A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return

Chapter 27 - Xia Yus Debut Song
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Chapter 27: Xia Yu’s Debut Song

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Xia Ling had attended many music ceremonies before and was well aware of the distribution of the makeup artists. The number of people surrounding Xia Yu was clearly way over the quota for each person. Yet, Xia Yu was not entirely to blame for this situation. Every year, many makeup artists would volunteer to assist in the makeup of the top artistes, hoping to leech off their popularity. Even if it was just helping to do something small, they could still say that they had “done the makeup for so and so”, easily duping those that did not know how things worked in the industry.

What was unexpected was that there would be so much commotion around Xia Yu, who was a new singer in the industry.

Hua Xue begged. “But Ken was the makeup artist assigned to me. The other makeup artists have their own artistes that they are responsible for. Even if I wanted to find someone else now, I wouldn’t be able to.”

On seeing the entire group still blocking the corridor, Wei Shaoyin’s impatience clearly showed on his face. He told Xia Ling, “Xiao Ling, bring her to my makeup artist and get her makeup done.”

During the days leading up to the ceremony, Wei Shaoyin and Xia Ling had been spending a lot of time together. As such, he no longer called her Ye Xingling but instead called her conveniently by her nickname, Xiao Ling. This nickname made her recall the unhappy memories of the past. She had tried raising her objection to the nickname. Luo Luo and everyone else called her Xingling, why did he insist on calling her Xiao Ling?

Wei Shaoyin had said that for some reason he felt Xiao Ling suited her better than Xingling.

Xia Ling had been speechless. She thought to herself that this man had the instincts of a wild animal and was a... hmmm, music producer that could touch souls.

Now, this music producer that could touch souls had just thrown her another problem. On hearing Wei Shaoyin’s voice, Chu Chen suddenly turned to look at them, his gaze only stopping to look at Wei Shaoyin for a split second before turning to look at her.

Xia Ling knew that this was because he had heard the name “Xiao Ling”. In her past life, everyone that she was close to would call her the same.

She sighed in her heart but looked calmly straight at Chu Chen outwardly. Even if her acting was not on the same level as an award-winning top actress, it was still sufficient to deal with this situation. Their gaze met in the air for a moment, and then Chu Chen first frowned before the expression on his face was replaced with disgust and disdain.

She had spent a lot of time with Chu Chen over the years and could now guess what was running through his mind. He probably felt that she was too lowly to share the same name as the former money-spinner of Imperial Entertainment. Xia Ling might have passed away, but her identity and status were still intact. Lowering Xia Ling’s class would similarly lower the class of Chu Chen, who was her manager — Hmph, she had never tried to second guess a person from such a perspective before. After dying once, she was able to read more into things and became more realistic.

She turned her gaze away from Chu Chen, bent over and stretched her hand to Hua Xue, “Hua Jie, let me help you up. I’ll bring you to get your makeup done.”

Although it was the first time Wei Shaoyin was attending the ceremony, with his reputation as a gold-class top producer, no broadcast station would dare treat him shabbily. As a result, the makeup artist assigned to him was also considered one of the best in the industry and did not care to suck up to any of the popular artistes. At this moment, he was taking a rest, and after hearing Xia Ling explain Hua Xue’s predicament, he immediately started to do her makeup.

Hua Xue was extremely grateful to Xia Ling.

Xia Ling felt a sense of pity for Hua Xue. When she had first debuted, Hua Xue had been the most popular singer of that time. Who would think that she would be in today’s predicament?

However, if it were the Xia Ling of before, she would not have been so empathetic — her road to stardom then had been too smooth. When she heard of the news of Hua Xue’s husband losing all his money from gambling, she had sneered at Hua Xue in her heart, thinking that she was undiscerning and had willingly married a useless man. She only had herself to blame and was not worthy of pity.

Who would have thought that Xia Ling was even more undiscerning than Hua Xue?

She draped a tasselled scarf over Hua Xue’s shoulders to cover the bruise that was starting to form from her being pushed out of the makeup room earlier. When Chu Chen was her manager, he had done things in the same ostentatious manner, but she never felt that he was being too cruel or too much. Now, she understood clearly why so many in the industry had hated her then.

Hua Xue thanked her as she left with her makeup complete.

Xia Ling and the makeup artist adjourned to Wei Shaoyin’s private makeup room and started to assist him with his makeup.

Wei Shaoyin had already changed into a black, snakeskin shirt with unobvious prints, with pants of the same color scheme. He was tall and lanky, with well-built proportions, able to pull off any outfit with ease.

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Xia Ling commented. “Wasn’t it just a little bit of skin-colored foundation at the base of your pants? I don’t think it was noticeable even if you had put a magnifying glass to it. Did you really need to go back to the car to get a new change of clothes?”

He would usually bring several sets of clothes with him and change whenever he felt mildly unhappy with one.

At this moment, he was fighting with the buttons on his cuffs, his face with a cold expression. After buttoning with difficulty, he looked at her and replied seething with hatred. “Imperial Entertainment is full of horrible people.”

Xia Ling did not know how to respond.

Clearly, he blamed Imperial Entertainment for both the fans chants of “Get together with Feng Kun” and the commotion outside Xia Yu’s makeup room that caused him to get foundation on his suit.

Wei Shaoyin got up and headed to the recording studio after his makeup was done.

Xia Ling remained in the makeup room curled up on the little sofa in the room, bored. She watched the live broadcast cupping a glass of lemon water in her hands.

The TV screen showed what was happening in the recording studio. Artistes of differing styles would go on stage one after another, using all kinds of techniques and methods, like peacocks with their tail feathers in full display. She understood their mentality. Those that were still struggling to become known would be giving their all to gain recognition, whereas those who were famous were afraid of being overshadowed by somebody else.

The competition was rife and bustling.

Wei Shaoyin sat elegantly on the VIP panel with two other big names in the industry, giving comments on the performances. He was in a bad mood today and was not saying much, just sitting there with a cold expression that nobody could read. Yet, he was winning fans over. In the small screen at the bottom of the TV screen which showed text messages from the audience outside the studio, his name was being mentioned with increasing frequency.

She squinted at the message for a moment but soon felt bored.

Every year the music shows would have the same few segments. Live performances, live interviews, a broad overview of key happenings of the year, some small games... She had been a participant for many years and knew it all. She was impressed with her own patience at being able to still sit and watch the show for so long.

Getting up, she poured herself another cup of lemon water.

Suddenly, she heard a familiar tune ring out from the screen.

Her hand that was reaching for the glass stopped midway. She turned to look at the screen. This was...

Xia Yu’s debut single and MV. Tonight was the first release.

The Xia Yu in the screen was exquisite and beautiful, dressed in a gold and silver feather coat, singing an enchanting melody in the flurry of stage lights. Her voice followed the twists and turns of the song, grand and complicated, riveting but highly challenging. It was unclear how much effort Xia Yu had put in to be able to sing this song well.

Xia Ling frowned, looking to the bottom left corner of the screen.

Under the eye-catching song title and singer name was the names of the songwriter, lyricist, and producer. As expected, Xia Yu’s debut song was produced by Feng Kun as the rumors outside suggested.

It was a classic Feng Kun style. He only sought for extremity, not bothering about how difficult the song would be to sing. There was an air of arrogance and lack of care for others.

In the past, Xia Ling did not find singing Feng Kun’s songs difficult. Now that Xia Yu was singing the songs, she could not help but worry. This child did not have the same foundation that she had from going through countless classes. She was a sudden entrant to the industry and had a weak disposition, lacking in both skill and stamina. How would she be able to handle Feng Kun’s songs?

She laughed at herself bitterly as she recalled all that happened. Why should she be worried? In her past life, she had taken care of Xia Yu for half her life, only to be repaid with betrayal and conspiracy. Being reborn in the body of another, they were no longer sisters. They were but strangers in this life.

Gripping tightly to the cup of warm lemon water in her hands, Xia Ling curled herself back into the little sofa.

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