A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You

Chapter 22
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Chapter 22: Thank You for Your Generosity (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi unscrewed the bottle cap but didn’t take a drink. She turned to look at Lin Ya. “What’s up?”

“My thing came...”

At first, Ji Yi didn’t understand what Lin Ya meant until Lin Ya’s face flushed. That’s when she realized Lin Ya was talking about her period.

Li Da was in the hot spring not too far away, so she was probably afraid he’d overhear her. Lin Ya reached her hand out to cover her mouth, then she drew closer to Ji Yi’s ear and continued to whisper, “...I felt a little strange just now, so I went to buy some water. On the way, I took a turn into the restroom and realized it really did come. I don’t know what’s going on this month... It came a few days early so I’m not prepared. Maybe it was because I soaked in the hot springs—it’s a little heavy. The supermarket is a little far from our room and since we’re only here for a night, I only brought an extra pair of pants. I’m scared that if I move around too much, my clothes will get dirty so Xiao Yi, could you buy a pack of pads for me?”

Lin Ya’s request wasn’t a big deal, so Ji Yi didn’t think much of it and let out an “Oh.” She sat up on the bench.

“Thank you Xiao Yi. I’m really sorry to have to bother you!” Lin Ya raised her brows in gratitude and shot her a bright smile.

“It’s nothing,” replied Ji Yi as she headed for the changing rooms.

She barely took a few steps when Lin Ya suddenly realized something. Lin Ya jogged a few steps and caught up to Ji Yi. “Ah, that’s right! Xiao Yi, you don’t have to give it to me here. I’m on my period so I can’t go into the hot springs. I’m about to go back to my room to get some rest, so you can drop it off at my room.”

“Mm, alright,” replied Ji YI.

“Thank you!” said Lin Ya again. Just as Ji Yi was about to head out, Lin Ya said her final piece, “I almost forgot Xiao Yi. I’m not in the room next to yours anymore—I’ve moved to room 1808.”

Ji Yi gave a nod, then she headed straight for the changing rooms.


The hot spring resort was over a thousand square meters, and there were no shuttle buses. All Ji Yi could do was walk.

At the supermarket, she first picked up a pack of pads for Lin Ya, then figured everyone would probably be hungry after the hot springs, so she filled a basket with snacks. Then she went to pay for everything.

Ji Yi headed back to the resort and took an elevator up to the eighteenth floor.

The top floor was all suites. The rooms were quite far apart, so it took a good two minutes for Ji Yi to reach Lin Ya’s room at number 1808.

She pressed the doorbell and waited a while before she heard the sound of shuffling footsteps draw closer to the door. The door opened.

Ji Yi assumed it was Lin Ya and was just about to speak. The person who opened the door didn’t even shoot a glance at her before he lightly dismissed her with the words “bring it in” and turned to walk into the bathroom.

Even though Ji Yi didn’t clearly catch the person who opened the door, she could tell who it was by his voice.

She thought Lin Ya was a spoiled and pampered princess who wasn’t used to a regular room, so she paid for a suite. But this room turned out to be He Jichen’s room...

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