Adorable treasured fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 1651 - “Bai Xiao (5)”
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Chapter 1651 “Bai Xiao (5)”

Lotus’s expression changed for the worse after the lecture. Stomping her feet in frustration, the missy promptly turns around and dashed away. However, instead of returning to her own room after leaving the gathering hall, she instead went to the guest room that’s located next to her own courtyard.

“Lotus...” A warm and watery sounding voice calls out from the rear before she could walk inside.

“Big Cousin...” The missy saw who it was after swinging around and immediately got all teary and sad that wanted nothing but sympathy from the other side.

“What’s going on? Does Uncle still want to marry you to that outsider?” Wen Yi asks the girl with a furrowed temple.

“I’m sorry Big Cousin, I wasn’t able to have the Millennium Ice Lotus recognize you as its host and allowed another to steal it from under you...” Lotus’s cheek had gone red from anger, “Worst of all, my father is dead set on marrying me to that guy. He’s absolutely certain the outsider will become someone great in the future....”

The Ice Lotus may be a family treasure of the Snow Clan here, but it’s by no mean a tool or artifact, it’s in fact a medicinal ingredient, a plant at its core. However, due to its long age and lifespan, the plant had come to grow a spirit of its own, meaning it’s not much different from a spirit beast with a mind that’s capable of making its own decisions.

On top of that, the lotus wouldn’t disappear after being fused with its host ether, it would remain inside and continuously supply the user with spiritual energies. So, what does that mean? Simple, the host’s strength would grow at an exponential rate without much effort. It’s like being constantly injected with power from within instead of having to absorb the energy from the air like everyone else.

Flickering a dangerous light in those eyes after hearing the bad news, Wen Yi the missy’s cousin quickly controlled his inner rage and spoke with his wooing voice, “Lotus, I want to marry you by using my own virtues and my own strength, not by relying on the Millennium Ice Lotus. Please do not compare me with that outsider. I can tell he’s after your family’s power and influence, that’s why he forcibly integrated himself with the lotus...”

Apparently taken aback by the accusation, Snow Lotus stops her whimpering and stares at the man: “You mean, he forcibly fused with the Ice Lotus? Didn’t it choose him?”

But that day everyone saw how the Ice Lotus fused with the outsider. He fell beside the flower after succumbing to his injuries, that’s why the blood touched the lotus and marked him....

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.” Wen Yi cocks the corner of his mouth into a I know it smirk, “If not for the forced fusing, why else would that outsider be in a coma still? The Ice Lotus had already healed his injuries, there’s no reason for him to remain unconscious. This is the work of the Ice Lotus, it’s punishing him for the transgression.”

Dazed in the face due to the conflicting idea, the girl’s mind was starting to sway.

“Towards such behavior, I Wen Yi only have disdain for those who would turn to such underhanded means. So what if the Snow Clan is powerful and influential? I would never connive after such material things. If I want something, I will only take it by using my own ability, never others.” That said, the guy also used his hands to tidy up the loose strand of hair in front of the young lady’s forehead.

“But I’m about to marry that guy...” Snow Lotus unwillingly bites her lip.

Originally she just didn’t want to marry a stranger, but now she’s absolutely disgusted with the person after listening to all the foul things from her cousin here.

“Silly, how can I let you marry someone else?” Wen Yi saw his words are working. Going in for the kill by pecking the girl on the forehead, “I’ve already thought of a way. There’s no need to think about this, we will forcibly take back the Ice Lotus from the outsider.”

“But, my father said we can’t get the Millennium Ice Lotus back even if we killed that person....”

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