A Necromancer Who Just Wants to Plant Trees

Chapter 21: Craftsmen Protection Association
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Chapter 21: Craftsmen Protection Association

He explained.

Seeing that Matthew did not have the intention to argue with him, he heaved a sigh of relief.

"It's still an oak seed, isn't it? That's right, Growth Green Liquid is out of stock. The Druid from before is missing, and I haven't found a new source of stock for it."

Jeff was a traveling merchant.

He wandered between Rolling Stone Town and Guardian Highland, selling the specialties of both places for a living.

The price of his goods was fair, but his hands and feet were not clean. He was caught stealing several times.

The last time he was arrested, he should have been sentenced. It was Matthew who found Blake to help him.

At that time, Jeff was so grateful that he expressed that he would never steal again.

However, Matthew did not trust him. If it were not for the fact that there were very few merchants coming and going to the Guardian Highlands, and the oak seeds he needed were only available to the Druids there, he would not have interceded for him.


As usual, he picked up two small bags of seeds.

Matthew flipped through it and frowned. "The quality of these seeds isn't very good."

"Is that so? No way!" Jeff was a little nervous." I told them that I wanted the best seed. The fat man told me that this was from the Druid Church and that the quality was definitely excellent... Damn it, I knew that humans' words couldn't be trusted!"

Matthew shook his head.

He had already stepped into the oak tree domain, so he could naturally sense it clearly.

These seeds were full of vitality on the surface.

However, its interior seemed to have been violently destroyed by a force.

Less than one-tenth of the seedlings would sprout.

The quality of the seeds was on a completely different level from the ones Jeff had provided previously!

"You bought it from a human merchant in the Guardian Highlands?" Matthew pondered.

"Yes, I just told you. The Druid from before is missing. There seems to be some trouble in the forest over there…Matthew, don't tell me you don't want this batch of goods.

" Then I might really have to go back to my old job!" Jeff said with a long face.

Matthew glanced at him rudely.

"Suit yourself, but no one will care about you if you get caught next time."

Even so, Matthew still accepted the goods at a price 20% lower than the market price.

After all, no one in Rolling Stone Town would buy oak seeds except him.

This was the first time that Jeff had made a mistake.

"The next time you go to buy seeds, you must find the local Druids. The humans there are no different from us. It's too common to pass off inferior ones as good ones."

Matthew warned after the deal was over.

"I understand. Unfortunately, I can't tell the quality of the seeds. But there's news about the book called Germination," Jeff said regretfully." If you need it, I'll buy that spellbook directly next time." π™›π™§π’†π’†π’˜π’†π“«π™£π™€π™«π’†π“΅.π™˜π™€π“Ά

Matthew nodded.

The Druid's Germination Spell could speed up the sprouting of seeds.

Mastering this spell would greatly increase the efficiency of planting trees.

After all, the steps of planting trees were closely linked.

If one segment were affected, the overall efficiency would drop or drop.

"Oh, right."

Matthew was about to leave, but he suddenly remembered Jeff's dark history, so he asked, "Do you know how to pick locks?"

"Yes…But I haven't done it for a long time." Jeff replied.

"Can you open this lock?"

Matthew handed over the psalm.

Jeff took the spellbook, knocked on the steel lock, listened for a while, and then shook his head. "I'm afraid not. This is a compound lock. I definitely can't open it with my skills.

"But I can find an axe to help you split it."


What a joke!

In that case, the spells recorded in the book would most likely be destroyed.

"No thanks."

Matthew calmly put away the spellbook.

Jeff looked at the silver book reluctantly. "Why don't you try the Craftsmen Protection Association? They also have locksmiths there."

"Craftsmen Protection Association?"

Matthew knew that there was such an existence in Rolling Stone Town, but he was not familiar with it.

His wooden house was built by someone recommended by Blake, so he did not put too much effort into it.

"Yes, an organization led by Mr. Richard. It is said to protect the legitimate rights and interests of craftsmen. Many carpenters, stonemasons, and workshop workers are members of the association.

" Mr. Richard is a real gentleman, isn't he?" Jeff said admiringly. He was one of the few members of the Committee of Five who was willing to do practical things, and the craftsmen loved him.

"The association building is north of the craftsman area. You should know the way, right?"

He thanked Jeff for his suggestion.

Matthew struggled through a pile of tomatoes, spinach, and pig manure.

In the market.

There seemed to be more and more people.


The Craftsmen Protection Association's building was deserted, forming a sharp contrast with the Trade Area.

Matthew followed the receptionist to the locksmith's office on the second floor.

The door was open.

"Dong dong dong!" He knocked on the door and looked inside.

There was only a man in his thirties in the office.

The man was dressed like a gentleman, sitting upright and reading a thick book.

"Mr. Richard?"

Matthew was a little surprised.

"I thought this was where the locksmiths gathered."

Richard put down the book and joked, "So, is it not Mr. Matthew? The man who is only one step away from becoming an outstanding citizen. Please come in.

"You're right. This is indeed the locksmith's room, but they're all at the Trade Area now. It's the Spring Festival, you know."

Matthew nodded slightly.

He was about to leave.

" Do you need someone to unlock something?" Richard suddenly asked.

Matthew nodded.

"Hmm, what kind of lock is it? Household or..."

Richard asked hesitantly.

Matthew simply took out the Defensive Psalm.

" The compound lock of a magic book." Richard's eyes were very vicious." Heh, did you accidentally lose the key?"

Matthew said frankly, "It's not that complicated. It's just that I'm its new owner."

Richard nodded thoughtfully.

Then, he maintained this position for a long time.

Matthew was a little puzzled.

After a long time.

Then, he stammered,

"Uh, bring it over. I'll help you open it."

Matthew handed the book over without hesitation.

Richard had a good reputation in the town, so he wasn't worried that Richard would steal his spellbook.

However, the other party's behavior was indeed a little strange.

'Could it be that he's an amateur in the art of lockpicking, but he's not skilled enough and is afraid that I'll blame him if he breaks it?'

Matthew thought.

Richard's fingertips had just touched the steel lock of the Defensive Psalm.

However, he heard a 'pa' sound.

The lock actually opened automatically!


In the office.

It was quiet.

"What? Your lock was originally unlocked! You sure are careless, Mr. Matthew!"

Richard said with a smile.

Matthew stared at him silently.

Half a minute later.

"Maybe it was just luck? It seems to have opened by itself…"

A trace of regret flashed in Richard's eyes.

Matthew was still organizing his reply when Richard said, "Then, I suppose I'm your lucky charm. How about you treat me to a drink at Green Vine Bar?"

"Alright!" Matthew replied.

Then, he glanced at the system notification.


[Observation: Richard has used Omnipotent Hands to open the Defensive Psalm for you!]


[Remark: Omnipotent Hands, Tier 5 Thief ability. Able to unlock 95% of physical locks and 60% of magic locks below Tier 5.]


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