A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You

Chapter 31
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Chapter 31: Let Her Leave (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Bo He and Tang Huahua, who were loudly chatting away, instantly fell silent.

After a short while, Bo He and Tang Huahua greeted Lin Ya one after the other, “Xiao Ya.”

Lin Ya felt that something was off, so she raised her head and looked straight ahead. Her footsteps stopped in their tracks.

Lin Ya first saw Bo He who was right at the front, then she saw Tang Huahua. Her lips twitched as though she was going to greet them back, but before doing so, she saw Ji Yi behind them. Her face froze, and her eyes turned cold. Then without saying a word, she walked right around Bo He and dragged her suitcase on her way out without looking back.

When Lin Ya brushed past her, Ji Yi caught a glimpse of a bruise on her face.

Ji Yi couldn’t help but turn her head to look at Lin Ya’s face. Even with heavy makeup, Lin Ya’s bruise was still very obvious. Before Ji Yi could get a clear look at the bruise, Lin Ya already sensed her gaze. As though she had an electric shock, she quickly covered her face with her hand, then turned to shoot Ji Yi a fierce look. Her eyes were icy cold as she picked up the pace and quickly disappeared around the corner, going downstairs.


A long time passed since Ji Yi last saw Lin Ya.

If it weren’t for Lin Ya, Ji Yi would never have unexpectedly crossed paths with He Jichen again; He Jichen would never have appeared so often in her world. Now that Lin Ya disappeared from her life, He Jichen would completely disappear from her world as well.

Ji Yi wholeheartedly felt that this was great—she could go back to her uneventful but peaceful life like before.

As the days went by, fall was soon upon them. Just as Ji Yi had almost completely forgotten about He Jichen, she picked up some rumours about him.

It was a Thursday. After she finished dance class, she went back to the dorm room to find that Bo He and Tang Huahua seemed a little different. She furrowed her brows and casually asked, “What’s up?”

Tang Huahua and Bo He didn’t say a word. Without warning, their eyes were drawn towards Lin Ya’s bed.

Ji Yi also turned her head in the same direction and realized that Lin Ya’s bed was empty.

“Not only are the duvets gone but even the things on her table are gone,” said Bo He.

“Her cabinet’s unlocked, and it’s empty inside.” Tang Huahua added, “When Bo He and I got back, the stuff was already gone. She probably doesn’t want to see us, so she secretly came back on her own and moved out while we were in class. Looks like she really doesn’t plan on coming back to live with us.”

“However, Xiaoyang from the next dorm came by and said that she saw Lin Ya in the afternoon with a guy who helped pack her things. After they exchanged a few words, she found out that Lin Ya moved in with her boyfriend.”

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