Guardian Of The End

Chapter 236 Inside The Temple
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The temple soon came into view and Jason was surprised to see that only Sun Wukong's statues were present inside the entire room.

All of them depicted his great feats as well as the various powers he had, like Flying Nimbus(English Name), his staff Ruyi Jingu Bang, etc.

'If this is an universal temple, why do the statues only show him?'

[ Universal temples are much more different that normal ones dedicated to a deity or specific set of deities. They can change appearance depending on the worshiper. They are made using special divine materials which can sense the patron of the person.

Even if someone doesn't have a patron, it will make them appear in a sacred chamber where they can pray or worship any god they want. The temple sensed May's energy and concluded that she needed to pray to Sun Wukong as soon as possible. ] Hestia explained.

'Then what is she supposed to do?' Jason questioned while observing May.

The cocoon of divine energy surrounding her had grown much thicker than before. May had entered an even deeper slumber which made him worry whether she could pray or not.

[ Since she is a demi-god, she simply needs to chant the name of her godly parent thrice. ]

'May, wake up.' Jason said as he reached for May using their connection.

The demi-god's eyes slowly flickered open as she stared at the giant golden statue. Jason relied on the instructions to her and stood back.

May opened her mouth a little, chanting Sun Wukong's name thrice in a row. The cocoon of energy surrounding her immediately tripled.

It soon covered her from head to toe twice, blocking her from Jason's vision. He was able to tell that she was all right due to their connection and remained at his spot.

[ Congratulations, you successfully brought her here. ] A pleased voice entered Jason's mind.

The giant statue in the middle started glowing as its eyes directly looked at Jason. May's body slowly moved forward before coming to rest at the statue's feet.

The cocoon gently changed to thin strands. A golden ray of light was released from the head of the statue and directly came on top of the cocoon.

[ I am grateful for this and I now owe you multiple favors in the future. Thank you for saving my daughter. ] The same voice, which probably belonged to Sun Wukong, thanked Jason.

The latter simply nodded his head and waited for the ray of light for its business to be done.

Jason didn't know how much time passed by but the cocoon finally started opening up. Much to his surprise, the person that emerged from the cocoon was not a child.

May now appeared only a few inches shorter than him. Her hair had grown past her spine while her body had turned to that of a teenager.

All in all, may appeared the same age as Jason. Another thing to note was the divine aura that surrounded her body like a protective armor.

'Wait, where did those clothes come from?'

[ Are you asking that for real or are you just asking that? ]

'I don't know the difference between those two statements.'

May was currently wearing a pair of red robes that loosely clung to her body, revealing a bit of her curvy body without fully showing it.

[ May, keep in mind that your aura as a demi-god will be on full release for the next week. You have to remain in a protective place until and unless you are sure that you can hide your aura.

Also stay close to Jason just in case your divinity goes out of hand. Keep in mind that you are much stronger than before, both physically and magically. Keep your powers under control and don't use too much of them. ] Wukong warned.

May nodded slightly and bowed down to the golden statue. Wukong's eyes glowed brightly before covering May in a golden light.

Jason on the other hand was teleported out of the room and appeared in a new room, one with only a single statue in it.

Erebus's statue made from a pure black metal stood in the center of the room. No sources of light were present in the room yet it was still lit dimly.

"So you wanna talk?" Jason raised an eyebrow as the statue's eyes started glowing.

[ I do. Since this is a formal place, even I will have to abide my certain rules. How are your powers coming along though? ]

Jason sat down on the ground and started sharing his experience of using the evolved version of his powers.

He knew that Erebus was watching over him from the bar. Regardless of that, he shared his experience with him and even asked for advice.

[ If the goddess who gave you that ring heard this conversation, she would definitely grin happily. ] Erebus chuckled. [ Your love life seems to be pretty complicated. ]

"Its not that complicated. Its only one girl and nothing else." Jason pointed out.

[ Its one girl right now. Wait patiently and observe the feelings of the others around you. You will soon realize that things are much more complicated. ]

As someone who saw things from a third person perspective, Erebus had a better insight on the things happening in Jason's life.

[ Anyways, I think your job classes will be undergoing another evolution soon. You will have to pray than so its best that you do it now. You won't have to come back in the future.]

"That's how it works?"

[ Nah. Gods do things on the spot when they receive the prayers of their followers but things are special in your case. You are my only follower so even if you pray right now, I will let your job classes advance when the time for them comes. ] Erebus explained.

"Then tell me your prayer."

[ I no longer have a prayer designed for me. Just focus on the system and my divinity. That will count as a prayer since we are inside the temple. ] Erebus replied.

Jason did as told and fell deep into thought. Once he was done, he noticed that he was standing in a plain white room alongside May.

"I guess that's the exit." May said in a low tone.

Jason was surprised to hear how sweet and pure May's real voice sounded. His eyes then looked at the direction she was pointing in.

A white portal shimmered in the distance. Jason and May exchanged a glance before the two of them walked towards the portal.

The outside world was waiting for them...

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