After Returning to Elementary School with My Memory the Result Was to Create a Harem

Chapter 12 Shijouin Satsuki
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Chapter 12 Shijouin Satsuki

The Ojou-sama Student Council President

~Kidnapped Princess Edition~

“No at all, I met Satsuki-san after a long time, and I had fun.”

Satsuki Shijouin stares at the man in front of him. His right hand held a tea cup dignifiedly.

While the smell of her rich tea pierce her tongue and nose.

An elegant man. Satsuki stared at the man with uninterested eyes while pasting a smile on her face.

They were in a luxurious space. A place to enjoy the fresh air with tea in the lounge of a first-class hotel.

Satsuki felt no tension being in such a familiar place and turns her eyes on the man in front of her.

“It was a wonderful time. When I’m with Kiyoaki-san, time passes by so quickly.”

The man smiles happily with a smile on hearing Satsuki’s words.

Kiyoaki Takarada. The scion one of Japan’s largest corporations, the Takarada Group.

Satsuki who is his fiancée gave him a bright smile.

He has a handsome face. Will his height be 180cm? From his gentlemanly belief, one can fully appreciate his high-class upbringing.

A blessed human with almost no shortcomings.

“I am looking forward to seeing Satsuki-san again. I was so nervous yesterday. Haha…… I’m sorry we couldn’t see each other much due to my inconvenience.”

The man places his hand on his temple, looking a little shy. Satsuki slowly traced the edge of her teacup as its flavor seeped into her mouth.

“It can’t be helped. America is distant and college is hard too. I’m already happy to meet just once a month.”

Satsuki whispered in a dignified tone, with her gaze pointed downwards. Such actions heated the man’s chest.

“Satsuki-san. You are really beautiful. Innocent and confident, yet dignified. I’m really glad you are my fiancée.”

It was an obedient rhetoric. The only man who can say it without shame is this man named Kiyoaki Takarada.

Satsuki gaze such a future marriage partner with gentle eyes.

“No I’m the one…… it is me who is glad to have Kiyoaki-san.”

A foolish man who doesn’t see other people’s heart.

“I’ve heard of Kiyoaki-san’s success. Aren’t you currently the team leader in a lab? I’ve already have my hands full with the Student Council alone. I’m not going to be as successful as Kiyoaki-san.”

Satsuki’s eyes seemed sad as she bit her lips in anxiety.

“That’s not true, Satsuki-san is excellent. I only became the student council president when I was in high school.

I wonder how the man in front of me sees me as.

“It feels encouraging to have Kiyoaki-san say that.”

Contrary to her cold heart, Satsuki feels incredibly hot in her lower body.

Putting strength on her buttocks, Satsuki inadvertently sent heat to her face, giving her a parched throat.

“Only if you were able to help me…… Say? Why don’t we go out somewhere after this?”

Satsuki have no interest in the man who does not even notice her true self and still talks gently to him.

Satsuki lifted her waist lightly, keeping her expression as is. With that, the anal plug is forced out little by little.

“I’m sorry ……I can’t stay anymore after this. There’s something I have to do. And it’s been a long time already. I’m sorry.”

When she heard that, his words echoes in her head, and Satsuki feels a light elation.

Satsuki felt her pulsating heartbeat and she leaked out a voice unintentionally.

“It’s like that. I feel really regretful…… I mean, I had a fun time today. Thank you…… You seemed a bit feverish, is your body alright?”

The man stares at Satsuki, worried. Satsuki’s excitement dissipated the moment he saw her.

“I’m okay ……I guess it’s due to the changing season. I felt a bit weak.”

Satsuki turns her tired face toward the man and puts his palm over her forehead.

“I can’t just say that. I’m sorry, I might have delayed you for a long time. Satsuki-san’s story was fun to listen to. Then, I’ll go to the errand right away. Why don’t we leave soon?”

The man turned to Satsuki with an apologetic expression and slowly readjusted his collars.

“I’m sorry. I only met you after a long time so……”

Satsuki also wipes her lips, folds the napkin lightly and place it next to the teacup. Her eyes seemed to really hate to part with the man.

“I will take a break soon. Whatever the distance that separates us may be, I can easy reach Satsuki-san with an airplane. I’ll be back to Satsuki-san again soon.”

Standing up, Satsuki breaks out with a relieved expression. She express her happiness and line up next to the man.


At that moment, Satsuki raises her voice and retracts her hand to her chest. The man spoke to Satsuki in a hurry to his action and said,

“I’m sorry. I am just sorry to separate with Satsuki-san so soon.”

The man grabs Satsuki’s hand as if he tried to connect them and she looks at him as he closes in.

“No, it’s me. I suddenly raised my voice…… It’s the first time I’ve ever touched a man’s hand.”

Satsuki embraces her palms and looks at the man with her eyes turned up. The man looks as if he had seen an angel.

“But, if it’s Kiyoaki-san…… If you want to do anything, whatever……”

Satsuki puts her gaze down on her feet, and waves her hand to the man. After a while, the man stopped Satsuki’s hand with a gentle voice.

“No. I am very sorry. I’m fine…… Let’s take it slowly. I will receive your hands the next time I see you.”

The man’s affection permeates Satsuki’s chest.

Her blood was cold and filled with disgust by the time they part.

The 6L engine shakes and the 12 cylinders growls. Satsuki sighed towards the window, feeling the vibration of 547 horsepower on her seat.

“How are you feeing ojou-sama?”

Sakazaki, who holds the steering wheel in a space dyed red by the evening sun, receives the boredom of her master sitting on the back seat.

Without needing to check with a mirror, Sakazaki can rightly guess her master’s expression in her head.

“Didn’t you have tea with Takarada-sama?”

Turning the steering wheel to the right, Sakazaki blew out some air while waiting for her master’s response.

“Apart from that, nothing special happened.”

Sakazaki looses her lips hearing the answer she expected.

“That’s not all. There’s probably one or two women he’s dating. To be excited by a little girl, he must be pretty frustrated.”

Neither daunted nor discouraged, Sakazaki recieves the boredom of her master, who have no expectation out of anybody, with an iron-masked expression.

Even after taking off her apron, her face as Satsuki’s servant is bright. However, the only person who can read the feelings behind her iron-masked expression is here, her master seated in the back.

“I don’t think Takarada-sama has any experience with women.”

Sakazaki felt her master turned her head around for the first time, with a disgustedly disappointed face that is!

“How do you know that?”

Appearance, ability, and money. Satsuki pictures her fiancé who is traveling to the United States with everything, and wrinkles her brows.

“It’s called, woman’s intuition.”

Then her master raised her chin in a strange manner. ‘Heeー, is she going to deny it?’ Sakazaki thought.

“… Sakazaki”

“Yes, ojou-sama?”

Her master, who looked bored, stare out of the window again, muttering with an intrigued tone.

“The more gentlemanly a man, the more boring they get.”

“As you say”

Satsuki’s smile melted amids the engine, unnoticed.

“What’s wrong? It looks like you’re on fire today. Did you do something you have to apologise for?”

In the locked room, moist damp heat circulated in a quiet space.

“Haa ~a ~tsu, Kyoichiro-sama ~a. I’m really sorry ~tsu”

The squeaky, rubbing sound of the ropes is sucked into the walls.

In a world with her vision depraved, Satsuki can only feel her restrained body.

“So please, punish me”

Satsuki’s arms, legs, and body were entangled by a rope, restricting her movement. The chest pushed up by the rope were pushed out hard to the front, and the rope caught in her crotch became hot.

Satsuki suddenly felt warmth on her back, which cause her to slightly make rough breaths. The feeling of being hugged from behind. For Satsuki, whose movement and visibility were depraved off her, the body temperature of Kyouichirou in contach with her back was the only feeling that exist.

“Hey, you’re going to keep secrets? Jeez, Satsuki is a really bad girl.”

The rope that extended from her lower body is pulled, and the bondage that tightens makes Satsuki’s body jump. Her body, which could not even shudder, was so sensitive that even her sweat that passed through her skin felt pleasurable.

“Wa u ~u ~tsu. I’m sorry ~tsu. A ~tsu, ha~a ~tsu. Fu ~u ~u ~tsu!”

For 30 minutes straight, Satsuki had been given only gentle stroking on her skin and the stimulation from the rope being pulled occasionally.

Even the plug in the ass hole that was usually allowed had beed depraved of her, and only a small rope knot is attached there. The unbarable feeling of not being able to touch even her nipples had long since exceeded Satsuki’s limit.

“Hey, what are you hiding? If you don’t say it, I won’t punish you anymore.”

Kyouichirou’s finger traced her breast right beside the areola. That stimulus break away Satsuki’s reason.

The blood gathered at the tip of her chest, even though he didn’t directly touch it, and the stiffening sensation made Satsuki feel helplessly painful.

“Wu ~tsu, Ha a ~a u ~tsu! N ~o, noo ~o. Punishment, Kyouichirou-sama, please punish me. Satsuki, Satsuki needs punishment.”

Being blindfolded, it is hard to tell that she is Satsuki at a glance. How many would identified her as Satsuki, when she is openly pleading and begging with her tongue out?

“If you want that, why didn’t you say it? What bad thing did Satsuki do?”

Kyouichirou intentionally whispered to Satsuki at her ear. To the current Satsuki, even breathing over her ears is a stimulus that is too sweet and the sensation runs around throughout her body.

The devil whispered in Satsuki’s heart to tell him, that she would be more comfortable that way.

“A ~tsu, a ~tsu. I’m sorry ~u. Forgive me ~e ……I met up with my fiencée.”

Losing to the whisper, Satsuki’s mouth opens. It’s already too late when she realised. Satsuki felt slightly anxious. Things that aren’t excitement made her heart beat faster.

It was quite for a moment. Kyouichirou’s movement stopped too.

Satsuki’s heart pulsates with an unpleasant feeling. Slowly, she turned her only not-restrained head towards Kyouichirou.

“…Sorry, I’m sorry, I never told you…… But, that, ……please”

A weak voice sounds from Satsuki. She herself is surprised she could make such a voice.

Satsuki desperately moves her face towards Kyouichirou.

“I didn’t have any say about it. Our parents just decided. I swear, I didn’t really hold his hands on my own. Kyou, Kyouichirou-sama……”

Satsuki regretted her remark. I should have kept it secret. I didn’t know I had these feelings, she thought.

An impatience that has never been felt before runs through her. She felt a strange cold sweat running down her back, as she felt like something important to her fell out of her hands.

“Aah, no. Sorry, I’m……Kyouichirou-sama”


“What’s this? You’re not doing any bad things…… I can’t punish you.”

Satsuki’s heart trembled to an extent she had never felt before, Kyouichirou’s palm gently stroked her.


Satsuki cannot immediately react to the sudden warmth.

“Eh, that. Kyou, Kyouichirou-sama… what, why?”

The moment she realized that the warmth was the palm of Kyouichirou’s hand, tears overflowed Satsuki’s cheeks.

One drop. Just one drop, yet Satsuki doesn’t know the reason for the tears.

“Oh, did you think I was angry? That’s stupid. Why would I be angry at that?Satsuki is an ojou-sama, he’s probably one of your fiencée candidate. I believed you can’t not go, there would have been a servant with you too.”

Satsuki drops a second tear from the finger of Kyouichirou who is still stroking her slowly. Thanks to the blindfold, Kyouichirou doesn’t know.

“Maybe, you thought I’d care? It’s okay. Whether Satsuki has a fiencée or you’re married, I’ll secretly play with Satsuki’s body.”

Something inside Satsuki shivered intensely. Kyouichirou’s words. It shakes her deep inside her body where it permeates endlessly.

Before that feeling settled in her, Kyouichirou pinched her nipples lightly with his finger.

“Oh, that’s it. Ah, a ~a a ~tsu. Aa ~aa u ~tsu”

He pull up her nipples with both hands without waiting for Satsuki’s reply.

“Fua ~tsu. My nipples. A ~tsu, a ~tsu, it’s amazing ~hiii”

Satsuki’s head stirred from the too sudden and too much pleasure. It’s the feeling she had been waiting for. Her body trembles as he scrambles, and Satsuki’s head turns around, still blindfolded.

She swallows the words she were about to say.

“A ~u, u ~a ……A ~tsu. A ~aaa”

Her body and head melts. To Satsuki, even the boundaries of her body are no longer clear.

“Who can do anything with you? No matter what, you can not be satisfied by anyone other than me.”

Kyouichirou’s voice permeated in Satsuki’s head, which is now totally messed up.

“Ah, aa ~aaa. Mai ~i nipplee ~e. A ~mazing ~hiii”

Her anxiety had disappeared inadvertently. Every part of her body had convulsions, and the rope on her crotch had been swollen with love juice.

Kyouichirou’s voice continues to shake Satsuki down to her uterus.

“Ah, even so…… seeing your fiencée aside, you had been silent until now…… that calls for a punishment…… Shall I, punish you?”

Satsuki feels light with just those words.

“N oo~o ~tsu, n ~o ~tsu. Oo ~ooou ~tsu”

My head was about to break because of the pleasure from the ass hole.

“Hey, you were keeping you’re mouth shut about it, I might want to break your asshole at this rate.”

I can hear his voice. Just by hearing his voice, my body repeatedly convulsed without stopping.

“I’m sorry. Satsuki’s asshole, it’s broken by the penis ~oooh ~tsu”

After I was freed of being tied, I start waving my ass over him on my own initiative.

Without bothering about the blindfold that had fallen to my neck, I am holding his thing in my asshole while desperately drowning myself in pleasure.

“Yeah. Look, you’re such a bad girl, you should reflect on it.”

His fingers pulled both my nipples tightly, like a horse’s bridle.

The pulled chest shakes intensely.

“Oh, o~oooo. I sorry ~hiiii”

I felt a sensation like my nipples are getting pulled off, and love juice dripped down intensely.

“I’m sorry to keep my mouth shut, ou ~uu. I’m sorry ~hiiii”

My uterus is crushed to the side of the buttocks. My dripping juice drenched his crotch.

Every time I sit down, my consciousness seems to fly away. The mucous membranes got turned up, and the voice I didn’t think is my own came out.

“When the asshole gets filled, Satsuki turned useless. She could hold the anal plug in front of her fiencée. Really, Satsuki is beyond help.”

He scolded me while stretching my nipples. In response to his words, the hole in my ass tightens up even more.

I can’t even let go of him since my hole tightens up too much. The obscene sound sloshes around everywhere and makes my body even hotter.

“I am a bad girl. I only have thoughts of my ass hole in my head. Oh, oo ~oou”

I keep raising and lowering my waist. When his thing reached the back, I pointed his smartphone camera at my face with both hands as I’m desperately moving about.

“Eh, I wonder if it’s recorded well? Oh, o hu ~tsu. N hoo ~tsu. Right now. With Kyouichiro-sama’s dick, Satsuki, is getting punished.”

This is his cell phone. The video taken here will be kept as is.

My body is so excited thinking about what I’m going to say. I can say any vulgar thing I want.

“As proof of my promise with Kyouichirou-sama, I was told to record a video so that I wouldn’t forget it. Oh, ohu ~o. An elementary schooler’s penis is in my ass hole right now, I’ll confirm it as proof.”

His laughs meanly at me. Seeing that cheeky face, I began to feel a different emotions.

The feeling of pleasure disappears, and something more important takes its place.

“O ~ooo, like this, my ass hole is filled by Kyouichirou-sama’s penis. Satsuki’s ass pussy is for Kyouichirou-sama’s exclusive use ~o. O, ooho ~oo”

Ah, ~aa. No good. Breaking.

The moment I am conscious of the camera, there is a sloppy sound coming out from me.

The emotion I just felt, I don’t know what it actually means. My reasoning that is getting thinner and thinner can’t figure out what it is.

“I’m a virgin. Yet I can’t help but have a good time. Oh, ohu ~tsu. And, shortly afterwards, I’ll have Kyouichirou-sama mess me up until I forget everything else. Oh, o ~oooo ”

The dick in my asshole is poking the uterus. My uterus is crushed by the dick.

“Even if I get married, you can play with me anytime, anywhere ~ooooh. Dick, dick ~tsu. The ass hole, and the pussy ~oo ~tsu”

I keep recording it. My vulgar face is recorded in the camera. I capture my own face when I am crazily messed up by a dick.

“Throughout life, Satsuki will be a sex slave of Kyouichirou-sama. Ehehe, isn’t that good? Until Satsuki breaks down, I will be his toy. Oh, ohoo ~oooh”

The dick reach up to the back and I almost dropped the camera. That’s no good. I need to record this. I have to record. Satsuki recieving punishment. Punishment only for Satsuki.

“I’ll be your onahole. I will be you toilet too ~oo. Anytime you like. You can use me whenever you want ~oooh”

I imagined it. Myself being all messy, with both the asshole and the pussy spread out and filled with terrible things.

“I’ll do it! Ehehe. Kyouichirou-sama’s toy, his onahole uu ~uuu”

I will do a lot of bad things. So punish me a lot.

“Hey, you’re bringing the camera down. You need to shoot it properly.”

I can hear Kyouichirou-sama’s scolding. Yay, I did something bad again.

“N ho ~tsu, n ho ~ooo. I so~ ry ~hiii. Satsuki is a bad girl ~oooh”

My clitoris were crushed as punishment. I try to point the camera desperately, but my body shakes and I can’t do it.

“Oh, o ~oaaaah. N ho ~ooo. Cuming ~uu. I’m cuming ~uuuu”

No. No more. It feels good. It is feels too good.

On a camera, I have to record a video with the camera. Satsuki needs to take a video when she cum with a dick.

“Oh, oho ~oo. Can you see it? Me having anal sex? N ho ~tsu, n ho ~ooo”

Ah aah. Oho ~ooo.

“Penins ~oooh. Cum ~ing, Satsuki. Aaah ~hiii. Camera, Oh ~ooaaahh”

Ah ~tsu.

“Cuming, I’m cuming ~uuu!!”


Kyouichirou goes into the toilet bowl to pee.

To his surprise, Satsuki’s room is equipped with a dedicated private toilet, which is inside.

While looking at the expensive furnishings placed in the bathroom, Kyouichirou stared at the mirror hung on the wall, thinking that it would be the best place to settle down one’s thoughts.

‘What shall I do now?’

The mirror reflects himself with a seemingly unreliable face.

Thinking back on Satsuki earlier, various feelings sprang up in Kyouichirou’s head.

She confessed, that she would choose me rather than her fiencée for a lifetime. What’s more, Satsuki gave me her everything.

‘I’ll have to do it properly.’

When I decided to create a harem, I was determined. However, as I spend time with Satsuki and the others, I realize how sweet that determination was.

No matter how shameless I may try to be, I could not simply be so.

Responsibility to them must be carried at all costs.

Kyouichirou feels impatient that he cannot come up with a concrete method.

Can I make all of them happy?

‘No, I have to do it.’

Kyouichirou once again resolute himself and held his fist tightly.

‘……Hmm. I should not just patiently stay like this anymore.’

Kyouichirou pulled himself out of the toilet bowl after he’s done peeing.

“How does Satsuki feel becoming a toilet bowl?”

Kyouichirou stares at Satsuki tied to a Western-style toilet seat in front of him.

“N oh, oo ~oo. Ehehe, it feels good. The asshole toilet feels good.”

Satsuki, blindfolded and tied to the toilet bowl, uttered with an ecstatic voice and her hole opened sloppily.

From her asshole into which a large amount of urine is poured, pee overflowed and fall to the original toilet.

“More ~oh. Please punish Satsuki more ~uum ……N hoo ~oo ~tsu. O, ogu ~uuu”

Kyouichirou gently stroke Satsuki’s head while pushing a slightly dripping meat stick into Satsuki’s mouth.

“Oh, nbuu ~tsu. Ji ~yubu ~tsu. Gobu ~tsu, gobu ~tsu. N bu ~oooo”

Satsuki suffers, but accepts the meat stick into her mouth desperately.


The love of Satsuki in front of him was just painful for Kyouichirou.

“Stock? Oh you mean stocks?”

Satsuki has a cute smile as she looked at Kyouichirou’s face

“Yes. It isn’t possible?”

Kyouichirou made a request to Satsuki, who is holding a tea cup in one hand.

“I can do it, I have some knowledge of it. Why do you ask about it so suddenly?”

Kyouichirou’s heart gets more excited than he expected.

“I want to do it. Please, let me do it.”

Kyouichirou lowered his head to Satsuki. It is not an act befitting of the person who was the master until a while ago, but he can only take the lower position when asking for something.

“Oh, that’s okay. But they are managed by Sakazaki, but if I ask, it will be fine.”

So that’s how. Satsuki is a junior high school student. Although her grades are high among her peers, Sakazaki-san manages the basic rights.

Kyouichirou was strangely convinced, and at the same time, realises once again that getting rich is hard.

“……Kyouichirou-sama. It may be impolite of me to say this, but you shouldn’t think of having fun and making money.”

Jeez. Just as he was told where the stock is. A sermon from Satsuki arrives at Kyouichirou with such a stoic face.

Kyouichirou has to say that she is doing the right thing though. If an elementary schooler suddenly says, ‘I will make profit with stocks’, it would only be natural for a sensible adult to stop them.

However, Kyouichirou is not just an elementary school student.

He is an elementary school student who has been given a foul gift by God.

“Okay. I won’t think about playing around.”

So, don’t worry about me playing around.

I know just how steep the steps I am about to take from here is.

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