A Romantic Night: Get a CEO Home

Chapter 31 Kims Mom
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Zhou Manzhen saw her walk into Shi Bo Tao's room, and immediately after, there was a burst of sobbing. Zhou Manzhu thought it was strange, so she walked into the room to take a look.

"Did something happen?" Zhou Weiqing pushed open the door and asked in confusion.

He saw a lady in her forties sitting by the sickbed, holding a handkerchief in one hand and crying on his hand. This lady's makeup was very exquisite, her skin was white and elastic, and her figure was also maintained very well without any signs of becoming fat.

"Dr. Zhou, you must be joking. This is my sister, he just flew back from America." Shi Bo Tao consoled Shi Hui Qian while explaining to Zhou Manzhen.

Shi Huixi raised her head to look at Zhou Manzhen and politely said, "Dr. Zhou, hello. I heard that you were the one who performed surgery on my brother. Thank you."

If she didn't guess wrongly, the person in front of her should be Jin Beisan's mother. She looked especially gentle, her ma

er and speech exuding the elegance of a lady, without a single trace of Jin Beisan's perverted appearance. Zhou Manquan thought to himself, Jin Beiseng might have mutated.

"Madam, there's really no need to thank me. Helping the injured is our duty as doctors, it's only natural. Since there's nothing else, I'll be leaving first. I heard the crying and thought something was wrong." Zhou Manzhen said with an elegant smile before leaving the ward.

After work, Zhou went to "Venice Restaurant" obediently, and when she got there, it was exactly five-thirty.

The setting sun was warm, and the golden light shone on the land. Zhou Manzhen stood in front of the restaurant, admiring the beauty of the scenery, but his heart was filled with emotion.

After walking across a spectacular stone bridge, Zhou Manzhu sat on the boat. "Venice Restaurant" was a very high class restaurant. Guests who came here to eat had to board the boat to enter the restaurant.

The sunlight scattered on the surface of the water, emitting countless specks of light, causing one to be enchanted.

"Hello, Miss Zhou. Director Jin is waiting for you inside." As soon as he entered, the waiter said enthusiastically.

Zhou Manzhen was curious, how did the waiter know that she was Zhou Manzhen? She looked around and saw that the large dining room was empty.

"He really is abnormally rich." Zhou Manzhen whispered.

In the center of the dining room, Jin Beiseng was wearing a white shirt, looking like a gentleman. When he saw Zhou Manzhen walking over, he smiled at her.

This was definitely Zhou Manzhen's nightmare. Zhou Manzhen walked over with a headache, confirming in his heart that Jin Beiseng was in charge of the entire scene.

"He's coming." There was a pampering smile on Jin Beishan's handsome face.

Zhou Manzhen calmly sat down opposite of Jin Beisen, put down his bag and silently looked at him.

"What do you want to eat? "Take your order." Jin took the menu and handed it to Zhou.

While flipping through the menu, Zhou Manzhen thought to himself, I have to pick the most expensive one. I have to choose the most expensive one, I don't eat for free anyways, but I definitely can't order alcohol.

"Cough cough, that's all." Zhou Manzhen absent-mindedly drew circles on the menu with a pen. In her heart, she thought, Jin Beiseng, I'll screw you to death, I'm a very good eater!

Jin Beisen called the waiter over, without even looking at what Zhou Manzhen was ordering, he only said to the waiter, "Give me two copies of the exact same."

The corners of Zhou Manzhen's mouth twitched, "You didn't even look at what I ordered and you gave me the exact same set?"

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