After Being Reborn, I Tortured The Vicious Sister-in-law

Chapter 306 - 306 If You Don’t Laugh, Then You Should Cry
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306 If You Don’t Laugh, Then You Should Cry

Mother Wei did not want to discuss these things here. She wanted to bring Su Meng to a place with no one around. However, Su Meng did not listen to her and did not move. If there were no outsiders here, she would have called the servants to drag Su Meng away.

The matter had been suppressed by Mother Wei. Wei Xue saw that the matter had not been blown up and could not help but sigh in her heart. It seemed that the plan she had originally thought of would not be used. Mother Wei had come too early.

If she had come later, she would have been able to let everyone know that Su Meng was a promiscuous woman.

By then, even if Mother Wei did not want Su Meng to get a divorce, it would be impossible. For the sake of the Wei family’s reputation, Su Meng and Wei Ting’s divorce would not be delayed any longer. At the thought of this, she started to blame Mother Wei.

Wei Ting had finished his discussion with the others and noticed the abnormality here. He got up and walked over. Seeing that everyone’s expressions were unnatural, he asked his mother, “What’s the matter?”


Mother Wei looked around. Seeing that no one was looking, she complained to Wei Ting, “Look at your good wife. She’s not divorced yet and she can’t wait to have an affair. She’s already doing this much in the Wei family. If she were outside, she might have done something.”

As she spoke, she handed the phone to Wei Ting and let him watch the video.

Su Meng was amused by what Mother Wei said. She couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

Although Mother Wei was scolding her, she had actually said that she had an affair in front of Wei Ting. She had made such a conclusion without even clarifying the matter. It seemed like Mother Wei really wanted her to do that.

Upon hearing Su Meng’s laughter, Mother Wei’s expression turned even worse. She did not expect Su Meng to be able to laugh. She glared at Su Meng fiercely and complained to Wei Ting, “Look at her. How can she still laugh at a time like this? She’s really thick-skinned.”

Without waiting for Wei Ting’s reply, Su Meng spoke first, “Auntie, you’re being a little unreasonable. Today is Grandpa’s birthday banquet. Should I not laugh and cry instead?”

Although Mother Wei knew that Su Meng was being unreasonable, she did not know how to refute her and could only remain silent.

Seeing this, Wei Xue thought that she couldn’t let Su Meng gain the upper hand. Now was the best time to destroy her image in Wei Ting’s heart. She couldn’t miss it.

She thought for a moment, then put on an anxious look and walked to Wei Ting. She raised her hand to hold Wei Ting’s arm, but Wei Ting dodged her.

She didn’t dwell on this issue but pretended to plead for Su Meng. ‘Brother Wei Ting, although Sister Su Meng is very intimate with another man and even hugged him, please don’t be angry with her. Sister Su Meng must have her own difficulties.”

“Difficulties? What difficulties could she have? Did someone force her? I think she was enjoying herself!” Mother Wei glared at Wei Xue, annoyed that she was talking too much, and wanted her to shut up. However, Wei Xue, who had always been smart and obedient, was suddenly acting up at this moment. She was actually speaking up for Su Meng.

She saw Wei Ting frowning slightly and was a little impatient. She thought that Wei Ting was starting to mind this matter, so she planned to add fuel to the fire. “Brother Wei Ting, there’s one more thing. Sister Su Meng lost the gift box you gave her. She asked me to plead on her behalf. Please don’t blame her. She didn’t do it on purpose. I’ll help her look for it after the banquet is over.”

Su Meng added, “That’s right, Wei Ting. Your sister is such a nice person. She knew that I lost it and offered to help me find it. She said that she didn’t know where the box was. Isn’t that right, Xiao Xue? Thank you so much.”

“Sister Su Meng, what are you saying?” Wei Xue shook her head shyly. “Even if you’re no longer my sister-in-law, I’ll still treat you as my sister. How could a younger sister not help her elder sister when she is in trouble? So, you don’t have to feel embarrassed.”

Su Meng nodded. “You’re right. Xiao Xue is pure and kind. I like her the most.”

Wei Xue lowered her head, looking embarrassed.

Wei Ting stood at the side and didn’t say anything. He just watched these people deal with each other.

Finally, after Wei Xue and the others finished talking, he frowned and said, “I’ve told you, I won’t get a divorce. So, Su Meng will still be the Young Madam of the Wei family.”

“And this video.” Wei Ting had been holding his phone the whole time, but he only glanced at the video when he took it and then stopped watching it.

At this moment, he raised his phone and pressed the delete button in front of everyone.

“I was there at the time and knew everything that happened, so there’s no need to keep this thing. I don’t need anyone to interfere with my people.” Wei Ting looked at the few people in front of him and warned them with a cold gaze.

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