A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

Chapter 848 - I Am the One Who Will Live with You for the Rest of Your Life
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Chapter 848 I Am the One Who Will Live with You for the Rest of Your Life

Su Jian’an ate the last shrimp dumpling and then dragged Lu Boyan away.

Mu Sijue and Xu Youning were left alone in the restaurant.

The atmosphere suddenly became somewhat weird.

Xu Youning thought about it and took a sip of porridge. It was definitely not wrong to eat under such a circumstance.

Mu Sijue saw Xu Youning try to bury her head in the bowl and said, “If it’s a girl, even if she can’t find the person she loves in the future, I can support her all her life.”

Even though he didn’t have enough time, it didn’t matter. He had enough money.

Xu Youning was stunned, and she didn’t know what was wrong. She suddenly asked, “What if it’s a boy?”

Mu Sijue smiled happily and said, “If it’s a boy, what matters is him liking that person.”

By implication, his son-in-law had to be carefully selected. At the very least, he must be satisfied with that man.

But as for his daughter-in-law, he didn’t mind. His son’s love was the only threshold.

Xu Youning deliberately created obstructions for Mu Sijue. “What if your son is picky and can’t find anyone he loves? Will you support him all his life?”

Mu Sijue glanced at Xu Youning and asked, “Is the taste heritable?”

Xu Youning answered without hesitation, “Yeah!”

Mu Sijue said meaningfully, “Well, then you can rest assured.”

Only then did Xu Youning realize that Mu Sijue was implying that he had bad taste, so he loved her.

If his son inherited his taste, he would not be picky.

“F*ck, he can’t be comforting me!”

“He is obviously mocking me!”

Xu Youning pounded on the table and said, “Mu Sijue, don’t be narcissistic. I just meant that my son would inherit my taste!”

Mu Sijue said calmly and indifferently, “Well, then he should be able to inherit your luck.”


For a moment, Xu Youning couldn’t react.

It sounded like Mu Sijue was complimenting her.

But in fact, Mu Sijue was complimenting himself! He meant that she was lucky enough to meet him!

Damn, she’d never seen anyone so narcissistic!

Xu Youning put down the tableware. “I’m leaving!”

She couldn’t afford to offend Mu Sijue, but she could hide from him. She would leave, okay?

Mu Sijue glanced at Xu Youning and ordered, “Sit down!”

“...” Xu Youning’s rebellious spirit woke up. She pretended that she didn’t hear Mu Sijue’s words and was about to leave.

“Xu Youning.” Mu Sijue threatened in a calm tone, “I’ll break your legs if you dare to walk out of here without my permission.”

“I’m full. Why can’t I leave?” Xu Youning asked unwillingly.

“I have something to tell you.” Mu Sijue seemed to take it for granted that Xu Youning should follow his order.

“Oh.” Xu Youning sat down and said provokingly, “Shoot!”

Mu Sijue gazed at Xu Youning with his sharp eyes and sneered. “Don’t think you can irritate me in this way. For men, such a vulgar word is just like a primary school student’s tough words.”


Xu Youning was really speechless right now.

How could she forget that this man was Mu Sijue? Even if he was usually well-dressed, he was still the head of the Mu family, as well as Seventh Brother, who was domineering in the gray zone of that city!

She actually wanted to irritate him with the word “shoot”...

She was... more naive than a primary school student.

Xu Youning looked at Mu Sijue with regret. “What do you want to tell me? Let’s get done with it.”

Mu Sijue put down his chopsticks and stared at Xu Youning. “Jian’an told me that you were worried about that little guy. What are you worried about?”

“I’m not worried that you will hurt him.” Xu Youning said, “I’m just worried that Kang Ruicheng will use him after he goes back.”

Mu Sijue raised the corner of his mouth sarcastically. “Is Kang Ruicheng so crazy?”

“You don’t know Kang Ruicheng.” After a pause, Xu Youning continued, “Kang Ruicheng will do anything beneficial to him.”

For example, he had sent her to work undercover beside Mu Sijue.

Because she was from City G, and also because her parents had been killed when she was a child. Such a woman as her had a plausible reason to approach Mu Sijue.

Additionally, she was a woman, and she looked good.

Kang Ruicheng took advantage of her situation and conditions as much as he could and sent her to Mu Sijue for stealing what he wanted.

If Mumu was useful, he probably would not hesitate to take advantage of him.

“I’m not interested in whether Kang Ruicheng will take advantage of his son.” Mu Sijue said, “I can only promise you that I won’t take advantage of that little guy in the future, let alone hurt him.”

“Can you...” Xu Youning said to Mu Sijue eagerly as if she had seen a glimmer of hope.

Mu Sijue had already guessed her request. Without waiting for her to finish, he interrupted directly, “No, I’ll send him back in a few days.”

Xu Youning thought about it and felt that she should not be disappointed.

No matter how much she liked Mumu, he was Kang Ruicheng’s son after all, and Kang Ruicheng was at daggers drawn with everyone here. How could Mu Sijue keep Mumu here?

Then what would happen to Mumu in the future?

Would the grievances of this generation continue if Lu Boyan and Mu Sijue killed Kang Ruicheng? Would Mumu see Lu Boyan in the way Lu Boyan saw Kang Ruicheng now when he grew up?

Mu Sijue noticed worry in Xu Youning’s eyes and said suddenly, “I’ll handle everything. You don’t have to worry.”


She nodded.

Now, she had no other choice but to believe in Mu Sijue.

“Also, let me know about your matters later,” Mu Sijue added.

For a moment, Xu Youning didn’t react. She looked confused and asked, “What matters?”

Mu Sijue emphasized word by word, “Every matter.”

Xu Youning was speechless.

Seeing that Xu Youning didn’t speak, Mu Sijue continued, “It’s not Jian’an but me who will live with you for the rest of your life. Who will you tell other than me?”

Xu Youning finally understood and asked with a meaningful smile, “Mu Sijue, are you going to spend the rest of your life with me?”

“Are you unwilling?” Mu Sijue’s tone was sharp and dangerous.

“Well, no.” Xu Youning said, “I thought you would say that you’ll be with me for several lifetimes.”

Mu Sijue smiled and said, “Since you want to be with me for several lifetimes, no problem. I will fulfill your wish.”

“...” Xu Youning finally knew what bring trouble to oneself meant.

After breakfast, Lu Boyan and Mu Sijue were ready to go down the mountain. When they passed by Shen Yuechuan’s villa, they happened to see Shen Yuechuan walk out while stretching himself. He felt refreshed and greeted them. “Are you going out so early?”

Lu Boyan looked at the time and reminded Shen Yuechuan, “It’s not early.”

Without caring whether it was early, Shen Yuechuan asked, “Where are you going? I’ll go with you.”

Mu Sijue calmly glanced at Shen Yuechuan. “Are you sure you can make it?”

Shen Yuechuan adjusted his coat in a cool way. “I’m a patient, but...”

Before Shen Yuechuan finished his words, Mu Sijue had interrupted him and said, “I mean, you should have used up a lot of energy last night.”

“How do you...” Shen Yuechuan almost got agitated. He raised his eyebrows and looked at Mu Sijue. “Mu Qi, are you jealous?”

“Why am I jealous?” Mu Sijue did not answer but said, “You just left the hospital for fun once in the past half a month.”

“I heard that Xu Youning is pregnant.” Shen Yuechuan smiled meaningfully. “It seems that you’re having a harder time than me.”

Mu Sijue didn’t speak and left with Lu Boyan.

Shen Yuechuan looked at Mu Sijue’s back and wondered why Mu Qi’s expression didn’t change at all!

Didn’t he step on Mu Sijue’s weak point?

At this time, Xiao Yunyun ran out of the house and grabbed Shen Yuechuan’s hand. “Let’s go to have breakfast.”

As soon as they walked out of the villa, Xiao Yunyun saw Lu Boyan and Mu Sijue with her sharp eyes. She was about to call them when she saw them heading in the direction of the heliport. She couldn’t help asking, “Where are they going?”

Shen Yuechuan simply replied, “To deal with things.”

Xiao Yunyun stood still with Shen Yuechuan and watched Lu Boyan and Mu Sijue get on a helicopter from a distance.

She widened her eyes. “Are they leaving by helicopter?”

Shen Yuechuan was already used to it. “The helicopter is faster than cars.”

Xiao Yunyun nodded and finally understood that for some people, time was the most valuable thing.

She didn’t bother to think further and took Shen Yuechuan to the club’s restaurant.

It was the dining rush hour, so there were many customers in the restaurant, all of whom were celebrities.

As soon as Shen Yuechuan entered the door, someone immediately stood up and greeted him. “Special Assistant Shen, what a coincidence!”

“Good morning, Mr. Cao.” Shen Yuechuan took Xiao Yunyun over and introduced her to the man. “This is my fiancée, Yunyun.”

Xiao Yunyun greeted Mr. Cao out of courtesy. Mr. Cao paid her a great compliment, while she smiled and complimented Mr. Cao’s female companion with a different expression.

It was a hard skill to make this kind of polite remark! Although she rarely said these words, Su Yunjin and Xiao Guoshan had specially trained her, so she could give compliments with ease.

After greeting several people in succession, Shen Yuechuan and Xiao Yunyun could finally sit down.

Xiao Yunyun took out her mobile phone and said, “I’ll call my cousin!”

The deputy manager coughed and reminded her, “Miss Xiao, Mrs. Lu and Miss Xu have already eaten breakfast.”

“Huh?” Xiao Yunyun blinked. “Are you referring to yesterday?”

The deputy manager was amused by Xiao Yunyun and denied, “No, I’m referring to today.”

Thus, Xiao Yunyun was really down. “Why didn’t they call me for breakfast?”

The deputy manager tried to explain for Su Jian’an, “Mrs. Lu came here very early. Maybe... they were afraid of disturbing you and Special Assistant Shen.”

Xiao Yunyun was simple enough to completely believe the manager’s words and nodded. “Okay.” After that, she opened the menu and ordered her favorite soup dumplings.

Thinking of what Mu Sijue had just said and noticed the manager’s eyes and tone, Shen Yuechuan had already understood something. He made an eye gesture to the manager and said, “Go ahead with your work. I’ll give the order to the waiter directly.”


The deputy manager nodded and went away like a gust of wind.

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