After Returning to Elementary School with My Memory the Result Was to Create a Harem

Episode 1 - Mizuhara Natsumi the next door older sister ~Secret Volume~
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Episode 1 - Mizuhara Natsumi the next door older sister ~Secret Volume~

Sanada Kyouichirou was in despair.

“….Are you serious?”

On a bench in a certain park, he was grasping his fist tightly while seemly close to crying.

A crushing defeat from 34 different companies was the result of his job hunting. However, if only that was all, it would have been alright .

Title: Re

Body: I`m sorry. As expected, let’s break up already?

I think it would be better for both of us to move on.

Please don’t contact me anymore because I will become lonely.

The incoming email on the screen was from “Miki`s”. My prideful lover…. Was that is.

“….Oh I see”

I have been busy recently and so I haven`t been able to talk to her, however, the feeling that it can’t be helped also sprout in my mind. I guess even Miki couldn’t depend on a man like me.

I wasn’t confident so I didn`t say anything about her affair.

“It can`t be helped…..”

Standing up unsteadily.

With a head that went senile I walked towards the park`s fence. This park was located halfway up a slightly elevated mountain and a cliff should extend underneath the fence.

Putting my foot on the iron fence. I saw a sign in the horizon with a warning notice,”It’s dangerous, so please don’t climb on top of the fence”.

I stood up firmly with both legs on the fence. Apparently by me rising 1 meter higher in the air it allowed for me to see more than usual and that scenery was quite beautiful.

“I wonder what happened to me after this”

Sanada Kyouichirou seemly muttered that in his last moment before jumping to his death. His vision was wrapped up in pure white the moment he crashed into the ground.

『Oh. What a pitiful man. I will only grant you one wish in your last moment.』

Such a voice was heard. That’s right, I was a guy who was regretful of the life I lived so far and didn`t even want to let go at the last moment of my life. But even so. Nevertheless, if I can get only one wish in the last moments of my life come true then…..

“I want to start over this life of mine”

Together with a murmur a light wrapped surrounding—–.

—— ——- ———


Jumping up. My chest was throbbing profusely with rough breaths.

“….Was that a dream?”

I recalled the nightmare that I was just watching until some time ago. Where did that dream come from.

“Haha, I haven’t changed at all . Nothing did”

Although I don’t know where that dream came from, the events that occurred were hard facts, it was also a reality that I couldn`t find any employment. Regarding such an event, I also understand from that dream that I wasn’t able to recover from it hence I took such a dramatic actions..

“For the first time a long while I had nothing planned for today…. huh, what the? “

Suddenly a sense of strangeness descended on me or rather than that I just noticed something impossible.

“…..Where am I?”

This wasn’t my apartment. Not only that but I recognize this place. I am certain this….

“Its my…childhood room isn’t it”

On the wall was a poster of an NBL player. A desk with a key which I got due to begging my parents. A black satchel. In addition, there are things packed in the surrounding that I was familiar with from a long time ago.

“Hey hey. What’s going on here”

Looking at my hand,I finally was able to sense the strangeness that had fallen on my body.

Small. My palms, legs, arms, just about everything thing was small.

“Wai…. wait wait just a minute!”

Jumping up from the bed, I ran towards the mirror that was attached to the door of the closet.


In the reflection was myself when I went to elementary school.


“Oh, kyouchirou, your quite early today. Just wait a bit more for breakfast, as it isn`t quite ready yet.”

After saying that, Yoshie Sanada stopped stirring the pot that was on top of the gas burner.


Staring at that figure standing in the kitchen. There is no mistaking it.

How should I put this, there was no wrinkles on my mother’s face who was serving the cooked rice from the rice cooker.

Turning on the TV. It seems it was time for the children’s morning show. I recognized the female host reflected on the tv screen. That girl, in ten odd years will be arrested for breaching the narcotics control law.

(…. At that time I was a fifth grader. I still can’t believe this, am I still in a dream.)

However, all of my five senses denied that thought. Pointing to the fact that this world is real.

The taste of the miso soup that was placed before me was just like my mom, it didn’t change.


“I’m off”

Greeting my mom just like in those days, I opened the front entrance. That’s right. Starting today I will do this every morning.

*Dondon*, the memories from those days awoken.

The road in front of my house. Will be fixed with pavement and it’s expected that in several years it will become beautiful.

“Ah, kyou-chan. Good morning. Its admirable that your walking to school by yourself.”

Somebody called out to me, who was looking at the houses in surrounding.

“Ah, good morning. Natsumi-neechan?”

The female that called out to me, looked this tilting her head to the side seeming curious.

“Whats the matter Kyou-chan? Where does it hurt?”

Natsumi Mizuhara. Lives next door and I’m sure at this period elder sister was a freshman in high school.

“Er, well. I’m all right. It’s nothing.”

I replied while choosing one’s word. Unnaturally, I made my voice similar to a child.

“Is that so. If that’s the case then its good. …. When it becomes tiresome at school you should tell the teachers properly, okay?”

I Understand? Natsumi reminds me. Those big round eyes that stare like in worry, was cute.

Because I was alright, I said it once more. Natsumi nods with a okay and turns her back.

Kyouichirou saw Natsumi off who was going away until he could no longer see her.

(Was Natsumi-chan that small)

In Kyouichirou`s mind , Natsumi was a special existence. Where he was aware of her from the time he was able to understand things around himself, Natsumi who took care of me well existence was like an older sister to Kyouichirou who was a alone child..

My first love was Natsumi-neechan.

Recalling the Natsumi figure from some time ago who had her black hair reaching her shoulders. Now in Kyouichirou eyes she looked surprisingly very young. Also her height was seemly less 155 centimeters.

(In the past, she was like an example of a adult. …. If you think about it, even if you say it’s freshman, they were in junior high school just the other day, so calling them an adult was a bit too much)

It makes me feel quite strange. Certainly in those days I felt that high school students were something like adults. I think because the distance in terms of age was closer to me I perceived them as being an adults rather than using a teacher from school or my parents as an example.

(Although you can say that those memories were glorification. There is nothing wrong with doing that. Because in the end isn’t it cute )

I broke out in a smiling unintentionally. Although for sure the title of adult elder sister disappears, she has quite the charming face. I want to say I did well for myself by choosing her as my first love.

Kyouichirou began to walk on the school route going towards his elementary school while wrapped in a warm feeling for the first time in a long while.


“However. This is the worst possible time… .”

Around midday, Kyouichirou lies down on the bed staring at the ceiling while pondering on today’s events.

Even after going to elementary school, there was no inconsistency in this world, Kyouichirou was greeted by the same lessons from those days.

My close friend Kengo came to greet me with a loud voice like an idiot just like in those days, on my desk in the classroom my full name was carved on it with a chisel and it was carved in a form that could be remembered.

“Hahaha. What are you doing”

I remember. When my vision became white and there was a mysterious voice.

『Oh. What a pitiful man. I will grant you a wish for only one thing in your last moment.』

What was my response to that voice.


Suddenly my body shivered.

I was convinced in one day. That I was given an opportunity to redo my life. That unpleasant event. That, I can make it non-existence. Even finding employment, will surely will be possible.

“….It’s different. Isn’t that so.

Shaking my head. In my last moment, I said something small-minded.*

Using this one day I was able to examine things I wanted to know at the very least.

To start with I’m currently a fifth grade in elementary school. Then with the exception of me everybody appears to be just like in my memory, as if nothing had changed.

“In other words, it’s only my memory that’s different from that time”

Reflected upon the meaning of the muttered word. I proceeded to examine all important memories today.

Events that will happen after this. Like various knowledge including classwork from junior high school to university. All of them still exist in my head, nothing was forgotten.

“Incredible. It’s really amazing. It’s not a normal start over. With this can do almost anything”

That’s right, anything can be done. For some reason I remembered news that will happen after this, things that will become trendy and even the numbers of the previous winning lotto.

In my right hand, there is a paper being grasped that has some of the possible numbers written down on. If this world transpire like I know it will, then in ten odd years I will be a billionaire.

Even if it’s not so, nevertheless I only need to buy stocks of companies who produce commodities that will boom, and with that money will pile up easily.

“I must calm down. That’s right even if I say that, I am still an elementary student and I don`t have any money either. In any case money will be something that I will not have to worry about too much sooner or later.”

Reaching this state of mind, my head was amazingly calm. Is this because I had once thrown away my life. Other than things like money, I understood instinctively that there was something even more important.

“As for what’s important it’s my elementary school life. This is probably the only time I can start a fresh. In other words, this is truly the last time I can be an elementary student.”

There are somethings that can be done. I want to do it. I never want to regret anymore.”

“Which reminds me. Natsumi-chan was cute. “

Suddenly I recalled the girl from this morning. Her smiling face was truly like the summer sun.

“I’m sure that Natsumi-chan room was supposed to be next door”

Searching one’s memory.Natsumi-chan room should have been on the other side of the wall between the small backyard from my room.

“I-if it’s from this place”

Standing up on the desk to look. At such a moment the body of an elementary child was inconvenient.

From the opening of the my curtains, I peeked into Natsumi-chan`s room.

“…..No way”

Unintentionally a voice was leaked.

The curtain was thrown open.

The room was illuminated in orange hue due to miniature lamp.

It seems I can understand small details like the fact that her skin was sweaty even more from here.

Natsumi Mizuhara was facing this completely naked with her clothes thrown down on the ground.

Both of her legs were spread out left and right due her raised knees, her waist that was slightly raised in the air swayed from side to side.

The finger of her right hand increased the stroking of her wet vagina and occasionally she played with her clitoris in a manner that showed experience.

The finger of her left hand pinched the tip of her breast. After its pinched up and down, she increases the tempo of her masturbation many times over and over as if she wanted to stretch them further.

Her nipples was stretched out and transformed with a bloodshot pink colour.


Without even knowing there was a spectator, Natsumi act continues to intense more and more.

I guess she thinks there wouldn’t be anyone here to look. When Natsumi sits down she suddenly goes down on her knee and faces backwards.

She then sticks out her ass slowly towards the glass door.

Suddenly her ass was raised with both hands while her shaking waist.

As if the sound ‘nechaa’ can be heard, the hole in her ass and her deepest part of her body was shown off.

She still has not noticed that there was a pair of eyes inside of my curtain.

―― ―― ――

“Haaa. Despite doing this its no good I can’t stop”

Natsumi Mizuhara surrenders herself to the pleasant pleasure while showing off all of herself towards the other side of the door.

“Fuu, nn. Ah, I can be seen. All of Natsumi is been seen”

I widen my anus with both of the fingers. A little bit of cold air flows inside and the sensation of exposing that place is unbelievable, my body becomes even more excited.

Shaking my waist while widening my anus, I play with my clitoris.

From my vagina that was already gaping open, love nectar was discharged and trickled down onto the floor.

“Penis, please give me a penis!!”

As usual, Natsumi rubs her fingers against her entrance many times over while shouting a standard phrase.

In her mind, a man with flat featureless face was penetrating Natsumi from behind.

Although there is a hesitation with the insertion of her fingers in there, which hasn’t been invaded by anybody yet, Natsumi`s body was ready because of doing that for more than 10 minutes at only that one spot.

“Faa, n. Nnnn. Although it no good. Although I’m doing such a thing its no good. Aa, aaa”

Natsumi pinches her nipples and stretches them largely while muttering “It’s no good”, like she was making a suggestion to herself.

“Ah, its expanding. Despite my nipple expanding.”

Recalling that secret from half a year ago. The truth was that Natsumi’s nipple has been becoming longer little by little.

“It’s no good. Naa. Despite making my nipples embarrassing . It’s not enough, aa”

However this truth only offers more and more intense pleasure to Natsumi and there wasn’t any sign that her fingers would stop.

“Nnnnnnnn. I’m even stroking my clit this much. A, Aa. Aaaaa”*

Natsumi pushes her ass high up in the air while making a small cry. The knee bends a little and the clitoris is stroked in a posture as if she was bowlegged.*

“Nfffff. Fuaaaa. It feels so good. Aa, aa, aaaa”

The clitoris was increasing rubbed from the base while pinching alternately with fingers from both hands just like how a man would masturbate.*

Six months ago Natsumi naked body was secretly exposed towards the glass door. Since then Natsumi has unfold in this foolishness almost every day.

In the beginning she could only lifting up her pyjamas exposing her breast secretly. In addition, her face would become flush and was so embarrassed she didn`t even know what to do, at first she would immediately cover herself up due to embarassment.

In fact, it didn’t even take one month for her to reach the point where her underwear was also taken off. After that point, Natsumi body demanded even more stimulus in order to be satisfied.

It was only 3 months ago she began to masturabte towards the glass and the pleasant feel was so unbelievable that it spread towards anal.

“Penis, penis, I want a penis to enter me. Faaaa.”

Each time the name of the male genitalia is voiced, the inside of her stomach becomes hot. For about several weeks, Natsumi pussy became completely wet by only saying that word.

“A. Ah, I`cumming. Cumming. Aa, n. Aan.”


Natsumi`s waist starts to shake and accompanying Natsumi’s fingers increases in intensity.

“Cum. I`m cumming. Aaa. I’m being seen. It can be completely seen. Everybody will see Natsumi cumming.”

She was masturbating using everything as far as from her nipple to the base like almost smashing it while pinching her clit.

“I`m seen. Look, look. I`m cuming, uuuu. I`m cuming cuming cuming, cummmin”

Natsumi body crumbled down on the floor exhausted after her clit was crushed with all of her might

The lingering memory of pleasure dominated Natsumi`s body.


“N, aah. Natsumi-neechan”

Looking at my palms. Something white gushes out passing through the fingers without me noticing staining the curtain and desk.

“…..Haha. Hahahaha”

Kyouichirou reflected on the laugh that somehow came out.

“I found it”

That mutter was absorbed in the curtain`s gap without being known by anyone.

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