A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You

Chapter 38
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Chapter 38: Let Her Leave (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

After Ji Yi put her shoes on, she straightened up and said something completely unrelated to what He Jichen said, “I’m terribly sorry for troubling you last night.”

He Jichen furrowed his brows. His voice didn’t carry any emotion, and his voice remained calm as he said, “What’s wrong? You don’t feel like eating congee?”

Aside from the time he said harsh, mocking words to her at the hot spring resort, he either didn’t talk to her at all or he’d say under ten words to her each time, ever since they bumped into each other that first day. To date, this was the first time he spoke calmly with her since they were reunited after four years.

Ji Yi still thought it was odd. She silently glanced at He Jichen for a moment but didn’t reply. Instead, she continued with her own train of thought and said, “I’m much better, so I’ll be leaving now.”

The corners of He Jichen’s lips tightened for a moment. Ji Yi saw a faint hint of annoyance flash across his eyes but when she took a closer look, a sense of calmness had already filled his eyes.

He stood there on the spot with such calm eyes as he stared at her about to leave. He said, “What do you want to eat? I’ll call someone to make it for you.”

From Ji Yi’s memory, He Jichen rarely had this much patience. If this had been in the past, it would’ve been a miracle for him to hold his anger and try to persuade you more than once. Today, he tried to persuade her three times... Ji Yi felt even more suspicious. After a while, she softly replied to He Jichen and said, “Thank you, but that’s okay.”

As Ji Yi’s voice fell, she felt his expression turn cold. The atmosphere in the room became completely tense.

Ji Yi waited for half a minute, but seeing as He Jichen didn’t say anything further, she lifted her legs and prepared to leave.

Just as she was about to take a step, He Jichen spoke again, “Since you don’t have an appetite, then at least take your medicine.”

As He Jichen said this, he walked over to the bedside table.

It would’ve been better if He Jichen hadn’t mentioned the medicine, but Ji Yi thought about the money it must’ve cost for her checkup. Paying for it completely slipped her mind, so she hurriedly said, “Mr. He, I’m sorry. I forgot for a moment there. Could you please let me know how much the medical bill was from last night?”

With his back turned to Ji Yi, He Jichen’s body tensed up for a moment, then he bent over to put the bowl down.

He reached his hand out to pick up the home phone as though he hadn’t heard what Ji Yi said, then he pressed a button.

The call quickly went through. From what Ji Yi could tell, He Jichen called Zhang Sao. “Bring up a cup of water.”

After he hung up, He Jichen grabbed the bag on the bedside table and pulled out a few boxes of medicine. He looked down for a moment, then picked up a pill.

Just then, Zhang Sao coincidentally walked in with some water. He Jichen took the cup and turned around to Ji Yi.

Ji Yi wasn’t stupid. Of course she knew He Jichen wanted her to take the medicine, but she didn’t understand why he was treating her so well?

Last night, he picked her up from the street and took her home. She could justify that by saying he couldn’t refuse to help someone in need, but after she woke up and wanted to leave, shouldn’t he be glad?

Could it be that he’s.. .

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