Abe the Wizard

Chapter 901 - Put Under Shackles
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Chapter 901: Put Under Shackles

While Abel still had the world stone fragment, he really had no idea what the energy inside was. It’s not like he could supply his own energy into it, either, so the most he could do was to wait until it was recovered by nature.

There wasn’t time for it, though. Wizard Malon would kill him as soon as the world stone fragment had lost the energy. Abel cast quick “instantaneous movement” and moved right onto Flying Flame’s body. From there, he called all his summon creatures back into his portal beast ring. He was ready to run before Wizard Malon regained all of his strength since the Rogue’s Encampment was, by no means, a good place to prolong this fight. It’s not like he could trap Wizard Malon here till he died of starvation, either. The number of blue howling rabbits here could literally make up for an endless supply of food.

Wizard Malon laughed maniacally at Abel, “You can’t run, Wizard Abel! Do you understand? All your belongings will be mine in time! I can feel myself merging with this world, and once I’m done, I will catch you!”

Wizard Malon widened his arms as though he was embracing this world. He’s already made up his mind that he was going to live here. He actually found out that it wasn’t such a bad idea, especially since there were so many resources for his training here.. He didn’t know that the blue howling rabbits were the only living beings here, but that didn’t matter to him much if he was going to overtake Abel’s position as the god of this world. Becoming a god meant that he had to master a completely different system from the wizard system, but he was okay with it as long as he became immortal because of it.

As Wizard Malon made up his mind, the last trace of the suppressive power on him just disappeared once and for all.

“Ha, ha ha! Here I come!”

Wizard Malon laughed as he instantly teleported right next to Flying Flame. Yes, instantly. He did it even when there was a distance of about a thousand meters from him and Flying Flame. The sheer amount of power of the Will needed was simply incredible.

As for Abel, while there was no more energy inside of the world stone fragment, there was still quite some calculating ability left for him to think about his next moves. An “instantaneous movement” spell rune appeared in his hand, and he got Flying Flame away from Wizard Malon just in time. Wizard Malon didn’t get him quite so early this time, but those eyes were the same as when a cat was about to catch a mouse. Wizard Malon was not going to stop, not when there were so many rewarding things that he discovered today.

Wizard Malon laughed out loudly, “Your secrets will be mine, Wizard Abel! If you surrender yourself to me and become my slaves, I’ll consider letting you live! Actually, I will let you live, but if you don’t beg for your life now, I’ll make sure that you wish that you are dead right here!”

Wizard Malon was floating in midair as he was saying this. While he was making a fall, he just teleported himself right there, but he just fell as he didn’t have the ability to fly. Meanwhile, Abel brought Flying Flame to fly higher by ascending another 500 meters with the “instantaneous movement’ ability. That’s about far more than what most advanced wizards can reach, but without much struggle at all, he found himself accompanying Wizard Malon once more.

It didn’t feel like Wizard Malon was going to play anymore this time. The altitude was getting a bit too high, even for him. He had to use his law-defying wizard’s suppressive, and so he did. Abel could feel an overwhelming power coming over him like a mountain, which stopped him again from using his wizard crystal body. He could not resist it with all the calculating powers he could muster because this happened as there was an absolute difference in power between them.

With no other options to spare, Abel opened the divinity power of his world stone fragment once more. He didn’t know if there was enough energy for him to use even the most cost-efficient spell, but he decided to have a go at it. He knew it was going to cost him, of course. There was a price to pay for using the powers of the divinities, just like when he was trying to keep Wizard Malon trapped by wasting a whole heap of energy from his world stone fragment. Because of it, he became very cautious about using any of the remaining energy, not like it was going to last for very long at all.

In the following short period of time, he waited for the energy of his world stone fragment to charge. It’s not like he knew what spells he could cast, so he decided to check by inspecting inside with his power of the Will. He was very astonished at what he was looking at. The “crystal angel crystal statue” filled with golden energy was plugged right into the world stone fragment. The rate at which it supplied the energy was much more than what nature could do to help him recover. As it turned out, the statue itself was like a diving being that could absorb powers of prayer from its surrounding. This energy could only be released once it was fully charged, though, so really, it wasn’t all that strange that he was seeing this for the first time.

Abel and Flying Flame were still very much under the influence of Wizard Malon’s suppressive power at this moment. It’s making it hard for Flying Flame to continue flying. To be frank, if Wizard Malon weren’t trying to hold himself back, Flying Flame would’ve dropped hard on the ground this very moment.

Wizard Malon had a greedy smile on his face, “You can’t run now, Wizard Abel!”

The response Abel gave was quite confusing, however. There was no fear on his face. Rather, it was almost like Abel found a new way to play with his pursuer.

“The person in front of me is chained by heaven and earth, I say!” Abel suddenly said out loudly. With that, a look of fear suddenly appeared on Wizard Malon’s face. He was just about to increase his suppressive force over Abel, but he suddenly realized that he couldn’t move.

Not that it was much better for Abel. That spell just cost him half of the golden energy inside the crystal angel statue. The effect was clear, though. With this much energy used at once, it should be enough to keep WIzard Malon trapped for about an entire day. As for Wizard Malon, he just didn’t think that this would ever happen to him. It just didn’t make sense that a law-defying wizard would be trapped by a rank sixteen wizard who was also, somehow, somewhat classified to be a ruler of his own world.

The restraint on Wizard Malon was thorough. It was his power of the Will, his mana, his power of the Rule, and all the physical strength he could muster to move. He couldn’t move now at all, and the only thing he could really do now was to look at Abel and think about how to get out of this situation.

With nothing to fear, Abel walked forward and stripped away the mask on Wizard Malon’s face. Just as he thought, it was nothing more than a mask. The real face was a metallic one that belonged to a metallic puppet. To see what state Wizard Malon was in, he knocked on his body with his hand. He needed to make sure that he knew Wizard Malon’s weaknesses before he could find a surefire way to end all right here.

To start, he took out a “steel” rune-long sword from the Valaya ring inside his Horadric Cube. He then slashed Wizard Malon. If Wizard Malon was just like any other creatures or even hell creatures, the ability to tear up wounds at a 50% chance should just end this old man right here. He went for the first strike, which didn’t leave any sort of injury on Wizard Malon. He tried a few more after thinking that the first one didn’t trigger the tearing effect, but it was all the same. The “steel” sword wasn’t triggered at all. WIzard Malon was, in a very literal sense, more of a puppet than an actual living creature.

Abel tried again by doing another scan on Wizard Malon. He decided to change his target this time. There were other places that Wizard Malon could protect himself, but the eyes should be vulnerable at all times. However, when he stabbed Wizard Malon’s eyes, he didn’t see any sort of fear on Wizard Malon’s face. It all made sense when the hit landed. When the blade went towards his eyes, the blade was blocked by a crystal object. It didn’t matter how much force he used because it wouldn’t be enough to break through this crystal object.

“Burn with fire, Flying Flame!” Abel turned around and told Flying Flame. At the same time, he backed away since he couldn’t handle Flying Flame’s white flame.

Flying Flame followed the order by spitting a mouthful of white flame. However, all the response Wizard Malon showed this time was nothing more than a cold, teasing smile. White Flame started scorching all over his metallic body, but not even a glow could be seen. The strange runes drawn all over his body were starting to flash out, instead.

Abel tried something different, “Slam, Johnson! Slam with all you’ve got!”

The lightning spear in Johnson’s hands generated a spark of green, followed by the loud bang, got Wizard Malon’s body right into the earth. This time, Abel could tell very clearly that no damage whatsoever was dealt. All the lightning arc did was shake his body for just a bit, but that didn’t hurt him at all by much.

This was when Abel remembered something Wizard Malon said. Only law-defying wizards could hurt him. Wizard Malon was very proud to have said it. Perhaps it had to do with how he went through all sorts of troubles to get his body to that state that he was in now.

Wizard Malon did mention that he got his body from a puppet he found from the Ancient Ruins. What he didn’t tell Abel was actually a very gruesome story. He almost died trying to get this body because to get it. He had to first kill many of his companions so he could get it all to himself. That wasn’t it. When he got out of the Ancient Ruins, he very quickly found that he couldn’t move this puppet at all, so he spent another several centuries merging himself with it. While he almost died from that, he managed to inherit this puppet’s functions by becoming one with it. There were flaws that came with it, of course. The fact that his puppet and body merged meant that his body would have to be frozen most of the time. He could only spend most of his time on meditation. It was the reason that he didn’t go over to Frost City even when Abel did so much damage to it.

So why would he face Abel here? The only reasons were the stone giants, really. He needed a lot of resources to maintain his body, so every time he moved, it’s so that he could move more. The stone giants had many magic gemstones, and he figured that he could buy a whole bunch of life elixir from the elves for it. That’s going to get him to be able to move for a lot more time.

Wizard Malon sneered as he watched the amount of damage Abel was dealing. He didn’t think that Abel would do anything about his defense, even if he was not moving at all. His body was a treasure that was owned by an ancient divine being. Abel was an advanced wizard, and it was not like he had any special summon creatures with him.

As for Abel, he was busy thinking of other ways of hurting Wizard Malon as he was trapped. To see if the inferno flame worked, he brought Wizard Malon over to the blacksmith workshop to see if he could do any damage to it. He thought that it’d be good enough as long as he could get the metal to glow in red. He threw Wizard Malon’s body over onto the inferno flame, and the rune on its body started to glow once more. It’s not like the flame could really hurt him, though. Abel had to first exhaust all the energy that was within its body. That’s going to take a lot of time, and he felt quite upset because of it. Wizard Malon was literally not doing anything, but at the same time, nothing could be done to him.

It wasn’t like Abel could loot the things that Wizard Malon had on him, either. Wizard Malon had his portal items inside his body, so unless Abel broke the defense, nothing could be taken from him.

After staying for half an hour on the inferno flame, Abel brought Wizard Malon out to see if there was any change at all. Realizing that there wasn’t, he decided to go with his last resort, the Horadric Malus. The Horadric Malus was a blacksmith divine item, and if even this didn’t work, he’s going to have to spend another day on how to deal with Wizard Malon.

Anyways, he adjusted the weight of the Horadric Malus to 5000 tons, a mass that most people would be buried under.

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