doing this?

My heart crumbles at the unfamiliar shame that was different from the past training.

“Satsuki is a useless pig. She’s a female pig that is only thinking about pluging her ass hole, she’s below livestocks.”

I thought I’ll be fine. Many times, similar oaths have been made. But, no. This is completely different.

Pig or lower? Me?

At the reality that makes me want to cry, my head starts to sway.

“Pigs, I’m sorry to all the pig-sama out there. I’m ashamed to be like this. P-pigs don’t plug their assholes at work.”

Kyouichirou-sama. I recite the name of my beloved master in my heart. He always keeps me naked.

I already knew it. What kind of person I am. I had to be punished, because I am a bad child.

“Bu, buhi~! Buhi~tsu! Buhi~ii ~tsu!!”

It is sweet. No, that’s not suppose to be the case. Then what? Despite the expectation for the punishment, looking like a pig, I clenched my asshole.

Isn’t this really below a pig’s actions?

“I’m a female pig! Satsuki is a female pig! Hi, hihi ~tsu!”

Stoping my prostrate, I raise my face and stand up on four legs like a real pig. The camera in his hands keep recording the lifeform lower than a livestock.

“Buhi ~yooo. Buhi ~yoooo”

I squeals like a vulgar female pig, a really hopeless female pig. I shake my hips and move my waist.

“I’m a female pig! Satsuki is a bad pig!”

I can talk. I’m below a pig, not one. So, it doesn’t have to be real-like.

I spread my legs to the crotch and vulgarly crawled on the floor.

“Mating. I’m only interested with mating in the asshole! Even so, when I’m a human, I’m the student council president!”

Looking up, I climbed to the desk where I was always working. The name plate on which ‘President’ is written falls to the floor.

On top of the desk, I shook my buttocks towards the camera.

“Hihi, did you record it well Kyouichirou-sama? Do you record when Satsuki becomes an animal below pigs?”

I called him out. It should be fine. He will recognize me no matter what I become.

“Oh, I’m recording. You can say anything with confidence.”

I hear his gentle voice.

“This is the desk where I always work. This is the sacred student council room.”

Say it. Dear me.

“I, as the student council president, must always be the role model for all students.”


“I must be disciplined. I must maintain good morals.”


“That’s why……”

If I say it. There will probably be no going back. It’s different from the punishments. It is different from just playing with the ass. It is completely different from being used as a toilet bowl for toys.

Surely, I will never be coming back.

Yet, I’m wet. Even now, it is still overflowing on the desk. I haven’t leaked like this before. I thought, ‘this is it’.

“Kyou, Kyouichirou-sama……”

I involuntarily turned to him. I’m scared. I’m scared of facing my real self. I’m scared to admit. Just how far I could go, it’s scary.

「It’s okay」

A voice, I heard a clear voice. He lightly ignores the camera. Now he is staring at only me.

「It’s okay」

He repeated, then smiles.

……it’s alright. You can go anywhere. I will follow you.

“I’ll go with you everywhere.”

I am surprised. I raised my head. No doubt, his own voice.

“Kyou, Kyouichirou-sama”

Involuntarily, something overflowed. I’m, I’m right before him. Yes, that’s right. He does not go anywhere.

“……Thank you. Thank you very much. I love you. I love you.”

“I love you too. I love you.” (Aishiteru)

I smiled at his cheeky eyes eventually.

I’m going

Please follow me


Satsuki stood up on the desk with a smile. Looking forward, spreading her legs wide upto the crotch.

Satsuki made a ‘peace’ sign in front of her with shaky hands. Her smile is also awkward.


Even with the pig nose attached, her beauty is clear to see. But who knows of the girl’s identity?

“Th-this is the female pig student council president, Satsuki-chan.”

That Satsuki is waving while giving peace sign with both hands. On her desk, in the student council room.

“Buhi ~yooo. C-can you see? This is the asshole of Satsuki-chan who is below a pig!”

When pulling out the plug with the tail, Satsuki spreads her butt with both hands.

“Buhi~! Here, I play with this every day! Buhihihi, isn’t it nice? The hole is over-wide. But, since I trained it a lot, it has amazing tightness.”

Left and right, Satsuki shakes her waist side to side while on her knees. She had already shaken free from the sense of shame. Every time she opens her mouth, something that had been carefully accumulated until now collapse.

That is a pleasure Satsuki never had.

“Buhi~! Buhi~! Sorry everyoneー I don’t really care about the student councilー Dick is more importantー Buhihihiー”

She stares at Kyouichirou and beckons with her eyes. Kyouichirou notices and offers his lower body.

“This is most importantー This penis is importantー If you take this to a butt hole, you will reach climax with just one shotー”

With no one else looking at her, Satsuki gives peace sign and smiles. Kyouichirou looked at Satsuki and stroked her head. For a moment, he felt like she laughed with her usual smile.

“From now now, you’ll witness Satsuki-chan who is below a pig.”

“Buhi~! Buhi~!”

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing amazing amazing! My heart seemed to burst with delight.

“Buhiiー! Yayー! Everyone is watchingー!”

I gave peace sign towards the camera he set up.

“This is the female pig student council president Satsuki-chanー! Buhibuhi~”

I am wagging intensely, with all of his penis in my asshole. With pig’s nose, pig’s ears. It’s a bit disappointing that the tail is gone.

“Buhi ~yoooo! Dick is here ~aaah. Nhoooo, ooou”

It feels good. After all, this is the best. It’s the best fit for my wide hole.

“Kyouichirou-sama’s elementary school student’s big dick, I’m putting it in my ass pussy! It’s the student council room, but I don’t care!”

“Oi oi, are you okay with that? Isn’t this the ‘Sacred Student Council Room’?”

Kyouichirou speaks, with his voice directed to the camera. He already knows, but he wants me to tell him. Turn towards the camera, and say it in a cool voice.

“It’s goodー! Satsuki-chan is the student council Presidentー But from today, this is the mating room for the pemale pig presidentー Buhibuhi~”

So good. I didn’t know such fun thing exists. My body is light. I throw all my clothes away. Naturally, I can’t have such burdensome things.

“Thank you so much ~uuu. I’m happy you play with the asshole of me who is below a pig ~uu. Nbuhooo~”

Being poked. Deep inside. It’s useless. I seemed to have really becomes an animal.

“Buhi ~yooo. Nbu~tsu, Buhu~oo. Buho~ooooh”

I can’t cry out well. Buhihi, this is no longer the voice of a human.

“Nho ~tsu, nho ~tsu ……Buhi ~yooooo ~tsu!!!”

Every time I was poked deep inside, something cold splattered on the floor.

“Ah~, no ~tsu. I’m putting out. Kyouichirou-sama~”

Pyu, pyutto. At a glance, I can see pee splattering from my urethra that had relaxed too much due to the pleasure. I thought, I can’t put it out here.

“What? What happened?”

“Oh, I’m peeing. The floor will get dirty.”

I desperately endure, but it’s no good. It’s only a matter of time. I’m seriously compassionate about my sloppy body.

“I want to say that it’s fine here, but it would be bad to get the floor dirty…… Alright then.”

Kyouichirou-sama, after thinking for a moment, lifted my waist, then started walking.

He took me to a certain location.

“Let’s do it quickly.”


The place I was taken to is a window facing towards the playground. The moment I understood his intention, a tremor passes through my back.

“I’ll support you, so don’t worry. Come on, stick it out.”

Before my head could catch up, I am put on the desk next to the window. As it is, my butt is pushed out of the window.

“Kyou, Kyouichirou-sama!?”

“Hey, you have to be quick. Otherwise, they’ll see you.”

I am shocked at those word. Thanks to the windows being opened, I could hear the sounds outside. I can hear the sports clubs still active in the playground.

“Ah, ah. Such a thing.”

“You’re below a pig anyway. Now, quickly.”

I do not know. I can’t see behind. I may have already been found out. But anyway, I have to be quick.

“Hi, hihihi. Kyouichirou-sama, Kyouichirou-sama.”

I held onto his hands desperately. I really felt like I’m less than livestocks. Oh, peeing from the window.

At that moment, it came out, little by little.

“Hi~tsu. Out, it’s out. Although little.”

No way. I did it. For real? Am I, am I really just a pig?

“It’s fine, you’re giving you’re best.”

“Ah~tsu, ah~tsu ……Buhi~iiiii”

Bushaaー It sprayed very well. The pleasure of doing something ridiculous dominates my entire body.

“Bu, buhi~. It’s out. Pee. Pee from a female pig.”

Ji~yorororoto, another shameful thing with a different implication also came out with the pee. It took really long. Maybe because I’m drinking tea a lot?

“Uwaー It’s a downpour. It’s wetting the flowerbed below.”

“Buhii~ Don’t say it. Ah~tsu, aaahh”

It’s embarrassing. So embarrassing. Yet it feels good. It feels so good.

“Oh, it looks like someone has noticed.”

“Hi~ lies. Ah, no. No. Please don’t look at me.”

I looked at his eyes in a hurry and catch him with a mean smile. It was a lie. How cheeky.

“Ah, a lie. Ah, ah~tsu ……Cum ~uu”

I said that while putting it out. I experienced light climax twice aleady when the last drop goes out.

I can see it, I just did something super embarassing.

“Please, no more. Let me in. And please put it in already. Your dick, please give it to my asshole.”

This is my limit. I want it all over my body.

“I can’t help it then. Let’s show it to everyone.”

I am made to stand by the window and my ass protruded outwards. In it, he rammed his thing in.

“Nho~oooo. Oh~tsu, oh~tsu ooooooh”

I can see it. The playground. Everyone is practicing hard. General students that I should be a role model to are also there.

“I’m sorry ~uuuuuu”

I apologize. I’m sorry for being such a bad student council president.

“But, It feels so good ~ooh. I’m a pig, I’m a pig ~oooh. Oh, your student council president is an animal below a pig, who only care about penis ~ooooh”

After all, it feels so good. As long as I can put penis in, it can’t be helped.

“Buhii~! Buhiii~!! Oh, ohooooo!”

They will hear. Satsuki’s pig like cries, everyone will hear. Everyone will say that Satsuki is a female pig.

“Bu, buhihihi. It’s good. It breaks. Everything, they’re breaking ~uuu”

My consciousness is about to go blank. There is no sense I’m feeling other than in my asshole.

“I am a pig ~iiii. Good ~ooh. I’m not a human ~ooh. Pig’s, my female pig’s ass pussy also feels good ~hiiii”

Buhi, buhihi. Buhi~. Buhii~.

“Pig~. I’m a pig. Sa~tsuki, is a pig ~ooooh. Nho~tsu, nho~oooooooh”

Buhi~yo~tsu, buhi~yoooh. Buyiiiii~

“Nbo~oooh. Bu, buyiii~, buhi~yooh. Oh, ohoo”

Bye bye.

“Ah~tsu, cuming. Buhi~tsu. Cuming~uu……”

“O, ohoo~ooh”


“Hey, face this way.”

Kyouichirou turned his camera toward Satsuki.

Satsuki laughs a silly ehehe and put up peace signs.

“Umm, I should? Right here.”

After looking around a little, Satsuki puts strength on her stomach while crouching.

“N, uu~uuu. Uuu~uun”

With an obscene sound, white liquid is let out from Satsuki’s ass hole.

“It’s out. White stuff, completely unreasonable.”

While making peace sign with both hands, Satsuki lets out cloudy liquid while wearing her uniform. Semen as it is, came out and piles up in the hallway.

“Ha~tsu, ha~tsu. Ah, I did it. Here, right here……”

Satsuki’s eyes wanders near the ceiling.

Principal’s office.

The moment she saw those characters, Satsuki reached light climax.

“Oh, ooooo~ooh. Cuming, semen ~uuu~tsu”

I can’t go back anymore.

A slight uneasiness passes through Satsuki’s chest. Her knees trembles.

“Let’s go home. On the way back, let’s eat ramen as well.”

I saw his outstretched hand. His hand reach out to me.

My trembles stopped.


My steps feels light.

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