9th Master's Little Darling is Trolling Again!

Chapter 22
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Chapter 22: You Can Do Whatever You Want

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

There was a hint of gentleness in his heart.

At this moment, Shang Jiuying was obviously touched by Qin Yiyi’s smile and the sentence ‘I don’t need anyone’.

At this moment, he really wanted to treat this girl gently.

To protect her from the wind and rain.

To make the smile in her eyes brighter and brighter!

It was not until Shang Jiuying’s car slowly drove away that Qin Yiyi turned around and entered the school with her schoolbag on her back.

Little did she know that after she left, a girl slowly walked out from the shadows around the corner.

In the classroom.

Qin Yiyi was distracted while listening to the class until her deskmate beside her tugged at the corner of her shirt and pouted at the blackboard.

She mouthed, “The teacher is calling for you.”

Qin Yi blinked her eyes. Before she could even react, she heard the teacher’s somewhat authoritative voice.

“Qin Yiyi, come up and solve this problem.”

Her deskmate wished her good luck.

Qin Yiyi, on the other hand, stood up with a calm expression and walked over to the board.

It was a chemistry experiment question.

This kind of question was actually not suitable for the students to write the answers and solve the questions on the board because it required experiments.

The teacher had asked Qin Yiyi to write the questions on the board at this moment because he had clearly noticed her absent-mindedness just now.

He watched as she took the chalk and started to write.

The chemistry teacher criticized the students in the class somewhat bitterly. “Don’t be fooled by the fact that you are only in the second year of high school. You think that you don’t have to work hard and don’t need to revise, but do you know how fast time passes? In the blink of an eye, you will be in your third year of high school. Then, it will be the college entrance examination. If you don’t work hard and study hard now, it will be too late for you to cry.”

He paused for a moment, then he said with fury in his eyes, “You are still students now, so you should naturally focus on your studies. Don’t be like Qin Yiyi just now. She was distracted during class. She couldn’t even solve this question. If this continues, I don’t think you will be able to take the college entrance exam next year. Otherwise, you will embarrass our school.”

Before his voice could completely fade, Qin Yiyi’s faint voice sounded behind him. “Teacher, I’ve solved this problem.”

Solved it?

The chemistry teacher didn’t seem to take it seriously. “You can’t be serious, right? If you can’t solve it, why aren’t you paying attention to the lesson? You’re about to enter your third year of high school, yet you’re still distracted. Alright, go stand by the classroom door. If you do this again in the next class, I’ll have to ask your parents how they teach their children.”

After saying this, the chemistry teacher didn’t look at Qin Yiyi again.

He also didn’t raise his head to look at the board either.

In his opinion, there was no need to look. It was definitely wrong!

One had to know that he had also prepared for a long time before he chose this question as an example.

In the beginning, he had made two or three mistakes.

Picking up the lesson plan from before, he was prepared to continue, but who knew that Qin Yiyi would just stand there without moving?

This made the chemistry teacher exclaim in surprise. His gaze finally landed on Qin Yiyi.

“Student Qin Yiyi, you can go now. However, you can stand at the door and listen to this lesson.”

Qin Yiyi tilted her head. Her voice was light and pleasant to the ear as she spoke. “Teacher, I’ve finished this question.”

The young girl stood there. Her eyes were indifferent, but her tone was filled with stubbornness and persistence.

This made the chemistry teacher laugh.

He shook his head. “Even if you’ve finished it, it will still be wrong. You won’t be able to solve this problem at all...”

Yes, he had chosen a chemistry test question from the third year of high school.

He had repeatedly used the formula that they would only learn and come into contact with next semester!

Therefore, a student who was only in high school and wasn’t paying attention to the lecture would definitely not be able to solve it.

He nodded at Qin Yi. “I am doing this for your own good. In the future, listen carefully in class. Let’s strive for a good result during the college entrance examination.”

“Teacher, I meant that I finished this question.”

Qin Yi’s expression was serious and calm. “I feel that I did the right thing and solved the question correctly.”

“That’s impossible!”

The chemistry teacher’s expression darkened.

He stared at Qin Yiyi with a serious expression. “Student Qin Yiyi, if you can’t do it, just say you can’t do it. Teachers don’t like students who pretend to know what they don’t know...”

“Teacher, why don’t you take a look for yourself?”

Qin Yiyi stood at the side of the lectern and didn’t move. “On it are the formulas and the steps to solve the problem that I wrote. If Teacher doesn’t believe me, why don’t you look for the correct answer?”

Some of the students below started to discuss in low voices.

“Hey, did she do it right? It shouldn’t be right. I don’t know how to solve this problem anyway.”

“I think she should have done it wrong...”

Amidst the discussion, only Lu Jinwan resisted. “What do you mean? Each and every one of you said that you don’t know how to solve it. Doesn’t it mean that none of you can solve it?”

“Come on, she’s not the best in chemistry in our class.”

“That’s right. Last time, she only scored 70 points in chemistry, right?”

Listening to the discussions below, the chemistry teacher’s brows also knitted tightly into a ‘川’ character.

However, he was a teacher, so he had to maintain his image.

When he turned around, he had already looked at the questions on the blackboard. As he looked, he opened his mouth. “Since Student Qin Yiyi thinks that she did it correctly, then let’s...”

His gaze first swept over the few rows of beautiful words on the blackboard. Finally, his gaze landed on the result.

His heart skipped a beat.

This answer seemed to be correct?!


He must have seen wrongly.

He collected his emotions without batting an eyelid. He seriously followed the train of thought that he had prepared beforehand and began to solve the question.

However, after he finished explaining the entire problem, the chemistry teacher’s face turned even darker.

Qin Yiyi actually solved the problem correctly?

Even the students were shocked. Qin Yiyi’s answer was correct?!

One of the students couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Teacher, did you teach Qin Yiyi this problem in private before?”

The chemistry teacher wanted to admit it so that he could at least restore his face a bit.

Unfortunately, Qin Yiyi was watching from the side.

His old face was a little flushed. “That, Student Qin Yiyi did this question very correctly. Just now, it was a mistake on the part of Teacher. In the future, everyone should learn from student Qin Yiyi. Haha, Student Qin Yiyi, you can go back to your seat and sit down now.”

He avoided the student’s question.

Qin Yiyi nodded obediently. “Thank you, Teacher.”

With a calm expression, she walked back from the aisle between the desks.

Ignoring the students’ strange gazes, she finally turned around when she reached in front of her seat.

“Teacher Lu, there was a mistake in one of the steps in the third question that you mentioned just now. The middle formula was written in the wrong alphabetical order.”

Teacher Lu instinctively wanted to say that this was impossible.

But out of the blue, he followed the direction Qin Yiyi had pointed out and secretly matched it with the notes on the teaching plan.

Then, he realized that the two letters were really written in the wrong order!

The questions in the chemistry class made Qin Yiyi somewhat famous.

Until the afternoon self-study class, there were still quite a number of people whispering about this matter in secret.

However, the person involved, Qin Yiyi, did not seem to mind at all as she lowered her head to do the questions. She even pulled Lu Jinwan along to do it.

In her words, she was a student. She definitely had to work hard and improve every day!

Lu Jinwan, “...” She did not want to improve every day at all. She just wanted to muddle along, alright?!

Qin Yiyi, “...No!”

The two of them were in a tug-of-war.

Halfway through the self-study class, the class teacher in charge, Teacher Zhou, walked in. He clapped his hands twice.


“Everyone, please stop for a moment and introduce a new student to our class...”

Qin Yiyi, who had her head lowered, continued to work on the questions. When she heard Qin Jiatong’s name, the tip of the pen in her hand paused.

She looked up with a smile on her face.

Qin Jiatong was dressed in a sky-blue long dress. She was charming and lively, and her smile was sweet.

“Hello, everyone. I’m Qin Jiatong. For some reason, I’ve been transferred to this class. Please take care of me in the future.”

Following everyone’s uproar, the boys became excited. The goddess and top student had been transferred to their Class 3!

Qin Jiatong curled her lips in satisfaction. Her footsteps were light as she walked to her seat. She had a sweet smile on her face.

“Sister, can I sit next to you?”

Qin Yiyi tilted her head and glanced at her. She raised her eyebrows slightly and said, “Do as you wish.”

However, when Qin Jiatong sat down with a face full of joy, Qin Yiyi directly picked up her school bag and walked to the last empty seat in the last row!

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