Ace of the Dragon Division

Chapter 884 - Enough acting
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Chapter 884: Enough acting

In the temporary base, diesel and Dulson got up early in the morning and rushed into Chekhov’s room. They pressed him down and asked,””How did you slip away last night?” Chekhov said in a daze,’do you think I’m stupid just because I usually make mistakes? I’ve already planned the escape route. Last night, I drove the car to London’s Soho area.(Red light district). As a result, the police found many famous people from all over the world to build houses there overnight. Don’t even mention it, it’s so funny. This morning, the police station’s complaint line was directly blown up by those people’s lawyer’s phone. In addition, the red light district directly complained to the police station that their legal rights had been taken away, especially those famous people. At this time, if the police took them all away, their privacy would be exposed by the media. The police couldn’t do anything for the whole night. Since it’s hard for them to catch people, they can’t catch me since I’m in there. After all, they’re not sure if I’m a sniper, so they just came back after a whole night of trouble. Let me sleep for a while. ” At this time, Chekhov’s goal was directly broken by Mali’s kick. “Chekhov, come and die! I’ve recovered from my injuries. ” Mali rushed in and was ready to flip Chekhov’s bed over. Chekhov calmly took out a pistol from under the bed and put it against Mali’s crotch. He covered his face under the pillow and said in a muffled voice,””Don’t disturb me. ” Mali was as uncomfortable as a snake that had its vital spot pinched.””What else do you know besides this?” “Big Brother Cheng said that one move is all it takes. It’s only effective against you. Go away.” Mali’s weakness was caught in an instant, and he was dragged out by diesel and Dulson, a little speechless. He found Li Wei and said,””I’ve recovered from my injuries. When can you arrange for me to come over?” Li Wei looked at the map of London and said doubtfully,””The next operation will be more and more difficult. The police will be fully prepared and only waiting for us to jump. It’s not appropriate for you to go.” Mali was unhappy and asked,”why?” Don’t they like to drive buses? I’ll knock them down. Give me a shot put, I can shoot down the helicopter. ” Everyone was speechless. “You’ve exposed some abilities that humans shouldn’t have on our behalf,” Lin Dong cursed.”Do you understand?” Mali was speechless. He sat down on the sofa, feeling depressed. “Only Chekhov is in the limelight, but don’t you think about me? when my sister-in-law was in trouble, I was also charged for not protecting her well. I just want to make up for my mistakes, can’t you give me a chance? I know I’m usually rough and not smart enough, but that’s why I want to perform more so that the boss doesn’t despise me. I know why I’m tied to Chekhov because I’m not as smart as you. ” Mali said sadly. Lin Dong smiled and came over to Pat him on the shoulder.””Brother Mali, aren’t you trying to hurt me with your words? Compared to me, most of you have awakened, and only martial uncle Luo Yi and I are still in the stage of exploration. Compared to us, you are much better, okay? “I’m so envious of you when I see you on the front line and in the logistics department. Don’t look at how much of an advantage they have in some operations. You’re a master of big scenes. You were born for big scenes. Master once told me that once the war breaks out, you will be the most brutal human tank! So, it’s normal that you’re not suitable for this kind of assassination mission. What’s there to be sad about?” “That’s right,” Vala rolled his eyes at Mali.”Look at your strength. You can even lift 10 tons of supplies. In a one-on-one fight, you can send us flying with one slap before we even get close to you. Are you still not satisfied?” Li Wei,”who said you’re useless in the team?” Everyone’s position in the team was the same. Everyone was a brother. In the future, whoever had such thoughts could face the wall themselves! I didn’t go on a mission either, right? My ability is obvious to all, but this mission is obviously not suitable for me. You have to be clear about whether your ability is suitable to be exposed!” “I understand,” Mali nodded. Just then, the leader of MI6 gave a speech on TV. “We won’t compromise on the deviant Corp’s big talk. We caught the person, and the evidence is conclusive, so there’s no need to explain too much. This is a matter of national interest, and we won’t back down. Don’t even talk about handing over the person, if you have the ability, come and save him yourself. I’ll be waiting for you to save her!” “This old bastard is too arrogant.” “If he was in front of me, I would have smashed his head like a watermelon,” Mali said angrily. “They have the right to be arrogant this time.” Li Wei looked at the message he had just sent to everyone on his phone. It was a notification from Xu Cheng: They’re using the Army! “What do we do?” Everyone present looked at Li Wei and Lin Dong and asked. The two of them were from the intelligence Department, and they were kind of cooperating with Xu Cheng’s plan. “How about I go?” “At most, I’ll bleed again and poison those soldiers to death,” Zhang Xiu said. “That would expose the fact that we were the ones who killed the 5000 soldiers in the land of mercenaries,” Li Wei faintly said. At this time, Xu Cheng sent another text message.”Using stillness to control movement. “What do you mean, Big Brother Cheng?” Mali frowned. “Master’s meaning is that we shouldn’t act rashly,”Lin Dong said. At this moment, another message came: [Change of target. Rescue snowy’s parents. Location: London Police Department headquarters.] This news came from Lin chuxue. The one who told her was an officer. This guy thought that with the Army in charge of escorting Lin chuxue, the situation was already over, so he wasn’t afraid to tell Lin chuxue where her parents were being held. “What crime have they committed?” Lin chuxue gritted her teeth and asked. “There’s no crime. If there has to be one, it’s that your father used to be a Chinese soldier and is suspected of being a spy. Does that count?” “Ridiculous!” Lin chuxue sneered.”If something were to happen to him, it would’ve happened a long time ago. You guys investigated him in the past, and after there were no problems, plus he made a contribution to the economy, the Queen even gave him a Knight’s title. Don’t you think it’s a little farfetched to say he’s a spy?” “It’s indeed profound. ” “But what if it’s reported by an immediate family member?” the officer laughed. “What do you mean?” Lin chuxue narrowed her eyes. “Your mother’s people have long disliked your father. If they report him, even if your father is not guilty, he will still be guilty of having Chinese blood in his veins!” “Despicable!” Lin chuxue angrily rebuked. “If we don’t lock him up like this, how are we going to frame you and make the Hua Ministry of Foreign Affairs believe our story? We know how determined China is to protect you, so we have to put on a good show. Otherwise, with China’s current status, it’ll be difficult for us to arrest you without evidence. “

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