After I Maxed All My Weapon Proficiencies

Chapter 234 - Virtual Currency!
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Chapter 234: Virtual Currency!

“Based on the character of these players, as long as we design a few good-looking outfits, once they get shared around, they would probably sell like hotcakes. No matter how expensive they become, there would still be some players who will be willing to pay the price.

“We could say that these weapons were made to have a special appearance like the Hero class. Just the sound of it would make people yearn for it. If the craftsmen added a little more special attributes and sold them, wouldn’t the money be easily earned?

“No matter how high the price becomes, people would buy it!”

Thinking of this, everyone looked at Tang Xiaoqing differently. Indeed, women were the main consumers in the world.

Hearing this, Tang Bao became excited. He jumped up and said loudly, “I think what Tang Xiaoqing said makes sense. I have an idea too!”

Lu Chen was ecstatic, based on what everyone shared, he was sure that Tang Bao had something equally as exciting. He looked at Tang Bao and said, “What is it about? Tell me.”

Tang Bao said excitedly, “I think what Tang Xiaoqing said is right. Where there are people, there are people to compare with!

“Therefore, we should not only focus on the appearance of the clothes and equipment.

“What’s something else that might be important?

“It’s the players’ appearances!

“To buy all kinds of characters, wouldn’t we make a fortune?”

Hearing this, Gu Yiming’s eyes lit up. “What you said makes sense. The Second World is where the consciousness of the real person enters. With the appearance of the person as the template, there is no way to change the appearance. What do you think can we do about it?”

Tang Bao’s face was full of excitement and he was beaming with joy. “Then we’ll open up some plastic surgery hospitals!

“Those who are ugly, we can bring them to our White Fog City’s plastic surgery hospitals to be operated on and help them become even more beautiful. Don’t you think we’ll make a lot of money from that?!”

The moment Tang Bao opened his mouth, the entire scene instantly turned cold.

Lu Chen was silent for a long time before he said to Tang Bao, “You stay by the side and listen. The others can continue talking.”

It was not that the hospital was not allowed to exist, but that it was too difficult to change one’s appearance. Even if it was possible, Lu Chen did not want to delve into it.

There was no other reason. It was just for the convenience of management. If everyone could change their appearance at will, then the Second World would be in complete chaos.

Most importantly, no one had ever been able to change their appearance. Other than having a disguise and using the power of the bloodline to change one’s physique, these two methods could already cause changes to one’s appearance.

Of course, it was not impossible. If they chose to change their appearance in the main world, their appearance in the Second World would also change a little.

Liu Changping then said, “I think we should build more fixed teleportation arrays in White Fog City.

“White Fog City is too big to walk on foot. People would have to walk a long way if they wanted to go to different regions to farm monsters.

“In this way, if they entered the Second World for a day, they would spend at least half a day on the road, especially when people returned to the Novice Village after they died. If they wanted to go out to farm monsters, they could only do so near the Novice Village.

“Because of the lack of teleportation arrays, they won’t be able to go to the places they wanted to go.

“As long as we bind the teleportation arrays to the points system, we won’t have to worry about these people not using our points.

“When the time comes, our teleportation arrays will be charged according to the mileage, so that everyone can afford to use them.”

Lu Chen thought for a moment then nodded. “What you said makes sense. Points can only be obtained by entering White Fog City, and to enter White Fog City, we have to pay gold coins... No! We have to use gold coins to exchange for points!”

Hearing this, the others revealed a fox-like expression and nodded with sinister smiles.

Lu Chen was very satisfied and continued, “In this way, we can recover the cost of building the teleportation array as soon as possible.

“Therefore, in the future, when we enter White Fog City, we don’t need to collect gold coins, but have them exchange them for points!

“The people of White Fog City would distribute points, and every player of White Fog City could receive a certain amount of points.

“The previous rule of giving a 10% discount card will be removed and points will be given instead!

“With the starting points, everyone will be able to enjoy certain benefits. Moreover, this way, the fee for entering White Fog City will be converted into points in equal proportion. This will also reduce everyone’s resistance.

“By strengthening everyone’s sense of belonging, we can kill two birds with one stone.

“This way, it’ll be equivalent to collecting a large number of funds.”

Gu Yiming stood up in excitement, “That’s right! In other words, this is equivalent to opening a bank in White Fog City and collecting all the players’ funds. With this money, we can upgrade our city and enrich our resources!”

Hearing this, everyone could not help but get excited!

Thinking of this, Lu Chen’s mood lifted. He never thought that the problem of not having enough money, which he had been worried about all this time, would be solved just like that.

Looking at these people in front of him, he felt satisfied!

They were all his trusted aides, and their ranks must not fall behind! He had to promote them!

The plan was finalized, and everyone quickly split up to look for resources.

The Gu family, the Xu family, and Liu Changping’s Dragon Team were in charge of their own areas, developing their own directions.

Tang Xiaoqing’s mission was to find beautiful clothes from the main world and provide them to the tailor shops in White Fog City.

Lu Chen had also given her the authority to recruit NPCs. Under the temptation of the powerful gold coins, countless NPCs from all walks of life poured in and became employees of White Fog City.

The 15 million gold coins that Lu Chen had just filled up were also being used up at an extremely fast rate.

However, everyone was in high spirits because they knew that the money that they had spent today would be expanded at an extremely fast speed in the next few days.

Gu Yiming mobilized all the upper echelons of the Gu family and fully utilized the power of his family to find all kinds of top scholars in economics and finance. He then brought them to the Second World to become an important analytical team in White Fog City.

To these people, they didn’t lack money or status. What they lacked was powerful strength.

As the top financial experts, money was just a number to them.

They were clear that the main world and the Second World would soon fuse together. At that time, the cash in their hands would result in nothingness.

No matter how much money they have, once the worlds merge, their words would mean nothing without power!

The chance to interact with Lu Chen was something they couldn’t wait for. In fact, quite a few people would rather join Lu Chen’s team than receive a single cent!

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