After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World

Chapter 34 - He’s So Kind
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Chapter 34: He’s So Kind

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The next day, Mo Rao was discharged.

She thought that Mo Wan would pick her up according to the agreement, but it turned out that Shen Feng was the one waiting for her.

“Rao Rao, Youngest Aunt took on a big case in her law firm at the last minute. She needs to handle it herself, so I came to pick you up.” Shen Feng gently explained.

Mo Rao was somewhat embarrassed. “Sorry to trouble you, Brother Shen Feng. In fact, I can handle it alone.”

“Silly girl, you are a patient. Moreover, Little Aunt told me that your stomach isn’t good and your body is malnourished. How can you take care of yourself alone?” Shen Feng’s eyes were full of heartache.

Mo Rao didn’t speak. She only felt that Shen Feng was really kind to her.

After packing up, the two prepared to leave.

Mo Rao suddenly said, “Brother Shen Feng, I want to see Lin Qun.”

Before coming here, Shen Feng had already understood that Mo Rao had been attacked. Naturally, he also knew who Lin Qun was. He nodded and said, “Sure, he is your savior. You really should go and see him more often.”

Mo Rao smiled. “Yes, I think so too.”

“Oh right, I just paid Lin Qun’s medical fees together. No matter how much it is, Little Aunt said that the Fu Family will bear it.” Shen Feng said.

Mo Rao’s expression changed. “I’ll tell Mom I’ll return the money to her in the future.”

Shen Feng was very surprised, “Do you even need to return this money?”

“I do. After all, it’s the Fu family’s money. I can’t take advantage of the Fu family,” Mo Rao replied seriously.

“You are also a member of the Fu Family.” Shen Feng looked at Mo Rao meaningfully, “Rao Rao, what exactly happened? You seem to want to draw a line with the Fu Family now. Is there a problem between you and Fu Ying?”

Mo Rao lowered her head and didn’t speak.

“The last time I ate at the old residence, I found that there was something wrong between you two. What kind of misunderstanding is there? You can tell me, maybe I can help.” Shen Feng asked with concern.

At this point, Mo Rao didn’t intend to cover up anything for Fu Ying. She shrugged and said, “Brother Shen Feng, you should know what the only problem between Fu Ying and me is.”

Shen Feng understood. “Qu Ru?”

“Yes, you know. She’s back in the country and has leukemia. She’s currently staying in this hospital.” Mo Rao nodded.

“She has leukemia?” Shen Feng was very surprised.

“There’s something even more ridiculous. My bone marrow is compatible with hers. Fu Ying wanted me to divorce him and donate my bone marrow to Qu Ru. How greedy do you think they are?” Mo Rao said as she smiled bitterly.

Hearing this, Shen Feng could no longer bear it. He stood up agitatedly, “Impossible! I will never let him hurt you!”

Mo Rao stared blankly at Shen Feng. She didn’t expect that the usually gentle and refined Shen Feng would be so angry because of her.

After she reacted, she quickly said, “It’s okay, Brother Shen Feng. I won’t agree. He can’t do anything to me.”

Shen Feng looked at Mo Rao solemnly. “Rao Rao, you’re too soft-hearted. Fu Ying takes advantage of this and will definitely find a way to convince you.”

“Haha, Brother Shen Feng, you underestimate me. I also have a temper. It is impossible for him to do whatever he wants.” Mo Rao revealed a playful smile.

Brother Shen Feng was really kind to her. If Fu Ying treated her so well, she would have no regrets in her life.

Unfortunately, Shen Feng wasn’t Fu Ying.

Mo Rao was a little curious. “Brother Shen Feng, you are such a good man, so why are you still single?”

He had a good family background, a nice personality, handsome looks, and was very gentle. Shouldn’t such a man be very popular?

Shen Feng’s gaze deepened. “If I can’t be with the person I like, I’d rather be single.”

“I heard from Grandma that you have someone you like and even rejected a blind date!” Mo Rao recalled this matter.

“Well, but she is married. I… can’t say much further.” Shen Feng hesitated.

Married? Heavens!

Brother Shen Feng was really hapless!

Mo Rao felt that he was even more hapless than her. Shen Feng liked her but had never had her. After least she had slept with Fu Ying for three years.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I really touched a sore spot!” Mo Rao quickly apologized.

Shen Feng didn’t care. “It’s okay. Let’s go and see Lin Qun, then I’ll send you back to the old residence.”

“Okay.” Mo Rao nodded. She wanted to carry her things, but Shen Feng refused.

How could he let Mo Rao do it? Shen Feng was like a knight while following behind Mo Rao and accompanying her to see Lin Qun.

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