Abyssal Lord Of The Magi World

Chapter 1026 The final phase (II)
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Chapter 1026 The final phase (II)

Nihilak's eyes widened as he witnessed Venganza merging with Zatiel, causing this one's aura to ascend steadily. The Knight had meticulously studied his adversaries and was aware of Zatiel's Three Samsara Incarnation. Two of them had already fused with the Samsara Thearch, but the third, the Soul Depravita Incarnation, had gained his own ego and was reborn as the Depravita known as Venganza.

If Venganza were to simply merge with the Samsara Thearch, the enhancement to his power would not be extraordinary, and it wouldn't significantly bolster his combat capabilities. The reason was straightforward: Zatiel's soul force was already breaking the limits of the Middle Stage, and a fusion with Venganza would be imperfect since this one possessed his own distinct identity.

However, Nihilak could clearly perceive how the willpower and ego of the Revenge Thearch gradually dissipated, allowing Venganza to merge seamlessly with the Samsara Thearch's existence, resulting in a single, unified entity!

In every sense of the word, Venganza was sacrificing himself, perishing in the fusion process!

This alone was shocking and filled the Harbinger of Desolation with dread. Still, the situation escalated as he observed the stance assumed by the Emptiness Thearch, who was behind the merging of Revenge Thearch and Samsara Thearch.

Ezequiel's entire body radiated with energy and power as he raised his right arm as if it were an ax. The power of Emptiness surged through him like never before, as he was finally fulfilling the role of a Lord of Emptiness, allowing the force of his innate nature to overflow his existence.

To birth a new universe.

However, it was not a new universe, the one that would come out, but a new life form.

Nihilak had lived long enough, and his soul was mighty enough to know what would happen if the three Thearchs achieved their goal. Just imagining all the power and potential of a unique super universe birthed by the strongest Lord of Emptiness in a single body filled the Harbinger of Desolation with dread.

For the birth of a new universe, the Emptiness required a price, which was the existence of the Lord of Emptiness. Death awaited Ezequiel the moment he lowered his arm, but determination was the sole emotion evident in the Emptiness Thearch.


Nihilak shouted with rage and horror. He could not allow this to proceed, but before he could advance, Orgullo materialized in front of him.

The eyes of the Pride Thearch brimmed with determination and resolve. If the Revenge Thearch and Emptiness Thearch were willing to sacrifice themselves, then how could he settle for anything less?

"Get out!"

The Harbinger of Desolation shouted as he attacked with his ax, attempting to transform his body into a specter to force his way toward the trio. However, Orgullo remained resolute.

Every ounce of energy, soul, and vitality within the Pride Thearch blazed as he burned his existence to buy time for the trio.

The spear and ax clashed incessantly as Orgullo's body continuously regenerated from the inflicted damage. With each passing second, he lost more of himself and inched closer to death, yet his countenance remained serene and unyielding.

Venganza's eyes lost more and more of their light as his memories slowly faded away, his ego eroding as he ceased to exist. Even if he would still exist as part of the Samsara Thearch, he knew he would die in every significant way.

For the Revenge Thearch, his individuality was something he cherished with all his heart and that he never thought he would relinquish, but there was no regret in his soul as he carried on. There was a chance of resurrection thanks to the power of the Samsara Thearch, so he was willing to take the bet in the name of his race and family. 𝓯𝙧𝒆𝒆𝔀𝒆𝓫𝒏𝒐𝙫𝒆𝙑.π™˜π’π™’

Ezequiel's eyes mirrored the resolve of the Revenge Thearch. Surrendering to his nature as a Lord of Emptiness went against his ideals and the very purpose of his evolution beyond the Primordial stage. Yet, he harbored no fear, anger, or hesitation.

Right now, the only thing coursing through the Emptiness Thearch's mind were the images of his wife and daughter as he pushed his soul to its utmost limits, ready to fire the last attack of his life.

Zatiel's eyes remained calm. He had set in motion a plan that required the sacrifice of someone he regarded as more than a brother and an ally who stood by him during the end of his fourth life. Yet, there was no room for regret. The Daybreak Universe was at stake, and no price was too steep.

Nihilak had to be defeated. Only then could everything be set right. Failure would result in the loss of everything; the only thing that would wait for the universe was doom.

The Beyonder would consume the Thearchs and the Daybreak Universe's destiny before proceeding to the tower at the center of reality, becoming existence itself.

With each passing second, the fusion of Venganza into Zatiel deepened. It didn't take long for the figure of the Revenge Thearch to vanish entirely. Zatiel sensed his soul force rising, and his aura began to burst with power. The fusion was nearing its culmination, and it was only a matter of seconds before it was complete.

Nihilak's eyes blazed with rage, and a sense of desperation crept into his soul. He knew he had to put an end to it.


A surge of soul force erupted from the Harbinger of Desolation as he consumed his Primordial Essence, pushing his strength far beyond its limits.


Orgullo's eyes widened as he witnessed Nihilak's ax shatter his spear into countless pieces, but this was only the beginning.


The ax cleaved Orgullo in two, sending his broken form hurtling away. Even if Orgullo could reform his body, it would take precious time.

However, Nihilak paid Orgullo no mind. His body surged with immense power as he raced at full speed toward the three remaining Thearchs.

Zatiel observed Nihilak approaching with a calm demeanor, in stark contrast to Ezequiel, who sported a fierce smile before lowering his arm. The imminent clash would trigger an event of cosmic proportions, one that defied description.


An explosion erupted as Ezequiel's existence was sublimated, his life ending as Zatiel's entire being underwent a profound reincarnation. Nihilak managed to shield himself with his wings, preventing the blast from completely annihilating him.

Warriors from both the Daybreak Universe and the Beyonder Army turned their attention toward the source of the rainbow light that appeared to contain the very secrets of creation and existence. It was a sight none of them had ever witnessed, filling their hearts with a sense of awe.

Nihilak eventually regained control of his body, yet a growing and inexplicable fear gnawed at his heart. Even if the Samsara Thearch fused with the Revenge Thearch and attained Universal Samsara Reincarnation, his powers would remain limited to the Middle Stage, and Nihilak believed he could handle it.

However, in spite of these thoughts, his fear intensified as the rainbow-hued light from the explosion gradually dimmed, revealing the figure of Zatiel. There had been a complete metamorphosis of both his body and soul, as the power of the Samsara Thearch seemed to have transcended into an entirely new realm.

Sprouting from his back were eighteen demonic wings, each adorned with dark purple flames and a burning Depravita Aura, serving as conduits for cosmic forces into his body. But these were not the most astonishing features.

A black hole had formed at the center of his chest, housing two hearts, the Lawweaver's Essence Heart and Infinity's Soulbound Heart. They interlocked in a yin-yang pattern, acting as catalysts for all the energy coursing through his form.

The most striking source of power, however, resided in Zatiel's new eyes. His right eye resembled an ocean of black-white lightning featuring sixteen golden suns. In contrast, his left eye appeared as a sea of darkness with a white samsara cycle encompassing seven realms, each linked to a deadly sin.

Meanwhile, his third eye retained its previous appearance, housing the Eternal Flame Pupil, Samsara Truth Pupil, and White Sun Pupil. Yet, each of these pupils now surged with vibrational power, akin to the suns above going supernova.

A cacophonous rumble echoed as the Samsara Thearch clenched his fists. This was not an attack or an energy burst, merely a test of his newfound strength. The results, however, were nothing short of astounding.

Nihilak's eyes widened as he beheld the shattered fabric of reality, experiencing the incomprehensible might of the Samsara Thearch. His heart raced, overwhelmed by an uncontrollable and wild rage.

However, the shock and fear had reached such an overwhelming level that it had the opposite effect on the Harbinger of Desolation, pushing him against the enemy that seemed incapable of experiencing defeat.

A crazed smile crept across the Harbinger of Desolation's face as the third eye on his forehead split open, revealing yet another gem, this one pulsating with white flames.

There was one last source of Late Stage's energy in Nihilak, allowing him another Reality Override Spell!

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