Ace Of Terrans

Chapter 3
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The academy was designed normally, like the architect in the old days. The technology is the only part that has been added to the blend without messing up the old aesthetics. The humans may have a new name, but their tastes remain the same.

Shi Lang was brought to the infirmary where the on-premise doctor took care of him. He performed a scan with a handheld device and detected that three of the ribs were fractured from multiple places and they were almost piercing through the lungs.

The doctor said, “You kid sure are frivolous. A bit more and it could have been a critical case. Who did this? Does he have no regard for human life? You all are classmates at any rate.”

Jane replied, “The favorite of our school, Jenkins Edwards, did this. Would you still stick with your lecture, doctor?”

Her words made the doctor almost bite his tongue between his teeth. He did not know that the patient was a victim of the battle class champion. He could not say that what happened was wrong, but he cannot favor this as well.

Everyone in the school was aware that Jenkins Edwards was a petty person if he suffered a loss or found anyone remotely against him. He would use every mean at his disposal to make their lives miserable.

However, it was his strength and family background that scared everyone from taking an action against him. The doctor gave up on the lecture and administered medicine for Shi Lang. He said, “This student will need to stay here for observation. You all can leave. He can move normally in a couple of hours, but no heavy lifts and strenuous movements for a week.”

Lucas nodded and asked everyone to return to the classroom. The next class happened to be a free period. The teacher was occupied with event preparation. Tim stood up from his seat, came to the door, closed it, and then came to stand on the podium.

His movements attracted everyone’s attention. He said, “We all know that this Battle Class has crossed the all-time bottom line again and again. The people who were supposed to monitor the school management, are closing their eyes in the name of weeding out the weak. Let alone others, our headteacher has been throwing undermining us by making us do things in the battle class as if we are pigs.

How long do we have to suffer? Last time, Margot almost suffered humiliation, and Lang had to step forward. Ever since then, he has been doing our tasks of the battle class for us. Today, he suffered an injury that could have killed him.

The responsible of this is not the battle class tyrants, but us. The weaklings of technology. Do you guys plan to suffer such shame always? Do you not want to prove them wrong? Do you not want to walk with your head held high?”

The people all had a burning desire in their eyes, but they did not speak. They were all not as strong as the people of the battle class. Going against was not something they could think of. Lucas stood up and said, “I have an idea. If this played in our favor, then we can slap the battle class down from their throne.”

The people all turned their heads towards him. Lucas coughed lightly at this and said, “In a week, the school will be holding the intermediate examinations. The technology branch always takes the first in the theory courses. Those of the battle class are the kings of the Mech control and group battles.”

Tim asked, “This is the obvious fact, but what do you mean by stating it?”

Jane stood up on her desk and said, “He means we should aim to topple the throne of the battle class in the Mech Control, and group battles.”

The people all gasped at this while Lucas gave Jane a thumbs up for tactical understanding.

Lucas said, “See, the technology used in Mech Control, we can also use it. Also, given our level of understanding, we can even make do it better than them. The point of group battle, that exam is held in a simulated environment. I ask you, is there a better gamer than us tech nerds? We have just never tried hard enough.”

The whole class descended into silence. They did not realize this thing ever before. Tim suddenly said, “We will need to get our hands on a Mech to learn the actual controls. Do you know that the mechs in the school are a property reserved for the battle babies? That group battle one is still feasible, but how do we deal with their abilities? Whole Battle Class is a three-star Terran. That Jenkins is almost a four-star.”

This made the excited students fall into silence. Jane said, “The best analysts of our class. We have the data of the battle class from their practice matches. Can you analyze their abilities based on their performances?”

Abilities were kept a secret until the day of graduation. Some people do not even reveal it when they graduate. So this was a very hard task. A guy with long hair said, “Why do we have to analyze when I can just get their data off the school server?”

Jane nodded, “That would be the best, but do not get caught and this data cannot be leaked outside at any cost.”

The boy with long hair nodded and gave her an ‘OK’ signal. Jane continued, “With this, we can get their abilities and form a better plan for the group battle. Now, what about the Mech, and who will pilot it through that obstacle?”

Lucas said, “We can put money together and buy a retired unit. Later, with the help of the school mech bay, we can repair and modify it. We can state that it is a collective project of ours to learn about the Mechs. The school will pass it. As for the pilot, Shi Lang could have done it but he is injured.”

The people fell into thought. Tim shook his head. Shi Lang was the best mech pilot among them all. They all found out about it during their practice session. While the Battle class can practice any time, they wish for the Technology branch, students were only allowed to get it once a month.

Tim nodded and said, “This is good. But how much would it cost to buy a retired Mech?”

Lucas said with a bitter smile, “I think around ten thousand units.”

The people all gasped. Tim smiled bitterly, “Ten thousand units. We cannot afford it at any cost. The whole round of donations from everyone will only add up to a few thousand units, we will also need to pay the spare parts cost. You know that will be a new high.”

Suddenly, the classroom door flung open. Rosa Blues walked over in her high heels. She sensed a lot of negative vibes pointed at her. She sighed and said, “I apologize if you thought that I have been on the side of the battle class. What I did was for you all to know that without strength we are all bottom feeders, and only when we are together can we work things through.

I will pitch in twenty thousand units. Get a good mech and spare parts. I will also help you all apply for the time slot to ‘study’ the mech at the course.”

The class was surprised by this sudden wave of teacher-student bond in the class. They did not expect Rosa Blues to say this to them. Suddenly, a lot of ripples were set off by the stone falling.

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