A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You

Chapter 15
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Chapter 15: He and I Could Never Happen (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi instinctively turned to the source of the sound—it came from an Audi she hadn’t realized had pulled up next to her.

Ji Yi was still afraid that her mom would call He Jichen’s mom, so as she curiously looked over at the Audi with its windows down, she continued to emphasize over the phone, “Ma, I’m serious. I’d rather be stuck with anyone but him!”

Just before Ji Yi caught a glimpse of the silhouette in the driver’s seat—she had no time to tell if it was a man or woman—the car suddenly sped off with a jump. A cold gust of wind whistled by, forcing her to take two steps back.

The Audi was so fast that she couldn’t even catch the license plate before it disappeared from sight.

Ji Yi wasn’t sure if it was just her imagination, but that Audi seemed awfully familiar...

Ji Yi furrowed her brows. All of a sudden, a sense of familiarity came over her.

Over the phone, her mother kept rambling on. Seeing as Ji Yi wasn’t responding, she spoke a little louder, “Xiao Yi?”

Ji Yi hurriedly snapped back to her senses and continued to chat with her mum for a while before hanging up.

As she got into the taxi she booked, she stared out at the glistening night through the window. All of a sudden, Ji Yi realized how that Audi made her feel. It was the same way she felt four years ago when she confessed to He Jichen that night before he abruptly dragged her into the alleyway.


The Audi sped really far off before it came to an emergency stop by the side of the road.

A car coming from the opposite direction turned on its headlights as it drove closer to him. The eye-piercing headlights coincidentally flashed across the Audi’s windshield and illuminated He Jichen’s face.

He barely showed any emotions on his face as he silently leaned back into his seat. He stared dead straight at the road ahead with a dull expression in his eyes when a light momentarily flickered in his eyes. It was as if he thought of something, then reverted to thinking about nothing at all.

After some time had passed, the phone in the car rang. He reached for it and glanced over at the screen as a flash of impatience crossed his eyes when he saw the contact’s name, “Lin Ya”.

The phone rang incessantly. He furrowed his brows and eventually answered the call calmly, “Lin Tongxue 1 , what’s up?”

After he hung up, He Jichen continued to sit in the car for a while. Then, he gently stepped on the gas and skillfully drove slowly out onto the road again.


Lin Ya and the others still hadn’t come back, so the dorm room was pitch-black.

Ji Yi turned the lights on then headed straight for the bathroom.

After taking a shower, Ji Yi glanced at the time—it was just past nine o’clock. She grabbed the book she hadn’t finished reading in the afternoon, climbed into bed, and continued to flip through it.

Just as she immersed herself in it, the landline rang. Ding-ling-ding-ling.

Everyone in the dorm room had their own cell phone, so the landline served no purpose. If Ji Yi remembered correctly, nobody had called that phone for over half a year now. This is truly strange ... At that thought, Ji Yi put her phone down and climbed out of bed.

As she was reading just now, she had been chewing on a piece of sesame candy, so she wasn’t able to immediately answer the moment she picked up the phone.

After a while, seeing as nobody spoke, the person over the phone let out a simple, “Hello?”

Ji Yi suddenly stopped chewing, and her fingers felt a little numb as she held the phone.

That voice, she’d recognize it even if he turned to ashes. But, why would He Jichen call the dorm room landline?

Seeing as there was still no answer, He Jichen let out another “hello” over the phone.

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