After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse's Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 12 - Help
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Chapter 12: Help

Zhang Zhiyin put on the ring in satisfaction and felt that his innate physical quality was improving. He could not help lamenting that the game equipment was really amazing. After wearing it, he became Superman in the next second.

The only drawback was that... would it too frightening for him to be glittering with this silver holy light effect? It’s fine in this place where birds didn’t even shit, but what about when he returned to human society? It couldn’t be that this body of 1888 yuan would never see the light?

As if acting in cooperation with his thinking, Zhang Zhiyin saw the Item Store leap. Then it hopped again to the left and right, somersaulted, jumped a number eight...

Zhang Zhiyin immediately opened it with a cold sweat.

The store was selling [SEASON’S HOT SALES] a column of twinkling Fashion of all kinds and sorts.

People who have played online games before would not be unfamiliar with such things as “fashion items”. If they wear fashion items, they would be able to show the appearance of the item and hide the original appearance of the equipment.

Zhang Zhiyin did not hesitate to choose the most common pair of white T-shirt, jeans, and casual shoes. Only when he got the clothes on his hands that he found out that this magical fashion item could become very huge so that it could fit him completely, and then return to normal size when it was worn on his body. After that, the original effect of the cool dazzling “Redemption of the Last Age” suit with the air of a king was completely concealed.

Zhang Zhiyin, who had restored his image of an ordinary youth, breathed a sigh of relief, only to discover another tragic fact when he saw the reflection of the pool in the cave—

Who could explain to him the meaning of “I Love Dr. Y for 10,000 Years” slogan and the corresponding two heart eyes expression on the white T-shirt?! And what was with the “Captain of Dr. Y’s Assistance Corps” that had a fluorescent effect at the back?!

Clearly, the Item Store was an orthodox store, why did it have such a wicked item...

The reason why these game companies introduced this kind of fashion was of course, due to those middle school teenagers that simply love to look at appearances and so on. There were also many players that loved villains.

Zhang Zhiyin felt that he preferred to wear the redemption suit and frighten people to death rather than to wear such clothing and be beaten by people.

However, anyway, there was no one around at this moment and Zhang Zhiyin was too lazy to buy another fashion item. This item had an expiration date of one month. He might not be able to go out of the Valley of the Extinct Dragon within one month.

Zhang Zhiyin officially began his journey of grinding the monsters and leveling.

Now that he was in this real world, one of the conveniences was that he could aggro monsters and attack them from safe spots and set traps; the inconvenience was that all kinds of monsters had become much smarter...

With the support of the attributes from the suit, Zhang Zhiyin was now able to lift large stones effortlessly, almost as if he has acquired the primary mutation of the strength. His speed and other basic qualities had also improved a lot. He hid on the edge of the safety zone and used his little ice ball and little ice arrows to sneak long-range attacks on the monsters that seemed easy to deal with. He flew kites and fought guerrillas with them. If he found that other monsters or targeted monsters were not easy to deal with, he would quickly hide inside the safe zone.

Relying on the support of high-grade potions and other buff medicines bought from the Item Stores, Zhang Zhiyin also killed two higher-level monsters, a rabbit and a rat.

But the rat belonged to a community of animals, killing one led to a nest attacking him. Zhang Zhiyin was so frightened that he quickly hid inside the safety zone.

Metal collects water, water extinguishes fire. With a mutated ice ability, in the world of <Tomorrow>, metal ability would be an increased aid to the ice ability in extinguishes the fire ability.

The rabbits and rats that Zhang Zhiyin had selected as his opponents were all the fire elementals. They belonged to the lowest classes of monsters in the Valley of Extinct Dragon. The redemption suit had the function of lucky blessing, and the drop probability of objects would increase. Therefore, the rabbit and rat each devoted a second-level fire-class crystal nucleus to Zhang Zhiyin.

Absorbing the fire crystal nuclei was the least helpful to the growth of the ice ability, but it was better than nothing. Zhang Zhiyin who was driven back to the safe zone by those rats directly used both the crystal nucleus to upgrade his ice ability. He urgently needed to improve his offensive power at present. By contrast, his precise ability was too chicken rib, so he ignored it for the time being.

He sat at the entrance of the cave to rest. Conveniently, he grabbed the grass beside his feet and picked it up to find that it was an Extinct Dragon Herb, a precious herb in the game. Valley of the Extinct Dragon was a treasure house of herbal resources in the world of <Tomorrow>, but in the game, this place has been monopolized by those big guilds for a long time, so Zhang Zhiyin had no chance to grind or pick medicine here.

Now that the opportunity was so good, the idle Zhang Zhiyin simply just bought a set of “Pharmaceutical Collection” skill book from the Item Store. He also bought a pompous stove and a cubic meter space backpack and started learning life skills.

On the morning of the third day, Zhang Zhiyin ate a bowl of bean paste noodles from the Item Store that added speed properties, When he filled his stomach, he went out and began hunting.

His ice ability had been upgraded to Level 1, with a primary speed deceleration skill in addition to the ice ball and ice arrow, he decided to challenge a larger monster, the mutant salamander.

The salamander’s attack and speed were average. You only need to be careful in not being hit by the fireball it would spat out. However, it was extremely defensive. Zhang Zhiyin and the salamander hit each other with ice and fireballs all morning before the monster was finally beaten half dead. Seeing that victory was in sight, Zhang Zhiyin was happy and stepped up his offensive quickly.

Just then, a white light flashed in front of him, the salamander suddenly flopped to the ground without warning.

A man in black landed in front of the lizard. With one move of his hand, the lizard disappeared and seemed to have been taken into space.

Zhang Zhiyin’s first thought was “kill steal!” With this thought, he also shouted it out.

The man heard this and looked back at him coldly.

Zhang Zhiyin suddenly froze – this man, he knew him, ah!

But the other party should not know him.

Dr. Y had three big underlings under his seat. Yu Huo, with fire ability, Lei Dun, with lightning ability, and an anonymous with an unknown ability.

In the real game scenario, the righteous forces of the Cloud Sky Alliance where the players belonged to were fighting with Yu Huo’s forces. Every time the players made relentless efforts to gain a slight advantage and felt that they could finally strike down Yu Huo, Lei Dun would come out, silently cracking a thunderbolt, helping to fight back the forces of the Cloud Sky Alliance.

The man in front of him was Lei Dun. He was famous for his passerby face, his reserved personality, not listening to any explanations and unreasonableness. No opposition force of his own had been formed, but he alone made the Cloud Sky Alliance even more fearful than the whole Yu Huo force.

Looking at Zhang Zhiyin, Lei Dun’s eyes flashed a chill. Just when he was about to raise his hand to summon a lightning blade and finish the human being in front of him, his line of sight shifted downward suddenly, and saw the clothes he was wearing——

[I love Dr. Y for 10,000 years]

It turned out he was a friend.

Lei Dun immediately curbed his killing intent.

Zhang Zhiyin watched Lei Dun raise his hands helplessly, knowing in his heart that he was going to make a big move with that gesture.

While he was extending his neck in preparation for execution, he suddenly saw the man put down his hand, stride towards himself, seized his hand and shook it vigorously with a serious face said: “Hello, I am Lei Dun, what can I do to help you?”

Zhang Zhiyin was frightened and hurriedly shook his head.

Lei Dun frowned slightly.

Looking at how this big brother in front of him was going to get angry and change his mind. Zhang Zhiyin’s brain stopped at once and shouted out without hesitation: “Yes, yes, yes, please tell Dr. Y that I love him!”

Lei Dun glanced at Zhang Zhiyin’s T-shirt in a meaningful way, and he really agreed, “Alright. What’s your name?”

Zhang Zhiyin felt that he could no longer live. If Lei Dun did not kill him, he would end himself.

With unknown tears in his heart, Zhang Zhiyin forced out each word said, “My name is Zhang Zhiyin.”



Flew Kites: hitting opponent through long-range skills, so they can’t hit you

Chicken Rib: Things of little Value

The metal collect water, water extinguish fire >>>> legit from google not anyhow de~

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