A Vampire's Contract Wife

A Vampire's Contract Wife

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    “My fiance has a change of heart. Your fiance isn’t in love with you. Why don’t we get together and get married instead?” Natalia spoke without a hint of irony to the mysterious man—the embodiment of elegance as the man stood at the entrance to the cathedral under an umbrella on a rainless, cloudy day.

    After defying her family’s wishes to marry Vasili and agreeing to retreat from her budding modeling career, Natalia’s life turned upside down when her fiance abandoned her for another rising model from the same company on their wedding day. Amidst Natalia’s contempt, Alex Bruch came into the picture. Natalia thought her marriage with Alex, the man with blood-red lips and violet eyes, would be as mundane as asking each other what to have for breakfast...

    Above all else, she would have her revenge.