After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World

Chapter 22 - Not Divorce For Now
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Chapter 22: Not Divorce For Now

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Fu Ying could only lie down and sleep with Mo Rao.

At this moment, Qu Ru sent a message. “Fu Ying, have you found Mo Rao? Why aren’t you back yet?”

Fu Ying looked at Mo Rao and replied, “I haven’t found her.”

Qu Ru looked at the message Fu Ying returned and frowned. Why hadn’t she been found yet? With Fu Ying’s background, it should be very easy, unless Mo Rao really ran far away.

Was Mo Rao hiding on purpose so that she could keep Fu Ying hanging?

Qu Ru continued to send messages. “If there’s really no other way, call the police and let the police find her.”

Fu Ying looked at this message and felt uncomfortable. He sent the messenger, “The police are too slow at finding people. They won’t be in a hurry if it wasn’t their own wife missing.

Seeing the word “wife”, Qu Ru’s heart skipped a beat.

She was extremely shocked. Fu Ying actually admitted that Mo Rao was his wife?!

This had never happened before in the past!

Impossible. Fu Ying only loved her. How could he admit that Mo Rao was his wife? Qu Ru suspected that Mo Rao had stolen Fu Ying’s phone and replied.

Qu Ru asked back, “Are you really Fu Ying?”

Fu Ying replied, “Why do you ask?”

The moment the message was sent, the call came.

Qu Ru was a little agitated. “Are you Fu Ying? If you are, why would you admit that Mo Rao is your wife?”

“Legally, she is indeed my wife. Furthermore, if my grandmother and the others find out about her accident, it will be even more troublesome. Before we find her and her condition stabilizes, we won’t get a divorce for the time being.”

What? They weren’t getting a divorce?!

Anger and unwillingness flashed across Qu Ru’s eyes. She had waited for so long and had even returned from overseas!

Mo Rao, that bitch, looked innocent, but it seemed like she had many tricks up her skeeve!

It had only been a few days yet Fu Ying had already changed his mind?

If she didn’t hurry up, Fu Ying might really have a change of heart!

Qu Ru tried her best to calm down. When she remembered that Fu Ying didn’t like women to be unreasonable and willful, she continued to pretend to be gentle and sensible. “Fu Ying, I knew that you refused to get a divorce because you were worried about Grandma. I believe you, so I will wait for you. It’s just that my illness is getting worse. I want to marry you too much, so I’m anxious. Perhaps, I can’t wait until that day…”

Fu Ying was silent for a moment. He kept his voice low because he was afraid that he would wake Mo Rao up. “I’ve already found a suitable donor for you, but she hasn’t agreed.”

“Really?!” Qu Ru was instantly delighted and excited.

As long as she was alive, she would definitely be able to capture Fu Ying’s heart!

Fu Ying replied, “Yes, I wanted to tell you after she agreed.”

“Does she have any requests? How much does she want?” Qu Ru asked hurriedly.

Logically speaking, things that could be resolved with money were trivial to Fu Ying!

Fu Ying didn’t want to continue speaking. Mo Rao was already tossing and turning in his arms. He said, “I’m not sure yet. Rest first. I’ll go over tomorrow.”

Qu Ru was helpless and could only agree. “Alright.”

After hanging up, Fu Ying’s gaze landed on Mo Rao’s face. He didn’t know how to convince Mo Rao to agree to donate her bone marrow to Qu Ru.

The only request Mo Rao made was to not get a divorce.

In Fu Ying’s heart, if not for Qu Ru, he would really be willing to spend the rest of his life with Mo Rao because she was very obedient and sexy.

But Qu Ru was back and he couldn’t give up.

That was the first woman he loved deeply!

For Qu Ru, he had to give up on Mo Rao.

When Mo Rao woke up, it was already noon.

Fu Ying wasn’t in the room. After she walked out, the servant, Auntie Lin, hurriedly said, “Young Madam, Assistant Gu has sent today’s lunch.”

Every meal was exquisite and delicious food from a five-star hotel.

Mo Rao nodded. She was already sick of eating it.

But for the sake of the child, she had to eat.

After washing her face, Mo Rao sat at the dining table. She looked at the table full of food and a bitter smile appeared on her face. She always ate sumptuous meals alone. It was so boring.

Fortunately, the baby was eating with her now.

She picked up the food and started eating, but as she ate, her stomach suddenly rumbled. She immediately rushed to the washroom and vomited violently for a while.

Auntie Lin was very worried when she saw this. “Young Madam, what’s wrong with you? Does the food not suit your taste?”

Mo Rao wiped the corners of her mouth and shook her head. “It’s okay.”

“Then you’re…” Aunt Lin was a little suspicious. After all, they were both women and she had children before.

Mo Rao smiled. “Aunt Lin, I’m not pregnant. I went to the hospital for a checkup. My stomach isn’t well.”

Aunt Lin nodded. “I see. Then eat more lighter dishes.”

“Yes, okay,” said Mo Rao.

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