After My Divorce I Picked Up the Richest Boss in the World

Chapter 114 - Conflict
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Chapter 114: Conflict

Director Zheng saw in Jiang Xue the true despair of a mother. There was no vanity, no affectation, only plain and ordinary.

The more ordinary, the more sincere, and the more heartfelt, the more it could move people’s hearts.

What “The Afterlife” needed was such a power to move people’s hearts. This was the true soul of this movie!

What made Jiang Xue the most satisfied was that she was willing to sacrifice her appearance. It was what the actress cared about the most. She was willing to show the most honest side of herself in front of the camera. This was something that many celebrities could not do.

He saw the purity in her and respected her for it.

In such a fickle entertainment industry. It was only his luck that he could find such an actress. It was the fortune of “The Afterlife”!

Director Zheng had more or less heard about Jiang Xue before. He was very impressed. Experience could really change a person’s depth.

Director Zheng excitedly slammed the table and said loudly, “Jiang Xue, you brought the mother to life. This is the female lead that “The Afterlife” needs!”

The screenwriter also nodded and did not have any other opinions. He and director Zheng had the same feeling. If they missed out on Jiang Xue, they probably would not be able to find another star this compatible.

Jiang Xue’s acting made all the people who had appeared before her turn pale, including Yin Yue!

After Yin Yue heard Director Zheng’s words, it was as if she had been struck by lightning. Her newly-made manicure was firmly pressed into the soft flesh of her palm. When she thought of the ruthless words that she had said in front of Jiang Zhi, her face turned hot.

Although the other actors were a little disappointed, they were even more surprised and impressed by Jiang Xue. They had no choice but to accept such acting skills!

Jiang Xue was stunned. After a few minutes, she digested Director Zheng’s words and jumped up excitedly. She rushed to Jiang Zhi and hugged her tightly.

“I did it. I really did it.”

Jiang Zhi was pushed back two steps by the huge impact brought by her. She held onto the table and managed to stabilize her body. She patted her back without knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Jiang Xue let go of Jiang Zhi somewhat embarrassedly. Her pale face was stained with two streaks of red, and her entire person was exuding a kind of vitality that she had not seen in a long time!

Yin Yue looked at the two people who were celebrating excitedly. She did not care about it much and said in a sarcastic tone, “Director Zheng, I think we should consider many aspects when choosing a role. Although Jiang Xue’s acting skills are not bad, after all, she has disappeared for too long. In the hearts of the audience, she had lost her popularity and expectation!

“Moreover, with her current appearance, it’s not too much to say that she’s ugly and old. If such a person were to appear on the big screen, it would only implicate ‘The Afterlife’ and fail everyone’s expectations!”

“After all, when the audience buys tickets to enter the venue, they want to see a beautiful face. They don’t want to see an old woman that could be passed by on the street!”

It had not been easy for Jiang Xue to get this female lead. All the obstructions in front of her had to be flattened at all costs! She looked coldly at Yin Yue and said.

“Yin Yue, I’d like to see how much of your face is real.

“Is it because your face is full of hyaluronic acid, or is it because the plastic surgery failed and you can’t recover your original mouth?”

Yin Yue’s biggest taboo was others saying that she had plastic surgery. In front of the media, she had always called herself a natural beauty!

“Jiang Xue, if you continue to spread rumors, I will tear your mouth apart!”

As Yin Yue said this, she pushed Jiang Xue’s shoulder, and her sharp nails were about to poke her face!

Jiang Xue had experienced this, and she had just been motivated by Jiang Zhi’s ruthlessness. Now that she had gotten the female lead, she was in high spirits. She raised her hand and pushed it back at Yin Yue!

However, before her hand touched Yin Yue, she heard Yin Yue exclaim and then fell to the ground!

Before Jiang Xue could react, she saw Yin Yue covering her ankle with her hand and looking at Jiang Xue aggrievedly.

“Jiang Xue, I was just telling the truth. You don’t have to be so ruthless!

“I can’t even stand up!”

Jiang Xue’s expression suddenly changed. It was not a good sign to leave a domineering impression in Director Zheng’s and the other actors’ hearts before the filming had even started!

At that moment, a familiar voice sounded from behind Jiang Xue.

“I’ve finally experienced what it means to fall flat on the ground today. Miss Yin is really good at framing people.”

It was unclear when Jiang Zhi had walked behind the two of them, and her fair hands patted them perfunctorily.

Hearing Jiang Zhi’s applause and her fake smile, Yin Yue’s heart could not help but tremble!

“However, your stuntwork needs some improvements. If you fell two seconds later, it would have been even more realistic!

“Still lying on the ground and unable to get up? Do you want me to call Zhang He and ask him to come and pick you up personally?”

Yin Yue thought of Zhang He’s attitude towards Jiang Zhi the last time. If Zhang He knew that she had started trouble with Jiang Zhi again, he might really abandon her!

She quickly got up from the ground and glared at Jiang Zhi angrily. Then, she quickly left the audition venue in her high heels.

No one knew that a paparazzi was lying not far away from the audition venue. He was excitedly watching Yin Yue’s back as the shutter in his hand flashed wildly.

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