After Divorce: Pursued by Cohabiting Boss

After Divorce: Pursued by Cohabiting Boss

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    [Male lead chasing wife to the crematorium ✚ Male second takes over]

    Yusheng was the heir to a centuries-old prominent family. His secret wife was an unremarkable hand model.

    When his wife wanted a divorce, he readily agreed.

    Chatting idly with friends over drinks, he said, “I’m just grinding down her temper. After some time, she’ll come back on her own.”

    Later, eyes bloodshot from drunkenness, he begged her to remarry him. But on the other end of the phone was another man: “My wife just went out to buy deer antlers for me. Did Master Yu need something? I can pass along a message.”

    That day, Yusheng nearly died from those words.

    His wife’s seven years of love were stolen by Yusheng. No matter – if he could steal it once, he could snatch it back again.

    He turned around and took over leadership of the Yu family in a high-profile move, armed with tremendous power and authority. Grabbing the man’s collar, he said, “Either give her up or die. No one can oppose the Yu family.”

    The man laughed softly, answering with just four words: “The insignificant Yu family…”

    Crematorium male lead: Yusheng

    Usurping male second lead: Lu YanMing

    [Male second bides his time ✚ plotting every step]

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