80 Years Of Signing-In At The Cold Palace, I Am Unrivalled

Chapter 8
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Chapter 8: Out of the Cold Palace

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Dachun left with the sliver of sword energy that Lin Jiufeng planted in his body.

Lin Jiufeng resumed signing peacefully.

He was now at the third level of the Golden Core Realm, the True core level.

The Golden Core Realm consisted of the False core, Inner core, True core, and the final level—Golden core!

Lin Jiufeng was close to breaking through to the Golden core level.

He silently continued his signing in for the Core Condensing Pills, accumulating them as much as he could while cultivating for as long as he could.

He truly enjoyed his undisturbed peace.

Every few days, he would check the Chasing Corpse Sect’s old ancestor.

He was glowing more and more in the coffin.

His cheeks were rosier, skin fairer, and his face seemed to have become more handsome.

His aura, dignified and elegant.

“It seems that a new soul is about to be born. The Netherworld Corpse Control Technique is finally having some results.” Lin Jiufeng nodded, satisfied.

Soon, he would have a terrifying henchman.

A thousand-year-old corpse buried deep underground in a place of extreme negative energy. At the same time, the corpse was the Chasing Corpse Sect’s old ancestor. With these factors added up, Lin Jiufeng was simply going against the heavens!.

Of course, he would only be able to know just how powerful this corpse was when it woke up.

Lin Jiufeng continued his routine of signing in.

Day after day.

His cultivation also improved quietly.

Until the seventh day after Dachun left.

On this day, Lin Jiufeng was waiting for Dachun to bring some food and wine. But the person who came was not Dachun, but his younger brother, the current crown prince, Sixth Prince instead.

“Why are you here?” Lin Jiufeng asked curiously as the doors of the cold palace slowly opened.

The Sixth Prince walked in.

This was the Cold Palace, not just anyone could come in.

The last time the Sixth Prince came, he had to beg his Father just to meet Lin Jiufeng once.

“Big Brother, I am now the supervising crown prince, I hold more power now.” The Sixth Prince smiled, carrying delicious delicacies in one hand and a jar of good wine in the other.

Right on the steps of the cold palace gate, this supervising crown prince set up the wine and food, then looked at Lin Jiufeng with a smile.

“What happened? You have just become the Crown Prince and now you’re supervising the state?” Lin Jiufeng asked curiously.

Lin Jiufeng couldn’t help but think about his past self.

He had been a crown prince for over ten years, yet he never had the chance to take on the responsibility of managing the state.

This Sixth Prince only became the Crown Prince for god-knows how long, yet he was already supervising the state?

“Big Brother, the imperial capital is filled with demonic cultivators combining their forces and gathering together. They put up a slogan, saying that on the night of the full moon, a sword would appear from the west on the top of the Forbidden City, to kill Father.”

The Sixth Prince said solemnly.

A frown appeared on Lin Jiufeng’s usually calm face.

He asked curiously, “A Royal Sacrifice. The old freaks in the royal family are not taking action?”

“They did. They have the major demonic experts under control. But the ones that are here to assassinate Father are not the head and leaders of those demonic cultivators. It’s a thousand-year-old Demon Dao ancestor.” The Sixth Prince sighed.

“A thousand-year-old Demon Dao ancestor? He has a grudge against the current emperor?”

Lin Jiufeng asked, puzzled.

“That Demon Dao ancestor’s sect is called the Among Flowers Sect. They have been around for a thousand years. The first demonic sect that our father exterminated after he ascended the throne was the Among Flowers Sect.” The Sixth Prince explained.

Lin Jiufeng immediately searched through his memories.

The Among Flowers Sect truly was a despicable sect whose agenda was kidnapping beautiful women and doing unspeakable things to them. Their actions had angered the young emperor and he ordered a holy decree, sending 100,000 troops to crush the Among Flowers Sect.

“Among Flowers Sect deserved it. They asked for it,” Lin Jiufeng said.

“But the devil will never reason with anyone. They have sent a message to say that the next full moon night will be the day that Father dies,” The Sixth Prince said helplessly.

“Is he very powerful?” Lin Jiufeng asked curiously.

“Well, he’s already in the Martial Sage realm,” The Sixth Prince replied.

Lin Jiufeng frowned.

‘Martial Sage realm, he would indeed be difficult to handle.’

“Big brother also knows that the emergence of a Grandmaster in this era is already something worthy of a great celebration, not to mention a Martial Sage.”

“Not a single Martial Sage has appeared in a thousand years…”

“Now, this demon has broken through to the Martial Sage. After he comes out from seclusion, he would definitely do something big, and that is—to assassinate the emperor of the top imperial dynasty of the world.” The Sixth Prince drank a cup of wine, depressed.

“That’s why you became the supervising crown prince. In case anything happens to Father, you will immediately be able to succeed to the throne and stabilize the Yuhua God Dynasty.”

Lin Jiufeng guessed the plans of his Father, whom he got after his transmigration.

His Majesty would do his best to prevent his own death. But even if the other party succeeded, the supervising crown prince would instantly ascend to the throne to stabilize the Yuhua God Dynasty and prevent its downfall.

“Big Brother, I don’t know when I’d be able to come and visit you the next time. I will become very busy. Let’s toast each other as brothers.” The Sixth Prince lifted his glass of wine. He suppressed all the depressing thoughts in his heart and smiled.

Lin Jiufeng lifted his wine cup and had a drink with this brother of his.

“When is the next full moon night?” Lin Jiufeng asked.

“Seven days later!” The Sixth Prince said after being silent for a moment.

There were several Grandmasters in the Yuhua God Dynasty, but no Martial Sages.

The old ancestor from the Among Flowers Sect was probably the only Martial Sage in the Yuhua God Dynasty.

That was probably the reason why so many demonic cultivators flocked to the imperial capital, they must be thinking that the death of the Emperor of the Yuhua God Dynasty would signal the rise of the demonic sects.

The Yuhua God Dynasty invited the various taoist and buddhist sects to the imperial capital to ask for their help.

Lin Jiufeng stayed in the Cold Palace all day and had no idea that in the outside world—the entire world had their eyes on the Yuhua God Dynasty. Each of them that knew the inner workings were silently counting down.

Seven days later, on the night of the full moon, a sword would appear from the West in the Forbidden City.

The Sixth Prince was obviously distressed.

After finishing a jar of wine with Lin Jiufeng, he got up and left.

But before he left, he hugged Lin Jiufeng after a moment of silence.

After a while, he left in a hurry.

His back was now straight, radiating composure befitting to that of his status.

The next time they meet, it could possibly be when he was already the ruler of this divine dynasty.


The door of the Cold Palace closed once again.

Lin Jiufeng looked at the cold door quietly before walking around the courtyard.

“Seven days!” Lin Jiufeng mumbled.

He couldn’t help but look toward the copper coffin in the room.

Would the thousand-year-old ancient corpse in the coffin wake up within the next seven days?

Time slowly passed.

Lin Jiufeng continued to toil in silence. Signing-in and cultivating. This was his routine.

The only thing that changed in his routine was the frequency of his glances at the thousand-year-old corpse inside the coffin.

He used to look at it once every few days. Now, he looked at it a few times a day.

On the seventh day, Lin Jiufeng surpassed the True core level and achieved the Golden core level of the Golden Core Realm.

But he did not feel happy at all.

Because today would be the night of the full moon, the same night when those group of demonic cultivators would start their rampage.

As for the sword coming from the West on top of the Forbidden City, would the Yuhua God Dynasty be able to stop it?

During the day, the people in the imperial capital did not go out so much.

The entire imperial capital was filled with demonic cultivators on a rampage, people from the demonic sects rejoiced with wild excitement.

To them, the Demon Dao would rule the world.


In the evening, the entire Forbidden City was heavily guarded.

The atmosphere was gloomy.

Everyone waited for the moment when the moon was the roundest.

And in the Cold Palace, Lin Jiufeng looked at the thousand-year-old corpse in the copper coffin.

At this moment, it slowly opened its eyes.

“Master!” The elegant middle-aged man stood up and shouted respectfully.

Lin Jiufeng smiled slightly and said, “Come, leave the Cold Palace with me!”

Lin Jiufeng—who was locked up in the Cold Palace—left for the first time in four years.

He brought along with him his henchman and headed for the Forbidden City.

Tonight was a full moon!

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