After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World

Chapter 527 - 527 Stalkers
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527 Stalkers

“Fu Ying, what do you mean?” Shen Ke asked in a low voice.

Fu Ying raised his eyebrows cockily, completely lacking the respect he should have when facing an elder.

“I mean it literally. There will only be cooperation. Nothing else!” he said firmly.

Shen Ke didn’t expect Fu Ying, a junior, to embarrass him in front of so many people. He immediately lost his temper.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Sorry for disturbing you today.”

With that, Shen Ke said to Shen Jia, “Jiajia, let’s go.”

Shen Jia gave Fu Ying a deep look, then glanced at Mo Rao, who was silent at the side. With that, she turned around and left with Shen Ke.

At the thought of Fu Ying’s cold expression and Mo Rao, who was watching, Shen Jia found it difficult to swallow her anger.

If not for Mo Rao, this b*tch, Fu Ying would definitely be hers!

After Shen Ke and his daughter left, the surrounding people also gradually left. The corner returned to its previous silence.

“Rao Rao, listen to me. I really have no intention of marrying Shen Jia. This is all rumors. You must not believe it!” Facing Mo Rao, Fu Ying could no longer maintain his composure and explained to Mo Rao anxiously.

Mo Rao met Fu Ying’s gaze and smiled gently. “If you really plan to get married, or if you really meet the person you love, you don’t have to consider me. I support you!”

After all, she had nothing to do with Fu Ying now, so she couldn’t interfere with Fu Ying’s marriage.

However, it was undeniable that when she heard Fu Ying take the initiative to admit that he wouldn’t marry Shen Jia, she relaxed.

Upon hearing Mo Rao’s words and seeing her calm expression, Fu Ying was a little disappointed, but he still emphasized, “I won’t get married! You’re the only one in my heart! You’ve been back in the country for so long, so can’t you see my feelings for you?”

Of course, Mo Rao knew Fu Ying’s intentions, but she couldn’t completely trust his intentions.

After all, she had been hurt by “trust” time and time again.

“Alright, we should go now,” Mo Rao said to Mo Yuan. She didn’t want to stay at this banquet anymore.

When Fu Ying and Gu Ci heard Mo Rao’s words, they exchanged looks and snorted coldly. They ignored each other, but they still left with Mo Rao.

“Are the two of you stalkers?” Mo Yuan looked at the two men in exasperation.

Fu Ying and Gu Ci ignored Mo Yuan. Mo Yuan was helpless and could only let them follow.

When they reached the door, Mo Rao was the first to stop.

“Rao Rao, what’s wrong?” Fu Ying asked impatiently.

Mo Rao gestured to Mo Yuan. “Brother, look over there. Is that Qu Rou?”

Hearing Mo Rao’s words, Mo Yuan subconsciously looked over.

Qu Rou was wearing a strapless white evening dress and chatting with a middle-aged man happily.

“Brother, do you know the person with her?” Mo Rao asked in confusion.

Mo Yuan was about to answer Mo Rao’s question when he heard Fu Ying speak first. “He’s the CEO of a listed corporation. He’s in the furniture business and seems to be preparing to enter the entertainment industry now…”


Fu Ying told her everything he knew.

Mo Rao thought of Qu Rou’s previous cocky appearance. Could it be that this CEO was the one who helped Qu Rou produce the album?

Just as Mo Rao and the others were looking at Qu Rou, Qu Rou seemed to have discovered Mo Rao’s existence and looked over.

The two sides looked at each other. Qu Rou’s gaze lingered on Fu Ying and Gu Ci for a moment before she fixed her gaze on Mo Rao with an ugly expression.

Qu Rou retracted her gaze and said a few words to the CEO. Then, Qu Rou and the CEO left.

“Brother, how’s the investigation of the variety show incident?” Mo Rao asked as she watched Qu Rou leave.

Mo Yuan shook his head. “I haven’t found any clues yet.”

The main thing was that the disguised person was really difficult to find.

When Mo Rao heard this, she didn’t continue asking.

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