Accidentally in Love

Accidentally in Love
Provoking the Evildoing Cold Highness
Chinese Novel

Accidentally in Love

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    ☆The original novel of Netflix's hit drama Accidentally in Love☆

    Chen Qing Qing is the daughter of a wealthy family, desperately wanting to avoid an arranged marriage and find love on her own terms. On the day of the wedding, she flees town and heads out to enroll in the same college where her parents studied, hoping to find out more about their death.

    She changes her appearance and name in an effort to hide her true identity and does her best to blend in with her classmates. Her desk-mate in school turns out to be the famous singer, Si Tu Feng, whom she's already had multiple run-ins with. The two don't start off on the right foot, quarreling constantly and causing each other trouble. But could there be more between them?

    Thus starts Qing Qing's quest for answers about her parents' death and a chance at real love.

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