A Slight Smile is Very Charming

Wei Wei and Shan Shan Side Story 5
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Wei Wei and Shan Shan Side Story 5

Cong Cong has been banned from internet.

Shan Shan feels rather lonely for not being able to see Cong Cong’s cute character——now there’s no one pulling her up from the ground whenever she dies; Wei Wei is a fighter, so she has no ability to pull someone up; Xiao Nai doesn’t want to bother reviving a pig-headed member on the team; and as for Feng Teng……Oh, he’s the kind that will smile after she dies, and while he’s at it, he’ll also add——”You died again? Why don’t you go warm up the bed for us then?” He’s that kind of a shameless person……

Anyhow! Without Cong Cong, what’s the point of playing the game?!

Even though she can’t see him online, she can still see him in person! Therefore, Shan Shan sends her enthusiastic invitation to Cong Cong and his family.

Xiao Nai’s company is just in the middle of developing a new collaboration project with Feng Teng Technology, so the bosses of both sides also want to pay a visit to each other. Therefore, Xiao Nai accepts the invitation and brings his wife and kids along to City S.

Shan Shan prepares excitedly to welcome Wei Wei and family.

First off, what should they eat?

“Sichuanese,” Feng Teng decides without raising his head while sitting on the sofa reading a financial magazine.

Shan Shan stops her circling around in the room, “They like to eat spicy?”

“Mm,” Feng Teng assures her, “From my understanding of my collaborating partner, CEO Xiao especially likes spicy.”

“Oh oh oh, that’s great! Let’s go for Sichuan cuisine for the first three days with extra spicy added!” Shan Shan approves the plan boldly.

And then it’s arranging for things to do.

“I’ll take care of that,” Feng Teng squints his eyes and secretly plans for the sports that he is good at: swimming, tennis, billiards……

Although he can’t win him in online gaming, would he still lose to him in real life PK?

CEO Feng snickers and begins to sharpen his knife (idiom for preparing to fight).

Last but not least, which is also the most important of all; Shan Shan stares worriedly at the two babies who are crawling by Feng Teng’s legs. She picks up the one with a bow.

“What should our Cong Xing wear when meeting Cong Cong?”

The Feng family has boy-girl twins, and their names are Feng Cong Lue and Feng Cong Xing. They are currently still only up to the stage of crawling.

Shan Shan hasn’t given up on Cong Cong yet. Their first blind date……oh, she means, first meeting, it’s too important, okay? Although her daughter hasn’t learned how to walk yet……it’s not important…..

Even though she is still crawling, she must leave a deep impression for Cong Cong to remember her for at least ten years!

Therefore, on the day of the arrival, Shan Shan gets out of bed early to dress up her daughter.

A bunny suit? Would it be too obvious in trying to be cute?

A tiger suit? No. It’ll make it seem like she’ll become a tigress after growing up.

How about a turtle suit?

It seems a little out of this world……

Feng Teng can’t stand watching anymore, so he takes his pitiful and precious daughter away, casually puts a little dress on her, and carries her out the door.

In order to express the importance of their partnership, Feng Teng is personally driving his car to the airport to pick them up. But the airplane doesn’t give him any respect and is delayed for a bit. Feng Teng has no choice but to take his wife and kids to the coffee shop and wait.

Shan Shan looks around the coffee shop reminiscing with a cup of milk tea in her hands.

“I remember one time, I was waiting for you here, and I ended up falling asleep. When I woke up, you were drinking coffee across from me.”

Feng Teng is drinking coffee across from her right now; still as handsome and elegant as always. Compared to a few years ago, he looks even more imposing than before when he doesn’t talk……that is if he didn’t have a chubby baby sucking on its finger sitting on his lap right now……

“Mm,” Feng Teng puts the coffee cup down and lifts his arm up a little bit, revealing the black onyx cufflink. “These are your cufflinks. I just happened to be using them today.”

Shan Shan sticks her tongue out to make a face at him.

Feng Teng glances at his watch. Just when he is about to say something, his expression suddenly changes; he stares at his precious son who is looking at him innocently while biting on his finger.

Xiao Nai and family finally arrive two hours later.

“CEO Feng,” Xiao Nai greets in his usual refined manner while holding out one hand and carrying a baby with the other.

“CEO Xiao,” Feng Teng shakes his hand with a stiff face while holding a baby with one arm. On the other side, Shan Shan has already dashed over to Cong Cong, “Cong Cong.”

“Auntie Shan Shan,” Cong Cong calls her politely.

“Cong Cong still remembers Auntie?” Although they always play together online, they haven’t seen each other face to face for a long time.

“Yes, I remember,” he nods his little head firmly.

Shan Shan’s heart is melted by his cuteness, “Come, come, come. Come home with Auntie.”

Shan Shan shoves her daughter to Wei Wei without hesitation and holds Cong Cong’s hand.

CEO Feng is the one driving, Xiao Nai is sitting in the passenger seat, and Wei Wei and Shan Shan are sitting in the backseat.

Wei Wei asks Shan Shan quietly, “What’s wrong with your boss? He doesn’t look too happy.”

Shan Shan chuckles, “Lue Lue’s diapers weren’t put on properly, so he went to the washroom to change them, but Lue Lue peed right on him……”

“Pfft,” Wei Wei lets out a laugh.

Driver Feng in the front immediately coughs.

Shan Shan quickly hides her smile and helps her husband to redeem his dignity. She pretends to scorn at Wei Wei, “What’s funny about that? Has your Great Master never been peed on by a baby?”

Wei Wei says regretfully, “No.”

Shan Shan is shocked, “Ah! How is he able to avoid that?!”

What’s with this worshipping tone of voice? If he weren’t the one driving, Feng Teng would have grabbed his wife and given her a good lecture. Xiao Nai, who’s sitting beside him, glances at him and then says with a smile to the backseat, “Wei Wei, know when it’s enough.”

“Okay!” Wei Wei replies obediently.

After a moment of silence, Feng Teng says casually, “CEO Xiao, you sure are in the technology business. You’re even good at changing diapers.”

“You’re too kind,” Xiao Nai says dismissively, “Although I’m younger than you, CEO Feng, I’ve already been a dad for a few years, so of course I have a bit more experience.”

Feng Teng, “……”

Wei Wei thinks in her head: didn’t you say to know when it’s enough……

Why does Wei Wei’s Great Master always makes others speechless?…..

Shan Shan sympathizes and changes the topic. She discusses happily on their upcoming plans with Wei Wei, “Feng Teng said you guys like spicy food, so I especially invited a chef who specializes in Sichuanese cuisine. We can eat Sichuanese dishes for the first few days. I guarantee that it’ll be super spicy!”

Wei Wei, “……Ah?”

……But the Great Master cannot eat spicy.

Xiao Nai lets out a cough, “CEO Feng?”

CEO Feng answers calmly, “CEO Xiao, you don’t need to be so polite. We must do our part as hosts. You two may take a rest after the meal, and then perhaps we can enjoy a game of chess? If we have time, we can also go play tennis, or the pool at my place is not bad either.”

Xiao Nai immediately understands and smiles, “If CEO Feng is in the mood for them, I’ll definitely come along.”

Understanding the meaning behind their eloquent speech, Wei Wei doesn’t know what to say. On the other hand, Shan Shan feels a bit upset for not understanding them, “If you two are going to play tennis in the afternoon, we’ll have to go to the courts. What about the kids then? We’ll have to ask someone to help us take care of them.”

“That’s true,” Wei Wei adds, “Our boys can already take care of themselves now, but these two of yours……”

“There’s no need to go through so much trouble.” Xiao Nai declares, “Cong Cong.”

Cong Cong, who is holding his little brother’s bottle and sitting right in the middle between Mommy and Auntie Shan Shan, looks up at his daddy.

His daddy tells him nonchalantly, “Take care of the little brother and little sister of your Uncle’s family.”

Xue Shan Shan feels as if her life principles have just shattered.

“Is this really okay?”

At the courts, Shan Shan is holding her tennis racket while looking at where the beautiful picnic blanket is lying on the grass; her two babies have been properly placed on top of it, and a bunch of baby products are on the side: their bottles, milk powder, diapers, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera……

“Are we really going to play by ourselves and leaving all of this to Cong Cong?”

“He’s six already,” says the Great Master as a matter of fact. He then leaves with his racket.

Wei Wei caresses Cong Cong’s head, “Mommy will come back in a bit.”

Cong Cong nods his head.

Feng Teng takes a look at Cong Cong. He suddenly feels assured and heads towards the court, “Shan Shan, let’s go.”

What? They’re really doing this?!

Shan Shan watches the three of them walk away without turning their heads. Wei Wei, is it really good for you to follow your Great Master and leave just like this?

“Cong Cong, are you really going to be fine here?”

Cong Cong looks at the three babies on the picnic blanket; the two chubby identical twin babies are also staring back at him with their sparkling round eyes; his little brother seems to be unhappy about holding his own bottle. Cong Cong suddenly feels troubled——he has to look after three of them?…..

He waves his little hand at Shan Shan miserably, “Goodbye, Auntie.”


Shan Shan leaves dragging her racket with her with much difficulty.

Five days later and after many rounds of PK, Feng Teng and Xiao Nai’s battle results are as follows.

Tennis singles match: Boss wins; doubles match with their wives: Boss defeated.

Swimming……their last words before the race:

Xiao Nai, “CEO Feng, if I win this round, maybe we can change to eat a different type of food?”

Feng Teng, “Unfortunately, it will be unlikely for CEO Xiao to be able to.”

A few minutes later, Xiao Nai comes out of the pool and wipes his body dry with a towel. He says impassively, “Cantonese cuisine.”

Basketball: the Great Master wins.

Golf: Boss wins.

Go (game): tie.

Disregarding his lost in the tennis doubles match with his wife, Feng Teng feels his overall performance has been pretty good and feels that he has won more times too. Therefore, on the sixth day, even though they didn’t get a chance to talk about work at all, CEO Feng sends Xiao Nai and family to the airport feeling a bit reluctant yet half satisfied at the same time.

Watching the backs of the family of four enters the checkpoint, Feng Teng suddenly comments, “Your idea is not bad.”

Shan Shan looks at him baffled, “What idea?”

“Letting them marry into the family. I think Xiao Ming Cong would be the one.” Feng Teng decides in content.

Author’s comments: Although Boss wants the Great Master’s Cong Cong to be his son-in-law, the author has already decided. If she is to write a story on the next generation based on 20 years later, it’ll probably be called, “Ming Yue Cong Xing” →_→ (roughly, “the moon and star”)

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