9th Master's Little Darling is Trolling Again!

Chapter 36
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Chapter 36: He Was Being Teased

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

What was going on?

Who knew the Qin family had such a daughter? Oh, that unloved eldest daughter.

No, it was also her birthday today. Then why was only Qin Jiatong’s name on the invitation they sent out?

Could it be that this eldest daughter was not their biological daughter?

Many guests, especially women, looked at each other. The flames of gossip were burning in their eyes.

Qin Yiyi pretended not to see it.

In fact, she really didn’t notice it. She watched as the Gu family helped her drive Qin Jiatong away.

Today was her 18th birthday party.

Thinking about it, she would probably have such a shadow for the rest of her life, right?

Yes, very good!

Satisfied, Qin Yiyi finished the last piece of dessert on the plate and wiped the corner of her mouth with a tissue.

She turned around and saw Father Qin walking towards her.

She was about to leave but stopped in her tracks. She stood there quietly and looked at him indifferently.


“Little girl, you have such a good relationship with Second Young Master Gu. Why didn’t you tell me in advance? I should at least post something for him.”

Mr. Qin didn’t care about the thoughts in his heart. His face was filled with a doting smile. “You like to eat this. I’ll get your mother to buy more for you to send over later.”

Get her mother to buy more?

She was afraid that her mother would give her chin beans here!

She nodded nonchalantly. Qin Yiyi said faintly, “If there’s nothing else, Father, I’ll be leaving first.”

She had also enjoyed the show.

It was especially exciting. This trip was not in vain.

In her heart, she had more or less gained a good impression of Gu Yulin. It was not in vain that she had saved his life out of kindness that day!

Gu Yulin: Yes, thank you for saving my life, Big Sister Qin. There is no way I can repay you with endless gratitude. Why don’t I give myself to you?

Shang Jiuying: Get lost! Even if it is a promise, I am the one who made it first. No, I am the only one who made it first!

“That... Yiyi, how did you and Second Young Master meet?” Father Qin asked again with some unwillingness, but in his heart, he was secretly thinking about how to get a way to get this girl closer to the Gu family.

Looking at the scene today, Old Master Gu thought highly of this girl.

Could it be that her fate was in the Gu family?

“Happy Birthday, Miss Qin.”

“Hello, Miss Qin. I heard that you are also a student of Shenghua, and my sister just graduated last year...”

Qin Yiyi did not expect Butler Gu’s sudden appearance to make her a popular person at the banquet.

She had only taken a few steps forward when many people were already walking toward her.

Their faces were full of smiles. They were earnest, polite, and warm.

This made her secretly curl her lips. However, she was not an unreasonable person. She stopped in her tracks and put on a perfunctory smile.

The next moment, the butler of the Qin Residence stood in front of her with a strange and complicated expression.

“Eldest Miss, I have already placed the gift that Second Young Master Gu sent over for you. I will send a car over to deliver it to you when you leave.”

His tone was respectful and polite. The way he looked at Qin Yiyi was as if it was the first time he had met her.

He really did not expect that the Eldest Miss of the Qin family, who was not favored and was even looked down on by servants, would actually receive the favor of the Gu family’s grandfather and grandson.

“Just... Okay, I’ll go over to take a look later.”

Qin Yiyi wanted to say that he should leave it for now. But she swallowed her words; in the end, it would only benefit Qin Jiatong!

“Yes, yes, I’ll get the butler to drive it over to you later.”

Mr. Qin, who had not figured out the situation yet, greeted Qin Yiyi with a smile and was obedient to her!

The people around him were all flattering Qin Jiatong not long ago.

But now, in the blink of an eye, they were praising Qin Yiyi non-stop for the sake of the Gu family.

Qin Yiyi felt that it was extremely boring. She raised her eyebrows lazily and smiled at everyone,

“I’m sorry, I still have something to do. Please excuse me.”

With that, she gracefully and calmly nodded her head and left.

The girl’s back was straight. Her casual posture was filled with indescribable determination and awe.

For a moment, everyone was speechless.

At this moment, a woman who was leaning against the railing and enjoying the breeze cried out in surprise, “Oh my god, what’s above is a drone show. Fireworks... so many colors!”

A drone show?

This sound instantly attracted many girls, as well as the women, who had come to attend the banquet.

Women loved gossip and beauty, it was a fact!

At this moment, it was already nighttime.

The stars were twinkling, and the shadows of the lanterns swayed, and the moonlight gleamed.

The entire Shanghai seemed to be covered with a layer of silver gauze.

And the noisy nightlife under the night sky, as well as the lights, made this low-key and mysterious city a bit more lively.

The dazzling and brilliant fireworks show quietly began without anyone knowing when.

Eighteen drones danced in different ways under the night sky.

The various colors of the fireworks formed a flower-shaped pattern, like a shooting star.

The dazzling fireworks!

Finally, when everyone was fascinated, the drone turned at a very strange angle.

Amidst the confusion of everyone’s eyes, the colorful fireworks formed a line of large words:

Happy Birthday to Qin Yiyi!

‘Qin Yiyi, it’s Qin Yiyi again!’

Having just been coaxed by Mrs. Qin and that she would never let Qin Yiyi surpass her, Qin Jiatong returned only to find that quite a number of girls had actually gathered on the railing and were staring at the night sky. She had only asked a few questions before she was dragged out by her good friend. “Jiatong, come out quickly and take a look. I don’t know who set off the fireworks! They’re so beautiful...”


Young girls were all very fond of these fancy things.

Qin Jiatong picked up the fiery red pearl skirt that she had just changed out of and elegantly followed the other party to the railing outside.

She just happened to see a row of words.

One was fiery red, one was azure blue, one was jade green.

It was so piercing that her eyes turned red in an instant.

Qin Yiyi!

Her fingernails pinched her palm and it hurt.

The girl next to her actually cried out in surprise, then covered her lips, and cried out in envy, “Oh my god, it’s Qin Yiyi again.”

“Jiatong, Jiatong, didn’t you say that this sister of yours doesn’t have anyone to care about her? Her temper isn’t good at all, she’s bad in studies, and her brain can’t think straight? Don’t your parents dislike her? Why are there so many people celebrating her birthday then?”

“It’s not that bad... And there are only three of them...”

“But look who these three people are. The Gu family, Second Young Master Gu... Let’s not talk about it. Old Master Gu is an elder, and he actually gave your sister a gift.”

Another girl ran over and hugged Qin Jiatong’s arm.

“Jiatong, Jiatong, your sister is so amazing. Who is the person who set off the fireworks for her? If only someone else does the same for my birthday next month.”

“Don’t even think about it.”

The girl beside her poured cold water on her. “Not everyone can get a permit to set off fireworks.”

Furthermore, there were so many drones performing it with such precision!

One had to know that the fireworks patterns and the final words of the blessings would become a joke if it was slightly worse!

Of course, if it was specially set for her, she would be happy even if something went wrong!

Unfortunately, she did not receive such treatment.

The girl smacked her lips. When she looked at Qin Jiatong next to her, something seemed to have appeared in her eyes.

Suddenly, a girl’s puzzled voice sounded. “Hey, by the way, Jiatong, does your sister have the same birthday as you? Then why did your family only write your name on the invitation?”

Qin Jiatong was at a loss for words. She did not know how to answer this question for a long time!

Qin Yiyi, who had already walked far away, secretly curled her lips when she heard this. She was also somewhat looking forward to how Qin Jiatong would answer this question.

However, those fireworks were not really that playboy Gu Yulin’s doing, right?

While she was deep in thought, she bumped into someone.

Her nose was hurting from the collision. She reached out and rubbed it, causing Qin Yiyi to take two steps back.

She raised her eyes and her gaze fell on Shang Jiuying’s phoenix-like eyes.

Shang Jiuying looked at the little girl in front of him, whose nose was slightly red. It was obvious that she was a little dazed from seeing him suddenly appear.

He was in a great mood. His eyes moved slightly and followed Qin Yiyi’s gaze.


It just so happened that the last firework was slowly dissipating.

It left behind a long trail, and like a meteor, it streaked across the hearts of everyone present!

Qin Yiyi felt the cold air of the person standing beside him and she instantly understood.

“You did this?”

“Do you like it? Happy Birthday, Miss Qin Yiyi.” Shang Jiuying’s voice had always been cold, distant, and indifferent. But at this moment, in Qin Yiyi’s ears, it was like a gentle breeze, or like a warm winter sun. It was calm and slow, as if he was afraid of startling the girl in front of him. He raised his hand and gently rubbed the top of Qin Yiyi’s hair twice. His eyes were gentle. “We will make up for what we haven’t done in the past.”

He thought that she would be touched.

In fact, she was indeed touched, but...

As the words escaped his mouth, she suddenly rolled her eyes and said to Shang Jiuying in a serious manner, “Did anyone tell you that your eyes are even more beautiful than the fireworks in the sky?”

Shang Jingheng, “...”

Was he being teased by a little girl?

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