Accompanying the Phoenix

Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

On the second day, Chen Li woke up to see Xing Yun feeding mantou to the fish . He seemed to treasure that pond of fish very much, not even caring that his sleeve was soaked . Under the soft glow of the dawn light, he looked as if he was someone that had transcended from the immortal world .

Was he truly just a mere mortal?

Suddenly, all of her memories came flooding back . This was the very man who had dunked her into the water, and almost killed her! She narrowed her eyes and stared at him intently until her eyes misted, tracking his every movement . Xing Yun turned around casually and said lightly, “My name is Xing Yun . ” He then proceeded to dust his shoulders, readjusted his robe, and started shaking his feet that had long since gone numb from siting . He muttered, “It’s time for my medicine . ” Before walking back inside, his posture not even straight .

Chen Li shook her head; She was certain that something must have been wrong with her brains back then . There was no way that this guy could be anything but a mere mortal . No matter how she looked, she could only describe him with one word; Ordinary .

Not bothering to think more on the topic due to a more pressing crisis at hand, Chen Li tried to move her body, amazed to find that her body had by far exceeded her own expectations . Her self-recovery seems to be currently far better than yesterday’s, despite the torment she was put through .

Chen Li chose not to think deeply about that, instead choosing to take a deep breath and check her spirit power, only to find none . She sighed, it seems that spirit power is really much harder to recover as compared to physical strength . Although her lack of spirit power may be able to hide her from the Demon World’s Underground Palace, that came with a heavy price . She knew that in her current situation, the Demon Emperor will inevitably find her . When he does, if her spirit power still hasn’t returned, she would not be able to raise a single finger in defense .

“Big brother, come . ”

Chen Li was thinking, when a voice called out suddenly behind her . She turned to find Xing Yun, dressed again in an azure robe, mantou in hand . “Eat a bit . ”

Chen Li was about to coldly ignore him, but then she remembered yesterday’s “crime” of refusing to eat which resulted in a cold bath! Her body stiffened as she hesitated before taking a small bite at her end . Her pride took a large blow as she retracted her neck, not daring to walk in front of him superiorly as before .

Chen Li noticed a faint herbal scent coming from his robes . This time, Chen Li looked at his face in total concentration . His face was pale, lips were white, and his eyes had dark circles, looking very uncomfortable .

Great! Chen Li was very worried that this mortal would spread rumors about her, Chen Li being unbearably ugly . However, if he was going to die soon, then there would be no need to fear a man who could take this secret to his grave! To others, she would still be the grand, majestic, and beautiful Azure Sky King! Her heart felt relieved as she discarded her pride and took a big bite out of the mantou! Chen Li’s eyes lit up; Why, mantou can actually be so delicious?!

Before Xing Yun could react, Chen Li snatched the mantou, and devoured it in a few huge bites!!

As a Phoenix, Chen Li obviously had no need for food or water to survive . However, Chen Li always liked eating meat, and has never touched any bread before in her whole life!

She picked the mantou completely clean, not even leaving a single crumb . Finally, Chen Li lifted her head up to stare at Xing Yun . She was surprised to find him looking at her with gentle eyes and a happy smile, as he lifted his hands to pat her head . What she does not realize, however, is that for a pet, this is all completely normal . When the hand reached her head, her heart rate shot up, and she quickly stuffed her head inside her wing .

Whenever she was with others, she was always respected and her generals were always near her side . Even if she is just a few steps away from a man, he would begin to shiver uncontrollably, so who would dare to look at her straight in the eye? However, her heart beat immediately calmed down; After all, she had seen many handsome royals and princes throughout the ages . She quickly brought out her head, before impolitely rapping Xing Yun’s knee with her bare wings and her pecked her beak .

“Oh? You want another?” Xing Yun smiled, “Not today, I have only made that much . “

Xing Yun suddenly got up and entered the house . Chen Li was confused slightly before hastily following him inside . Really arrogant, to actually believe she would want another! Give him an inch, and he’ll take a foot!

She ran behind Xing Yun’s feet, but she was too weak now . Thus she could only helplessly watch as Xing Yun left, carrying a big bag . He pushed open the door to leave, only saying; “Big brother, watch the house . After I sell the body in the back, I’ll return . ”

Gah! How could he just leave her alone her with nothing but a watchdog?!? This isn’t right . But Chen Li could do nothing but watch his figure fade as the door swings close; Wait, he said sell what?

Chen Li shook her head, and turned to walk back to the courtyard . The sun was on such an angle that made the grapevines glisten beautifully as they bud, shaking ever so slightly . Chen Li felt almost addicted to the beautiful scene and warmth as she was covered with the warm glistening rays of sunshine . Just as she was about to fall asleep, she heard a murmur and the sound of movement .

Instincts trained by years of battle, Chen Li was instantly alerted . She opened her eyes and stared piercingly at the location of the sound . A young girl-by the looks of it, a commoner, trying to scale the tall wall leading to the courtyard . She looked around in worry, as she clumsily pulled herself up before anxiously looking down at the ground, not understanding how to get down . She then fell, landing with an ompff .

Chen Li couldn’t help but remark; Such a strong fall! Such a dumb thief, not even able to know how to steal before trying to steal!

The girl rubbed her painful bum before going inside the house and retreated into the kitchen . Finding the brooms and rags, she silently began to clean up the packed house . She began to wipe the table, but when she began, tears started falling down, and finally she just laid down on the table and started crying loudly . 𝐟𝘳𝐞ℯ𝚠e𝑏𝒏𝑜𝙫𝘦𝙡. c𝑜𝐦

Chen Li struggled to hear what the girl said, barely catching anything but sobbing, the longest line probably just “never see a” and things like that . Chen Li was surprised to find that she was finally done crying . She quickly wanted to turn away .

She had been too focused on watching trying to listen to what that girl was muttering than finding a place to hide . As such, she ended up in her current predicament, face to face with the crying girl . As they eyed each other warily, Chen Li couldn’t help but reminded herself that she really should only mind her own business in the future when the girl finally broke the silence .

“Ai, Brother Xing, really? You plucked the chicken, and now it’s running free? You can easily get a delicious meal just by making stew with it . ” She wiped her tears with her hands, and said, “You can be considered as the last meal of farewell I shall make for him . ”

Meal your uncle! Who are you to dare and try to make a meal out of me?!?! Chen Li was shocked to see her actually get out a stew pot and say, “Ai, you really are so filthy that I could die, running around the house like that!”

Chen Li really wished she could just spray paint herself with faeces and just let her die like that!

Chen Li’s current physical strength still isn’t all that good, but the girl was just too stupid as well! She used a variety of techniques to catch her, but Chen Li always managed to somehow run away . Seeing this, the girl began to become infuriated . It really seems like this little girl wants to play hard ball eh?!? Chen Li wanted to use her wings, but they were plucked bare and were incredibly difficult . In addition to that, just how easy did it seem to do that whilst running away from a mad woman?!?!

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