After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World

Chapter 64 - Second Marriage
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Chapter 64: Second Marriage


Mo Rao did not regret choosing the film academy.

However, she did not expect that she would not be able to enter the entertainment industry after graduation and would directly marry Fu Ying.

If she divorced Fu Ying now, she could continue to work hard in the entertainment industry. After giving birth, she couldn’t be directly exposed to the camera, so she was fine with being behind the scenes.

She had a goal!

“Yes, these are all your personal wishes. I respect them. Alright, go rest for a while. I’ll go to the banquet with you when I get off work,” Fu Lin said to Mo Rao.

“Okay.” Nodding, Mo Rao rose to leave.

“Wait.” Fu Lin stopped Mo Rao again. “This is your first time in the company, right?”

Mo Rao nodded blankly.

“Why don’t we go to the rooftop to take a look? The scenery on the company’s rooftop is very good.” When Fu Lin said this, he felt a little guilty.

However, Mo Rao did not know anything and happily agreed.

Looking at his daughter-in-law’s departing figure, Fu Lin sighed. She was really an innocent girl.

If she really divorced Fu Ying and could not meet a good man, she would probably be heartbroken.

Mo Rao did not know what her father-in-law was thinking. She went straight to the rooftop.

Unexpectedly, the rooftop had a different scenery. It was simply an open-air garden.

The colorful flowers were extremely beautiful under the sunlight. They were even enveloped by transparent glass, like a crystal ball. The sun could shine directly on it, but the flowers would not get drenched when it rained.

In the corner, a few other birds chirped.

Mo Rao followed the sound and saw two to three little birds with bright feathers chirping in the big birdcage.

How cute! Who was still raising birds on the rooftop?

Mo Rao could not help but point her finger in to tease it. At this moment, she saw a bird’s feed beside her. She quickly took a little and threw it in.

“They won’t eat it.” Fu Ying’s voice sounded.

Mo Rao was shocked. She turned around and saw Fu Ying, who was wearing a simple shirt. His tall figure stood not far away and he looked at Mo Rao coldly.

“How do you know they won’t eat it?” Mo Rao was a little unhappy.

Fu Ying snorted coldly and walked over. He looked at the bird in the cage. “Can’t you see for yourself?”

As expected, the birds did not eat the feed that Mo Rao threw in at all. They just kept flying around.

“Little birds, eat quickly. These are delicious!” Mo Rao did not believe it. She began to coax the little birds.

Her silly look was adorable in Fu Ying’s eyes.

Unfortunately, the birds still did not eat.

Mo Rao muttered to herself, “They’re not hungry yet.”

“Is that so?” Fu Ying took the feed and threw it in. The birds immediately ate happily!

Mo Rao was speechless. Could it be that these birds could recognize people?

She scolded angrily, “As expected, birds are like their masters. What sort of master will have what sort of bird!”

Fu Ying turned his head and looked at her puffed up cheeks that resembled those of a little goldfish. He deliberately asked, “Oh yeah? What bird are you talking about?”

“What bird?” Mo Rao was stunned. It was the bird in the cage!

Then, Mo Rao reacted and her gaze involuntarily landed between her legs. Could this person be saying…

How shameless and obscene!

Mo Rao’s face instantly turned red. “I don’t know!”

Fu Ying found it funny. She must have misunderstood, but teasing her put him in a good mood.

“Why did you suddenly come to the company?” Fu Ying returned to the topic.

“You don’t have to worry. I didn’t let anyone find out about my relationship with you. I didn’t forget that I promised you that I wouldn’t come to the office, but this time, something came up.”

Mo Rao explained gloomily, “The company needed a German translator at the last minute. I came because I know German. He didn’t tell anyone my identity. Don’t worry, you’re afraid that I’ll expose our relationship, but I’m even more afraid than you!”

Fu Ying raised his eyebrows. “What are you afraid of?”

Mo Rao replied self-righteously, “I’m afraid that I won’t be able to get married in the future! You’re the young master of the Fu family. If you divorce me, even if everyone knows about it, there will still be countless women chasing after you. I’m different. If my identity is exposed and I divorce you, I’ll be second-hand goods. At that time, high-quality men won’t be willing to marry me because they would be afraid of being gossiped about. Therefore, only by divorcing silently can we maximize my benefits and let me find a man who truly loves me. Only he will know that it’s my second marriage. He won’t mind.”

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