After Being Betrayed, I Inherited A Massive Fortune

Chapter 4 - Shameless
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Chapter 4: Shameless

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the villa, Sun Lan was flustered. She wanted nothing more than to smash the phone in her hand.

Good, very good!

Huo Chuan didn’t care, but she did!

Just when she couldn’t control that b*tch Yun Qing?

How could a commoner fight with her?!

Sun Lan stared at the door, her eyes dark and vicious.


In the sports car, Gu Zhi curled the corners of her mouth up and revealed a mocking smile. “The people of the Huo family are something else!

“Was that old woman your mother-in-law just now? To think that you spent three years with her!

“If it were me, I wouldn’t even be able to endure a minute! Look at that nouveau riche face of hers, how disgusting!”

Gu Zhi had always been quick with her words. Yun Qing smiled faintly and did not continue.

It was not that she felt sorry for Sun Lan, but she simply felt that it was unnecessary.

A person’s energy and emotions were finite. She did not want to waste it on Sun Lan.

Gu Zhi quickly forgot about this matter. The two sisters chatted and laughed as they returned to the Yun family.

What made Yun Qing overjoyed was that her big brother, Yun Zhe, who was so busy and elusive, was also at home!

Yun Zhe was now the nominal CEO of the Yun family. After taking over Yun Kun’s duties, he was extremely busy every day.

Yun Qing had not expected Yun Zhe to personally pick her up from the hospital that day.

However, after sending Yun Qing home, Yun Zhe left in a hurry, with a busy look on his face.

“Big Brother!”

Yun Qing called out joyfully and then held onto Yun Zhe’s arm affectionately.

Yun Zhe put down the document in his hand and brushed away the stray hairs on Yun Qing’s forehead. A brilliant smile appeared on his ice-cold face that had not changed for thousands of years.

Gu Zhi, who was following behind Yun Qing, obviously blushed.

“I’m sorry. I was on a business trip that day and left without talking to you.”

Before Yun Qing could ask him why he left, Yun Zhe had already taken the initiative to explain to Yun Qing with an apologetic tone.

Yun Qing smiled and shook her head. “It’s okay, Big Brother. I know you’re busy.”

Yun Zhe felt a warmth in his heart as his younger sister was obedient and sensible. He picked up the gift box beside him and handed it to Yun Qing. “This is a gift that Big Brother brought for you. See if you like it.”

Yun Qing opened the gift box expectantly. Inside was a high-priced Chanel. It was very expensive.

Yun Kun had three sons and a daughter in this lifetime. Yun Qing was the most favored existence in the family.

Ever since she was young, her three older brothers would give her gifts whenever they had nothing to do, from hairpins to the company. As long as her three older brothers wanted to, there was no room for Yun Qing to refuse.

Yun Qing was used to it. She accepted Yun Zhe’s gift and sweetly said, “Thank you, Big Brother.”.

Yun Zhe curled his lips. He looked up and saw Gu Zhi not far away.

Gu Zhi unnaturally averted her gaze.

Yun Zhe smiled and handed another gift box to Gu Zhi. “Miss Gu, this is yours.”

He had heard from the housekeeper that Gu Zhi had come to the Yun family. As the eldest son of the Yun family, Yun Zhe had always treated people well.

Therefore, Gu Zhi also had a gift.

However, Gu Zhi did not expect that she would have one. The joy in her eyes was obvious.

“Thank you... Thank You, Big Brother!”

Gu Zhi accepted the gift happily. She was too embarrassed to open it in front of Yun Zhe.

However, how bad could a gift from the Yun family be?

Even if it was bad, would she mind? She would not mind!

Yun Zhe had given it to her personally!

Gu Zhi pursed her lips and smiled secretly.

Yun Qing was keenly aware of something.

Her sly eyes darted between Gu Zhi and Yun Zhe. Yun Qing was already thinking about the compatibility between her best friend and her Big Brother.

They were a match made in heaven!

If Yun Zhe hadn’t suddenly opened his mouth, Yun Qing would have even thought about the style of her bridesmaid’s dress.

However, Yun Zhe’s words interrupted all her fantasies. “The matter of Second Brother and Third Brother. One of them is abroad and the other one is abroad. Follow me around the coming days and I’ll take you to the company.”

Yun Qing’s face immediately turned sour when she heard Yun Zhe’s words.

Out of the three brothers, Yun Zhe was the most workaholic!

She had thought of letting her second and third brothers sneak her out to play, but now it seemed like it was a distant future...

Yun Qing wanted to cry, but had no tears. She could only force herself to agree.


That night, Gu Zhi stayed over at the Yun family manor. Yun Qing saw through it and did not say anything.

However, as soon as Yun Qing came out of the shower, she heard Gu Zhi curse. “F*ck!”

“Don’t the Huo family have any shame? !”

The Huo family?

Yun Qing’s hand that was wiping her hair paused. She came to Gu Zhi’s side and sat down. She stuck her head out and looked at Gu Zhi’s phone. “What’s wrong?”

“Look for yourself!”

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