After Returning to Elementary School with My Memory the Result Was to Create a Harem

Chapter 14: Mizuhara Natsumi
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Chapter 14: Mizuhara Natsumi

The Next Door Onee-san

~Defiled Flower Edition~

“Funfun?, fuーn?”

Kyouichirou glanced at Natsumi, who was fitting herself with her clothes in front of a mirror. She is humming and seemingly in a good mood.

“Did something good happened, Natsumi nee-chan?”

Natsumi looks so cheerful that Kyouichirou stops working and looks back from the chair. Natsumi replied, not bothering to look back.

“Fufufuー Today, your sister will be taking a step ahead as an adult.”

As if she couldn’t get the right one, she keep pulling out clothes from the closet one after another, and matching them in front of the mirror. It seemed her clothes just couldn’t satisfy her, and she have a slightly pouting expression.

“……? I really don’t understand what you mean.”

Natsumi’s remarks, which he can’t always grasp, are harder to interpret right now, more than ever. Natsumi turns around, still keeping her pout as she faces Kyouichirou. She seemed frustrated at her Kyou-chan, an elementary school student, who don’t get her.

“I’m going to a mixer. Mixer. Onee-chan is finally invited to a mixer.”

Natsumi proudly boasts but Kyouichirou do not comment even as she is only in underwear. Looking closely, her underwear is another ‘popular among high school girls’ piece she acquired recently. Only, in this case, the grade of the boy who saw it will drop, or so it goes. Kyouichirou returned to work on the stock that Satsuki taught, not bothering to mention anything despite it being her attending a mixer.

“……wait, Kyou-chan has nothing to say? It’s a mixer you know? Onee-chan, maybe would end up with a boyfriend?”

Natsumi asks Kyouichirou, who is a bit too unresponsive, as if she is a little mad.

“You will do that? Well, Natsumi nee-chan is cute, so you can easily win any guy there, sure.”

Natsumi scratched her head hearing the words of Kyouichirou who is still staring at the screen, seemingly totally indifferent about her at all.

“That’s not it! Kyou-chan, you’re going to let onee-chan have a boyfriend?”

Natsumi shook Kyouichirou’s shoulder in protest with slightly inflating her cheeks.

“Hey, stop shaking…… Hmm, isn’t it fine? I’m not in a position to stop you anyway.”

Kyouichirou turned his head to Natsumi because she is swaying him so much. In front of him, Natsumi cutely jumps in.

“What? That’s it? Even though you robbed me of my first time. Kyou-chan, onee-chan is hurt!”

Kyouichirou readjust his seat to face Natsumi, who was totally being annoying. He didn’t fully get her feminine mannerism, however he gave a lot of thought about it.

“Wait, don’t raise your right hand, Natsumi nee-chan…… I don’t like you having a boyfriend. But I can’t stop you. I’m not even the lover of Natsumi nee-chan after all.”

Hearing his words, Natsumi put down the hand she had raised.

“That’s right, but we were doing those naughty things. You can’t deny those……”

Kyouichirou is not sure where Natsumi is getting, but he just shrugs. In fact, Kyouichirou does not have much intention to bind her.

Natsumi is important as a member of his harem, but Kyouichirou have no intention of robbing her of her youthful days that will come by only once in her lifetime. Of course, if she have a boyfriend and no longer want to do that kind of thing with him, it’s a different story. But considering Natsumi’s personality, her relationship with Kyouichirou will continue even if she had a boyfriend. There is no problem no matter how her story goes.

“I’ll ask then, if you got yourself a boyfriend, you would no longer do those things with me? I would hate that, absolutely.”

When he says so, Natsumi shyly joins her fingers. She does not realize that she is openly expressing her gladness about it.

“……I didn’t mean that. Well, if Kyou-chan says it that way, then it’s fine. Onee-chan also has a responsibility to keep. She can’t leave everything to Satsuki alone……”

Natsumi spun her words feebly. Kyouichirou looks at her with a grin. Her point is that, even if she got herself a boyfriend, she still wants to be with him. She is a very greedy onee-san.

“In other words, after having sex with your boyfriend, you would still want my dick? How surprising, Natsumi nee-chan is a bad girl. No, she’s just erotic.”

After that, Natsumi turned visibly red. She may have noticed what he meant. She hang her head down in shame.

“Recently, it seems like you’ve forgotten it. I’m an elementary schooler. Yet you had sex with me yesterday as if it was something natural. Would you want me to show my mom the video we recorded at that time? She would surely give you her blessings. My mom likes you very much after all Natsumi nee-chan.”

Surprisingly, Natsumi’s body becomes smaller. It seems Kyouichirou have been clenching his hands tightly.

“Oh, that is…… not good…… Sorry, Kyou-chan. Are you mad?”

While she’s recieving his glance, Kyouichirou continues his words, finding it fun. He’s not actually mad at her, but she didn’t know that. Kyouichirou is not dissatisfied with their current relationship, sometimes, he wants to just bully her a little.

“It’s alright. I’m not mad. It’s up to Natsumi nee-chan to decide whether or not she will get a boyfriend. But you already took my virginity (doutei), yet after you got yourself a boyfriend, you will simply leave me? I’m a little hurt.”

Natsumi’s body swelled uncomfortably as his words cling to her. She just stare at Kyouichirou’s feet without shifting her gaze. By this point, she had no idea what he wanted to say.

“……I’m sorry, Kyou-chan…… What can I do to appease you?”

“What do you think you should do?”

Kyouichirou smiles and Natsumi, who sees it gulps audibly.

She immediately decided what she have to do.

Natsumi slowly put her hands on her underwear.

“Hahaha, Natsumi nee-chan. It’s so ridiculous.”

Kyouichirou clapped his hands happily, looking at her. The sound of the applause lightly reach Natsumi’s bare skin.

“That’s right. Is it okay like this?”

Natsumi turns her eyes down, but still leaned her hips outward. Proof of her excitement falls from her secret place.

“This is embarrassing. Kyou, Kyou-chan. Can I not do it?”

Swaying and shaking, Natsumi turns her secret place to where Kyouichirou will be, while protruding her waist. Natsumi, who cannot see, has no other choice but to judge his position from his voice.

“No, what are you talking about? You are going to apologize right? I’ll turn the camera on right now.”

“Wait, wait a minute……”

Natsumi’s voice fades away as the recording sound of the camera app resounded. Her body shakes with a surprise, and Kyouichirou adjusts the focus of the camera to her.

Natsumi’s moderately plump body is reflected on the screen. Anyone suddenly looking at the screen will be lightly surprised.

“Uh, uh, umm……This is Natsumi. I have something, important, to tell you all today.”

Natsumi’s face, speaking to the camera, is half hidden ……because they are having men’s trunks on. The size is small, of course, since it is for elementary school students.

“I, an elementary schooler’s penis, umm…… I love them, because I’m a pervert.”

There is a tight shoulder strap from a black school bag on her back. Kyouichirou records from the side entrance to make it easier to understand that the school bag is one used by elementary school students.

“And with the little boy living next door, I had sex yesterday. Now I’m naked and spreading my legs in the child’s bedroom. I’m sorry for being so perverted.”

Natsumi who speaks with a trembling voice is half crying. You can tell even if she hid her face. She may actually be crying a little while later.

However, the fact that her everything is erected out of excitement is evident in the eyes of Kyouichirou who is a bit away from her. Her extended long nipples are upright and stiff.

“Sorry. Please. Too embarrassing. Onee-chan will die of shame.”

“Noー You said you would masturbate as an apology. Now, do it quickly.”

Natsumi looks really embarrassed. She had been giving out U~ u~ sounds for a while now. Natsumi, who only did exhibitionist play before, may not be used to this kind of thing. In fact, her head is currently messed up with various emotions.

“This is…… this is the child’s recorder. I’m going to masturbate with this as an apology…… I’m sorry Kyou-chan, Kyou-chan’s recorder, onee-chan will use it as a toy for masturbation.”

Natsumi’s feet slowly opened. While showing that off, she put the recorder in her crotch. She keeps her obligation despite her shame. She is a serious and good onee-chan.

“Fu ~tsu, ……U ~uun. Ah ~tsu, u ~u. It’s in. Kyou-chan’s recorder, it entered deep ……Fu ~uuu ~tsu”

In front of the camera, more than half of the recorder is swallowed into Natsumi. Gradually, up and down movements are added.

“Uu ~tsu, ……Fu ~uun. ~~Ah ~tsu, ah ~tsu. Ya ~a, u ~uu”

The ji~yupoyupoto sloppy sound mixes with the floppy ~yozuhi~yotou sound. Is it due to the air passing through from the recorder? An obscene sound that Kyouichirou have not heard before wraps around his room.

“Ahu. N, u ~uu…… It feels good. Sorry, this, surprisingly…… au, u ~u, feels good.”

Natsumi suddenly started messing around with the recorder actively, desperately seeking pleasure in front of the camera.

“Ohー the embarrassing thing, how could you even?”

“I’m sorry. But it’s not like that. It’s just too good.”

Kyouichirou smiles as he watches Natsumi’s clitoris. Indeed, she is a cute girl.

“Fuu ~uu. Its all sloppy. I can’t do it anymore. Kyou-chan, I can’t stand it anymore.”

Natsumi shakes her waist and begs Kyouichirou who is simply resting his hands on his chin.

“Now now, Natsumi nee-chan. You don’t have to beg anymore.”

Kyou-chan’s voice.

My body responded to that his words, shivering in excitement.

I spread them myself. Over there, the place that has been overflowing from a while ago, waiting for Kyou-chan’s dick without any shame.

“O, onee-chan’s pussy. Kyou-chan’s…… elementary school-er’s penis, please give me.”

I said it. Speaking of which, I haven’t said this recently. I was surprised at the words I said. Why have I been taking it for granted all this time? I must have simply averted my eyes away.

Yes, that’s right. Kyou-chan is……

“No, no. It’s no good after all, Kyou-chan ……Fu, ah ~aaa ~tsu”

Suddenly, it was pushed all the way to the back. My consciousness seems to fly away for a moment upon the impact.

“Oh, oo ~oo ~oo. No, no good. Ah, really……”

“What happened Natsumi nee-chan?”

Kyou-chan calls from behind feeling a little worried. I have to say it. I’m his onee-chan. I have to say.

“No, we shouldn’t Kyou-chan. It’s not good ……Fu, u ~u. We really shouldn’t. With an elementary schooler, like this…… So let’s stop? I’ll wait until Kyou-chan grows up. I won’t have a boyfriend, so……”

I desperately opened my mouth. That’s right. At least two years later. When Kyou-chan becomes a junior high school student, that much is good.

“Fuーn. Don’t say that.”

“Fue? What, ngu ~uuuuu!”

It’s reaching the back! No, no!

“With your pussy like this? It’s not persuasive at all. Listen, ~guchagucha, hear that?”

“That is, that’s Kyou-chan’s…… Ugu ~tsu, ha ~atsu! Ha ~a u ~uutsu!”

It’s hitting. He’s hitting it. The important place. A girl’s important place. I can’t stand this.

“You’re really a pervert, Natsumi nee-chan. In the end, you will be wagging your hips so you can put in an elementary schooler’s dick. If it feels good, whatever is fine with you.”

“No, no! Ah, fuu ~tsu! Ah ~tsu, ah ~tsu…… Ha ~aaaaatsu ~tsu !!!! No, no. There’s no such thing.”

~guchiguchi, Kyou-chan’s tip spreads my entrance, spreading it out. No, no no. This is not good. I understand. Only, I’m just no good.

“This is the thing. Natsumi nee-chan, you like sex with a little boy’s dick. You only think of me like a vibe or a dildo, right?”

“That’s not true ~uuuuu! Oh, oh ~ooo. Oh, u ~uuu. I like you, I really like you Kyou-chan ~aaaaah!!”

Kyou-chan suddenly pushed my body down. Our position changes to a one closer to missionary position.

Kyou-chan’s face is beaming, smiling happily.

Ah, no. Don’t look at me like that. I will lose it. Onee-chan will completely lose it.

“I’m glad. I like Natsumi nee-chan too ……then, do you hate my penis?”

At the same Kyou-chan smiles, his waist push out……

“Oh, ooooooh. Hiii, no, really no good. Oh, ogu ~uu. U, u ~uuuuu

My tummy, he held it down. No, don’t do that. My uterus will collapses. It will be pushed hard.

“How about that? Are you still not interested in my dick?”

“That’s, such a thing. It’s not true. An elementary schooler’s dick, I love it. No, it’s different! I mean…… Ugu ~u, nnnnn ~tsu”

Oh no. Its useless. It will be crushed.

『Iー and Natsumi nee-tanー we will get marriedー』

With Kyou-chan? Um, to Kyou-chan. Um, he is still small. Right now, he is still an elementary school student……

“No, no. Oh, oooooh. Don’t crush the uterus. Onee-chan, can’t do it. Even though you’re an elementary school student. Kyou-chan is an elementary school student. No, please……”

It’s completely open. I understand. He will be reaching the womb.

『Natsumi nee-tanー I love youー』

……I’ll cum. No, why, this. I don’t know anymore. If this is done, I really, am no good, anymore.

『Natsumi nee-tanー Let’s playー』

Hihi, no. As I keep saying, I’m no good. Sorry, Kyou-chan……

“I love you. Natsumi nee-chan”

……Fufu. Thanks, Kyou-chan.

“N ooh, oh ~oooh. Cuming, I’m cuming ~uuuuuuuu”

『Natsumi nee-tan?』

“Fugu ~tsu, N ~oooooh. Kyou-chan. Kyo~uuuuuch~aaan. Sorry. I’m sorry. Oooo, ouuuuu”

『It’s okay. Kyou-chan, onee-chan will protect you.』

“Hihi, I’m saying. Kyou-chan is. I don’t know, I don’t know anymore. Hi~ya, hahaha ……Oh, ooooooh”

Kyou, Kyou-cha……

“Cuming, I’m cuming ~uoooooh! Oh, oaaaaaaaah!”

“Ah, n ~u. Ayaka ~a? Wait, n ~u. I can’t attend the mixer today.”

「Eh, reallyー? You, even Tsukina-senpai was looking forward to gathering together. Howー could you do that? We’d rarely have another chance like this again.」

Listening to my classmate’s voice, I stood erect on my feet.

An elementary schooler’s dick is hitting the back, piercing my most comfortable place.

“Fa~a, aau. Ah ~tsu, sorry. Wait a, I’m a little feverish. Uu, don’t move!”

『Wait, are you alright? Your voice kinda sounds erotic.』

Kyou-chan’s penis relentlessly hits my uterus. Really, it is making it all sloppy.

“Oh! That’s so? Hmm, maybe it’s a little dangerous then. Some~how, it’s different from usual ~uuu”

「Hey, are you really alright? You should go to the hospital. Don’t worry about this side. I’ll tell Yuka and the others you’re not feeling well. Get you medicine proplerly.」

The moment the call from Ayaka is cut, my legs immediately lose strength.

“Ah ~tsu, hihi. Cuming ~tsu, I’m cuming again. Ah, ah ~aaaaa. Nnu, n…… Hihi, Kyou-chan. Onee-chan is cuming again.”

Ji~yupojupoto, I keep shaking my waist. After that, it feels even better. Rubbing my sensitive inside with this.

“Yeah, I saw it. You were on a phone call with a friend, but you didn’t hide it at all.”

“I’m sorry, but Kyou-chan’s elementary school dick is too comfortable. Onee-chan will become weird.”

It’s a lie. I’m already weird. Now, my heart feels comfortable and guilty. But they only become spices to make me feel good.

I’m happy to take care of Kyou-chan. Kyou-chan, is a child just next door.

“My nipples are erected. Look, Kyou-chan. Onee-chan’s long nipples”

“Yes yes, let me pull it. Here”

Kyou-chan pulled my nipples like a rein on a horse. My chest shakes, waving up and down.

“Hiiiin ~tsu! Hi, Hihihi. Kyou, Kyou-chan. An elementary school student is treating me like his horse.”

“Pervert. I can’t believe my first love is such a person. I must have been really deluded.”

My pussy, both nipples are pulled violently as well. My consciousness is getting faint as I fell tears of pleasure for a moment.

“Hi, hihi ~iiin! S, sorry. Onee-chan is a pervert. Hihi Hi ~iiiii. Ah, aaaaah. Penis penis ~aah. Penis is shaking ~uuu”

Looking from below, i can see Kyou-chan’s face. He’s cute. A really young elementary school boy.

“Hii~, cuming. Kyou-chan’s face, cuming”

I am thrilled. This is with Kyou-chan. Who was always following me from behind.

“Hihi, I’m sorry. Aunty, uncle. Kyouichirou’s dick, I’m eating it up ~uuuu. Amazing, it feels great ~oooh”

Suddenly, he thrusts it all the way in.

“Hiuuuuuuu! Oh, ugu ~uuuuuu”

“I’m fine with that. I know I’m nothing but Natsumi nee-chan’s toy. Right?”

Kyo-chan is staring at her with a slightly disgruntled face. I know why. It is onee-chan that belongs to Kyou-chan, thats why.

“I know, I know. Oh, ou ~tsu. Onee-chan, is a hole dedicated to an elementary school student’s dick. Kyou-chan can put his dick in at anytime. Hihi, so play with onee-chan more. She will let you have fun.”

That’s it. It doesn’t matter anymore. I can’t go back anyway. Then I should enjoy it. It feels absolutely good after all.

“So, so therefore. Onee-chan, is Kyou-chan’s fuck-buddy. Hihi, a fuck-buddy for an elementary school student. It will be a lot of fun.”

I embrace Kyou-chan’s body. So small, and cute.

I’m happy. After all, onee-chan loves Kyou-chan.

“It’s okay ~uuh. Kyou-chan, onee-chan will protect you ~u. Hii, cuming. Cuming ~uuuu”

“Hihi, Kyo~u-ch~aan. Ah ~tsu, hihihi…”

Kyouichirou grabbed a glass from his desk, looking at Natsumi convulsing beside him. He moisturizes his dry throat that has become parched.

I paused and stared at my first love, whose consciousness had jumped too far away right now.

I think she’s cute. I have no regrets. She always shines even by herself.

“Natsumi nee-chan……”

I told myself that this should be fine. Her smile like the sun. Even if it changes, I’ll keep this girl beside me.

I love her. I really love her. Surely, even from the first time. And when I met her again in this world.

“I love you. Natsumi nee-chan”

Kyouichirou sheds tears for the innocent girl in the sunflower field that he may not be able to meet anymore. This will be the last. These tears. They are the last tears I will shed for you.

“Wow, look at this Kyou-chan! Five ice cream puffs at Amazudo, only 500 yen!?

We have to go there now! Opportunities like this are rare!”

……the last tears.

“Let’s get dressed, hurry! Normally, they cost you 250 yen each! In other words, it’s less than half the original price! Ahh, awawa. We only have 30 minutes before the bus at 6 o’clock. Ahー really! We can’t wait to catch the next one! Get yourself dressed already.”

Watching Natsumi who change her clothes in a hurry, Kyouichirou dumbfoundedly opens his mouth wide.

I really don’t understand girls. What exactly have I learned from Satsuki and Tsubasa again?

Even this girl. Natsumi nee-chan isー

“……Hey, Natsumi nee-chan”

“What? Ah, come on. Change you clothes already. I can’t buy 10 without Kyou-chan!”

“I’m glad Natsumi nee-chan is my first love.”

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