After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World

Chapter 65 - Personally Defying the Rumors
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Chapter 65: Personally Defying the Rumors

Fu Ying was extremely unhappy when he heard that she was going to remarry.

Could it be that Mo Rao had really found her next target?

“Don’t go to the banquet tonight. Lil isn’t a good person.” Fu Ying changed the topic.

“I don’t know if Mr. Lil is a good person, but you’re indeed not a good person. You’re about to get a divorce, but you still want to interfere with my freedom and cut off my luck with men. What if he fell in love with me at first sight? Not only him, but after we get a divorce, it’s my freedom to eat with whichever man I want and watch movies with whichever man I want. Do I have to report to you one by one?” Mo Rao retorted.”Read more on newn0vel <o rg”

Fu Ying was angered by her words and threw the documents in his hand to the ground.

“What else?!” He grabbed Mo Rao’s slender arm, his face filled with anger. “Mo Rao, don’t forget that even if we get a divorce, I’m still your brother. Back then, when you were adopted by the Fu family, you were my sister in name!”

“What sister?!” Mo Rao struggled angrily. “We don’t have any adoption documents. It’s just a verbal agreement. Let me tell you, Fu Ying, I can acknowledge our parents and Grandma, but I definitely won’t acknowledge you. After the divorce, I only want to be strangers with you. I don’t want to know anything about you!”

Fu Ying looked at that little mouth that kept moving. It looked so charming and seductive, but why were the words coming out of it more and more infuriating?

He reached out and pressed the back of Mo Rao’s head. After a strong pull, he kissed her domineeringly, blocking her angry mouth.

Unexpectedly, a drone was flying over the building.

This was a live broadcast by a media company to showcase the charm of the city. Unexpectedly, when it filmed the roof of the Fu Corporation Building, it happened to capture the scene of the two of them kissing.

Those watching the live-stream was in an uproar.

“This looks like the Fu Corporation’s building?!”


“Am I seeing things? It seems real!”

“You didn’t see wrongly. I’m very sure that that’s the Fu Corporation Building. It’s the iconic glass dome. It’s like a garden inside. In the past, a blogger used a drone to broadcast this place!”

“Wait, why are there two people inside? Kissing?!”

“I saw it too. Although I couldn’t see them clearly, I think their figures match. Haha…”

“Who are these two people? Are they employees of the Fu Corporation? How bold!”

“No, no, no, I took a screenshot. That man’s watch is the Quenttin Tourbillon! It’s a luxury watch worth about $900,000 dollars!”

“Could he be… Fu Ying?”

“I think he looks like him too. That woman seems to be quite beautiful. I can’t see her face, but her figure is superb!”

“Isn’t that nonsense? Would Fu Ying fall for an ugly person?”

“Isn’t Qu Ru back? Fu Ying used to be quite close to her. Did their relationship rekindle?”

“Pfft, no way? Is Qu Ru really going to marry into the Fu family?”

Just as the netizens were discussing fervently, Mo Wan replied on an official verified account, “Qu Ru will never marry into the Fu family!”

The netizens were in an uproar again.

“Mother-in-law! She’s her daughter-in-law!”

“Am I seeing things? The mother-in-law personally refuted the rumors?”

“It’s really Mo Wan’s account. How domineering!”

“Mother-in-law, tell me what kind of daughter-in-law you like. I’ll try my best to look like that!”

“If not Qu Ru, then who? Which little vixen has such charm?”

“I don’t like Qu Ru either. I’ve heard some rumors about her. She’s quite…”

Mo Wan looked at the comments and continued to reply, “Thank you all for your support. I know the little girl on the rooftop. She’s not a little vixen. She’s a cute little fairy. I like her very much.”

The future mother-in-law personally said so!

“Boohoo, I don’t have a chance?”

“What a powerful little fairy. I want to become her disciple and marry into a wealthy family!”

“Granny, look at me. I have a good figure too. Boohoo…”

“She’s not a little vixen, but a little fairy instead. Ah!!! I’m jealous!”

The corners of Mo Wan’s lips curled up slightly. “Yes, she’s a little fairy. Everyone is a little fairy, but some transvestites are more suitable to be called demons.”

This caught everyone’s attention.

“Who are you talking about?”

“Of course I’m talking about Qu Ru. Haven’t you understood?”

“I understand. You really have sharp eyes!”

“I think I was praised by her. She said that I’m a little fairy. Is there any tycoons who like me?”

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