After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World

Chapter 25 - He Was Willing
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Chapter 25: He Was Willing

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Seeing that Mo Rao was about to leave, Lin Qun mustered his courage. “Mo Rao, can I contact you?”

Since he had found all of Mo Rao’s information, he had even found her phone number.

However, he didn’t dare to contact Mo Rao without permission because he was afraid that he would appear too abrupt.

“Little Wen and I both want to know more about your life. After all, we are friends.” Lin Qun found a suitable excuse for himself.

Mo Rao readily agreed. “Okay, just call me if you need anything.”

After saying that, she walked away. Lin Qun stood at the same spot while watching silently. From the corner of his eye, he saw a motorbike speeding towards them, as if it was purposely heading towards Mo Rao!

There were two people sitting on the motorbike. They were both wearing helmets and their faces couldn’t be seen clearly. The person in the back seat was holding a steel pipe and swinging it up high!

“Be careful!”

Without thinking, Lin Qun rushed over and pushed Mo Rao away. However, the steel pipe happened to hit his head!

Lin Qun held Mo Rao in his arms while protecting her.

“Lin Qun!” Mo Rao finally reacted and let out a frightened cry.

They had thought that the two of them would continue to attack, but it was clear that their target was Mo Rao. Seeing that they were unable to succeed, and there were people rushing over from the surroundings, they immediately fled the scene.

If that hit Mo Rao, she would probably die!

“It’s alright…” Lin Qun looked at Mo Rao, who was safe and sound in his arms, and his face was filled with fear and nervousness. He forced out a smile while his vision turned dark.

Blood flowed down from Lin Qun’s head. Mo Rao felt shocked. She had never imagined that someone would want to kill her, and she had never imagined that Lin Qun would risk his life to protect her!

Mo Rao’s hand trembled as she dialed 120.

After the ambulance arrived, Mo Rao also went to the hospital.

It happened to be Guotai Hospital.

After Lin Qun was sent to the emergency room, Mo Rao was brought to the police station for a statement.

Her mind was blank. She couldn’t feel anything but fear and worry.

She had been well protected by Fu Ying all these years and had never encountered such a situation before. She couldn’t accept it.

“Please catch the murderer! Please!” After having her statement taken, Mo Rao grabbed the police officer’s arm and begged with tears streaming down her face.

“We’ll do our best,” the officer solemnly replied. “We won’t miss out on anything. Don’t worry!”

Mo Rao sobbed. “Thank you.”

She didn’t dare to imagine if Lin Qun died saving her. How would she live with the guilt for the rest of her life?

Should she bear the guilt for the rest of her life?

How was she going to explain this to Lin Wen?

“Mo Rao!” Someone shouted.

Mo Rao looked up and saw Lin Wen running over in a nurse’s uniform with her face pale.

She immediately rushed over when she heard that her brother was injured.

Seeing Lin Wen, Mo Rao felt ashamed. Besides crying, she didn’t know what else to do.

At first, Lin Wen didn’t know how serious the situation was, but now that she saw that Mo Rao’s snow-white collar was stained with blood, she knew that it was very serious.

However, she was already used to life and death situations, so she tried hard to calm herself down.

He was her only family and only brother. How could she not panic?

“Lin Wen, I’m sorry. I was the one who harmed your brother. If he hadn’t met me, he wouldn’t have been injured…” Mo Rao’s tears fell like rain. Her pale face was full of tears.

The person lying in the emergency room shouldn’t be Lin Qun, but Mo Rao.

Lin Qun was Lin Wen’s only kin. If anything happened to him, Mo Rao wouldn’t know how to face Lin Wen.

She might as well be the one who died. She no longer had anything to worry about. The only person she couldn’t bear to part with was the child in her stomach.

Mo Rao suddenly grabbed Lin Wen’s hand and slapped her own face. “Hit me! Hit me!”

“Mo Rao!” Lin Wen grabbed Mo Rao’s hand tightly. Although her heart ached, she still consoled Mo Rao. “Don’t be like this. My brother’s situation is still unclear. Besides, he protected you out of his own will. He was willing to do so. He wouldn’t blame you.”

“But, but…” Mo Rao bit her lip and her tears kept flowing.

“No buts. I believe that if something like this happens again, he will still choose to protect you. I also believe that my brother is very strong. He won’t abandon me, and he won’t abandon you either.” Lin Wen’s eyes were glistening with tears, but her tone was very firm.

The two of them had gone through many trials and tribulations over the years. They had endured it all. This time, they would also endure it.

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