After Returning to Elementary School with My Memory the Result Was to Create a Harem

Chapter 13 Shindou Tsubasa
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Chapter 13 Shindou Tsubasa

Tomboy Upper-grade(wo)man ~Classroom Edition~

Tsubasa is shocked and have been standing still at the incredible sight for the third time that day.

“I’m glad Shindou-san came.”

At an unpopular place in the school courtyard, a place where Tsubasa often hid when playing hide and seek.

“So um, the letter, you read it?”

There, Tsubasa stood alone with one boy.

The boy glances away slightly, feeling shy when facing Tsubasa.

Kouhei Hayami. Tsubasa’s classmate who is the captain of the soccer club.

“Eh ……Was this written by Hayami?”

Tsubasa took out the letter she kept in her pocket. It has a blue envelope with a slightly warped edge.

『After school, please come to the courtyard. I want to talk about something.』

A letter that says only that.

“Um, yeah. I thought I had to say something like this with my own mouth.”

Hayami moves his gaze lightly while scratching his cheeks.

The impact it had on Tsubasa after seeing the letter in the shoebox was immense.

The first person that came to her mind was Kyouichirou. But when she checked the contents with her heart pounding, she saw characters different from his.

When she came to the place as it was written, she was quick to search for who was waiting in the courtyard.

“……What do you want to talk about?”

Tsubasa’s heart beats faster. Hayami is a friend whom she sometimes plays soccer with. An important friend for Tsubasa, who accepts her without fussing about her gender.

Of course, she wasn’t unaware of that fact.

“Shindou, I um…… I, I like Shindou.”

Tsubasa’s heart throbbed painfully.


What Tsubasa had suspected is becoming a reality in front of her.

“I wasn’t really aware of it until now ……But I realise that recently, Shindou is cute…… I can’t say it well…… And before I noticed, I already liked you.”

Hayami cannot look at Tsubasa’s eyes. He is desperately trying to hide his embarrassed and shy face. Tsubasa gave such an action a quick look and is incredibly shocked.

“Wait, wait a minute. Wait a minute…… Why me? Hayami, you’re popular with the girls aren’t you? So why……”

The day before yesterday, we played together during lunch. Only one girl participated in a men’s only ball. It was him that quickly came forward to invite me.

“I don’t care about the other girls…… I like Shindou.”

Hayami asserted in a slightly stronger tone. Just like the day when he asked her if she was interested in joining them.

“……What do you like about me?”

Tsubasa mumbles quitely.

“That’s, honestly, I don’t know. Maybe I’ve always liked you. I always thought of Shindou as a good girl. But recently, Shindou suddenly become very cute. So……”

Hayami bit his teeth, as if he couldn’t speak well. Elementary school students cannot completely understand their first love after all.

“I see ……I’m becoming cute recently.”

The words of Hayami seep into Tsubasa’s heart.

“Oh, ah! You are very cute! I’m serious. I think Shindou is the cutest!”

Hayami’s voice came out nearly as shouts as soon as he could squeeze them out. He glanced at Tsubasa.


Tsubasa slowly turn her eyes toward Hayami.

As there gazes met, time seemed to stop for a short while.

“I’m sorry, there’s someone I’m dating. I like that person. I’m sorry.”

Tsubasa find her excitement earlier immaditely cooled down.

Looking at her, her gaze looked somewhat indifferent.

“……Then. If so… I understand. I wasted your time, I’m sorry.”

Hayami take a deep breath, and he look up, as hastily as he always did.

Tsubasa lower her head, feeling sorry.

“I’m okay, don’t worry. No, I’m glad you tell me. I’m refreshed. Yeah ……I’m glad you really like him.”

Tsubasa can’t see the usual smiley face of Hayami, but she thought it was alright. After all, nothing seemed to fall on the ground ahead of his gaze.

“Why? Why Kyouichirou, so many times……”

Only Tsubasa’s murmer can be heard in the courtyard where nobody is there anymore.

『You’re cute』


The words of Hayami, which she heard earlier, were already withering away from her heart.

“Wait a bit, Shindou-san. What do you mean?”

After school, an irritated voice was thrown on Tsubasa, who is preparing to return home immediately because of the previous day’s event.


Tsubasa glanced at the owner of the voice with a puzzeled face.

Ayana Wakamatsu. She is the coordinator of girls in the class. By her side, her followers were present too.

“Eh, what is it?”

Surrounded by girls without warning, Tsubasa shook her head unintentionally.

Ayana’s eyes rose seeing such a behavioir from Tsubasa.

“About Hayami-kun, it seemed you reject him.”

Ayana suddenly shoved her shoulder, and Tsubasa almost fell off from her chair.

“What was that? What? What is it that happened?”

Tsubasa wander her eyes around the classroom, raging.

Hayami, whose eyes were in her sight, shook his head as if saying he isn’t the culprit.

But she didn’t really need to look at Hayami. Tsubasa knew he isn’t someone who would do that. Most likely, some of the boys leaked the rumours.

“Nothing of that sort happened with Hayami. Wakamatsu-san and you all don’t have to bother about it.”

Tsubasa came off her chair as if she didn’t understand their topic of concern.

“Ah, both Yukari-chan and Kana-chan like Hayami-kun. Didn’t you know that? Just think about their feelings a little.”

From Ayana’s mouth, incomprehensible words are spun out to Tsubasa.

The girls around her started berating her like that was the signal.

“Huh? Then, I wished to get along with Hayami? Don’t be silly.”

Tsubasa yells that they are not dating.

The girls’ voice hit Tsubasa one after the other, which gave her a strange eerie feeling.

“You can’t say that!”

“What’s wrong with you! I feel sorry for Hayami-kun!”

“Are you even aware that you are a tomboy? Are you that stupid?”

“Or, no, you’re pretending to be not interested in boys.”

“You deceived all the boys, too. You pretend to be a tomboy so you can be their friend and hit on them.”

One after another.

“Hayami-kun and you don’t match at all!”

“For you to put on air so openly. Just how condescending can you get? When you’re a total idiot too.”

“You’re outfit seemed a little girly these days. I feel like I’m misunderstanding you’re intentions somehow?”

“Yaahー Why don’t you just simply walk away?”

“Hey, you’re a tomboy.”

Their berating never stops.

“What’s this? For a tomboy, to be wearing a hair ornament. Do you think you look good with it?”

Ayana reaches for Tsubasa’s head.

Tsubasa slammed her arm away without a word.

“…What! What’s with you?”

Tsubasa gently touch the hair ornament and trace it with her fingers.

Then glared at her.

“You can’t touch this.”

Ayana trembles seeing Tsubasa’s eyes.

“What, what is it about that hair ornament? Rather than that, If there are traces of injury, I’ll appeal to the teachers.”

Ayana’s voice no longer reach Tsubasa.

The girls’ beratings are getting more intense too.

When Tsubasa hears them though, she just laughs.

Maybe this will always be like this.

It has always been.

And always will be.

But it’s fine. Things are the same way they were before, nothing changes.

“Um, excuse me.”

A voice pierced through the noise.

“Um, can you let me through? Aish, it’s so hot here.”

The voice drowned out all the beratings.

“Oh, it’s the hair ornament from last time. You look good, Tsubasa.”

Why are you hereーー


Drool nearly fell from Tsubasa’s mouth as she kept opening her mouth in surprise.

“Hey, who is this kid?”

Ayana showed a confused face to Kyouichirou who suddenly appeared.

“Eh, this child. Sanada-kun……”

“He’s the fifth year. It’s the child my sister said.”

“Seriously? Kyouichirou-kun?”

“Eh, what? What is their relationship?”

Slowly, distress spreads among the girls. Things happened too suddenly for Tsubasa to understand too.


At that time, a voice is heard heading for Kyouichirou.

The sound of the approaching voice becomes louder.

“Oh, Hayami. Thank you, letting me know so quickly.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t know. I never thought things would end up like this……”

Hayami bows down to Kyouichirou and Tsubasa feels sorry for him.

Tsubasa and the girls have no choice but to open their mouth wide.

“It’s all good. Thank you for looking after Tsubasa.”

Hayashi opened his eyes as he was nudged by Kyouichirou. Kyouichirou looks back at Ayana and laughs at Hayami who is biting his teeth.

“Um. I have a lot to say. But you’re all my senpai so I’ll say just one thing.”

Kyouichirou hugged Tsubasa.

“Well, can you girls not bully my girlfriend?”

The girls step back in response to the Kyouichirou’s voice.

“Eh, no. We were not involved.”

“The ring-leader is Ayana, right?”

“That’s right. Even Hayami-kun said it was pathetic.”

“I was against it from the beginning…”

“We knew she is Sanada-kun’s girlfriend, so would we even dare?”

The circle of people fell apart just like that and they pretend that they were not related to each other.

“Wait, wait a little!?”

Ayana is in a panic. Before she noticed, no one is around her. Everyone is watching the ongoings while keeing a distance.


Ayana felt cold sweat forming through her body. Her friends won’t even look at her.

“Wakamatsu. Wait a sec……”

Hayami called out to Ayana.


Ayana stares at him with surprise. She is just a frail girl if she isn’t surrounded by her underlings. She imagined future repurcissions the event might have, and her feet began to tremble.

“It was my fault not knowing that Shindou is dating Sanada. It’s only natural that Shindou rejects me.”

Hayami glanced at Kyouichirou. Kyouichirou notices it and smiles.

After feeling that he could not beat it, Hayami bowed down towards his classmates.

“I’m sorry for making everyone nervous. It gets all rowdy like this because of me.”

The sound of applause echoed in the classroom.

The cause is, of course, Kyouichirou.

With this coming out if nowhere, the sound of the applause gets louder and louder.

“Wawawawa, What is this?”

While being embraced by Kyouichirou, Tsubasa gave a flustered smile to him who just appeared out of nowhere.

“A ~tsu, wa ~u. Kyouichirou ~tsu……”

As I felt the warmth hit my skin, my body shook.

“Tsubasa, you’re amazing today. I only touch it lightly.”

Kyouichirou slowly licks my neck with his tongue while crawling his fingers on my chest.

While feeling him swiftly moving about, I could only moan.

“Hi ~u ~tsu, that’s because. Fu ~u ~tsu. No, no good. Kyouichirou, I’m… ~n~tsu”

After the event today, grabbing my arm, Kyouichirou simply returned as if nothing happened.

The eyes of everyone in the classroom was really interesting back then.

“You are so cute. Tsubasa is the cutest.”

Kyouichirou’s words permeates in my chest. Just hearing him, my body trembles.

“A ~tsu, a ~u. A ~tsu, nipples. Ya ~a, it’s no good Kyouichirou. There, right now ya ~a”

Ignoring my words, Kyouichirou’s fingers pinch my nipples.

“A hii ~tsu! A ~u, a ~tsu. No good, it’s no good. My voice. A fu ~tsu!”

In Kyouichirou’s room. On Kyouichirou’s bed. I am somewhat embarrassed, and desperately tried to suppress my voice.

But it’s no use, and it kept leaking out. Kyouichirou, I get it, that trying it is useless.

“Hiii, don’t pull it. It’s getting strange recently because of Kyouichirou……”

While saying so, I bring my hands to Kyouchirou’s fingers on my chest. I tried to push them away.

“A ~tsu, a ~u. No, no good, Kyouichirou ~uuuuuuu!”

Before I can finish saying anything, Kyouichirou pulls both of them up.

At a glance, my nipples were stretched out to a length it can make me laugh. My breasts are also raised minutely.

“Even if you say that…… Despite what you’re saying, look, you want me to stretch your nipples, right?”

Mercilessly, Kyouichirou’s fingers lifted my nipples upwards. My breasts can no longer bear the force, that’s when his fingers got released suddenly.

“Fu ~tsu, a ~a ~tsu! A ~tsu, a fu ~u. Tingling, it’s tingling ~tsu. Kyouichirou ~u”

I started rubbing my breast with my hands before I realised. They’re small, but I’ll do my best to push them out with my hands. I squeezed and showed them to Kyouichirou as I shouted.

“I’m sorry. Kyouichirou. Please. I’m going crazy if you won’t touch them.”

Pushing up my nipples myself while twisting my body, I felt that, from a while ago, the inside of my panty had been a mess.

“It can’t be helped…… N ~tsu, ~chu ~yu ~tsu!”

Kyouichirou’s lips touched my nipples. After feeling the soft touch of his tongue, I felt my breasts sucked up.

“Oh ~u, fu ~uu ~tsu. Oh ~u, oo ~uu ~tsu”

It feels good. Kyouichirou’s hands squeezed my breasts with both hands and sucked them. He sucked them tight while they are being played with in his mouth.

“I love you. Kyouichirou. I love you. A ~tsu, a ~u. Oh ~tsu, ou ~uu ~u ~tsu!”

I spread my legs despite my embarrassement. I felt my panty biting and making a sloshing sound.

I put my right hand inside. Since it wasn’t taken off, the inside was already damp. Thick soup spilled out as I traced with my fingers.

“Can I touch it? Your penis, can I touch it?”

I’m already picking it up, but I’m asked Kyouichirou anyway. It’s stiff and looks really amazing. I feel like I’m going to die out of shame, but if I don’t not say this, Kyouichirou will not like it.

“Go ahead. Tsubasa is really cute today. Can you show me too?”

Kyouichirou came closer. He wants to look at the place carefully, where I am doing embarrassing things.

“… Ah ~tsu, Kyouichirou. Afu ~u ~tsu. Can you see it properly?”

In front of Kyouichirou, I took off my panty while moving my waist. I feel a wet thread getting stretched as I did so.

“Look ~ah. Guchi ~yuguchu it sounds…… This is because of Kyouichirou’s, penis, getting hardened.”

Pushing my waist out a bit, love juice fell on the sheets.

While feeling the gaze of Kyouichirou, I pinched my clitoris with fingers.

“Ah ~tsu, afu ~tsu. Oh, oo ~ooo. I’m seen, I’m seen by Kyouichirou.”

I treat it with both hands like I would with a boys’ penis as it gets all sloppy with a ji~yukojukoto sound. Kyouichirou is just staring at me all the while.

“It’s embarrassing ~hii, I’m sorry. Kyouichirou, Kyou~ichiro~u……”

I move it up and down, with my legs opened as much as I can to make him see properly. I’m ashamed, but Kyouichirou loves this.

Kyouichirou’s crotch, which is in my line of sight, is so excited that it could not be mistaken.

“Aa ~tsu, u ~u. It feels good to rub your penis. Ji~yokujukoo it sounds.”

My head is about to go blank. I’m so embarrassed, yet too comfortable it doesn’t matter. Recently, I had been showing off many naughty things to Kyouichirou.

“Kyouichirou ~uu. Are you fine with this? You don’t hate perverted girls?”

I grab Kyouichirou’s collar and pull it near. Right now, because I’m in front of Kyouichirou’s penis, I became completely hopeless.

“Do you really like a girl with such a naughty body?”

At a distance close enough to feel his breath, right in front of Kyouichirou, I am masturbating senselessly.

Guchi~yuguchu and ji~yukojukoto sounds kept ringing. I am sure Kyouichirou can naturally hear such a loud sound.

“I don’t hate it. I love it. The horny Tsubasa is also cute.”

Kyouichirou traced my back. My body bends forward with pleasure from the sensation coming from a place I can’t see.

“Fuu ~uuu!”

Kyouichirou’s words felt nice and reassuring. I am likely to cum just by that already, but not yet. There’s more to be done.

“Ah ~tsu, nn ~tsu. Kyouichirou, that. Please do that.”

Begging to Kyouichirou while showing off my waist, I can see love juice hanging down to my ass hole.

It feels so thrilling, I keep staring at Kyouichirou.

“What is ‘that’? Tsubasa, what are you ask for exactly?”

He knows, but Kyouichirou implored of me. I am going to feel really shy asking for ‘that’ again today.

With both hands, I spread my clitoris to the side, having him look at my female part with my waist up.

“Kyouichirou. My clit, right here, please suck it.”

There was an embarrassing kuchi~yurito sound from my female part.

“Ah, oh ~tsu oh ~ooh. Ou ~u, Ou ~uu ~oh. It feels ~amazing.”

I can’t keep my voice down. It feels too good.

“N ~tsu, ji~yupu ~tsu. Chi~yupu ~tsu!”

Kyouichirou’s tongue licks my important part. His mouth sucking and smacking.

“Hiiiii ~iiiii. It’s good ~aah. My clit, hiii ~aahh”

He treated it like a penis, like the one I did to Kyouichirou before. Maybe he did it on purpose.

“Ah, too good. Kyo~uichiro~u. So good. ~chi. Ah ~tsu, ah ~aaaah ~tsu”

When I realise that, I thought it was a bit terrible. I am a girl after all.

However, what Kyouichirou did is to make me feel good.

Maybe, for Kyouichirou. It is like a cute tiny penis.

“Ah ~uuuu ~tsu! Ah ~aa ~tsu. My clit feels good ~oooh. Ah ~aa aah”

Either way is fine. Either way is fine before Kyouichirou.

I pull his head, I grind it against myself. If I don’t do that, I will lose myself.

“Cum ~tsu. I’m cuming ~tsu. My clit. Ah ~aa. U waa ~aaa”

My feel jiggles and shakes. The entire senses of my body concentrates only in that small area.

“No good ~tsu. Kyo~uichiro~u. My clit. I’m cuming ~uuuu ~tsu”

I’m melting as I cum.

As a girl, yet like a boy. Everything, enerything melts as I cum.

“I’m going to cum, while getting treated like a boy. Ky~ouichiro~u My clit. My clit is cuming. Ya~aa ~aaaaahhhh.”

I don’t hate it. No matter how Kyouichirou treats me, it’s not bad at all.

I want you to eat me up no matter how.

“Oh ~tsu, o~uuu. I love it ~hiii. Aaah ~aa”

Even after that, he keep sucking me.

“Oh, oo ~tsu. Cuming ~tsu. I’m cuming ~uuu”

“You’re so cute, Tsubasa.”

Kyouichirou’s words permeate into my body.


Why he think so, I don’t know anymore.

Ayaka Wakamatsu is feeling despair for the first time in her life.

During the lunch break, while everyone else are eating lunch in groups, Ayana is alone in her seat.

I don’t understand why this happened. Until yesterday, I was certainly the center of this class.

I am trembling. I just don’t understand.

I don’t think I’m bullied. However, everyone keeps a distance from me.


Ayana keeps shivering as she’s about to cry.

Surely, this is punishment.

Why did I do that?

It was an invetable conclusion. Because I felt bad for Hayami-kun. Because I couldn’t stand that. My dear Hayami-kun.

Reaching that thought, Ayana desperately clenched her hands.

“……I’m sorry”

Her voice derails to a whisper.

Even though Shindou-san and Hayami-kun were not at fault.

“What? You’re alone?”

A voice called out.


Turning around, she saw Tsubasa standing in front of her.

Ayana opened her mouth, unable to comprehend why. Tsubasa have her lunch box on her right hand.

“I’m alone too. Let’s eat together.”

Tsubasa looked away as if she’s shy about something and scratch her cheeks. It is a habit she got from someone.

“……yes. Let’s”

Ayana felt her cheeks getting warm.

“……you know what”

“what is it”

“That hair ornament, it’s cute”

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