After Returning to Elementary School with My Memory the Result Was to Create a Harem

Episode 11: Mizuhara Natsumi
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Episode 11: Mizuhara Natsumi

The Next Door Onee-san

~Exposed Chick Edition~

Kyouichirou grinned while looking at the computer screen in front of him.

The 2 letters representing the successful bid jump into his eyes comfortably.

“Yup, yup. This feels nice. Little by little, I will keep accumulating them.”

What I am looking at is my page on the net auction. Rare cards purchased the previous month have been sold at prices higher than expected across the board.

Kyouichirou, who has become an elementary school student, has few ways to make money. No matter how much knowledge of the future he had, it is difficult to prove his identity if he had no funds.

After all, the shackles of age are large.

Feeling so, Kyouichirou bites his lips a little.

Rare cards of card games that he was addicted to as a student. This is a just a supposition on his part, and it doesn’t mean he can get the price of an actual rare card. The end point is that the price of a strong card goes up. And for the other cards, it’s something he won’t know right away.

I keep on buying and buying cards that are more likely to rise in price based on my memories of the past, but in the first place, the prices of cards in general were awful when I was in elementary school. Some made more money than I thought, and some just worked, considering the fees.

In the eyes of Kyouichirou moaning, ads in the corner of the screen suddenly poped up. It is a popular adult comic promotion. It a scene where a girl is walking naked and shyly in the city.

In the head of Kyouichirou, the face of the girl who is the master of this room comes to mind. Natsumi is also a source of concern for Kyouichirou.

“What will Natsumi nee-chan do in the future?”

He think about playing with Natsumi in the future while scratching his head. Thinking about the little exposure date he had the previous time, Kyouichirou is convinced that the extend he was going with is fine.

And, besides that, one can’t just walk around in the city naked like this comic.

Taking it off in a place where nobody is, or maybe a bare coat. Broadcasting using a personal computer.

There are many ideas, but Kyouichirou doesn’t feel that they are the right ones to do. In the first place, Natsumi has already done quite a bit of a sneaky exposure when he asked.

Conversely, I’m still not even used to the ‘showing panties in public’ level. Anymore isー

He leans on the chair and put the immediate cut option on pending. As always, all this is done in a flash.

His eyes returned to the screen, and Kyouichirou skips his thoughts again.

“In the end, I make about 50,000 in total?”

His mumbling voice felt heavy. It’s a tremendous achievement, but it’s not a big deal of money.

Kyouchirou is a bit overworked, even if he put off selling game data to be done during school.

“With that, it’s 160,000 in savings…… I’d like to start something bigger soon.”

It’s a lot of money for an elementary school student, but it’s an unbelievably small amount if he wants to do something big. He is not in a hurry to make money, but for Kyouichirou, who is in a relationship with three girls, still needed a certain amount of money.

Women costs money. Kyouichirou clenched his teeth hard, once again feeling the limitations of being an elementary school student.

After all, if he went out on a date, they will have to eat something. In addition to transportation expenses, Kyouichirou had a problem with contraceptives.

He need 3 people worth. It can be said that this is a matter of life and death as long as he is an elementary school student. Other than that, additional expenses in the form of a camera for Satsuki and the rings for Natsumi are there.

At present, he cannot buy them sex toys satisfactorily. It is a painful problem for Kyouichirou who is aiming for a harem.

“After all, I have to at least get a hand on stocks. It may be a good idea to ask Satsuki for assiatance, assuming that things will happen again as they once did.”

Thinking of the girl who has become his sex slave, the only daughter of the Shijouin Zaibatsu (financial conglomerate / industrial group). He thought Satsuki will surely help, being her Goshujin-sama and all.

“Hmm. I can’t move as much as I had thought. How pitiful I am.”

Even though I came back to this era with the power of God’s miracle, I can not do as much as I want to. Kyouichirou realized that he is just an ordinary man.

As he struggled with his harsh self-realisation, he heard the door opening from behind.

“Fufufuーn. ……Ah, Kyou-chan is here. I’m home! Is it the computer again? That’s a no no, you have to play outside too.”

Natsumi, the owner of the room, came back with a good mood. She has given him a duplicate key to use the personal computer, but she had said this reproval every time he uses the personal computer recently.

“I was about to leave Natsumi nee-chan. And besides, it was for a little homework. You are in a really good mood, did something happened?”

Looking back to Natsumi, who came home while humming a song, Kyouichirou saw a paper bag on her side. It looks like she had been shopping.

“Fufufu, listen to this. The thing is, your onee-chan finally bought it! Look at this!”

Natsumi took out the contents of the paper bag and show it off with a wide smile while spreading it out by hand.


At that moment, a question mark appears on Kyouichirou’s head. What Natsumi spread and showed off in her hands is unmistakably a panty.

They are slightly pinkish with floral prints. There are small frills in some places, and Natsumi seemed to really like it.

Natsumi handed it over with a triumphant doya face. Kyouichirou simply receives it.

“Certainly cute, but…… why panty?”

He cannot read Natsumi’s intention, so he just asked.

Kyouichirou stared at the panty while turning over the soft fabric. Thick fabrics which are not see-through. He wondered if it have a strange gimmick, but it didn’t seem to have anything of that sort.

“Well, that is the normal reaction coming from you Kyou-chan, but you will be surprised to hear this, those panties cost 6,800 yen.”

“Hah!? 6800 yen!? Really??”

Natsumi’s words cause Kyouichirou to involuntarily alternate his eyes between the panty and her face. He almost crushed it, but he managed to endure it.

“Fufufuー It is the underwear brand that is popular among high school girls. The girls who wear that recieve better marks. It is a godly item that help you to get better grades.”

To such a stupid reason, Kyouichirou wants to tsukommi her hard in the head. Apart from the grade improving thingy, there is nothing so much better in terms of performance.

But it’s likely that girls will buy it if they talk that about it. How amazing it is, that Kyouichirou, who is an adult, give her praise for the time being.

Kyouichirou stares at the panty in front of him. It certainly feels good to the touch. It feels nice. The frills are pretty, the embroidery is neat and well done.

However, to costs 6800 yen for this piece of cloth. From the point of view of Kyouichirou, who had been worried about money up to a short while ago, it is a bit hard to accept.

In the first place, aren’t panties something you can show-off only if the weather is hot? Such fundamental question arises in his mind.

Nevertheless, when Kyouichirou saw Natsumi pouting her chest with a smug doya face, he couldn’t say anything harsh. After all, it seemed putting on the underwear can boost her self-confidence.

Kyouichirou stares at Natsumi who takes it back in her hands to appreciate it.

After all these, Kyouichiou’s impression of her changed considerably. He thinks so as much.

In his memory, “Natsumi nee-chan” was a perfect example of an onee-san, representing a mature person. He longed for her, his first love.

The image that should have been solid in his mind began to wane, and now, he sometimes have the impression that something is off with her.

But there are things that do not change. Her warmth, liveliness, and sun-like smile. Kyouichirou has felt her goodness more than in his previous life in the past few months.

Natsumi nee-chan is good as his first love.

That won’t change no matter how many times he thought so. And for Kyouichirou, she is still Natsumi nee-chan.

Looking at Natsumi who feels so much delight because of a single panty, Kyouichirou is somewhat aroused.

Staring at the panty in her hands, Kyouichirou came up with a good idea.

“That’s it. Let’s go on a date, Natsumi nee-chan”

And just one thing, he still have a little courage when it comes to making the invition.

This is a secret to Natsumi nee-chan.


Since the next day is conveniently a holiday, they decided to go on the date right away.

Now that I think about it, I haven’t gone out with Natsumi for things like this since the last date.

Kyouichirou and Natsumi passed through the ticket gate at the station and stood down in a space where warm winds were blowing.

“Uwaー amazing. How beautiful.”

The date this time is at a shopping mall next to a certain station. As soon as we got out of the station, we are met with an intensely appealing sight with fountains and trees on the side.

“I’ve been here as a kid, but it wasn’t so amazing back then.”

Natsumi happily glances around. Her smile overflows, unmistakably filled with expectations.

“It had a grand opening 6 months ago. It’s less flooded now but the amount of people would be amazing once rush hour arrives.”

This shopping mall is the centerpiece for the development in the area. Besides the mall, there is a movie theater, karaoke, and a huge game center which is recently built.

Six months have passed and now, new stores have lined up and it seemed to have completely become the city center.

“I listened to the story, and can’t help being a little excited.”

Natsumi seems to be itching to do something with Kyouichirou already. I hope she wouldn’t start running ahead. Such concerns crossed his mind.

“Eh, eeek!”

Natsumi, however, as she takes a step forward from the station, raises an intense scream that attracts attention.

Is it a birufu? (TN: whirlpool of winds blowing around high rise buildings)

Natsumi’s skirt flutters and she press it down in a hurry. However, although she held it in front, it is completely visible behind. Her light blue skirt is gently rolled up by the wind. A brand new panty with no speck of dirt on it.

Kyouichirou nodded when he saw the loot from the previous date useful.

“U~ ……did you see?”

“Perfect. Well, it’s great. Show me a better one.”

Natsumi, whose skirt is turned up in a flurry of wind, glancs shyly back at Kyoiuchirou and looked around.

Kyouichirou look for a good breeze and stands next to Natsumi.

Natsumi’s clothes are stimulating. Light blue skirts of the same length as before which fail to completely hide her thighs. As like before, her buttocks seemed to shimmer.

Her cardigan is the same thin one as before, and the cuteness with frills did not help to hide the nipples that could be seen through.

“After all, it looks amazing, but… Kyo-chan’s taste are lewd”

Natsumi, who wears a higher heel than usual at her feet, blushes as she checks herself. She looks down and her tent that is stretched out by her nipples erected with a ring is proudly visible.

Natsumi traces her chest a little with her fingers while feeling the thrilling sensation running to her back, and thinking about this date.

“I’ll buy you clothes that you can use again. I’ll give you this money. I wish you buy something cute.”

At that, Natsumi feels a little complicated. After all, she’s his onee-chan. There are various things to be concerned about when being treated by an elementary school student.

“Uuー Please. I’m really sorry. It’s because onee-chan bought the panty.”

Still, Natsumi bowed to Kyouichirou. She is currently out of money after all. Kyouichirou knew that already so he was prepared.

“Well, I’ll enjoy myself too. Come closer.”

Pushing Natsumi’s back, Kyouichirou advances to the shopping mall.

Panties have their importance after all, and there should be many enjoyable events of such there.


“Oh, quite fancyー”

The first word of Natsumi as she walked in was that.

“It’s more vacant than I thought. I thought it would’ve been more messy.”

Kyouichirou’s impression is also generally in agreement. The redesigned interior is clean and it seemed to portrayed that it is a new building just by looking at the floor and walls.

While looking at the polished floor, he somehow feel uncomfortable that there are fewer people than expected.

“Oh, tomorrow is the half-year anniversary since it’s opening. The sale seems to be starting from tomorrow, so maybe it’s vacant today.”

Natsumi clapped her hands as she saw the postcard near the entrance.

It’s reasonable. There were too few a people despite today being a holiday. Everyone is aiming for tomorrow’s sale it seems.

“Well, I’m grateful. If there are too many people, it be would be hard for Natsumi nee-chan.”

While saying so, Kyouichirou tries to get as close to Natsumi as possible. Stopping at the entrance is a waste of time.

“That’s natural. It’s really embarrassing. Well, I’m fine with Kyou-chan though.”

Natsumi looks down at her chest. Not only her skirt but also her thin blouse seem to be a cause for concern.

“Let’s have fun in the store anyway. Is there a place you want to go to?”

As proposed by Kyouichirou, Natsumi widened the floor map she had in her hands and began to formulate today’s plan with a serious expression.

“Well, wait a minute. I definitely want to go to this ice cream shop. I also want to see the grocery store. Also this shoe store. The clothes shop goes here and here…… Why don’t we wash ourself first?”

Apparently, it seemed that she is out of touch with Kyouichirou. Natsumi’s beckoning gave him the feeling that she wanted to turn around all the shops and she seemed to want to visit everywhere.

How much did I bring again today?

Kyouichirou nervously checked the contents of his wallet.


“I’m sorry Kyou-chan. I bought something irrelevant.”

Natsumi apologized to Kyouichirou for her mis-behaviour.

Kyouichirou has a small bag on his right. It was purchased at the general store just earlier.

Natsumi probably didn’t want to buy anything else, as Kyouichirou enjoyed her in being in nice clothes. In front of the shelves, Natsumi’s expression were sad, with a deformed seal-mug in her hand.

Although she clearly has the aura of wanting it, she pout her lips sharply as soon as she turns it over and saw the price.

Cute. I want this. But to make Kyou-chan buy it……

She seemed to have such a conflict.

“It’s okay. I will fell bad if I couldn’t buy it even though you wanted it so much. It’s a precious date and you don’t have to be shy.”

From the point of view of Kyouichirou, it is more painful to see Natsumi’s mood go down for just 1200 yen. If she could be pleased with just this much, he is glad.

“Uuー, thank you Kyou-chan. I’ll take good care of this child.”

Natsumi smiled happily when she stared at the luggage in Kyouichirou’s right hand.

“I’m glad then. Well, is the shoe store on the fourth floor?”

It’s nothing troublesome if she is pleased because of it. A little embarrassed, Kyouichirou turns away.

Pretending to remember the next destination, he pushed Natsumi’s back and headed to the escalator in front of him.

“I want to see new sandalsー ……ah, you don’t have to buy it today! We’ll just have a look at it.”

Natsumi is excites about a new summer wear, but looks back on Kyouichirou and he notices it. She meant to tell him that he don’t have to buy any more.

Kyouichirou decided to buy something she really liked.

Along the way, Kyouichirou looks at the lower body of Natsumi who stands two steps before him.

Perhaps because it included a step difference, from the viewpoint of Kyouichirou, the inside of the skirt is almost completely visible. If he look closely, he can see even see the colours inside the skirt.

Most of the plump and voluptous thighs were exposed from below the skirt, and swaying in front of him in line with Natsumi who struggled with her heels.

Natsumi today wore thinly striped pink knee socks, and the borders create a partition with her thigh meat, which is quite vivid.

It is a pretty pastel overall, but looking again, he finds them quite tempting.

Right then, when he looked to the side, he can see the lingerie shop downstairs. Girls who seemed to be school girls were looking at the underwear in front of the shelves, advertised there as ‘specially designed for the Australians.’

Kyouichirou is not too sure, but it feels like the same brand as Natsumi’s? Apparently it is really popular.

I turn back to Natsumi in front of me. Natsumi innocently feels delighted with just one piece of panty, but that’s also why Kyouichirou’s excitement rose higher at her strangely lustrous body.

He glanced back, and saw tired looking uncle having a feast out of Natsumi’s lower body.

Natsumi doesn’t notice it and still shakes her ass.

I’ll tell Natsumi later.

Imagining Natsumi’s blush when he will tell her, Kyouichirou spilled an evil smile.


“These boots are cute! What do you think Kyou-chan?”

Upon arriving at the shoe store, Natsumi rushed to the brown boots on display.

“It’s amazing. It has good ventilation so it can be worn even in summer.”

Natsumi’s eyes stare at the boots in her hands with a serious expression. The thing about the new sandals she said earlier may have been wiped out of her head already.

Kyouichirou looks at Natsumi with an ‘It can’t be helped’ expression, and responds appropriately when good.

“Fuーn. But after all, I won’t know it if I don’t wear it…Nーsho”

At the moment Natsumi bent her waist, the contents of her skirt were now exposed so that everyone could see.

Natsumi struggles to remove her heel belt, but she doesn’t realize she’s sticking out her ass.

The lines from the thighs to the buttocks are exposed, and the well-shaped ass shakes.

Natsumi’s legs gradually opened as she struggled to remove the belt, and she is already in a position where her crotch and legs are aligned like a crab.

A male customer passes by, gazing at Natsumi. Fortunately, it looks like she’s really occupied.

Natsumi is not aware of the situation.

“……Umm, Natsumi nee-chan. I can see it.”

After all, if she is not aware, there is no point to all these. Kyouichirou warns Natsumi while sighing.

“Eh! This is impolite of me. Thank you Kyou-chan.”

Natsumi, who is embarrassed, sat down in a chair for the customer and took off her heels. Her face dyes abruptly, but she can’t easily remove the belt.

Because of that, I can see the inside again from between her two feet.

Once again, Kyouichirou is worried if she would be fine on her own.


“Fufufuー they looks delicious. Thanks Kyou-chan.”

Natsumi, who is walking a bit afront of him, is smiling like a child with an ice-cream in one hand.

“I don’t really care about that… Rather, don’t let it fall off. ”

Kyouichirou keeps following and taste the ice cream in his hand. Certainly good. It’s still a bit early in summer, but the cashiers were crowded.

Since the back seat is conveniently vacant, he encourages Natsumi to guide him to sit there.

“…what the hell!”

But then, when Kyouichirou arrived to eat, Natsumi suddenly jumped up. Several people, including him, looked at Natsumi.

“Uuー It’s cold …what is it?”

Apparently, the ice spilled by the previous customer was left on the chair. When Natsumi got up, she handed her ice cream to Kyouichirou and glared at the chair with remorse.

“I was so surprised.”

Natsumi takes out tissue from the bag and wipes the chair and her buttocks. Again, she protruded out from her hips, and several male customers stared at her appearance.

“All fine now, Natsumi nee-chan. Isn’t that disgusting?”

Kyouichirou also tried to take out the tissue, but he couldn’t because he had ice-cream in both hands.

“Yeah, it’s okay because I wiped it clean. I’m glad I didn’t drop the ice. Kyou-chan bought it after all. It’s safe.”

The ice seemed to be more important for her, and she seemed relieved. Kyouichirou returned the ice cream to Natsumi while laughing.

“N ~uu, deliciousー!”

Kyouichirou resumes his invasion against the ice, watching Natsumi rolling her tongue all over her’s in front of his eyes.


“Oh, it was delicious. Amazing Kyou-chan. It’s different from the convenience store ice-creams.”

Natsumi regretfully finished eating the last bite, and expressed her impression as if to carve the taste in her mind.

Even Kyouichirou who haven’t eaten much of those thought they tasted perfect. They cost 580 yen per person. It is a little expensive for a snack, but it tasted commensurate with the price.

Looking around, there are still many customers, but vacant seats are also noticeable. It seems like they wouldn’t have to leave right away.

Kyouichirou glances at Natsumi’s chest in front of her.

Her nipples, which are not hidden by the thin blouse, quitely proclaimed their existence.

“…Kyou-chan, don’t look too much, it’s embarassing.”

Natsumi quickly raises her arm in front of her chest, perhaps noticing Kyouichirou’s gaze. Although it has been exposed the entire day, she seemed to feel totally differently about them when stared at.

“Even so, the cashier clerk was staring at them too.”

I remember the clerk at a general store. She was a girl looking as serious as Natsumi, but she kept staring at Natsumi surprisedly when she noticed her chest.

“Don’t say that. I was so embarassed.”

Natsumi recalled it and start twisting her body while her face turns red. At that time, Kyouichirou does not miss her licking her lips.

“…while you’re already embarassed, let’s try what I said here, Natsumi nee-chan.”

Natsumi feels her heart bursting with shame and excitement when she saw Kyouichirou’s smiling face.

“Huh, where? …here?”

Glancing around, then back at Natsumi, Kyouichirou explains what they will be doing.

“It’s good. There is a customer just behind Natsumi nee-chan, but I’m the only one who is actually watching you.”

At this point, Natsumi hardly felt reluctant about it anymore. This push is like a little declaration of acceptance between the two.

“If Kyou-chan says so ……I can’t help it.”

Natsumi slowly put her hands on the first button of her blouse, and immediately removed it.

“Waaー I’m embarassed, but Kyou-chan says he wants to see it…”

She continues to remove the second and third buttons slowly.

When the fourth button is released, the blouse is pushed, with the abundant chest and their slightly larger than normal Natsumi’s areola sneak out.

“Look, this is the last one.”

After releasing the last button, Natsumi spreads the blouse that is barely hanging on her chest with her finger.

“Haha. Natsumi nee-chan, you’re bare in such a place.”

Natsumi stared at Kyouichirou with a teary face, listening to the voice of a customer engaging busily in a chat behind her.

But her face does not hide the color of excitement.

Natsumi’s nipples are erect enough to be seen by Kyouichirou, and it’s not just because of the three rings on the nipples.

Natsumi grabs her two hardened tits and shakes them despite her shame. Her breath became slightly rough, and her sweat is slowly oozing out of her chest.

“Speaking of which, you bought panties but didn’t buy a bra. You seemed to need them too though.”

As Natsumi tries to lift her finger to gradually spread her blouse with shame, Kyouichirou shares a casual topic to her.

Natsumi answered the question.

“The bra in the set were expensive …it was all onee-chan could afford with her pocket money as she bought a panty.”

She is quite serious. When Natsumi’s heat cools down, there is no trace of childishness from her. Kyouichirou hastily gave the next order.

“Is, that so. What a shame. Well then, now, Spread your legs. You can do it while seated down.”

Natsumi heard it and began to glance around again. “Hahaha! Seriouslyー,” “Where did you went to next?ー” Such loud customer’s voices jumps into Natsumi’s ear.

It’s not an old school building with no one, or a garden in the house. That thought makes Natsumi’s throat throb hard.

“It’s okay. You’re already showing you’re chest, and you’re still good.”

However, prompted by Kyouichirou, Natsumi slowly opens her legs as told.

“…Kyou-chan. This is more embarrassing than expected.”

Natsumi is currently facing Kyouichirou in a posture with her chest fully opened and her legs stretched out.

In other words, her spread out legs can be see from behind. A male customer glanced at Natsumi, but immediately returned to his conversation with his partner.

There’s nothing to notice unless one looked at it from the front.

“Oh look. That person have been staring at Natsumi nee-chan since a while ago.”

However, of course, there is no way for Natsumi to confirm that. Natsumi’s breathing becomes visibly rough, despite the wickedness of Kyouichirou.

“I’m going to take a commemorative photo. Look here, pose.”

Kyouichirou activates the mobile camera and points it towards Natsumi. Natsumi looks at it.

“Kyou-chan ……like this? Pe, peace”

Natsumi sticks out her chest a little with the peace sign on both hands. Natsumi’s trembling chest is an indication that she is excited.

“Like that. Yes, I’d like to take a video. Look here, give an explaination of the current situation.”

After switching the camera to video mode, Kyouichirou turned his lens back to Natsumi.

“E ~tsu, so suddenly…… U ~u”

Natsumi is told to shoot a video suddenly, and begins to worry about the surroundings. She is worried about her voice, but in a noisy place like this, she will be fine if she’s whispering.

Natsumi knows it, but it’s not something someone can easily pull off. And it becomes a spice to her excitement.

“U ~u ……Right now, my breasts are bare while I’m on a date.”

Natsumi slowly opens her mouth to the camera, after giving it a thought.

“I’m ashamed, but it feels good…… Kyou-chan. Look, my boobs are already like this.”

Natsumi’s voice soon became bolder as she realise that she could not be heard. She lift her chest with her hands and slowly began to massage them.

“Is it taken? Onee-chan’s boobs. My nipples are so hard. It feels good.”

With her hands at the base of her breast, Natsumi picks up her breasts and pointed our the tip of her nipple. The rings were squeezed and the tip of the nipples swelled.

“Today, I am dating in a very embarrassing style for a day ~ah. When I returned home, I’ll do a lot of ecchi stuff with Kyou-chan. A ~tsu, n ~u ~tsu.”

Natsumi spreads her legs even further while rubbing her chest. The camera recorded her licking her dry lips with her tongue.

Natsumi has an expression of a girl in love, and she seems to have been really aroused.

“A ~tsu, a ~tsu. Kyou-chan. Look, see here. Ehehe ……A u ~u”

Imagining the result the video would bring about, Kyouichirou smiled without bothering to hide them.


“U ~u. I was so embarassed.”

Natsumi began to growl while being shaken by the train on the way home, remembering herself from up to a while ago.

“It was cute, Natsumi nee-chan. And I was able to shoot perfectly.”

Kyouichirou laughs in full satisfaction.

“U ~u ……but it was fun today. Thanks Kyou-chan ……I’m sorry to let you spend a lot.”

Natsumi stares at Kyouichirou’s arm and looks down at him again.

“That’s fine. I enjoyed it too ……but rather than that.”

Looking over the coach, there were only two people there. They arrived a little earlier and it seemed to be the right time.

“You’re so wet here, I don’t think you can wait till we get home.”

“Au ~u ~u. Kyo, Kyou-chan. In here, the train?”

Natsumi’s body shook with the stimulus she was suddenly attacked with. She looked around in a hurry.

Her squealing sound is drowned out by the swaying noise of the train, and is heard only by Natsumi herself.

“It’s okay. It’s like we’re the only ones riding. Natsumi nee-chan, it’s starting to drip outside. I’m concerned.”

Natsumi cheeks dyed red at Kyouichirou’s words. She was excited all day long without relief, and she is thinking a lot about her dignity as his onee-chan.

“Well, I enjoyed it too today, no-pan date…. You would like to wear the panty, right?”

That’s why Natsumi sharply bit her lips.

“Kyou-chan is mean…… but I’m fine with it. Will you date with me again some time?”

Looking at Natsumi’s expression, Kyouichirou smiles.

They will be in their familiar room after 30 minutes.

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