After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World

Chapter 63 - Invitation
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Chapter 63: Invitation

Fu Ying naturally did not believe that there was a mistress between his parents.

He knew very well how his father felt about his mother.

However, a woman who could make Fu Lin pick her up personally and ignore the impact was naturally no ordinary woman.

Not only did the woman have to be beautiful, but she also had to be very smart and hardworking. Fu Lin liked that type.

“Let’s go take a look.” Fu Ying put down his work and stood up.

Gu Hai did not dare to say anything and could only follow silently.

At this moment, in the customer reception room, Mo Rao was sitting beside Fu Lin. Her voice was clear and sweet as she translated dutifully.“Please reading on> ”

Initially, the others were a little worried that Mo Rao would not be able to complete the task. This was because this client was very important and was also a professional in a certain project. There would naturally be many professional terms in the conversation that could not be resolved by daily communication.

Unexpectedly, Mo Rao’s translation was very fast and accurate. It could be seen from the German client and Fu Lin’s increasingly satisfied smile.

At the end, Mo Rao said gracefully, “Mr. Lil, I hope this cooperation will be a win-win situation for both of us. We also welcome you to our country and our company!”

“Haha, beautiful lady, you are so cute. Talking to you was a pleasure. If possible, I would like to invite you to attend tonight’s banquet and be my dance partner, okay?” Lil sounded very happy.

Before Mo Rao could answer, the door opened and a cold voice said, “No.”

Everyone looked over in surprise. It was Fu Ying.


Other than him, no one dared to barge in like this.

Fu Lin looked at his son unhappily. At this time, he was still thinking of restraining Mo Rao?

This inexplicable possessiveness should not exist anymore.

Mo Rao ignored Fu Ying and said to Mr. Lil with a smile, “Alright, thank you for your invitation, Mr. Lear. I’ll definitely be there on time!”

They shook hands, and Mr. Lil left first.

Fu Lin instructed Chen Ji, who was beside him, “Mo Rao will be attending the banquet tonight. Go and prepare the gowns and jewelry she needs for tonight. Also, get a makeup artist.”

“Yes.” Chen Ji immediately went down.

The others were also instructed to leave, leaving only Mo Rao, Fu Ying, and Fu Lin in the reception room.

Fu Ying frowned and looked at Fu Lin. “Dad, what do you mean?”

“Didn’t you hear? Someone invited Rao Rao to the banquet as a dance partner tonight. Of course I have to prepare a gown for her. Besides, you and she are going to get a divorce. Why do you still care? This is her personal freedom. When you go to the hospital to take care of others, did she interfere in your matters?” Fu Lin asked directly.

Fu Ying was speechless.

Mo Rao was delighted to hear that. She had long wanted to say that.

As expected of the head of the Fu family, her father-in-law was impressive!

Fu Ying’s gaze was fixed on Mo Rao. She was very beautiful today. It was a type of beauty different from her usual docile and obedient beauty. Instead, she looked capable and elegant. Her face looked fresh and smooth, exquisite and fair.

Mo Rao was a very elegant woman in the first place. When she translated today, the confidence she exuded was even more attractive.

The moment Fu Ying arrived, he was attracted by her beauty and could not look away.

And Lil had been smiling at Mo Rao, which made him very uncomfortable!

“Rao Rao, come, let’s go to the office and organize the translations. I need a set of written materials,” Fu Lin said to Mo Rao.

“Okay!” Mo Rao immediately followed, not wanting to look at Fu Ying again.

His ugly expression made it seem as if she had done something wrong, and it made her feel terrible.

As he watched Mo Rao and Fu Lin leave, Fu Ying’s mood was terrible.

When they arrived at Fu Lin’s office, Mo Rao quickly sorted out the written materials. After Fu Lin flipped through them, he was very satisfied. “You did well. Rao Rao, when did you learn German?”

“This is all because of my parents. When they were alive, they liked to flip through some foreign medical literature. I flipped through it with them and read it together. I secretly learned a lot,” Mo Rao replied.

Speaking of the Mo family’s parents, Fu Lin sighed. “If they were still around, you would definitely be a doctor now.”

“Not necessarily.” Mo Rao smiled bitterly. “Ever since my parents left, I didn’t really want to be a doctor anymore. That’s why I didn’t choose to be a medical student during the college entrance examination.”

She had watched her parents being doctors since she was young and respected this profession very much. However, it was also because of this that she felt that she was traumatized and could no longer be a doctor who saved lives, like her parents.

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