After Returning to Elementary School with My Memory the Result Was to Create a Harem

Episode 10: Shindou Tsubasa
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Episode 10: Shindou Tsubasa

Tomboy Upper-grade(wo)man

~Holding Hands Edition~

Evening, Kyouichirou and Tsubasa were walking side by side through the shopping street.

Kyouichirou moves forward silently, staring at his own shadow extending in the sunset.

After being finally released by Satsuki and Natsumi, Kyouichirou and Tsubasa went to the date at town as originally planned.

Too many things happened at that time, and Kyouichirou is bewildered.

Tsubasa seemed to be concerned at Kyouichirou’s ugly complexion at first. However, after a short while, she seemed to be enjoying her date as usual, and Kyouichirou stared, bewildered at her simple-mindedness, who is decorating her hair with ornaments with a bright smile.

However, Kyouichirou immediately retracts that thought as he felt that he is too small minded.

“I had fun today Tsubasa. You bought a lot of those cute hair ornaments… do you have fun today Tsubasa?”

Kyouichirou’s voice wanders in the air. Tsubasa responds by nodding lightly.

Such exchanges have been repeated for a while now, and an unpleasant foreboding arises in Kyouichirou’s mind. Their shoulders, which were suppose to be lined up, break off eventually, and Tsubasa followed a step behind Kyouichirou.

“…uh, what’s the matter Tsubasa, you didn’t find it fun today?”

Kyouichirou stops and looks back towards Tsubasa. Her feet stopped right then, and her gaze remains on her feet.

Kyouichirou scratched his head and stare at Tsubasa.

“Did I do something wrong today?”

Kyouichirou opens his mouth timidly, a bit perplexed that Tsubasa who just stood still.

“……not at all”

Tsubasa’s head, which did not move earlier, turn sideways a little.

“Kyouichirou did nothing wrong…”

Looking closely, Tsubasa’s shoulders are shaking slightly. Kyouichirou is worried and tried to get one step closer, but her voice interrupted his attempt.

“……aren’t you mad?”

Kyouichirou’s feet stopped at the unexpected words coming out of Tsubasa.

“Eh? Mad? ……me?”

Kyouichirou released a surprised voice. Tsunasa nods, but he had no idea what she meant by those.

We have been together happily up to now. Kyouichirou recalls the date, thinking if something had happened without him knowing. But he could not come up with anything.

“Not at all. I’m not mad.”

He don’t know what it is about, but Kyouichirou gently speaks to Tsubasa to ease her up.

“You’re lying…… You’re definitely mad.”

Even so, Tsubasa stubbornly shook her head.

Eventually, her shoulders begin to tremble, and the eyes of the passers by began to fall onto them.

“Wait. Why are you crying? Look, everyone is watching… What happened?”

Kyouichirou hurriedly pulled Tsubasa and led her to the side of the road to hide her from view.

“Because… you’re angry, I’m sure. I… to Kyouichirou, did that kind of thing…”

Tsubasa no longer conceal her tears, and began to weep with a teary voice.

Kyouichirou went stiff for a while with Tsubasa in such a state in front of him. Then he realise what she is concerned about and cursed himself.

“That kind of thing…… the one this morning!? It’s okay. It’s okay, aren’t those two the bad ones? It’s not you.”

There is no room for doubt from her reaction. Tsubasa misunderstands that Kyouichirou is mad after the event from the morning.

“No, that’s just an excuse. I was so terrible… to Kyouichirou. You just didn’t want to say it.”

Staring at Tsubasa crying so vehemently, Kyouichirou is once again reminded of the age of the girl in front of him.

Tsubasa is an elementary school student. Moreover, this is the first time she fell in love. Furthermore, nothing happened during the day. From Kyouichirou’s point of view, it is him, who had hidden his relationship with the two, that should be condemned by Tsubasa. However, it is not strange how the young Tsubasa did not thought about it that way about the affair.

“Kyouichirou, back then, you would have been so embarrassed. I did something terrible… furthermore…”

After the event, I was able to converse with her without any problems, and during the date, I wasn’t concerned about anything at all. I want to curse myself, why did I simply brush it off, thinking that girls are flexible creatures. Didn’t I learn anything from Satsuki at all? I though I knew what I was doing.

Kyouichirou berated himself, feeling ashamed. But now is not the time to scold himself.

“It’s really fine. Well, I’m embarrassed about it, but it was orchestrate by those two girls. My partner was Tsubasa. So I’m even a little glad instead.”

For now, Kyouichirou desperately tells Tsubasa that he is not concerned about it.

“No! ……that’s not the case.”

But Tsubasa shook her head, telling him otherwise. Kyouichirou cannot see eye to eye with her. And only impatience accumulates in his heart, he don’t know what to do.

“At first, it’s because of those two, yes… but that’s not all. On my own, by my own decision, I did something terrible to Kyouichirou. I’m, at that time. I thought …it was fun. I’m sorry …I’m really sorry. Kyouichirou. I’m…”

Tsubasa gradually raise her voice and confessed. He tried to wiped them off with his hands, but her tears still overflowed and soaked into the ground.

“I thought… it was fun to be terrible to Kyouichirou. I was excited, and I didn’t want to stop. Therefore… I am absolutely at fault. Kyouichirou is mad… h-he’s mad at me …he hates me. Hic. Kyouichirou hates me.”

Kyouichirou was totally clueless about it. He didn’t even consider that Tsubasa would be so concerned about it.

“Kyo, Kyouichirou, I was wrong. It’s all because of me. Don’t hate me. Uwaaaー”

Ah, Tsubasa… You really liked me, don’t you?


He hated me. I am hated by Kyouichirou.

That thought alone fill me head all day long.

After that, during the date, Kyouichirou is as usual. He never mentioned about the event, not once.

He’s clearly mad.

It’s no wonder. I did that terrible thing. He can’t not be mad. Kyouichirou is kind, so he pretends to not care for my sake.

“Uwaa, uwaaaaー Kyouichirou hates me.”

I cannot stop. My tears and wail. I couldn’t stop because I cannot keep it in anymore.

“Tsu, Tsubasa. I’m really fine. I don’t hate it. And I like Tsubasa.”

Kyouichirou is in a panic. Of course he would be. I started crying all of a sudden on the roadside after all. To act like that, he would be annoyed at me.

And also hated me.

“Hicー! You thought differently. Hate, you hate me. After all, after all…”

I like Tsubasa.

The words that Kyouichirou said stuck in my heart. Maybe it is not a lie. The kind and gentle Kyouichirou may still like me.

“Even I, even I hated myself. …I don’t like that thing about me. Kyouichirouuuー”

I don’t like being hated by Kyouichirou. I don’t want to be disliked even by a little bit.

After all, I’m not cute. And if little things like this accumulates, I’m sure Kyouichirou will really end up hating me.

“I don’t like that. Don’t hate me. Kyouichirouuuー”

Kyouichirou’s words said that I am cute. His warm palm stroked my head. And my lips recieved kisses. I don’t want to lose any bit and anything of those.

I want him to like me forever, and always. Please keep telling me I’m cute.


Unexpectedly, a body’s warmth wrapped around me.


I took a while to realize that I am hugged by Kyouichirou.

“It’s alright. I will never hate Tsubasa. No matter what happened or what you did, I like Tsubasa.”

Right beside my ear, I can hear the voice of Kyouichirou. They said that they like me. Not words of hatred.

“U, uuuuー Kyouichirouuuー”

Kyouichirou’s face draws close and his eyes met mine. He’s serious, but I’m anxious.

My heart throbbed with a ~tokun.

As I keep crying.

“U, uuー ……I’m…”

Another tear overflowed.

“―――― Huh!?”

Then suddenly, I felt something hot on my lips.

“N ~tsu…… A ~tsu”

Kyouichirou’s lips.

Then, his hand turned my body sideways and my posture was broken. He held my head fixed with his other hand, and pushed my lips tightly against his.

“N, a~tsu ……N u”

Our lips are joined together, and our tongues were clinging to each other, like birds pecking at each other.

Sometimes light, sometimes strong. And just like that, something warm rises up from the back of the body.

“…A ~tsu. Kyo, Kyouichirou. Everyone, everyone’s watching… N ~tsu”

Glancing around, there were people gazing at us.

“Kyou, Ichirou… N u ~tsu. N ~tsu, nchu. A ~tsu, a ~u”

However, Kyouichirou entangles his tongue in mine without such concerns.

The tongue, lips, and every place where he wanted to, swiftly, everything is gently licked, and my body trembles minutely.

“N ~u ……N a ~tsu, chu. A ~tsu, a ~tsu… N u ~tsu”

Tongues entangled. Head gently stroked. These are all that matters.

I like you. Like. I love You. …Kyouichirou, I love you. (Sukida. Suki. Daisuku. …Kyouichirou ga, Suki.)

I can’t stop my feelings. I do not want to let go of this person from the bottom of my heart. I want to be with him forever.

“N ~tsu. Chu, n ~tsu ……A mu ~tsu, N ~n ……nchu, n mu u ~tsu”

Before I noticed, I was already entangling my tongue with Kyouichirou’s.

They first touch each other. Stick the tip against each other many times to make sure of each other’s presence.

Up, down. Left, right. Each time the tongue is moved, the point that is pressed always changes, and the impact stimulates the back of my head.

“N, ……n u ~tsu. Fu ~a, Kyouichirou ~tsu. N u ~tsu. Chu ……n ~tsu, n ~tsu! N u ~tsu!”

And a sweet pleasure ran through my back.

“……N ~u ~u u~tsu!”

My body that trembles little by little, my body that is trembling embarrassingly, Kyouichirou held it firmly.

“Fu ~a…… Kyou, Ichirou”

With my head feeling like it is about to burst, I look at Kyouichirou right at his eyes.

“I like Tsubasa. I love you ……Tsubasa can do anything she want to me in the future.”

Kyouichirou’s gaze pierced my heart. With his right hand, he touch my hair around my ears.

“Oh but, there’s something I don’t like. For example, If Tsubasa says, ‘I hate you’, it will makes me really depressed ……No matter what happens in the future, To Tsubasa, the words,’I hate you’ are the words I will never say.”

Kyouichirou’s mouth is telling me something.

‘――――the words,’I hate you’ are the words I will never say.’ I almost screamed in excitement as I heard him say that.

“If I do something bad, I’ll fix it. If I cannot, I’ll accept all your complaints, anger, and anxiety. I’ll hug them all away for you, my dear Tsubasa.”

My tears were already withering away.

“So, it’s alright. I’ll always, always, be by Tsubasa’s side.”

Kyouichirou’s face is so kind. I forgot everything else and simply listened.

……I don’t think I could understand everything Kyouichirou said. However, I knew everything will be alright.

I can keep loving Kyouichirou.

“I am, I’m in love with Kyouichirou. Love. I love you. No matter what might happen. I want to always say, I love you, Kyouichirou, I am in love with everything about you!”

I have to tell him. That I like him. That I love Kyouichirou so very much.

“Thank you, Tsubasa …then, can you make a little oath?”

Kyouichirou’s palm gently stroke the contours of my cheek. I nodded at that. I love the oaths I had with Kyouichirou.

“I’m going to do whatever I want with Tsubasa, and maybe I’ll do something you don’t like or aren’t comfortable with.”

I am surprised. However, for some reason, my body shook.

–It’s fine. He can do anything he wants to me, as long as it’s Kyouichirou.

Thinking that, I audibly gulped. I’ll do it. Even at the beginning, I was suppose to do that too.

However, my words were blocked by Kyouichirou.

“And later, tell me if you don’t want to. I don’t want to hated by Tsubasa after all. I don’t want Tsubasa to feel uncomfortable.”

Kyouichirou smiles gently. His eyes asks if I understand.

“…I understand. But I’m ……I’m really fine with Kyouichirou doing anything. You can do anything you want to me.”

Kyouichirou scratched his head after hearing such a statement. But, this is the only thing I can do for him.

――to make him love me even more.


“N ~tsu, a ~tsu ……A u ~tsu. N ~tsu… N u tsu”

Under the dim light, I stared at the wall feeling mushy in my head.

“Wa ~u ……A ~tsu, A ~u u”

I’m desperately trying to kill my voice, it’s hard to resist it.

“Kyou, Ichiro~u. Kyouichiro~u…… N ~u u tsu”

Right now, I am blamed by my favorite person in a booth at a sparsely lit Internet cafe.

“I do not want to go home yet. ……I can’t stand it”

The first thing I asked of him is such a thing.

Kyouichirou who heard it took me to this net cafe. On the way, walking on the road silently, it was very exciting, I’m still feeling it too now.

“Tsubasa, your nipples are so hard ……I’m sorry to have kept you wanting.”

Kyouichirou’s lips and fingers are mercilessly blaming at the tip of my breasts which had been embarrassingly erected already. I can tell, he’s a bit rougher than usual.

“Fu a ~tsu, a ~u…… A ~tsu, n ~u. N u ~u ~tsu.”

As soon as we entered the booth, I was pushed down by Kyouichirou immediately. The moment he closed the door, he pushed me down and my shirt was rolled up, and he starts to pour down kisses.

So suddenly, he stick his tongue, and blame it on my nipples that I had no time to hide. My arms were held down with one hand, and my bodyline is exposed with his other hand.

However, my heart is throbbing painfully in excitement as thought I would die.

“I’m seen. My embarrassing nipples, Kyouichirou saw them ……A u ~u u. Fu a ~a ~tsu”

Though I said that, I’m letting Kyouichirou look at my chest willingly. It’s embarrassing enough to die, but I feel good if Kyouichirou is the one seeing them.

“Binbin, it trembles. It’s because it’s Kyouichirou. A u ~tsu. I’m so embarrassed because it’s Kyouichirou.”

Checking it myself, I saw my nipples pointed up and headed towards Kyouichirou, adding to my excitement.

Kyouichirou laughs menacingly when he heard that.

I’m excited. ……A a. From now on, I will be mercilessly blamed.

“Tsubasa is cute. Really really cute.”

Kyouichirou picked up my nipples.

“A u ~u u u. A ~tsu, no good. A ~tsu, n ~u u u”

Intense shock runs throughout my body. I can see, both of my nipples have been pulled and the tip are stretched hard.

“They’re growing, fu ~a. N ~tsu, a n ~tsu”

Just by looking at it, I felt the inside of my body getting twisted. Just like this, my nipples were crushed. It’s terrible.

But it feels good. Kyouichirou had never done it this way.

“It looks like you feel good …N, a aー”

Kyouichirou looked at me panting contententedly and dropped his saliva on my left chest.

“U ~tsu, u ~u u u ……N ~u u u ~tsu”

And so, he spread it with a finger, making my nipple wet and sloppy.

Ji~yupojupoto, he play around with my nipples, just as I did in the morning.

“a ~tsu, a ~u. A, aa……Fua ~a ~tsu”

He had never done this before. The feeling of the new and never felt before simulation resonates inside my head.

Kyouichirou is slow.

I am ashamed at my impatience. Kyouichirou is kind, so I would have to endure for him.

I have to do that. What else can I do?

Then he suck my left chest and he played with the nipple with his tongue. Every time, my body trembles, and an embarrassing voice leaks out.

Of course only in Kyouichirou’s ears. I must keep it down as there is only such a thin wall.

But Kyouichirou didn’t stop.

“A, aa ~tsu…… Kyouichiro~u ~tsu. A u ~u u ~tsu”

I didn’t want him to stop. It doesn’t matter how I felt. If it is to make Kyouichirou feel good, what isn’t good?

” ‘If you have something you want or want to do, you can tell me about it.’ ”

I remembered the words of Kyouichirou from earlier. He won’t hate anything. He will do anything.

“U ~u ……Kyou, Ichirou. Kyouichirou”

I grasp Kyouichirou’s head and forcibly press it against the left chest. I’ve always wanted to do this.

I suddenly grabbed Kyouichirou head and he stared at me. Maybe he haven’t noticed.

To that Iー

“Here, too. Suck here too ……I don’t like the other one to be lonely.”

This is the only thing I can say. I’m not going to do anything anymore, that would seem to get me hated.

“Do both, properly. Sucking ……please.”

At that moment, my right chest became hot.

“Fu ~u u u. A ~tsu, Aa ~aa ~tsu. Th-there. Suck it. Right there, a ~tsu. N ~u u u u.

A longing pleasure. My head seems to be feverish. I couldn’t afford to keep down my voice anymore.

I am glad and I almost cried. I don’t hate Kyouichirou for his bruteness. I love him.

“Sorry. I didn’t suck it right? It seems I was unaware. N, chu ~tsu”

Kyouichirou blame just my right chest to apologize. I’m not used to the feeling different from a finger once again.

“Fua ~tsu, a ~tsu. N u ~u uu! Oh o ~u. A ~tsu. A ~a aaaa”

It feels too good. I can’t keep my voice down. I’m glad. I’m so happy.

“Cum, cuming. I’m cuming. A ~tsu, ya~a. Kyo~u, Ichiro. I’m scared. Gyute~ It’s squeezing tight.”

Something comes up. I felt scared as my head blankens. Kyouichirou. I need Kyouichirou.

“It’s okay. I’m here ……I’m will relieve you of that.”

Tightly, he hugged me.

“A, a ~tsu. A ~a aa. A ~u uuuuuu! Kyouichirouuuuu!”


Kyouichirou looked at Tsubasa in front of him lovingly.

“A ~tsu, a ~tsu ……Kyouichirou, I love you. I love you. Fu ~a, a ~a ~tsu”

Tsubasa revealed her chest and let Kyouichirou freely touch the hardened tip.

“Fu ~a, n u ~u.…… A ~u ~tsu”

Pinching and picking. Tsubasa raise her voice like a musical instrument in line with Kyouichirou’s fingers.

Tsubasa’s right hand reach out to her secret place.

“That…… Can I touch it?”

As he was grabbing her breasts, Kyouichirou, who was told so by Tsubasa, didn’t know what she was talking about at first.

Kyouichirou wondered if she wanted to touch his stuff like in the morning. He find Tsubasa’s behavior a bit unexpected.

“That’s a little surprising. Tsubasa, you yourself wanted to do it.”

I just blurt out my thoughts. And Tsubasa’s face become so red that it probable can’t get any redder.

“You don’t want to? If Kyouichirou doesn’t want to…”

“Oh, sorry. No that. I don’t hate it. Go ahead. You are having a really cute expression. Show me more of that.”

While saying so, he pulled Tsubasa’s nipples a little. She raise a pretty voice and start moving her hand again.

“Fu~a, A ~tsu ……I’m sorry. Kyouichirou still seemed a little scared.”

Tsubasa seems to feel sorry, but still makes an ecstatic face. Her right hand already stroke over her underwear.

“It’s okay, don’t be impatient. I’ll make you feel good when it’s time.”

Tsubasa heard that and smiled childishly. Kyouichirou felt that the girl in front of him is becoming more confident of herself.

Maybe, if he asks to touch it, without him trying to force it, Tsubasa will present herself to Kyouichirou. She may be scared, but she will offer up her everything to him.

“Okay, but because it’s embarrassing, don’t look when you touch it.”

To cencede despite feeling such shame, what should I do to her?

“I was already doing everything. When I returned home, with my hands, I pleasured myself as soon as I went home in my room.”

Tsubasa is really shy. She started talking with a really embarassed look.

“I had been doing it even before I met Kyouichirou, but after I met Kyouichirou, it felt very different if I was thinking about Kyouichirou.”

Kyouichirou slowly strokes Tsubasa’s head while listening to her story with a gentle face.

“A~tsu, a ~u. Right now, it feels really amazing. Fu~a, a ~tsu. Being seen by Kyouichirou, that fact alone …… Uu, n ~u u u ~tsu”

Tsubasa’s body bounces up like she’s jumping. Just how many times? And each time, Tsubasa squeezes Kyoichiro’s arm with her left hand.

“A, a ~a. Kyouichirou. I like it. I love you.”

And just like that, she draws in and embraces Kyouichirou. It’s a weak embrace, but it’s taking all she can afford to do.

“It feels good. When thinking about Kyouichirou. I feel good throughout my body.”

Tsubasa hugged Kyouichirou with her whole body and she never let go. She turns her feet and captures Kyouichirou even if he moves.

Looking at such a Tsubasa, Kyouichirou is determined.

” ‘Kyouichirou-kun’s …girlfriend.’ ”

He remember the words Tsubasa says that morning. There is no reason for him to delay any longer.

“Hey, Tsubasa”

Tsubasa relaxed a little at his voice.

“Yes, Kyouichirou”

Tsubasa tightened her grip, while keeping the distance just enough to see Kyouichirou’s face. He smiles unintentionally at that.

“It’s late, but I have to say it… I want you to go out with me. I want to be lovers with Tsubasa.”

Slowly, he deliver his words to reach Tsubasa firmly.

“I like you. Tsubasa. Be my dear girlfriend.”

Kyouichirou smiles.


My head is confused.

I am so happy that all thoughts ceases from my head.

I was confessed to. By none other than Kyouichirou.

My dear Kyouichirou. He asked me to be lovers with him.

” ‘Kyouichirou-kun’s …girlfriend.’ ”

To be honest, I didn’t have any confidence when I said that.

Kyouichirou is cool and gentle. Of course he is liked by many girls.

To be asked out by such an amazing person.

“Are you fine, with someone like me? Always, I’ve always liked you, Kyouichirou.”

I am scared he isn’t serious about it.

Still, I thought it’s all good.

I really won’t have any regrets at all.

“Then, it’s decided. I will love Tsubasa, always. Somehow, we felt the same about each other huh.”

Kyouichirou, while laughing, stroke my head.

Then I became lovers with Kyouichirou.

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